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Review #1, by StarFeather Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

9th February 2016:
Hi, Deana! Team Red for Gryffindor Review Battle!

Most of this chapter consist of the conversation between Lucius and Narcissa. I felt like I was watching them on the stage of theater. Though the scene of Voldemort is very short but the impact is big. He is so selfish, envious to anything and doesn't know love. If my child were to be like Draco, I'll shudder like Lucius, too. I didn't read that Lucius Malfoy behaves like he is brave, before, so your creation is new to me.

The impressive scene is when his baby Draco smiled at him. In the real world, I think a baby can't smile, you may know a baby can't see well after the birth soon but it's a magical world, so I think it's okay and it's rather heartwarming.

I'm curious how you are ready for the next plot.


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Review #2, by Aphoride Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

3rd February 2016:
Hey there, again! :) Dropping by for our multi-chapter review swap!

I really liked that you went so far back in time to give a glimpse of life at the very beginning of it all for Draco, and for his parents. It sets things up so well for the rest of the story, and gives such a great platform for the rest of it to come in on - plus, I really liked how it gave us a glimpse of a different side to Lucius, in particular, especially after how Draco saw him in the first one. It was a real study in contrasts, and I loved that you included it - it works really well to give us such a rounded idea of the characters at the very beginning of the story.

I loved the whole idea of this, too, with Voldemort hating the fact that Draco was born because it distracted one of his inner circle - it's pretty true to his character, how he doesn't consider things like love and family because they just don't occur to him as anything other than almost burdens, because he has no way of understanding them. The way he dealt with it was so cruel and so horrible, but so expected, in that sense, I guess :P Gah, poor Draco - but poor Luicus and Narcissa, too! It really adds this whole layer to Draco's situation and his relationship with Lucius, knowing that this all started so long before anything, and probably completely defined their relationship. It's gonna be interesting to see how and where you take this ;)

Your writing in this is so lovely - though there were a few grammar mistakes I spotted ;) Maybe go through it again, or get a beta to check it over for errors? They're not that significant, but it was jolting a few times, so it'd stop that ;) But the emotions in this were so great - Narcissa's pain and anguish especially were so strong and so real, it was so lovely to read! :)

This is a great start, and I'm so looking forward to reading more! :D

Aph xx

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Review #3, by Aphoride Draco's Introduction

1st February 2016:
Hey there, Roxi! :) Dropping by for the first of our multi-chapter review swap! :D

You know, I was so sure I'd reviewed the first chapter of this before, but apparently not... Anyway, I'm here now! :)

So I really love the concept of this - Draco's story, told from his pov, through the war and his life in general. I love that you've used first person for this - it works so well, and gives so much more depth to this, I think, than you'd have got any other way. Plus it works so well with the informal style of writing you use here, too, and develops Draco's character more than what we see in the books.

The mentions of his parents and general background were so good - I don't usually like 'info dump' chapters and things, but tbh this worked really well. It's very introduction'y, but it's meant to be, you know, and there's still this lovely twist of bitterness through it, and little hints about what to expect later: Lucius' coldness and obsession with perfection and showing no weakness, Narcissa's softer, warmer side, the constant mentions of Voldemort, the growing up not being allowed to ask questions - which is a surprisingly similar existence to Harry's, in ways, in that Petunia didn't allow him to do that either, and eventually he stopped asking most things...

Really as an introduction, it works so perfectly :)

Your characterisation of Draco is great, too. I love how you kind of get around the honesty question by using first person tell-all, haha - I do it too! ;) - and I like how contemplative the whole feeling of this is, it really feels like he's writing this, or saying this to someone, you know? And that's what first person really needs to work :) Your writing is so lovely - you've got the informal, personal kinda voice down so well, and it reads so fluidly and easily, it's so great :)

This is a lovely, lovely beginning, and I'll be back soon! ;)

Aph xx

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Review #4, by StarFeather Draco's Introduction

29th January 2016:
Hi, Deana! Gryffindor Review Battle, Team Red!

Reading the first thoughts by Draco, I remebered the book 2 where his father entered in such a charismatic way. I think the authors can't resist writing about him. I also tried writing about him in my first story at HPFF. You write this story from Draco'S POV, which is also interesting. His view is rather cool, I enjoyed it.

It must be so frustrating that his own father had never evaluated his son right. He used to be proud of his father, but it's quite understandable that he eventually felt like "No more Malfoy pride".

Just my opinion, Lucius Malfoy loved his son. We can find it in the book 7 but it's possible that he behaved like you wrote in this chapter in the earlier days.

Hahaha , lol at your mention, "this is not going to be another story all about Harry Potter. If you want to read about him then go and find another book. There are plenty of them out there all about him. Potter could open his own personal library if he wanted to, and thatís the problem. There are way too many books out there about Harry, Give the boy a break for a change. Donít you think he deserves it? Granted, this story does mention Harry on occasion, but it is not about him. It is about me."

You spared space why you would begin the story with Draco's POV, I think most of us can accept the concept after your much effort to create your own Draco's world. :)


Author's Response: Hello Kenny!! I am so glad to see that you enjoyed Draco's POV in this. The rest of the story is 3rd person, this was just something I was experimenting with at the beginning. I think, at the very end, there will likely be an outro in this same style. But the ending is still a ways off from now, lol! XD

I agree with you that Lucius Malfoy most DEFINITELY loved his son. There are several examples of Lucius' love for Draco all throughout this story, as you will begin to see immediately if you check out the Prologue next... Draco, however, struggles to realize everything that his father was doing "behind the scenes" on his behalf though, so from his POV it may seem a tad biased. And that's what I was really getting at here with this into. Sorry if it puts off the wrong impression. I may have to re-look into updating my wording throughout this intro now, just to clear that up a bit.

I'm glad you enjoyed Draco's quote about Harry opening up his own library at the end, lol. That one is still to this day one of my favorite lines in this while story! I started this thing back in 2008, so it's been an adventure, to say the least. I hope you will continue on and see what comes nect in my version of Draco's world.

Thanks so much for the review, Kenny. I am glad you liked it, and hope that you will read more. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts on the rest if you do. And of course, GO TEAM RED, haha!!! =D

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

27th January 2016:
Hello again!

Back for another Gryffie Red vs. Gold Review! Go Team Red! Woot! Woot!

Wow. I don't really know where to start with this one. I certainly wasn't expecting any of this when I started reading...which I think is a good thing. I enjoy when a writer catches me off guard.

Let me start by saying that Lucius is one of my least favorite characters because he's cowardly and he drags his son and wife into his sadistic affairs. It's incredibly rare for me to feel sorry for him or understand his actions, but the way you've written him here really made me have some sympathy for him. Brilliant characterization.

The scenario you've presented is just horrific for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, poor Narcissa. Could you imagine being forced to give birth at home and then having some hideous monster like Voldemort rip your baby away from you and threaten to murder it? If that's not clear torture, I don't know what is.

And then threatening to kill a newly born baby. I mean we obviously know he's not above such things since he tries to kill Harry, but it's just so awful reading the actual moment where he tries to murder Draco.

Finally, Lucius is always a proud mad in cannon, so there's something tragic about him snivelling and groveling to keep the dark lord from killing his baby. I don't condone the deal he makes, but it's obviously the only bet he has at keeping his child alive, so I understand it. (And I think that Draco will understand it someday too when he has his own children and would give the world to protect them.)

If you get a chance, you might go back and read through this just to take care of a few typos. There's a few misspelled words and missing words, but nothing catastrophic.

All in all, this is a really interesting start and I think it adds a whole new level of depth to Draco's story. I feel awful for him to be starting his life in such tragic circumstances and it also helps me to understand how he became who he is.

Looking forward to reading more soon!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart Draco's Introduction

27th January 2016:
Hello again!

Back for another Gryffindor Red Vs. Gold Review battle! Go Team Red! I know you said you'd prefer reviews on later chapters of this story, but I never read chapters out of order, so I'm going to start here at the beginning and as the battle progresses I'll keep working my way on through.

You really do love Draco, huh? :D No worries. Me too!

This was a really interesting choice of style for this introduction. It's not too often that I see something written where the character is speaking directly to the reader. It adds a really unique layer to this.

I've always had a headcannon that Lucius was a very cold, unloving father as well. While I personally don't see him as outright abusive, I think it's still definitely a believable backstory for how Draco became who he is.

It's interesting as well to see how Lucius' opinions and beliefs affected Draco. Imagine thinking that Voldemort was a good guy until he was old enough to learn better. It must've come as quite a shock when he realized that it wasn't the way it had been portrayed.

As far as CC goes, I did notice a handful of small typos in this, mostly missing words. Nothing that really detracted from the story though.

Good work! Hopefully, I'll be back for the next chapter very soon!


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Review #7, by raven |Chapter 34| Freedom Always Comes at A Price

5th May 2015:
Its sooo gud soo far absolutely amazing but I m really desperate to know what happened next.again its amazing

Author's Response: Wow!! Thank you so much for such an encouraging and positive review, raven. I really appreciate you for taking the time to read all of this and then share your thoughts with me at the end... Unfortunately, however, I am in the process of rewriting this story right now tho, and I'm only on chapter 15 at the moment. So it will be a while yet before I get back around to updating this ending portion of the story. I'm sorry, but there are several notes in place here to warn readers when to stop reading ahead, due to the edits. Even the story summary states that this is under major construction right now, and is only updated so far... In the meantime tho, I do have several one-shots that are companion pieces to this Novel up on my author page. They are called: Doing the Right Thing, One Day at a Time, Born to Be a Leader, and Perfect. I would love to hear your thoughts on those as well, if you have the time... Again, I'm terribly sorry for the delay in updates to these later chapters. But if you're ever around on the forums, you're welcome to stop by my author page or PM me at anytime with questions! I love discussing this story with my readers, lol! My username on the forums is RoxiMalfoy. I hope to hear from you again one day, thanks!! =D

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Review #8, by pointless_proclamations His Side of the Story

17th April 2015:

I nearly forgot how bold Roxi was. The argument in the beginning was properly tense. You had a really nice balance of dialogue and emotion in there. IT WAS SO TENSE. OH MY GOSH. AMAZING!

"So I did the only irrational thing that I could think of at the time." Do you mean 'rational?'

Deana. Lucius's story! There are actually no words. I could try using 'beautiful and horrible and terrifying and sad' amongst others, but none can convey the anguish packed into that bit.

After that things warmed up a bit and I know how I said that the Saleena/Draco dynamic was my favourite, but the Lucius/Roxi dynamic is really close now. Because they've basically swapped stories and been really honest with each other, it's like they have this deeper understand of each other which leads to this wonderful thing that looks like friendship.


Lastly, the idea of Severus Snape slapping anybody in the face is amusing to me for some reason.


Author's Response: EMILY!! =D

It feels so good to be back, and to see you back here reading & reviewing. I have missed this SO MUCH over the past few months...

Oh gosh, I never really thought of Lucius/Roxi having a dynamic like Draco/Saleena do, but you're absolutely right, haha!! That's a VERY good comparison. Thanks so much for the observation, Em!

And yes, Lucius did actually mean to say "irrational" there. He was being reckless on purpose, lol. Sorry for the confusion that line caused...

So glad to see that Lucius' story is having the desired effect that I had hoped it would have on people here, lol. When I set out writing this story, my goal was to get people to sympathize and feel sorry for the Malfoy's. And this is the first chapter that gives the readers a chance to see what has REALLY been going on, outside of just Draco's perspective. So I was a bit nervous about getting it right and seeing how people would react to it. ^_^'

I'll be honest with you; Lucius' fate has yet to be determined by the end of this story. I've never actually written a draft of the last chapter, because the thought is just SO depressing, lol. But he IS alive as of right now, if that eases your mind any. I will not say "alive and well" however, because he is certainly far from being well. (I'm evil, I know, muwaha!) ;)

And yeah, when you think about it, the scene where Severus slaps Lucius in the face is quite comical, lol! But Lucius literally needed to be slapped out of his own misery there. He was so busy wallowing in pity that he almost missed the fact that there was still tie to save Draco! You'll get to see the dynamic between Snape and Lucius later on as well. :)

Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome and enthusiastic review. It's great to have you back!! Sorry again, for taking SO long to return to this story. But yay, look: you were my first review of 2015!! Love ya, Em!! =D


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Review #9, by MadiMalfoy Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

30th December 2014:
Hi there! MadiMalfoy here with your quite overdue review! :)

Wow. This is quite the opening-ish chapter! What a thing to be put on poor infant Draco! Seeing as he is basically my favorite character ever, I'm very curious to see where you go with this! Wonderful characterization of Lucius and Narcissa as well! I despise Voldemort even more than I usually do in fics because you've made him more sick and twisted than canon has him. Having to sign Draco over to the Dark Lord literally minutes after he's born has got to be a wake-up call, and plant the seeds of doubt about Voldemort's ways into Lucius and Narcissa's heads, don't you think? ;)

There was one thing that stuck out to me, however. Lucius and Narcissa's dialogue seems somewhat too colloquial for two purebloods of their standing. They typically are much more formal in speaking, even in intimate situations; it's just how purebloods are--much like royalty/nobility way back when. Other than that, however, it was a great prologue and definitely grabbed my attention and kept me interested all throughout. Great job! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #10, by TidalDragon Draco's Introduction

31st October 2014:
Howdy! Sorry I've left this until the eleventh hour. Life has been crazy for me since the pairs were posted. I promise I'll respond to your review soon too!

On to the story! I think the premise you establish here in the prologue is an interesting one (and one I'm hoping to read a little more of before the end of the day). While I'm not Draco Malfoy's number one fan by any stretch, I do think telling his story holds loads of untapped potential because if you try you can really paint him with a lot of complexity - complexity he's not really given much of in canon by Harry because of their relationship.

Still, as far as characterization goes, I think what you've painted of Draco so far is believable, and you've given him a unique voice that is similar to while still being distinct from his spoiled childhood petulance in canon. It's the voice of a changed man so to speak, so I think if that carries on throughout that's a really good thing you've crafted!

As far as the mechanics of the writing go, I thought the style was rather different. At the top Draco speaks much more straightforwardly and simply and then seems to get more complex as the chapter progresses. I don't know if that was a conscious choice because the subject-matter gets more intense (?) as the chapter moves on or if it just happened, but it was something that I noticed. I think the couple of sentences that were heavily laden with superlatives (ex: "I just so happen to have one of the oldest, dark, evil, and most hated families out there.") contributed to that impression though so maybe I'm over-keying on it. We'll see as I go forward.

Intriguing start so far! And while I'm off to work now, hopefully I'll be able to come back by for some more.

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Review #11, by Jade |Chapter 34| Freedom Always Comes at A Price

23rd October 2014:
Love it so far hope to get a new update soon :-)

Author's Response: Hello Jade! First of all, I want to thank you so much for reading the entire story, and then taking the time to leave this Review at the end. Unfortunately, however, there will not be any updates from this point on for quite some time. As stated in the summary, this story is currently undergoing major revisions right now, and I am only on Chapter 13: Captive. I am in the process of rewriting this entire Novel at the moment, and there are SEVERAL notes in place asking for readers NOT to read past the edit point. I have been changing/updating the plot, and adding in new chapters, which is why all of the chapter numbers are currently out of order. For example; this chapter is titled as being #34, when it is actually number 39. So I'm sorry for the wait, but since you read ahead it will be a while before there are any more updates to be seen... I am HOPING to be all caught up and back on track after the first of the year though, so please keep checking back. I hope to hear from you again in the future. Thanks again so much for your time Jade, I really do appreciate it! :)

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Review #12, by pointless_proclamations Captive

11th October 2014:

I phewed. Wow, this is exhilarating! These chapters are just something I could never tire of.

"Now, Draco, you know it isn't like that," Deana! That was so paternal of Arthur! This line makes it so much more evident that Draco is gaining a new set of parents. Unofficially. And you know how I feel about familial relationships!

ROXI!! Why did she do that?! Why? But with the way you've characterised her, it so understandable She is a little too brave for her own good and/or she hasn't been fully introduced to the seriousness of this situation. I wanted to rap some sense into her, but getting caught is probably enough.

I knew it!! I knew it was Lucius (my phone calls him Luscious) from the first words he spoke to her! That's a wonderfully written scene. Actually, the entire chapter was wonderfully written.

I am so happy that we get to see this weakened side of him. Your characterisation of him is just 'wow.' That dialogue was just spectacular.

I love how Roxi gets to see these two Malfoys in a light that is so different from the majority of this world's population! Especially because she is knew to the area and has not yet completely formed her own opinions about them yet (except that Draco was attractive, maybe).

Still your fan,

Author's Response: Emilie!! So glad you're here!! I'm sorry I left you hanging at the end of the last chapter, lol. I wish I could promise you that I won't do it again, but... What can I say? I used to be well-known for my cliffhangers, haha!! =P

Anyway, I'm glad you picked up on how Arthur's (and sometimes even Molly too) attitudes are changing towards Draco. By all means, the Weasley's will nearer replace his mother & father, but they are there to show him support when he needs it most... As you see at the ending, however, Lucius is in the picture now; and he won't be going anywhere any time soon, lol. (Ahaha, my phone used to call him "Luscious" too! I had to add his name to my autocorrect to get it to stop, lol!!) Glad to see that you were able to guess who he was at the very end tho. It seems I fail at being mysterious, haha!! ^_^'

Roxi is a crazy person, lol!! You seem to have her figured out pretty good tho. She is very Brave; as you will see much more of later on. (Honestly, I did several online sorting tests for her, and she always seemed to end up in Gryffindor, lol.) But on top of that, she's also a bit too Curious for her own good too. And you're right also; she doesn't quite understand the seriousness of the situation yet. I mean, she's only 19 years old, and this is her first time being away from home, so she still has a lot of life-experience to gain yet. Which, trust me, her lessons are soon coming, lol. ;)

Thanks so much for all the lovely compliments on my writing and dialogue in this, Em. The next chapter is primarily dialogue also, so it's nice to feel like it's at least decent so far, lol! It's a conversation between Roxi & Lucius, in which we finally get to hear his version of events thus far. And, like Draco, Lucius finds it easy to open up to Roxi because she's an outsider, and is therefore not biased. So yeah, I'm glad you picked up on that also... You really don't miss much, do you? Haha!! =P

As for Lucius in his weakened state... I'm glad you brought that up, actually. But he hasn't even reached his lowest point yet, the poor guy. I'm afraid that he will have to go thru more pain in the upcoming chapters too. (I'm evil, I know, lol!) But the story is about to get a whole lot darker here within the next 2 to 3 chapters or so. (You have been warned, lol!) And Lucius goes thru a lot, as do Draco & Roxi. The three of them are the MC's of this story, so I'm glad to see that you like how they all get along so far. =)

Also, I must apologize in advance, cuz the next chapter probly won't be up for like another week to 10 days or so... I am prepping for NaNo right now, and trying to catch up on my Review-Swaps & review responses, so I am a bit behind at the moment, unfortunately. But not to worry, I will have a few more updates to make before NaNo begins!! I will be sure to let you know as soon as chapter 14 is posted. Thanks so much for ALWAYS reading & reviewing, Em!! (((HUGS))) I've missed you bunches, my dear. :D


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Review #13, by crestwood Captive

10th October 2014:
Hi Deana!

I really still can't believe Roxi decided to sneak outside into the bushes to get a closer look at Voldemort. I too was wondering if she was completely out of her mind at that point. I did a literal facepalm when it's revealed that she forgot her wand. Now I'm wonder how she'll managed to ever escape.. but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Their spells around the house are so clever and useful and I just wish Roxi would have stayed inside! They might have been safe then.. although Percy might have damaged the chances of that a little bit. The story probably wouldn't be as interesting if she didn't dash off and she definitely wouldn't be herself if she wasn't impulsive, she wouldn't be herself.

I almost gained a bit of respect for Percy attempting to refuse to attack his family and then I realized that the only reason he refused was because it was his house as well.. still only thinking about himself. It was inevitable that Roxi would be found out. I've learned a lot of things in my life and from years of hide and seek games worth of experience I definitely say for sure: behind the bushes is never a good hiding spot.

I'm very interested about the things Voldemort learned from looking into Roxi's mind. Actually, it's very lucky that she doesn't know a lot about The Order at the moment. I just thought about if she would have known about Saleena and what that would mean. He'd probably want to find her even more than he wants Draco. I'm very frightened about Voldemort's threats because the Voldemort in this story definitely would go ahead and do it. Percy having the nerve to meet his fathers eyes makes me actually angry. I just hate him with such a vengeance honestly.

Seriously, this basement that she's locked in is the creepiest thing ever. Also, you were totally right, I guessed who the voice was. The second he expressed any amount of concern for Draco it was very clear to me. I couldn't imagine anyone else that could possibly be there that would care for Draco at all, nevermind say that his life means more to him than his own.

This chapter does do one huge thing for me though and that's confirming my headcanon (of a fanfiction story.. does that exist?) of Lucius caring a whole lot about Draco in this story. Like, obviously he saved him as a baby and then he made sure that he didn't die and sent him off to the Weasleys and now he's breaking Roxi out of this place just to keep him safe and it's certain at this point that Lucius is NOT bad and DOES care for Draco. This is his first real appearance since the Prologue, but it's really significant. Really great job with this!

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Review #14, by Gabriella Hunter Conversations

6th October 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and it's good to be back after that wild chapter that you left me with last time! I am still kind of jittery about that! poor feels...You really tore me open in this one too! How could you? Hahaha. I tend to do that with a lot of my stories so it's not that big of a deal but man, this was a really emotional chapter and I won't even begin to go on about that ending just yet!

SO, the aftermath of Percy's betrayal is still weighing on the Weasley home. I liked that you started this chapter with Saleena and Draco though, so that we could get an understanding on how he felt about the situation. The two of them are really great together and I could tell that there's a lot of affection between the two of them, though they don't always see eye to eye. I was really startled and horrified by what Draco revealed about Percy though but I sort of think that it fits his character. I'm still upset, mind you but I feel that what you've shown of him so far really does fit with what he wants out of Voldemort. He's always craved power and Draco was right about everyone having that bit of darkness in them, it really did put this whole chapter in a different light.

I wasn't expecting him to reveal that he was being tortured by Percy though! What a horrible experience to go through--I wanted to really leap through my computer and smack Percy a good one for that. It shows a level of cruelty that was both well-written and cringe worthy but you wrote it with such skill that I wasn't able to stop reading.

Draco and Saleena's parting though was bittersweet. I know that they'll miss one another very much but I think that you had them showing their love for one another in a way that was both sweet and a little sad. It's a side to them we don't see very often and while Saleena is gone, I noticed that Draco felt alone. :(

Cue in Roxie! I really like her! She's a ball of curiosity and isn't at all like how you would think once you get to know her a bit more. I liked that she and Draco were able to have such a personal conversation without having the awkward boundaries in between. There were a few moments when they were a little uneasy about this or that but they plowed on ahead and got to know one another--the unpleasant things--without letting that get in the way. I actually thought this was the best part of the chapter to be honest and I really do enjoy the pair of them together. Roxie is brave, funny and determined and I think Draco might be able to really have a relationship with her in the future. I noticed that there's some equal attraction between them so I'm curious to see how that goes!

Now...that ending...

WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am not a happy bunny right now! OMG, I'm freaking out! You will have to get that next chapter into my review thread like...NYOW!

How could you?!!!


So, another excellent chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Much love,


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Review #15, by Roisin The Letter

4th October 2014:

So I loved the urgency you gave Lucius' letter. Because really, Arthur totally might have just crumpled it up and discarded it--the way he begged him to continue reading made the following decisions really believable. Also, Narcissa sacrificed herself for Draco!! What an interesting parallel to Harry's story!! I wonder if Draco will end up getting hand-burning love powers now! Then again, so far we don't necessarily know whether or not Voldemort actually gave Narcissa the *option* to live--which is critical.

I really like the theme you've been developing about Draco's agency. So far, he's very much been subject to the decisions of others, and had his life decided for him without having a say himself. The one time we did see him act, was in "Doing the Right Thing"--and his choice was noble. That gives me a lot of hope for him, and I can't wait to see how the theme of agency, independence, and choice plays out.

Also, you kind of mirrored the last chapter (when Lucius and Narcissa discussed/debated difficult choices), by putting Molly and Arthur in the same situation. I love the subtle implication of the universality of it all, and how these things cross the boundaries of allegiance. That said, I wasn't totally convinced on Molly's voice. It was mostly on point, but sometimes strayed into too contemporary, too young, or even a touch American sounding. I can't really imagine any of them saying "in a weird way", "anyways," or "and besides." But that's pretty easily remedied. The only reason I even point it out, because it's so minor, is that it COULD seem OOC for Molly to be so resistant to taking in Draco--except that I do think it makes sense. She is a very nurturing person, but that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't think in terms of "in-group" and "out-group." And I love the idea that there's room for evolution and growth even in otherwise good people (because isn't the primary crux of the war the Death Eater's obsession with an imagined in-group?)

Also, all the AU stuff is super interesting! Because I am such a canon nut, it's actually kind of relaxing to read an AU, because I don't end up nitpicking petty little discrepancies. Also, I'm starting to wonder if Dumbledore died in this universe--you never said it straight out, and they seem to be on reasonable terms with Snape, so hmm...

Also, Voldemort doesn't seem as far along as he was in canon MUCH EARLIER than when this chapter takes place (Scrimgeour is still alive, not as many people are dead, Arthur's life still has a semblance of normalcy)--so I have to assume Voldemort was only able to make such big leaps of power because Dumbledore died in the canon universe. AM I CLOSE???

Oh, also! I think it makes a weird amount of sense that Lucius would seek Arthur for help. Those two were always had the strongest rivalry with one another. Therefore, if Lucius needed someone he knew BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT would never support Voldemort, his first thought WOULD probably be Arthur. Additionally, since they'd always been rivals, it would be the last place anyone would expect. Plus like, having had so many kids, the Weasley's can be trusted to have a pretty solid understanding of basic parenting.

So yeah, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST OFFICIAL CHAPTER! I'm so excited to see where this story goes!


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Review #16, by crestwood Conversations

3rd October 2014:
Hi Deana! I'm back again!

You know I love these Draco/Saleena conversations. I don't even like to think about the fact that this is the last one for a while. I'm shutting that out of my brain for now. They're still so perfect in scenes together and everything just fits together. They truly care about each other. I love the relationship they have. It's amazing that you've written two characters that get on so well that I feel upset about not being able to read their simple conversations. Not even big arguments or anything, just conversations.

You've somehow managed to make me hate Percy even more. The idea that he would have torture Draco more than Voldemort practically makes my blood boil. What kind of sick, twisted creature have you created? It's made even worse because I really doubt that he's reach his peak when it comes to this stuff. But now I'm really happy because of Draco's "don't let me them change you" line, he cares about her so unabashedly and it makes me just ecstatic.

Roxi's going to go talk to Draco and Tonks isn't buying the whole drink of water excuse!! Of course she's going to go try to chat with him!! Thank god, my life needs this pairing so badly. A little bit upset that Draco was so cold towards Roxi at first. A little tiny setback there, but luckily he's apologizing not long after. He already can't let her be mad at him!!! Interesting that Draco doesn't want to be called by the name Malfoy any longer. It makes me kind of happy that Tonks referred to him first and foremost as her cousin. I forget sometimes that they are related.

I like the chemistry between Roxi and Draco. They joke and they get serious and back again without missing a step. In this timeline, no one knows that Snape is innocent, but I'm very glad that Draco sticks up for him here because we all know that Snape doesn't deserve to be blacklisted from The Order the way he is.

No Roxi, you don't want to see Voldemort, trust me please!! I want to scream at her through my computer so badly. The 'careful what you wish for' line was so perfectly placed. That ending :( I don't even want to imagine what everyone must be thinking in that moment. That's the scariest cliffhanger ever, seriously. I feel so bad for everyone who hasn't already seen the next chapter, but at the same time, not really because that one was no less scary than the ending of this one.

Once again, you have struck gold. I love typing out these reviews and getting to tell you what I'm thinking while I read these amazing chapters. This is just another one for the books ;D

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Review #17, by pointless_proclamations Conversations

1st October 2014:

Another chapter at last! I adore these conversations between Saleena and Draco. [sighs]

"There is evil inside of everyone. . ." That's a beautiful line that just gave me chills.

Percy! [obscene descriptive words here] I am astounded that he brought the Malfoy-Weasley rivalry over to the Death Eaters' side. That foul, slimy git! And he's worse than the others when it comes to practicing spells on Draco?! Deana, you inspire such rage and anger within me-LEMME AT HIM! He's addicted to the acquisition of power. Worse still it's the coercive type. [under-the-breath grumblings that would be inappropriate to write out]

"Now, however, she was beginning to wonder about every scratch and bruise-" and Deana, I am bursting with sympathy. You are absolutely right to assume that I will love this chapter as much as I do!

"Please don't let them change you." Can this relationship get any sweeter? I especially love the way you write them together.

Tonks has got her new friend all worked out, doesn't she? She can totally tell that Roxi is just fascinated by this handsome, pale boy with he sad, brooding eyes.

They are so cute together, Deana! I think her bubbly charm is seeping its way into his system.

And of course that's why he would talk to her. Because she's unprejudiced (and perhaps it's also to do with how he fancies her, but I'll let him have this one). It makes so much sense.

They are adorably compatible one they start talking! I love how he's just giving her all these tips: cut Severus some slack, beware of the Dark Lord. . . He cares!

May I yell? Is that okay? Can I use all-caps? Are you going to be okay with that? Because I need to say this:


I could go on.

Your fuming fan,

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Review #18, by Roisin Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

28th September 2014:
Ah! AH!

Having Voldemort around during birth IS THE SCARIEST WORSTEST THING I CAN IMAGINE! That super duper gave me the creeps, so WELL DONE!

The whole Unbreakable Vow thing was so cruel and so brutal, GAH, and branding a baby with the Dark Mark!!!

I'm so interested to see where this goes, since we know Draco isn't aware of what his father did. And really, good job making us empathize with the Malfoys! "Kill the baby" vs "Curse the baby" are pretty heavy questions, I can't possibly say what I'd choose, but I imagine it'd be really hard not to choose the latter.

I really liked the way you repeated the first paragraph at the end, it had a super nice symmetry to it! Nicely done!


Author's Response: Hey there, welcome back!! I was wondering when I might hear from you again... I'm so glad you enjoyed the concept here. I love making people feel sympathy for the Malfoys, lol. I'm really glad you liked the prologue. And now I'm really excited for you to begin reading the actual sorry now, haha!! Thanks so much for the Review, Roisin. Hope to hear from ya again soon! =)


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Review #19, by crestwood The Spy

27th September 2014:
Hi Deana!

I really should be asleep right now. It's 6 am and I'm supposed to be going to D.C. tomorrow. Or today I suppose. But, I've been distracted all night (morning) and if I don't review this now it'll have to wait through another day entirely.

I found it so realistic that Molly and Arthur's room would be sort of barren in a way. I can't imagine them going to any extreme expenses furnishing their room, when that money could be spent on one of their children. They're both such selfless, family-oriented people and that little detail really accentuated that.

The scene in which Draco is being egged on by McGonagall to offer up a name is really emotional because you can really feel just how much he doesn't want to do it. He would rather be the source of, or possibly the witness of such pain in Molly and Arthur. It's amazing how far he's come, just to be able to see that their feelings are important. Of course, that hasn't exactly stretched to the entire Weasley family, but the rest of them are hardly giving him a break either, so I cannot blame him in the slightest. He's changed a bit, but he's not yet to a place where he'd forgive those who still treat him the way they do.

I cannot deal with Molly realizing who the spy is on her own. It was almost worse than Draco having to spring it on her. I can't imagine how they must feel. We're never given any canon examples of the parents of a Death Eater being those who fight against them. Usually Death Eaters are raised on the pureblood mania and will swear to it up and down, but Percy is a member of the most notorious 'blood traitor' family there is and not only that, but as far as I've thought it out, he is not a subscriber to their way of thinking. I doubt he really feels that Muggleborns are beneath him, but he does has an insatiable hunger for power and he truly believes that following Voldemort will give him just that. He is willing to betray his family and everything he was raised for if he believes that it'll make him more powerful in the ministry. Voldemort is despicable, but there's an argument for Percy being the more interesting villain here.

I was not only correct in believing that Percy was the spy, but I actually figured out that he must have been manipulating Arthur for information. After all, it was established that the Death Eaters were always a step ahead and I believed Percy to be the spy. That only really leaves Arthur, as no one else in his family would regularly be at the Ministry in order to speak to him. It's horrible that he would use his father's trust in him like that. And here I was thinking that the night Molly almost got arrested was the worst he could get.

I haven't read the last part of this chapter before now, but I must say, I am almost glad to have things settle down a bit toward the end. It was interesting seeing McGonagall get exasperated with everyone doubting her at the end. I like this new lineup of The Order. Luna and Neville are two people that I wish could have participated more in canon, so I do love to see them having a say in this version of events.

As always, this chapter was absolutely amazing!

Author's Response: hey, Joey!! As always, you spoil me with your reviews, lol! D.C. sounds like SO much fun tho. I've never been, unfortunately. Hope you had a good trip. :)

I'm so glad you liked my description of Molly & Arthur's room. We were never really given a glimpse into this space in Cannon, so it was a lot of fun to imagine it. And I appreciate everything you had to say about Draco and his attitude of care only extending to a few members of the Weasley family. Your assumptions about Percy and his attitude towards everything are spot-on also. Gosh, you're so insightful Joey, lo! =P

I can't believe you got it right, haha! Honestly, I did insert alot more clues as to who the spy was when I rewrote this tho. There weren't nearly as many hints beforehand, lol. Just remember what you said about Percy being the more interesting villian in events to come. Because he certainy does have a much larger role to play in the upcoming chapters. He certainly does get a LOT worse than even this. I am just getting started with this evil Percy, haha!! ;)

Things are settled down for now, by the end of this chapter... But how long can that last? Just wait til you see the end of next chapter, lol!! *evilgrin* Thanks so much for such an incredible review, Joey. you are awesome, man!! I seriously appreciate all of your help and dedication that you have given to this story. =D

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Review #20, by Gabriella Hunter The Spy

26th September 2014:

This is Gabbie form the forums dropping by with your review and you know what's going to happen now! Be afraid! Hahahahaha.

I knew it. I just knew it! You were after my heart with this one, weren't you? I had my suspicions that Percy was going to be the one who turned out to be the spy from what happened in previous chapters but man, the emotional punch in this chapter was just painful. What I liked the most about this chapter was that Draco's attitude towards the Weasley's has really shifted, he was able to respect them. I liked that he was able to see how much dedication they put into raising their family and how much they really cared about their well-being but it also added this sense of sadness to the scene, since we were about to see the family being torn apart. Draco's concern for them was very touching and I felt badly for him too, he was being put into a very uncomfortable position and it took a lot of courage for him to finally speak up about the truth.

Molly's reaction of course was gut wrenching and while I expected her to faint, I was glad that she was able to stay standing. It was far more effective and I think that it was more powerful, her tears were enough to have me nearly stop reading this chapter though. Arthur's denial of the situation at first was very realistic, what parent wants to believe that of their own child? He slowly began to accept it but I think that they're going to be in that state for a long time to come, I feel like that wound is never going to close.

But Percy is a Death Eater as well? That's too much for me. I wanted to scream and then cry and then scream some more! I can't believe him! What I liked though was that you had the family talking about that little darkness in his heart and how his ambition carried him over to do the unthinkable. It fit in well with his character here and it was a gutsy move. I know that a lot of people wouldn't have thought it all that shocking, considering that it's Percy but I think that you really took a risk here. It's great to read and I think that you've set up the remainder of the story very well. We've got a war coming and a family on opposite sides, that's just going to be a delicious read for me. :D

Charlie and the others got a bit more personality in this chapter too. Sibling hierarchy is really a thing, the twins have a respect for Charlie and Bill that we wouldn't have ordinarily have seen. I also liked that you gave each twin their own character traits as well, Fred is obviously more hot tempered than George but seems to follow his brother's lead every now and then. It's an interesting look into their relationship, I was able to feel all the anger between them and the heartbreak as well. :(

I'm really curious to know how you'll go forward with the story now. Obviously the Order is shook up by this news and McGonagall is being questioned as a leader but I'm glad that their loyalty towards one another stayed true. I can't wait to see what happens next and this angry Neville of yours is really capturing my attention, I hope he doesn't go off the deep end.

All in all though this was a great chapter, it had all the wonderful things that I needed with just enough foreshadowing to keep me guessing. I noticed a few little grammar things like "of coarse" should be "of course" but you can easily clean that up. :D

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #21, by pointless_proclamations The Spy

23rd September 2014:

I have missed this story and have been so on edge just waiting. Finally, it's here, another roller coaster of emotions!

Draco's character development is figuratively mind-blowing. I love the it wasn't just a sudden thing, but rather a series of organised, albeit unpredictable events. You've allowed him time to grow as a character and it just made so much sense! More than that, I love it. I love how he has grown sensitive to Molly and Arthur's feelings. He's changing and he doesn't want to hurt them. Of course these sentiments are not extended to just anyone, the fact he only truly cares about a mere handful of people as of yet makes complete sense to me. It only adds to his feelings towards Molly and Arthur.

It seems as though Percy and Draco switched places.

"What other kind of Death Eater is there?" I know this is a serious scene. I really do. It's just that you come up with the most hilarious of lines and I can't help myself from laughing. I'm torn between giggles and frowns. How your writing conflicts me, Deana!

Could they now turn the figurative tables on Percy now that they know what he's up to? Are they going to feed him false information? There must be retribution!

McGonagall's piece is brilliant. Way I bring about some team cohesion back to the Order. What she said about Draco. . . Deana it made my heart figuratively swell with pride for him. I'm so happy that he got some acknowledgement.

So now I'm worried about Saleena and her mission. What will happen? What happens after 'Born a Leader?' How has her abilities developed? And she'll have to be separated from her brother, Draco? :( I cannot wait to read on, Deana!

As for your note: I was majorly shocked. [hugs] Thank you Deana! And the pleasure was all mine. I'm so addicted to your story (hence the nomination). I think about it constantly. Your writing is supreme and so are you. :)

Your fan, anxious in anticipation of another chapter,
Em :D

Author's Response: EMILIE!!! Gosh, I miss you girl!! RL has been hellabusy these past few weeks, lol. But look; you got here first this time, yay!! =P

I'm so glad to see that you picked up on the subtle changes that have been made to Draco's character. It really kind of is like he and Percy have switched places. funny thing is that I have never thought of it like that before, lol! So that is a very good point... It's a shame that they won't have the time to feed him false information tho, as that is a very good idea. you'll see what I mean by this in 2 chapters from now, lol! ;)

I'm glad you like my McGonagall in this, and it's good to see that you appreciate my humor, lol. Thanks, Em! I guess you'll just have to wait and see how Saleena's powers develop tho. You will get to see her one last time next chapter tho, so it's not a goodbye quite yet. (:

Thanks again so much for all of your support and dedication to this story. I appreciate you so much!! Your reviews are always awesome, and they constantly brighten my day!! Next chapter is up now too btw, so I hope to hear from you again soon!! :D

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Review #22, by Gabriella Hunter False Accusations

23rd September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and it's so good to be back! I was wondering what was going to happen next in this story and you certainly didn't disappoint me.

I was really concerned about Saleena and what her new decisions would mean, I can tell that even though she didn't really feature as strongly in this chapter that they were weighing heavily on her mind. The beginning though was an interesting contrast to the later half of this chapter and I was really intrigued by Draco's recovery, he's fragile in so many ways. The first step he takes is also the first step to healing emotionally and I wonder how he'll be able to cope later on. It's obvious that he's still conflicted and it was really bold of McGonagall to offer him a chance in the Order. I wonder how much she really trusts him?

I think that the actual Order meeting was written really well. You introduced new characters smoothly and while Roxie comes off to me as far more interesting than some of the others, due to the fact that she's so original, I wasn't at all confused by who was where. Draco's observations were very honest and he's starting to realize that he's not nearly as cruel as he once was.

There was a lot of old anger though and I liked how you weaved that in. Fred and George were spot on, I think and while a lot of people wouldn't have liked this side to them, I think it fits. They were never kind to Draco before and it's not going to automatically change now.

Neville's development came as a surprise (Shame on Seamus!) and I'm curious by this side of his character but also excited to see him with Luna. I think that she was written well as well and they meshed very nicely with the scene, I would have liked to have heard Bill and Charlie give their thoughts a bit on what was going on but I'm sure you'll have time for that later.

As for this're breaking my heart. Hahaha. I am so angry and intrigued and overwhelmed by the plot twist! I can't wait for more so don't hesitate to stop by again! :D

Thanks so much for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!! That was fast, lol!! =P
Draco's recovery scene was a new addition to this chapter when I did the rewrite, so I'm glad to see that you liked that part so well. I have been working a LOT on getting the timing and pacing of everything just right, because it was kind of all over the place before this, lol!

The Neville thing was a new change too, and I admit that I just kind of came up with the backstory on Seamus at the last minute, lol. I realized that I needed to explain why Neville was so angry and mistrusting, and so that was it. I'm really pleased to see that that was one of the first things you picked up on tho, and that it seems to have been taken well. And yes, I totally ship Neville/Luna, lol!! I was SO upset when Joe did not make this a Cannon pairing! :(

Bill, Charlie, Fred & George will definitely be seen more in the next chapter, as this news of the spy will affect all of them directly. I am curious if you have any guesses as to who it is before he/she is revealed though. You'll have to let me know if you had it figured out beforehand or not in your next review, I suppose! ;)

See ya in the next chapter... Gah!! I can't wait, haha!! :D

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Review #23, by Roisin Draco's Introduction

22nd September 2014:
Ok, so I'm FINALLY here for our exchange! I wish I had more time to leave the super meaty review I want to leave, but I also wanted to get to this at last, so hopefully future reviews will make up for it!

First off, I loved this line "how stupid it is to think that anything could be fair in a war, especially love."

And there was something really interesting about the first person decision here. The self-aware "this is a book" thing was really clever, and the whole thing about there being libraries about Harry Potter--because HAHA, this is IT!

I sort of read this chapter like the introduction to a book, and like maybe the rest is kind of a biography of Draco. That, all in all, is a really interesting idea!

The idea that Lucius might be a cold hearted monster behind closed doors was super sad, but not unfounded. I remember in CoS that Harry overhears Lucius criticizing Draco for not beating Hermione in classes. It also casts the whole "Lucius bribing Draco into the Quidditch team" thing in a rather darker light--and suggests that that and other experiences might actually have been disheartening for Draco.

I'm really excited to see all this stuff play out over the course of the story!

Yay! Good luck with the Dobbys, and congrats on all your nominations!


Author's Response: GAH!! I'm just SO happy you're here, lol!! Honestly, I was not expecting to get a review on this Intro, so this was such a nice surprise. I actually TRIED to delete this part when I rewrote everything, but for some reason the Story Manager will not allow me to move the 1st chapter up or down at all, so I ended up just leaving it. I'm glad to see that you liked it tho, and that you enjoy the concept behind the book idea. Kinda makes me feel like maybe the decision to leave this Intro in here was not such a bad idea after all, haha!! ;)

I too am super excited to get your feedback on the rest of the story as well!! Tho, I'll admit that I also a tad nervous too, lol! I know your a Cannon buff, and this story is slightly AU, but hopefully you will still enjoy it, nonetheless. ^_^'

I should probly note that there is a one-shot Prequel to this story that you MIGHT wanna check out BEFORE you read the 1st actual chapter; which is entitled: The Letter. The one-shot is called "Doing the Right Thing" if you're interested. It's not necessary to read it first, but it will give you some insight into what's going on come chapter 7, lol. =P

Thanks so much for this great review hun. & Never mind the length, lol, you're fine!! I cannot wait to see what you think of the rest!! :D


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Review #24, by slytherinchica08 Draco's Introduction

19th September 2014:
OH what a very interesting beginning. I really liked how you set up your story with this chapter. It gives us a small idea of what is going to happen ( we are going to be explained draco's side of things, how he helped Harry and about this new girl who is going to change things for him). The last few paragraphs really stood out to me. I really like the idea that Draco is going to have his story written to try and have people better understand him and what went on during his life. So I must ask, is this whole story then going to be about his story being written or I wonder how this is all going to play out. Its a very interesting concept and its one that has piqued my interest very much.

I thought this beginning was very well done. It does a great job of setting things up and allowing us to get to know the Draco that you have painted for this story. I think that he still seems very much in character here, he still seems very much about himself and wanting to improve his image and prove people wrong. I can sense some change in his character though, but not anything that seems out of character or anything, just something that comes from being in a war and experiencing things that many people never do.

I liked the look into his family life that this chapter gave as well. And probably my favorite part was the mention of how Draco thought that everyone else was wrong when it came to Voldemort. You know, it was a thought that until you mentioned it, it never crossed my mind. But now that its there I'm wondering how I never thought of that before. I mean to me it does make sense, he was raised to believe in Voldemorts cause so why wouldn't he believe that Voldemort is more the good guy and everyone else is evil, at least when he is a young enough age to just take his fathers words for everything.

Anyways, this was a great beginning and I very much look forward to reading more of this story! Thank you again for agreeing to do a review swap! Great Job!


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Review #25, by Gabriella Hunter A Drop of Veritaserum

17th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and I am a day or two late I think but I've been really busy and hadn't had the time to buckle down and get to these stories. Its been a real pain, you know.

Anyway, we're back with this! I was really intrigued and amazed by the amount of detail and history you created with the Gypsies. I thought it was really brilliant to come up with something that original and work it into a fanfic, I've never seen anything like this done before and it was a really interesting part of this chapter. It feels like a true history lesson and past, I thought that you wrote that very well.

The clan feels ancient and powerful, their own myths and beliefs truly fascinating. I like the explanation we got on Saleena's gifts and what they might mean for the future of her family as well, I could practically feel the tension in the room. Also, this is a little thing but I liked that while Hermione was reading, Ron and Harry kept interrupting her--it made the scene feel very realistc and added just a touch of humor.

To finally know more about Saleena's background was a relief and I can understand the complex relationship she has with her clan and mother. The thought of becoming queen, however, is too much for her at the moment when she enjoys the life she has right now and I'm wondering what will happen in the end of this story. It was obvious that she would rather not sacrifice it all to go back to her clan but on the other hand, it would be a good idea to stop them from being crushed by Voldemort. I wonder if she'll make it in time to see her grandmother again and what their meeting will be like once they do.


Okay, the actual Veritaserum part of the chapter was really well-done. I've never written a story that included that particular potion. I think that you wrote it excellently, its a complicated thing to do but it felt so effortless reading it and McGongalla's questions made sense to me. They were difficult but fair and I like that you had Saleena wavering slightly on a few and resisting the potion. The dedication that she wants to have with the Order might actually be threatened by her loyalty to her family and I'm really curious to see what happens next.

I didn't spot any crazy CC's or anything but I think that you have a great pace going and your characters are staying true to themselves. :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Gabbie, I swear; your reviews just keep getting better & better every time, lol!! You should stop saying that you're late all the time tho, lol. I keep telling you that I'm just happy you've stopped by at all. The timing seriously means nothing to me, as long as you R&R whenever you can. I understand completely about RL being a pain and getting in the way of things, haha! =P

I'm so glad to see that you like the concept of my Gypsies here. The clan really is "ancient and powerful" so it's good to see that that is coming across well. I have pages and pages of notes on Saleena, her family, and her people, but not everything has made it's way into the bulk of the story yet, as this primarily focuses on Draco. I'm also really glad that I rewrote all of this and took more time to reveal more about Saleena and the Gypsies too. Before, it was all crammed into chapter 2, and the chapter was over 10,000+ words long, lol! But I took a lot of the backstory out there, and chose to reveal it here instead. So it's good to see that this has gotten such a positive response so far. (:

I actually wrote a one-shot from Saleena's POV that describes what happens when she goes back to the clan and see's her grandmother again for the first time. I was planning to post it in your review thread once you were at that point, but if you don't wanna wait that long then it is on my author page. The story is called "Born A Leader" and it is the 5th story down from the top. After reading this review, I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that one now too!! =)

I'm glad you liked the touch of humor I added in while Hermione was reading too. I didn't wanna bore people to death with all that information, so I had to come up with something to break it up, lol! Plus it was a lot of fun to write that scene as well. I love the trio!! I struggled with the Veritaserum interview at first. It just wasn't long enough and I didn't really have very many question ideas. But then I posted a Help Topic on the Forums and some people gave me some really good ideas!! So I can't quite take ALL the credit for what that section of the chapter is now, lol! I did work very hard on it tho, so I am SO GLAD to see that you enjoyed it so much!! :D

Thanks again so much for ALL of your input, Gabbie!! I'm sorry I haven't been back to request the next chapter yet. It's just that I don't really like to do that until I have responded to the previous review first. And now that I have replied to this, I will head over to your review thread right away to post the next chapter!! Thanks so much!!


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