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Review #1, by brttknee Understandings

5th June 2014:
Just started reading this story and am so excited to see what lies ahead for Ron, Hogwarts, and dear Minerva. Great work!

Author's Response: Glad people are still coming across this story! It's complete, so I hope you enjoy the ride. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Deepak Affirmations

21st February 2014:
Good one, that. Thanks

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Mrs_H Affirmations

27th July 2013:
Thanks for sharing this lovely story! Excellent plot, interesting characters, good pacing. Very well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It feels like an old piece of work of mine by now, but a good fun one.

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle Understandings

17th July 2013:

I thought this was a really great opening chapter at both engaging my interest and explaining the situation to me, and I also thought it was really well-written! :) The idea of a Ron and McGonagall conversation where both are colleagues is a funny thing to think about given the nature of their relationship in JKR's books (usually McGonagall telling Ron off or something!), but I think it's something really interesting to explore in this post-hogwarts fic!

Already I'm really intrigued at wondering why and how someone managed to take the sorting hat! I'm also really interested at Ron's apparent animosity towards Hermione, and how it all happened! It'd be interesting to see how that conversation goes! So I feel like your plot sounds really unique and would be a really interesting story to read - so hopefully I'll be able to finish reading this story! Overall, I really enjoyed reading this chapter, and your writing is awesome, particularly with all the dialogue in this! :)

- Charlotte

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing this! It's long over but I did enjoy writing this story. I rather enjoyed extrapolating on the feelings and relationships to try to get a grasp of how they might be 5 or so years down the line. That and the plot was fun to come up with! So I'm glad this was still read, and still enjoyed, even after these few years.

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Review #5, by PhoenixTailAndHolly Affirmations

24th June 2013:
I absolutely loved this story. You have a great talent, and should you ever aspire to become a writer, I would read anything you created.

I was secretly hoping that Ron would somehow be voted as the new headmaster, though that would obviously break canon. McGonagall's lecture on how Hogwarts needed a younger generation, combined with the urban legend that Hogwarts would provide for a headmaster if need be kind of had me hoping for it.

Rated 10/10!

ps. I would love for you to read one of my stories. Perhaps even leave a review? ;)

Author's Response: I was very happy with how this story worked out. Alas, canon suggests Ron would not make headmaster, and I don't think his temperament would hugely suit! But he had a good adventure and got the girl back anyway. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Affirmations

29th August 2012:
Aww what a cute ending to the story. 10's all around.

Author's Response: Thanks, and thanks for all of your reviews, they're much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #7, by sinwillys822 Confrontations

29th August 2012:
Oh wow I figured they wanted her for the sorting hat, I can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Good to see the twists and turns are working. Cheers!

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Review #8, by sinwillys822 Competitions

29th August 2012:
Oh man the story is really getting good I can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by shadowycorner Affirmations

28th August 2012:
Aaah, I loved this! I loved this story and this chapter and this ending. I don't know what to say anymore. I'm a little sad it's over, but it's great how it ended. I definitely need to check out more of your work. This was one of the best stories I've read on the site. It hooked me straight away and the writing was so professional. I loved how, like you mentioned, the romance was driven by the plot. You've done a great job with all the characters. Ron and Hermione were perfectly in character as being adults. i found them and their behavior extremely realistic. Harry, without all the depression we've seen in the books, was very refreshing and quite lovely. The OCs were incredible. Barlowe was an interesting villain an Stubbs was simply amazing. I almost wish I could read something more about him. If you ever include him into a story or decide to write a story about him, please let me know, because he was one of the special OCs, the ones that stand out and you just adore them.

This plot was so creative. every chapter got better and better, and I liked how exciting this was. It was a story I now consider my head canon. It's something that could've easily happened in the Wizarding World.
And oh my lord the bits of romance, the in between the lines moments and emotions...simply wonderful.

As for this chapter and conversation between malcolm and's interesting, because I always thought Hermione would be a great Unspeakable and I can imagine her really considering it. It was perfect, though, how you portrayed that immediate shift in her thoughts toward the house-elves. That's pure Hermione right there, it was great!

This final scene between Ron and Hermione was so touching. It really, really made me happy. This entire story did. i can tell you that I enjoyed this very much! Thank you for sharing. :)

I guess I said almost everything in my previous reviews, I would only repeat myself. I loved reading this and it was terrific and oiginal. You are a talented author, both in telling the story and painting a picture. I will forever adore Renaissance by Slide!


Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind words. I do try to set myself high standards for my writing rather than viewing it as "just" fanfiction and I'm glad that's paid off for your enjoyment. I was quite pleased with the plot of this one, and that's partly why it ended when it did - without more ideas for the plot, without any ways to extend or develop Barlowe's plans into something more long-term, I thought it best to let it end. I'm a big fan of OCs, as you may learn if you read more of my work, and I try to keep everything I write that's canon-compliant, compliant with itself - I like it to be my own, in-my-own-head, extended universe. So, yes, Stubbs will show up in other work of mine, because Hogwarts will need a headmaster in years to come!

I also think Hermione would make a fine Unspeakable. Though it would limit some of her other talents, because her passion for change is a real virtue and one she ought to channel - and she does. She's an activist as well as an intellectual and being an Unspeakable would neglect that. And I'm also pretty happy with the end scene between her and Ron, it really wrote itself and Ron demonstrated all the ways he's such a sweetheart.

Thanks, again, for all your reviews and I'm very glad you enjoyed the ride.

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Review #10, by shadowycorner Resolutions

28th August 2012:
Yay, I'm the 80th reviewer! *does a dance*

This chapter took me like three seconds to read. Seriously, it was so exciting it went by really fast. I swear I really and litterally gasped when Barlowe stabbed Ron. SERIOUSLY SLIDE, you made me make weird noises of anguish into the silence of my room. I cheered that Ron disarmed him and then lost my breath. I mean, I knew he would be alright, but just for a little moment, you really shocked me there!

And oh my God, what cheering and grinning it was when Harry arrived. It was such a classic scene, to have the hero arrive at just the appropriate moment. Harry saves the day again! I also loved how he told off Barlowe about his abilities to sway the people his way. It was a nice touch to have Hermione observe this was closest Harry would get to bragging, but only because it was really, really important. Gotta love Harry!

I can't believe there's only one chapter left now. Off to read it. this one was really awesome, as usual. :) Great job!


Author's Response: Ooh, 80 reviews! Huzzah!

Yes, this chapter's quite a belter. I can't deny I was snickering to myself at stabbing Ron. It's for a reason, I swear, not just because I'm evil (a little because I'm evil)! That it had an impact even though you know he'll be all right just makes it so much the better.

Harry's a sweetheart of a hero - I would agree with Hermione that he wouldn't brag, but he would do what he needed to in order to get the bad guy down, rescue his friends, and save the day. And it is fitting, of course, that it is Harry who saves the day. Even if Ron and Hermione weren't accepting and accustomed to him always being the one who gets the credit, I think they'd be okay with it this time!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Ginger Lust Affirmations

27th August 2012:
Wow. What a beautiful ending. Quiet. Just the two of them, finally getting to talk. Finally talking! Without the danger of their surroundings blowing up!
I really enjoyed this story, am very happy with the ending. In fact, I would have loved if this story had continued, viewing a little more into their live together. But I quite accept that this is the way you wanted it to end.

Thank you for a wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did JK's story great justice. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
Great job!!!

Author's Response: I could have probably continued with more Ron and Hermione but was running out of plot. That said, I have very much enjoyed writing the two of them, so who knows what I'll do in future? But don't hold me to that. I'm comfortable with it bridging some of the gaps of canon and having a little fun along the way.

And I'm very glad you enjoyed the story! I'm quite happy with it myself. Thank you for your kind words and your support. Cheers!

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Review #12, by water_lily43175 Affirmations

27th August 2012:
So, before we get onto the review, I had another 'Slide's stories are canon' moment last night. We were watching DH2 and it got to the bit with the diadem and I thought "it's okay though, because it gets fixed in the end." TRUE STORY. And this was during the FILM, when it gets kicked into the Fiendfyre. Seriously. Your fics are practically ingrained in my mind now.

Reading this again just gets me more excited about Stubbs being Headmaster in Ignite. He truly is AMAZING. And there is seriously something cool about Ron's blood mending the sword. Goblins and their magic are creepy like that.

Part of me feels a little bit sorry for Trevelyan here. Because he REALLY fell for the wrong girl. But, at the end of the day, he wasn't madly in love with her, he just asked her out for dinner! Not the end of the world. He'll move on. Plenty more fish in the sea. Harry's "Who IS that?" is amusing. Random dude floating around his life for the past few days, bless him.

Harry's "how dare you two have an adventure without me" attitude. Amazing. The guy likes his peace and quiet, but if there's action and excitement, he's there!

This chapter is beautiful for the subtle way in which everything is wrapped up. It doesn't feel as though it tries too hard for Hermione to see everyone, it all just seems to FLOW. That can be the worst thing about bringing a story to its end, but you do it masterfully well here. And I just love the Romione conversation. "Both of us were wrong, but one of us was more wrong." Hermione FINALLY working this out, finally working out what's most important to her (although the use of 'finally' is a bit harsh here, she actually twigged a few chapters ago, but, you know, broken windows and kidnappings have gotten in the way of her heartfelt confession). And Ron's adorable way of asking her to move in with him. Oh, I love him too much.


Author's Response: They're totally canon *nods*. And also my heart would break if such items of historical value were lost forever. Though God knows how one actually recreates something out of Fiendfyre.

I am very fond of Stubbs. I admit the blood thing only occurred at the eleventh hour when I realised I had a broken sword and it NEEDED FIXING but when the idea came to me it was too perfect. Creepy and yet a little cool. And yeah, Trevelyan'll be fine - he liked her, he enjoyed time with her, there will be other fish in the sea indeed. That he never met Harry did amuse me - when major characters inadvertently never run into one another for a whole story, I like to hang a lampshade on it.

I had originally intended to do this chapter with Ron seeing McGonagall and Stubbs, but then realised that'd need a bigger time-skip and I'd have to do some of it from Hermione's POV to have her talking to Trevelyan. It just made more sense with Hermione wrapping it up, and as the story began with Ron, I liked it ending with her (hence the callback of the opening lines of this chapter and the opening lines of the whole story). It was fortuitously easy to get everyone either into Hogwarts or the hospital. So these kinds of "doing the rounds" chapters can be a pest but this one did write itself.

And now Hermione throws herself on her sword to accept faults. Which she did kind of need to do, because even if Ron's a grouch he does tend to blame himself. But as she points out, he's such a sweetheart he forgives her right away anyway. I want to hug him myself in this chapter, after fussing so much he wrote himself and made the ending on I was really happy with. So there, it's done! Done, and only new content from here on out.


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Review #13, by sinwillys822 Domestication

23rd August 2012:
I am happy for harry, and I guess Ron needs to talk to mione sooner than later.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry's got it more or less sorted, and Ron has to confront reality EVENTUALLY. Eventually. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Investigations

23rd August 2012:
I am happy that the headmaster is still the same as always I can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: McGonagall will forever be McGonagall just as much as Phineas will forever be Phineas. The best headmasters leave impact. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by sinwillys822 Arrangements

22nd August 2012:
I think I know which one they want to work on, I can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Yes, there are a good few options, aren't there? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by sinwillys822 Explanations

21st August 2012:
I like the way the story is going and can't wait to read what happens next. The ditching through interview sounds like when I got ditched by email. We cry a little and then move on. Until next chapter.

Author's Response: We could move on, but this is Ron and Hermione. They never do anything calmly/sensibly. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Ginger Lust Resolutions

18th August 2012:
OMG! Bureaucrats! They're animals. Thank goodness Harry knew it was time to use his status as savor of the wizarding world. And ya know he felt just in doing so with the other two that were instrumental in ridding the world of Voldemolt and two best friends there with him. YAY! Go Team Golden Trio! :-) -sorry.. just got off (night) work. Sleepy!
And when Ron got stabbed.. I think I fainted! OK.. not fainted but in shock for sure. You scared me.
Great job.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry's not a man for bragging but now's the time to use his fame. It's most apt that he'll use his influence to stop someone who would use THEIR influence for harm. Their social currency hasn't quite won out yet, and if anyone thinks they can out-do the Boy Who Lived - well, Barlowe's wrong.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by water_lily43175 Resolutions

17th August 2012:
Nearly at the end!

I actually love Trev here. "To hell with that!" Yeah Trev, people DIED, don't let that get brushed under the carpet!

It truly is maddening when Barlowe is going on about how he'll get away with EVERYTHING because of who he is. Frustrating that such corruption still exists. And, like I said last time, I was screaming at Hermione to use Harry's connections here. In the end it was fine, because he just used them himself. Like a BOSS.

I love Stubbs here. He'd better turn up soon in Ignite please!

Ungh, Ron being stabbed. Nearly had a heart attack first time that happened! Can't believe you did that to me. Even though I knew he was going to live...

Author's Response: With all that's happened, it's easy to forget that Trevelyan's been on this case longest and has been amongst those who've suffered most from Barlowe's schemes. Ron and Hermione (well, barring Ron's kidnapping) have mostly just been inconvenienced by it. It's important someone remind them what this is about - and it's about murder.

I'm glad Barlowe's rant about his power comes across as frustrating. Because it should be, because he should stand a good chance at getting away with it - except for that he's coming face to face with Harry Freaking Potter, which he didn't figure on. I do like smug Harry in this sequence.

Tee hee. The stabbing's IMPORTANT. And not just to upset you all. Well, maybe a little to upset you all...

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Review #19, by shadowycorner Provocations

13th August 2012:
What do I do now? I hate when this happens. I always start reading stories that already have many chapters. I get used to the luxury of having the next chapter there when a cliffhanger arrives. And then this happens. No new chapter! -stares-

I always love me some friendly Harry/Hermione interaction. It's obvious Harry's worried about her, but about Ron, too. It almost makes me a little sad that he's not so involved in all this. I guess the poor man needs some rest, being attacked all the bloody time. I litterally started cheering when Stubbs approached Hermione. Did I mention I love Stubbs? I did. Yeah, i love Stubbs. But no more than Ron! He was awesome in this chapter, so much! The beginning of his section made me crack up despite the danger he's in. Classic Ron, but aah, yes, EDGY! Whoo.


Gideon makes for an interesting character, too. It's hard to create an original and believable villain these days, but you did a really neat job. He's right about the importance of the job of the Headmaster. Although he's silly he could ever be anything like Dumbledore. Pfft. And then things got interesting and suspensful and there is no new chapter, and I'm going to die waiting.

Gah, I haven't spazzed so much about a story in ages. I usually give these reserved constructive reviews, trying to be helpful and all that, but here, I find nothing to comment on except to profess my love and adoration. I am a fangirl! So, as a fangirl, i will produly say: Please update soon. I will be eagerly waiting and you can bet I will recommend this story to everyone. It deserves more attention, because it's utterly brilliant.


Author's Response: The story has been fully written! Have no fear. And the next chapter is currently in the queue, and there's one more after it, and so I'm sure the whole thing will be done in the next fortnight or so, queue permitting.

I had wanted Harry to play a bigger role in this - though this isn't the last we've seen of him - but it just didn't work for the time-frame. I had envisioned the story becoming a broader epic but by the end it's very Ron/Hermione-centric for the canon characters. With a good bit of Stubbs on the side, 'cos everyone seems to like Stubbs!

I'm glad Barlowe comes across as compelling. He IS a bit nuts, as Ron neatly highlights (and who better to just swat a crazy villain's issues to one side but Ron?), but at the same time he's not completely without motivation or justification - though no, he would be nothing like Dumbledore. He wouldn't be an Umbridge, but... no, not a good thing for Hogwarts.

Hey, I don't mind such an excited review if it's a sign that you're enjoying the story so much! I very much appreciate you taking the time with the reviews and to give your thoughts, it's always good to know the story's being ENJOYED, and with this story it's good to know that I've hit my mark. It will be updated soon, and it will be finished soon, and so this is a pretty good time FOR it to fall into people's attention for the Grand Finale.

Many thanks for all the reviews!

~ Slide

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Review #20, by shadowycorner Complications

13th August 2012:
Now I feel a little guilty for leaving such a short review for the previous chapter. I was just so overwhelmed by it, and then the cliffhanger! So...the idea with how Hermione and Ginny made the flat resemble home to Harry was so thoughtful. It really warmed my heart, it's exactly the thing they would do. The entire scene with Ron and Hermione talking in his flat was full of heartache and such strong love. It's strange how simply you write it, yet how strongly it resonates from all the words. It was truly gorgeous.

And this chapter, I finally have Hermione's side of the story and I understand her. I always figured they would have issues in their later relationship. They all lived in danger and in war for so long that leading a 'normal' life would bring all sorts of different complications. It's hard for any other person to tackle career and a relationship, and all the other things in between, and then there are the personalities of them both that make them perfect for each other, but it also makes it damn hard. (Please forgive me for that run-on). I think it was portrayed fabulously.

Author's Response: Ha, that's okay! I'd rather you had fun reading than saw reviews as a chore, I do appreciate just getting a review for every chapter. Very glad the conversation with Ron and Hermione in the last chapter was compelling, as it's probably The Major talk in the whole story. And I'm also glad you found Hermione's side believable, and the relationship as a whole! I have had quite a lot of reader backlash against this story saying that she's just evil, unlikable, that Ron's just stupid, and I've stuck to my guns and *I* think it's believable - relationships are, indeed, very complicated things - so it's nice to know when it pays off and when it is enjoyed!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by shadowycorner Accommodations

13th August 2012:
This chapter was perfection. From beginning to end.

Author's Response: Not much I can say to that other than thank you! I am a big fan of this chapter myself.

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Review #22, by shadowycorner Consultations

13th August 2012:
This is not a ruse. Stubbs has to be the new Headmaster! I love Stubbs. Stubbs wins at life. He has so much personality! I loved that bit about him and Dumbledore. He's kind of right, too. And oh Ron, my dear Ron, you write him so perfectly I just want to marry him straight away. So many people make him sound like a teenager still in fanfics, even I'm guilty of that at some point, but here he's this grown man with the same issues, he's still jealous, he can still be immature, but he's so much more adult in many other ways. And I know I've said this, but omg the edge!! Would it be too much to ask to give him a motorcycle? That would just about make me faint in front of my computer screen. And still, the way you write it is realistic for Ron. I believe he grew into a strong, smart Auror. He can still be goofy and funny, but when there's a crisis, he's a good man to have. I'm rambling so much now, anywaaay...

The last few paragraphs about Hermione's fire when she's talking about something that fascinates her were so wonderful. I love the subtle romance, it's so lovely. Ron likes the spark in Hermione's eyes, and that makes me so happy.

I really, really love this story.


PS: I laughed when Ron wondered how he ever came to know the meaning of the word supercilious and then realized it was because of the wordy Hermione. :) I have to admit I had to look it up. -sigh-

PS2: One thing that made me wonder, it safe to talk privately in Ministry elevators? What with all the fishy things that have always been happening there, I'd think conversations could maybe be recorded from there? Maybe I'm just becoming way too paranoid.

Author's Response: I am very fond of Stubbs, I must confess. For some reason my characters pick on Dumbledore, even though I love the old man - he had failings as a Headmaster, and I don't really disagree with Stubbs' perspective even if Saving the World was more important. Good to know Ron's maturity is compelling and entertaining while leaving him as 'still Ron'. I think I might DIE if I gave him a motorcycle in this fic, I'm already letting him run around with the broken Sword of Gryffindor. There is such a thing as too much awesome!

Perhaps a good point about the Ministry elevators. All I can say is that I guess Hermione was travelling to the Department of Mysteries in them so they might well have SOME degree of security. But nothing wrong with a little paranoia.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by shadowycorner Revelations

13th August 2012:
Reviewing this is becoming harder and harder. What do I say? I am completely fascinated at this point. The thought that was put into this is fantastic. The story has so many new layers. I love the whole involvement and addition of the Department of Mysteries. I've been mesmerized by that place for so long, I tried writing countless fics about it, about the Veil too. It's amazing to see it here.

I was drinking in every word Malcolm was saying. Things are getting so epic! What with Stubbs running for Headmaster and all that. He's such an interesting character. Also, Hermione knows Ron's got the sword and that he didn't tell her. She'll be livid, won't she?

Your descriptions are so simple and good, they paint the picture perfectly without being too overwhelming. And the dialogues, they're so snappy and fresh, they always keep my attention. This story is greater with every single chapter.

Author's Response: This is one of my favourite chapters just for how it unveils things, things which have been in place since the beginning of the story, so I'm glad it's satisfying and is going down well. As it's also a big info-dump from Trevelyan and so I'm just glad it's not clunky or anything.

And yeah, Hermione's not going to be THRILLED when she learns Ron has the sword but didn't tell her, but equally, she wasn't planning on telling him about the DoM! They're as bad as each other.


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Review #24, by shadowycorner Confrontations

13th August 2012:
This is so exciting! I was at the edge of my seat when that git Burke appeared. And yay for the house-elves. I wouldn't have thought of that, but as soon as I read that, it totally makes sense that they would aid Hermione like this.

Poor Ron, always so jealous and letting that get in the way of everything else. I understand Hermione's a bit tired of that. But still, I will repeat, this is Ron Weasley! They're still so well-written, both of them. Every chapter gets better and better. The technical details about the magic involved are so creative and plausible. I always had a problem with that. You're so good with the plot! Also the emotions are so clear and understandable on both sides. I can feel and understand their frustration with one another. They're so amazing together, but there's always this tension that must be exhausting from time to time.

Off to the next chapter. This is one of the best stories I've read in a long, long time. :)

Author's Response: I thought it would be interesting to see the ways in which Hermione DID think it was okay for House Elves to work, and the ways in which she'd use them. And quite, Ron's behaviour is - well, he's Ron, this must be accepted! Good that the magical theory is going down well, I do like it to be consistent even if I'm having to make it up as I go along.

Thanks for reviewing, and your kind words!

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Review #25, by shadowycorner Competitions

13th August 2012:
Another great chapter. I always cheer when McGonagall makes an appearance. Hermione and Ron were so adult in this chapter. The conflict between them made me sad. I'm mad at Ron for being mean, then I'm mad at Hermione for dumping him through a paper and then starting something with Malcolm, and then I'm mad with both of them, because they're so silly. I really wonder what Hermione's side of the story is, and why she chose to dump Ron through a newspaper. For now, anyway you look at it that's just vicious. But she's Hermione, she basically has a heart of gold, I'm sure there were other things.

Anyway, you write this so well, I can't say that enough. The romance is so subtle and refreshing, I love how the story keeps focusing on the mystery more, totally grabbing my attention, and then these little Ron/Hermione things show up and that gets me in another way. I love reading this, I'm so glad you didn't abandon this story and kept writing/posting.

Author's Response: They ARE silly. But they have both been silly, though the particulars are still forthcoming. It does seem pretty cold at present for Hermione to write a Dear John letter in the open media, so... yeah, a little more to it than that. Glad you enjoy the interaction, and glad you enjoy McGonagall! She's a hoot.

Certainly I did want this to be a story with a PLOT as well as the romance; I like the latter to be driven by the former, I think that makes personal interactions go in interesting places if matters beyond their control are pushing them this way and that. So it's good the plot remains entertaining as well as the personal interactions! And thanks, I'm quite glad I finished this one off as well.

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