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Review #1, by Charlie Epilogue

14th January 2017:
Cant believe its actually over! So sad what where your other books,might have a read of them #delicate #stilldelicate!

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Review #2, by Lavanya Epilogue

11th January 2017:
You write really well! Keep writing!

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Review #3, by jbrielle Dirt

16th November 2016:
lol this makes me think of Trump and Hillary. but obvi Hermione is way better than Hillary

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Review #4, by Everlasting Faerie Light Epilogue

13th November 2016:
I absolutely love Delicate and Still Delicate. I read them a few times a year, and I find that as I get older, I can really feel Rose's character. These stories really do cheer me up.

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Review #5, by Anne Panam Epilogue

6th November 2016:
WOW! I LLOOOVVE this story; ive probably read it a bajillion times; delicate and still delicate cheer me up when i need it the most!!! You are truly gifted and im so thankful for having a writer like u!

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Review #6, by GNcat1 Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

26th October 2016:
Very funny. My husband stuck his head in my room to see what the laughter was all about. You have a gift for humor.

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Review #7, by littleun91 Epilogue

21st October 2016:
Love it. Have read it 3 times now, start to finish and still get as emotional as I did the first time. Thank you for writing this!

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Review #8, by Charity Lumpkins The Contenders

6th October 2016:
This is a bad chapter

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Review #9, by Charity lumpkins Turning Tables

6th October 2016:
Do rose and scorpius ever get married?

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Review #10, by Londeka Epilogue

15th September 2016:
I read this story atleast once every year

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Review #11, by Zenix Epilogue

5th September 2016:
Positively brilliant. I had given up hope for Rosius, but I was quite gladly mistaken. Amazing job. You deserve every accolade possible.

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Review #12, by VivekRai Disclosure

2nd September 2016:
Yo amazing stroy, character, lines, drama, action masti and everything else! Love you loads!

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Review #13, by iop Unwelcomed Changes

2nd September 2016:

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Review #14, by Caitlin Epilogue

31st August 2016:
So! I have just finished reading delicate, pt 2. I adored this series. I feel sad to have it end but so happy that all is right!! You had me going for a while with Tom there! I'm glad Scorpius and Rose worked it out. You are a great writer and I can't wait to continue with your other works!! Thank you for writing this series!

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Review #15, by rehan Epilogue

24th August 2016:
the best fanfiction ever i am sad its over i didn't wanted it to be but it will be good since i am so deeply engrossed in the book that all of my work is unfinished it was a great book betterthan delicate

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Review #16, by rehan Cry And Cry Again

23rd August 2016:
i am completely engrossed in this book better than delicate or probably i am attached to this story

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Review #17, by halfvics Epilogue

7th August 2016:
I never thought it would be possible to cry as much as I did reading your story. This was a hell of a ride. Thank you for writing this. Just thank you.

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Review #18, by *KaS* Epilogue

4th August 2016:
Well - wow!! What a journey! I'm very late to the fanfic party (i.e. I only got here yesterday), but when I started reading Delicate and couldn't do anything useful until I'd finished it and then unfortunately stumbled upon Still Delicate and continued doing nothing, I knew I'd have to keep on with the nothingness until I'd written a review to tell you how much I loved both stories.
You are an absolute genius and have made me laugh so much over the last 24 hours. I'm now starving, mind, and my cats have begun to chew my leg in frustration but that's ok as I do have a few excess tonnes I could do with losing.
Have to say, Rose Weasley may be JK's character in name but you have really made her yours. Can't wait to read your other stuff, but may just serve up the Whiskas first so that the kitties don't call the RSPCA and plead total neglect and starvation. (Just kidding - they get much better food than that).

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Review #19, by NWilkinson Epilogue

31st July 2016:
Loved it! Absolutely amazing story!

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Review #20, by PotterAddict Unwelcomed Changes

13th July 2016:
I love that his name is Livingston and the first thing you do is kill him it's so perfect and witty. I love this story. I have to admit that I kind of hated you for them not bring together, but now that I'm into it I like where it's going.

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Review #21, by Just Another Daydreamer Epilogue

10th June 2016:

(So I know I'm kind of *several years late* to the reviewing party and don't really know how these are supposed to go, or if you'll even ever see this, but...)

This story was fantastic!!! :DD

I hadn't read much fan-fiction before, but as HP was my childhood (like seriously, I was obsessed), when I saw this mentioned on Facebook, I thought, why not? And, although I may be an ancient college student now, this story had me feeling like a little kid in her Hogwarts robes again, wearing her Time Turner necklace and reciting the Sorting Hat songs to anyone who would listen. (And yes, I've discovered that I'm actually very much still obsessed. Cursed Child comes out in a few weeks AH!!!)

I started reading Delicate last night, and just finished Still Delicate a few hours ago. I was so hooked I was practically glued to my phone screen all day. :) (Okay, so probably not the greatest idea, as my colleagues at work probably think I hate talking to people now, but hey, there were books to be read...hehe)

I must say, I love the idea of next generation stories - and your books had so much that I practically hold as cannon, I think I'll adopt this storyline in my head until JKR tells me otherwise. :) (Like please, Al is clearly in Slytherin and best friends with Scorpius, and likewise Rose/Scorpius is obviously intended to be.)

I will admit though that I was quite shocked when Tom showed up in this story...
Alright, fine. Shocked is a bit of an understatement. I may or may not have sent a long winding rant to my sister (she hates when I do this) complaining how it was all wrong and now everything is terrible. In fact, I nearly stopped reading because I was so upset that Rose didn't pick Scorpius haha (whoops I get too invested in the things I read). But I'm glad I stuck through to the end because it all turned out okay!

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Review #22, by Dinthemidwest Endings

10th June 2016:
So glad that this is the direction of your story! I really like Rose & Scorpius!

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Review #23, by roxyroxtheworld Epilogue

27th May 2016:
Lol wow this chapter is hilarious!!! I was wondering how you were going to end this story and I love how you went into the future and especially you having Aiden bring his girl friend to meet his family lol I loved it!!! Great story!

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Review #24, by roxyroxtheworld Endings

27th May 2016:
Your right. We all did know it was going to go with rise choosing scorpious in the end. Exactly why Tom wasn't really all that necessary... but oh well it was still entertaining in some ways...

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Review #25, by roxyroxtheworld Awkward.

26th May 2016:
Lol I actually like Tom... he seems funny and well put together. And if scorpious is determined to stay with daisy then rose just as well find someone that makes her happy also. Anywho great chapter!!! And sorry!

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