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Review #1, by ohmymerlin I Second That Emotion

21st June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015


I know I keep starting my reviews with that but I can't help it because you keep ending it on REALLY REALLY CUTE SENTENCES LIKE THAT


Also, I love that his favourite gifts were the batteries and plugs, hahahahahahaha! So typical, Arthur!

And omg the boys making fun of Arthur's jumper! I'm glad that they didn't make fun of his jumper in front of Molly, because that is kind of heartbreaking. It'd be really nasty but I love that Arthur still loved it :')

It was funny that Molly forgot to give Arthur his jumper back! I liked that he didn't even notice until he saw her wearing it! That seems very typical of Arthur. I feel like this would have happened all the time when all the Weasley kids were toddlers -- they'd take something and Arthur wouldn't ever notice until years later when Molly finds it in their room and asks if Arthur if that object/clothing is his :P

I love his nonchalant demeanour as well. He's so go with the flow and I love that!

Again, you write them fantastically! Great chapter ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #2, by ohmymerlin Back in My Arms Again

21st June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

AWW THEY ARE SO SWEET! I loved this chapter! Molly is so sweet making him a romantic dinner and picnic for his birthday!

I laughed so loudly when Gideon and Fabian were saying that her knitted jumpers weren't that amazing gifts (a TOTAL LIE, of course! I would love a hand-knitted jumper) and the way they were teasing her when she wanted to steal Arthur's jumper, hehe! I also laughed at the example of the jumper the twins gave her! It gave me a hilarious image of a balding Arthur with a hot pink jumper on with the words 'blood traitor' hahahaha

I like that she also defended Hagrid! We all know he's such a sweetheart and I'm sure he always has been! A sweetheart with an obsession for dangerous creatures, but a sweetheart nonetheless :P

I love the way you write Arthur and Molly. They're so sweet together. I honestly feel like this is canon!

Another fantastic chapter! I shall be reading on! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #3, by ohmymerlin Let's Live For Today

21st June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

Hello again!

This was another great chapter! I can't believe Fabian and Gideon tried to plan a duel to get Molly talking to Arthur again! They're so cheeky, haha! But thank goodness she did come before anything turned ugly! And YEAH MOLLY PERFORMS A POWERFUL SHIELD CHARM SHE IS DA BOSS

Okay, my favourite line is this:

Watching each otherís backs wouldnít do any good if they were both running headlong into danger -- honestly that line is so perfect

And eh, I kind of get really annoyed by Cecilia. She needs to put her head down and not say anything nasty. And Reid needs to stop baiting her. They need to leave each other alone, goodness gracious me.

I really loved how you wrote Arthur's confusion about the girls -- it seemed so in character with his always slightly baffled demeanour we all know and love :P

Another fantastic chapter! Can't wait to read on! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #4, by ohmymerlin We Can Work It Out

21st June 2015:
Hey WTM! It's been an age since I reviewed this and I am sorry I guess life just got ahead of me and things kind of rushed up all at once! But I'm here now!

AWWW THIS CHAPTER! Poor Molly! I felt so sorry for her, and I liked that you showed that her friends were telling her that she wasn't being completely reasonable. It's not often you see friends saying that to their friends, and it was really brave of them to do so! I'd probably be with Arthur hiding out in fear because Molly, although she may be extremely sweet, definitely does have a temper that can scare even the toughest of people! :P

I thought it was so sweet that Siobhan sung to Molly. I love seeing normally brash characters acting really sweet and sensitive in private, it's one of my favourite character traits :'D

And aww, I'm so glad that Arthur and Molly made up! I was kind of hoping Molly would have a repeat of her line from Deathly Hallows but instead of 'daughter' have 'brothers' :P But alas, I was still happy when she was protecting them! It's such a mother Molly thing to do but it's so sweet! I love that she is both always exasperated by her brothers but still loves them unconditionally. I feel like that this feeling would have been replicated with George and Fred :P

This was a really sweet chapter! I really loved it!

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

- Kayla :)

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Review #5, by Lily Canít You Hear My Heartbeat

16th May 2015:
Jeez guys! Now I'm realizing just how all those children happened! XD

Author's Response: Right? Teenage hormones! haha...

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Review #6, by Lily My Love

16th May 2015:
Poor Molly thinking Arthur didn't give her a present for awhile there :( But she got more than she wished later ;) lol Cute.

Of course you're gf/bf sillies, you're going to get married & have 7 children after all! XP Couldn't resist.

Author's Response: Of course! They are meant to be ;) Schmoopies!

Thank you for reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #7, by Lily Sunny

16th May 2015:
That's cool you have your insight by your husband to make the story & characters more realistic/well rounded though!

Author's Response: Men are useful for something! I did grow up with a brother, so I suppose I should thank him too ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Lily Lightnin' Strikes

16th May 2015:
I've already come to love all your unique OCs! They're pretty much canon in my head. lol

I ship Reid x Cecilia. No regrets. lol I hope this happens.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like them. And ship away! Reidilia has been a popular ship with a lot of readers.

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Review #9, by Lily Sunshine Superman

16th May 2015:
" Molly smiled up at him and said softly, ďItís a beautiful day, isnít it?Ē

Arthur gave her a tender smile and said, "Itís always beautiful when youíre around, Molly." "

& now I am making a face as I internally screaming like the fangirl I am. Too cute X3

Author's Response: Hahaha. They are nauseatingly schmoopie, aren't they? Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by AlexFan Come On Down To My Boat

15th May 2015:
After Molly's mum you can see where Molly got her strictness from when it came to her own children. Mrs. Prewett does not seem like the kind of woman that you would want to mess with. My favourite has to be Mr. Prewett, he seems like such an easygoing man and I love how he's so willing to help out Molly and Arthur. I can only imagine how very wrong Arthur's situation with the rock throwing would have gone had Mrs. Prewett been the one to look out of the window.

Fabian and Gideon are truly the original Fred and George. The relationship that they have with Molly is so great. They act like she's an annoying older sister but they're willing to help her out when she needs it.

(I'm beginning to wish everyone would stop giving Arthyr advice on what he should about his relationship with Molly. Everyone but him seems to have a problem with the dynamic in their relationship but I'm glad that he's sticking to what he believes is right, good on you Arthur!)

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Review #11, by Lily Then He Kissed Me

14th May 2015:
I love how Gideon & Fabian are so much like Fred & George XP Wonder what Molly thought in the future when she had twins & they end up being so much like her brothers. Must be second nature to handle but so frustrating (with love of course) XD

Author's Response: They are a lot like them. Genetics are good that way, and the twin thing. And yeah, second nature but frustrating - twins are awesome though. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Lily I'm Into Something Good

14th May 2015:
lol Arthur is a man who knows what he wants XD Such a innocent kid X3

Good luck Reid. lol I look forward to getting to know more of Arthur's friends as well!

Wish there was fanart of this fic XD If I could draw I would. lol

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Review #13, by Lily Brown-Eyed Girl

13th May 2015:
Awww, it was cute how Molly was thinking about how her crush on Thad was just surface level, but she was drawn to Arthur on a deeper level & wanted to know him. The feelings of finding her future soulmate! X3 lol

I like how she got on him for the date thing as well. You can see their relationship developing as we know it years to come XD

And Arthur not being able to concentrate with her around is cute as well!

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Review #14, by Lily Gimme Little Sign

13th May 2015:
Aw, Arthur really is such a cutie pie I just can't handle it >3< I love that he's liked Molly for so long, & the way he cheered & did a dance when she said yes & tried to act all cool for her. Babies

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Review #15, by Lily You Can't Hurry Love

13th May 2015:
Oh my gosh! I found this fic looking for a highly rated/awarded one to read & one chapter I am not disappointed! Your writing, your OCs, & the way you portray the characters I am already loving & giving me the feels! Arthur is such a sweetheart X3 Can't wait to read more!

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Review #16, by MalfoyMannor See You In September

17th April 2015:
I loved reading this :) it was so sweet, sad that it's over now since it was cute

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #17, by AlexFan Canít Take My Eyes Off of You

26th January 2015:
My favourite thing about this fic has to be the relationships that Molly and Arthur have with their siblings, no wonder Ron and his brothers and Ginny grew up to be such a tight knit group. Gideon and Fabian are absolute copies of Fred and George and I can just imagine Molly's reaction when her own twin sons picked up the tendencies of her two brothers, "It's like living with Fabian and Gideon again."

I love how Bilius doesn't even tease Arthur for very long about having a girlfriend, he's just there enjoying the events that take place, it's great. Molly's dad is so chill, I thought he would've been a lot more serious but instead he just directs Arthur to Molly's window and goes back to sleep, how many dads out there can claim that?

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Review #18, by Janine See You In September

12th January 2015:
This was a great story, I enjoyed it very much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by ohmymerlin Baby I Need Your Lovin'

14th December 2014:
Aw :'( Poor Arthur and Molly! I hope their separation isn't too long, it's obviously tearing them both up :'(

But omg I loved how insane Gideon and Fabian are. And Arthur's shock at that :P

He shouldn't REALLY be shocked, but I suppose he is. I'm interested to see how Gideon and Fabian's plan works out, but I have a funny feeling it won't work out because Molly can totally tell when someone is lying and she won't get back together with Arthur on the basis of a lie, he's just got to prove himself to her again!

I am so interested to see Molly's point of view in all of this!

Another fantastic chapter! Absolutely loved it! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #20, by ohmymerlin 96 Tears

10th December 2014:

You wrote her scolding so perfectly! But NOOO SHE CAN'T NOT TALK TO ARTHUR!

(Although, we all know that won't happen because she goes on to marry him and have seven beautiful children and millions of grandchildren and live happily ever after aside from the war and losing one of her sons and oh I've made myself sad)

Also, I loved how you're putting in tiny little hints that Gideon and Fabian are brilliant wizards! It makes me so happy when everything matches up with canon! :D

Loved this chapter! Aside from Molly being so disappointed and angry at Arthur :'(

- Kayla :)

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Review #21, by ohmymerlin Tell It Like It Is

10th December 2014:
Aw, Arthur and Molly are so cute together. I really love the way you write them! Especially when Molly get so distracted by him, hehe ;)

I feel really sorry for poor Cecilia. It must be difficult seeing all your friends be able to do it, even your friends brothers, and you still can't do it. I wonder why. DOES SHE BECOME A DEATH EATER OH MY GOODNESS?!

And poor Molly. She seems so insecure and I can definitely relate to her in the feeling 'average' part. You wrote that really well but I did like how Arthur managed to distract her again, ehehehe ;)

Such a good chapter!

- Kayla :)

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Review #22, by tegan_h See You In September

10th October 2014:

I just finished reading the entire The Unsinkable Series, including the shorter fictions, and just wanted to say congratulations on an incredible piece of writing.

Your ideas were original and interesting, whilst still conforming to canon, and I liked your lack of fear in the demise of key characters. The plot lines were fantastic, and your use of language was entertaining and established. So, thank you.

I was just wondering how one should being the post-hogwarts era stories (i.e. The Midnight Run Series and other stories about Johnny Lupin, etc)? I want to read them in the correct order to ensure a sense of continuity.

Thanks again!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much, I'm really pleased to hear you liked the stories.

My Next Gen (Midnight series) goes chronologically:
A Weasley Christmas
Just Another Midnight Run
A Weirder Shade of Midnight
Sausages and Cookies
Next Midnight
Midnight Over Broadway
The New Pride of Portree
Johnny Lupin Goes to Hogwarts

I'm just finishing The New Pride of Portree, and the rest are complete. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks again for the lovely review.

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Review #23, by AlexFan Gimme Little Sign

14th August 2014:
I knew it, I knew that Arthur and Molly got distracted by each other in class (and I was right about the muggle gushing as well, it just happened a lot sooner than I thought it would've). It's cute how Arthur is trying to act all cool around Molly when he really doesn't need to because she's already interested in him.

I couldn't help but giggle when he ran to Gryffindor Tower cheering all the way. I just knew he would and I could picture him jumping around as he went. I think you've captured canon Arthur perfectly, you can still see the sweetness and the eagerness that he has in his older self in this younger version of yours. I just have Molly/Arthur feels going on right now that I was not prepared for.

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Review #24, by AlexFan I Can't Help Myself

14th August 2014:
Arthur is hopeless (HOPELESSLY IN LOVE). And to think that a love potion would be the thing that finally got Molly to notice Arthur and start paying more attention to him. I really loved how Thad and Arthur kept silent about what happened instead of telling everyone about it. Not many people would've done the same in their situation.

Arthur has just become so in tune to Molly, I bet he would notice that she wasn't in the Great Hall without looking too hard. He's so easily distracted by her, I wonder how he gets anything done in class when she's around honestly. ARTHURS OBSESSION WITH ALL THINGS MUGGLE YES. I can just imagine him gushing to Molly about everything that he finds fascinating about muggles and her listening intently and loving how passionate he gets about the subject.

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Review #25, by AlexFan Red Rubber Ball

14th August 2014:
I just realised while reading this that Molly's punishment for the love potion was really quite small. It makes you think that stuff like this isn't really as rare as you'd think it would be. Students drugging students with love potions seems to happen often enough that the consequences for it are one detention, your Head of House hearing about it and informing your parents of what you did.

You'd think Molly would be a little bit hungover the fact that she just got turned down by the boy she likes but she seems to be moving on pretty fast to Arthur. And poor Arthur, having to hear that the girl he fancied was actually trying to slip a love potion to his friend, that must've stung a little.

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