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Review #1, by Dove The Falling Angel

19th April 2016:
I've been visiting your page for the last 4 years hoping for an update or atleast an explanation or status change. But I guess, you don't give a damn about the people who are invested in your story. Atleast you could've done the decent thing by changing the status to abandoned! That way the stupid readers that we are wouldn't have kept hoping that you'll grow a heart or a conscience someday and give us a closure or atleast some explanation.

Dissapointed and resentful reader,

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Review #2, by Aubs Surprises; Part Three

4th February 2016:
Please update! You can't stop the story before you even start it!

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Review #3, by sirius_girl The Falling Angel

5th May 2015:
I have read The Complicated Life and Coming back a Swan in about a day abd a half (have a young daughter to look after or it would have been much sooner) and can't wait until you update them both. I loce the underlying sexual tension that is between James and Allie and looking forward to reading what happens next between them in the dark often deserted corridors of Hogwarts. Have actually just started reading Harry Potter Fan Fiction in the last 3 days and your stories have me hooked already. Please don't make me wait long for the next updates on both. Now I need to find if you have more stories out there for me to get equally hooked on. Thanks for your great writing :)

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Review #4, by Willow_lupin The Falling Angel

15th February 2015:
Oh please update soon! i love this story and i would really like to read some more please!

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Review #5, by pensieve_illusions The Falling Angel

4th January 2015:
I can honestly say that this story is amazing! I love the plot and the characters and the James/Alexa confrontation is the best part! The story leaves off at a great point which introduces her upcoming move to Hogwarts, so I really hope there is an update somewhere in the near future! I would love to read more of this story and especially see how James and Alexa's relationship changes. I'll keep my eye out for an update but so far you and your beta have done an amazing job perfecting this story. I can't wait to read more!

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Review #6, by Ingwea Angels and Eavesdropping

8th November 2014:

I love the story and all, but I have to say, Allie appears to have absolutely no ability to put herself in her sister's place and to understand her.

To a point that it is actually annoying and irritating to read about how much she suffers at home and because of Saundra.
I have several younger sisters and if you decide to move away, it absolutely does not work the way she apparently expected it to. She's older, says she's more mature, she's the one who moved away; she has to work more on the relationship, write often, ask S to spend more time with her, make time for her -I mean honestly, giving up on your sister when she didn't make time for you right away and going back to the other country?! Honestly.. I would LOVE to elaborate, but this probably isn't the place.. :p But I do find Allie insufferable in those moments regarding Saundra.

Sorry for the rant - as I said, I like the story but I've been meaning to get this off my chest since a couple chapters back when she first started complaining about Saundra.. Allie has almost no empathy in regards to her sister the way I see it, but expects it from her. This from a girl who thinks so highly of herself and her behavior towards her family so impeccable!.. I really hope this changes as the story progresses!

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Review #7, by lunalovegood111 The Falling Angel

5th September 2014:
i'm so ecstatic that complicated life updated! can this one be next? i'm so curious as to how james and allie will happen. we all know it will, but how... please update soon! kisses.

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Review #8, by KjMalfoy The Falling Angel

23rd August 2014:
This story is amazing! Am so curious to know what's going to happen next. Can u please please update soon!! Thanks :)

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Review #9, by Willow The Falling Angel

7th July 2014:
what??? no! you have to update now!! i know its been a long time but you cannot leave me on a cliffhanger like that!!! i love this story and find it AMAZING so you HAVE to update it is your duty as an awesome author!11

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Review #10, by weasleywheezes Surprises; Part Two

1st April 2014:
Please update this story! You've been writing it for so long, you can't abandon us now!

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Review #11, by katiebellsmagic The Falling Angel

14th March 2014:
I'm so excited that you're going to possibly update this story this week! Or any other story, particularly Complicated Life and Knowledge and Experience. Those are the best ones. Thanks!

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Review #12, by jamesandlily Don't Trip

1st March 2014:
I love this story so much. The drama always gets me! By the way, since you mentioned it, did you know Settling the Score was completed on tumblr? The ending was amazing.

Author's Response: I did find that. I was very happy about it. =)

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Review #13, by weasleylife Surprises; Part Three

1st February 2014:
so many damn surprises! i love it. amazing chapter.

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Review #14, by dominique The Falling Angel

27th January 2014:
oh, red! shalt thou ever update? i NEED to know what happens, i've been reading your story since 2008! please please please. also, who is the actor on the banner? i want to use him for one of mine.

Author's Response: That is the lovely James Franco... and I am working on it. Just trying to get over the writer's block and enough time to really get into it. Hopefully that works this week

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Review #15, by accioronald The Falling Angel

2nd January 2014:
God dammit woman please update!

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Review #16, by Marauders map63 Surprises; Part Two

23rd December 2013:
This is so good!!! I know that you haven't updated in over a year, but this story is amazing and you should really consider continuing/finishing it!

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Review #17, by Harrybookworm148 The Falling Angel

9th May 2013:
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE PLEASE. Hahaha I stayed up until 3 in the morning reading this, only to come across this cliff hanger!! I love this story so much and I really want to know what happens next!!

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Review #18, by cherrytree The Falling Angel

7th February 2013:
OMG!! noo nooo update update! this is all so sad! i hate her dad! please please let her like bash him or something hahah this is SUCH a good story

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Review #19, by Exceding Expectations The Falling Angel

19th January 2013:
This story has me shaking in my boots with a mixture of emotions. I'm sitting here going STUPID ALLIE DON'T GO BACK TO THAT HELL HOLE. But the more reasonable part of me is thinking that she's just like her sister. She shouldn't have ran from her problems but her reasoning is clear and sound. She transformed for the better and she is obviously happier. Why ruin it? But she can't keep avoiding Hogwarts because then she'll be forever haunted by her past.
I'm really impressed with your novel. It is beyond amazing. I'm also quite impressed by the fact that you branched out and didn't do the stereotypical story of a teen girl falling helplessly in love. At the moment I wouldn't care if you branched off into that sort of story because it's obvious that you can write with substance. Which isn't something you can say about a lot of writers.
I can't wait till the next chapter :) I really enjoy reading this.

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Review #20, by J The Falling Angel

29th December 2012:
This story is amazing! You are officially my favourite writer on this site! I love this story and your Arabella/ Sirius stories and your James/ Lily story and especially your Mirabelle story!

Please write update witht he next chapter quickly and all your other stories

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Review #21, by Miss_maching_socks The Falling Angel

8th December 2012:
It's the most gripping- some points make me cry, scream, squeal, and laugh out loud(lol) continue with your hearts content!

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Review #22, by Miss_maching_socks The Falling Angel

8th December 2012:
Continue! It's the most attention gripping ever- don't leave it there- just keep going and don't be pressured just try to do it- for me? You seriously kneed to continue other wise I will have to give you some bubble gum pink hair to match what happened at the birthday bash- LOL- that was so funny- your an amazing writer did you know?

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Review #23, by COMING BACK A SWAN IS BEAST The Falling Angel

6th December 2012:
oo please update i love this story so much! i really wish allie and james could make up for real! they just need to talk about it! And i really like the idea of allie going back to hogwarts, but i lovvveee reading about beauxbatons! i love the way u picture it its amazing! the angels should go back with her! please update!1

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Review #24, by julia potter The Falling Angel

23rd November 2012:
motherfucker. if you start a fan fiction it is your priority to finish it. i will hunt you down. i will give you five days. lol. no. but seriously this is not funny. i am very mad right now, you can not just start a story and not finish it. that is not cool. a james potter fanfiction is not a joke. you can not play with our feelings. my feels right now are indescribable. finish this damn fanfic. thanks(:

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Review #25, by PoppyLuna The Falling Angel

31st October 2012:
is Saundra being bullied?
but isn't she a being loved in the hogwart?
and what happen with James and Saundra
really if James and Saundra has been sleep together, and later Allie have a feeling for James i will feel uncomfortable.
because i think that really crossed a line in here
i will never dated a guy that my sister has been shag.
and i think my sister will feel the same with me.
because that was really reaalllyy weiirdd...
and i don't mean for judging you in here if you make them sleep together :)
and can't wait for the next chapter

Luna ^,^

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