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Review #1, by iamatree Falling Star

11th January 2014:
Awesome. I honestly felt like giving a little whoop when Sirius saw James again. Fantastic, took my breath away.

Author's Response: aw yay. yeah, i really enjoyed that bit. thanks again for the review. :D

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Review #2, by iamatree Darkness and Light

6th January 2014:
Wow. Amazing. I think the inclusion of James as the patronus was inspired, I honestly could see this story being canon. Fantastic.

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much! i just liked the idea of reinforcing the fact that James' spirit had come through that Patronus, that in that way he was still connected to Harry's life.

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Review #3, by iamatree Ariana's Tale

3rd January 2014:
It's nice to hear about Arianas' story from her viewpoint, if you will. And I gather that Aurelia was Siriusís girlfriend?

Author's Response: lol, thanks. and yes, aurelia was sirius' fiancee. i always felt that he had to have had someone at some point, he was too good-looking not to have had a lover.

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Review #4, by iamatree What Dreams May Come

28th December 2013:
This is absolutely amazing. A fantastic, bold story with a very unique concept. Absolutely amazing.

Author's Response: thanks! and i promise i'll be getting back to this one too, still working on my main work, Moonlight.

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Review #5, by PhoenixPulse Falling Star

21st July 2012:
This was absolutely beautiful. Honestly, this last chapter did it for me. I cried throughout the beginning, just reading through the anguish of Sirius' death.

Before reading this chapter, I was wondering how Regulus and Sirius would react to each other's presence. I loved how you described their reunitification (if that's even a word). I found myself smiling at the awkward hanshake, thinking how adorable that was, to see the two forgive.

And I was also pleased with how you ended the chapter, with each couple being together in the arms of who they love. It's beautiful and amazing.

Of course, I probably told you in my other review for "Moonlight" how much I adore your talent for writing, but I feel the need to tell it again, I ENVY YOU!

But I'm dissapointed it stops here. I really am. I sorta wanted to read more of it, you know, knowing that Dumbledore is dead, as well as Mad Eye, Snape and Fred. And let's not forget Mr. Moony and his beloved Tonks!

Anyway, this was amazing! 10/10!

Author's Response: thank you so much! this story's kind of on hold, so unfortunately it won't be updated for a bit, but i will get back to it once some time's freed up. ;)

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Review #6, by ILoveYouChristopher What Dreams May Come

28th March 2012:
Great chapter! It is a really good chapter and I wonder what is going to happen next. You make it seem real. I can feel all the emotions that are being felt and I even cried. It takes a special author to be able to do that for me.
Thanks, and I cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: yay, thank you so much! this story's on haitus at the moment, but hopefully i'll be able to pick it up soon. ;)

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Review #7, by LeoLionheart Falling Star

23rd February 2012:
This is awesome, truly.
One can only dream of an existence after death.

Author's Response: indeed :)
thanks so much for your kind review

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Review #8, by Eddie Falling Star

8th July 2011:
Loved it! I thought it was brilliant, and I wonder what's going to happen next...
Please please please update soon! Dying... here... Need... more... FAN-FICTION!...

Author's Response: lol, well thank you so much for this review! this story actually is kind of on hiatus, but more will come soon. i'm working on the big one, moonlight, right now, but i might add a chapter to this one every time someone in moonlight dies.

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Review #9, by ginervalove04 Falling Star

8th April 2011:
I cant wait till the have all the mauraders together. even for a death story it is quite happy.

Author's Response: thank you! and thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #10, by Michelle Falling Star

25th March 2011:

Author's Response: thanks for the awesome review!
and persephone's just a witch, not the actually persephone of greek lore, although her name is an allusion to her, but they're not the same person.

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Review #11, by nednedned Falling Star

18th April 2010:
this is such a good story... update please? :)

Author's Response: i will don't worry! i'm kind of stuck on the story right now, but it'll come to me. :)

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Review #12, by pendragon Falling Star

25th August 2009:
You are quite the writer my friend

Author's Response: thank you. :)

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Review #13, by pendragon What Dreams May Come

25th August 2009:
You are easily my favorite author. Your stories are well thought out and are wonderfully constructed. I have written for years for my own amusement, and finally wrote a book. You should consider doing the same. You are very talented.

Author's Response: wow, thanks. :)

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Review #14, by EMILY Falling Star

8th July 2009:
Please write another chapter, i think this story is adorable :) xx
I love all your stories so much!
keep writing and please update soon! x

Author's Response: thank you! :)
i\\\'ll try to update in the near forseeable future, i promise! ;P

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Review #15, by hargin Falling Star

27th June 2009:
Please update soon!!! It's been too long without a chapter on this story.

Author's Response: i will, i'll try. i've kind of got writer's block on this one. to use Harry's word, i'm waiting for a "brainwave" although in this case i actually AM waiting for one and not just saying that to get Hermione off of my back about getting a memory from Professor Slughorn

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Review #16, by seeker4u Falling Star

16th June 2009:
It's absolutely ADORABLE! Please continue!!!

Author's Response: thank you! i will, i promise. ;D

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Review #17, by Ava Pearce Falling Star

8th June 2009:
*wipes multiple tears from eyes* beautiful, beautiful! great job, THE WHOLE STORY IS GREAT! this made my cry heaps especially with James yelling out to Sirius when Sirius was at there damaged house i literally burst into tears...
really awesome
luv Ava 10/10

Author's Response: aw, thanks! :)

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Review #18, by EmeraldEyes_TopazTears What Dreams May Come

30th November 2008:
great chapter! i can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: thanks! ;)

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Review #19, by Ice_Phoenix4482 Falling Star

29th November 2008:
(Falls out of chair, hand cramping, brain spazzing .)
P.S please update soon

Author's Response: yes! yes! yes! i will try to update soon! i re e e e e a a a a a a ally really will try!
patience is a virtue, you know. ;)

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Review #20, by Jay Falling Star

19th October 2008:
AHH. that was really good! i kinda sorta want more. so... yeah. keep it up please. oh and also your moonlight story. that one was my first favorite. = )

Author's Response: thanks! *blushes* :)

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Review #21, by Maiqu Falling Star

16th October 2008:
I loved was amazing!!

Author's Response: thank you! :)

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Review #22, by Hedwig6393 Darkness and Light

7th May 2008:
Aw, that was great! Please keep writing!

Author's Response: thank you! will try to update soon!

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Review #23, by Harley Potter What Dreams May Come

17th April 2008:
Loved it, Absoultey wonderful

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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Review #24, by brokenx4xever Darkness and Light

27th March 2008:
This is very interesting.
This is a cool view on the afterlife.
Its refreshing to read a story about the afterlife where the dead cannot see what goes on in the living world.
Very clever.
Update soon!

Author's Response: thank you
i thought it was a good way to give closure to anyone who needed it, myself included
will try to update soon! ^_^

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Review #25, by Ashleylynne87 Darkness and Light

16th March 2008:
Oh my what a wonderful story!!!
As sad as I am that Sirius died, I can't WAIT for Aurelia and Sirius's reunion, as well as his and Regulus's reunion also!
That will probably be the one to make me cry because I've come close to it in all four chapters!!!
This is a great storyline and I can't wait to read more!!!
It is so very intriguing.
And also incredibly original, I've yet to come across a story on hpff like it!!!
Till next chapter!!!

Author's Response: thank you very much! and thanks for the 10/10! :)
the chapter on Sirius' reunion with Aurelia will actually be a bit delayed, because I'm currently starting to outline their relationship in life in my other story, Moonlight, and then of course I'm planning companion fic to that point in Moonlight for a more in-depth story of their relationship in life called Aurelia (which has not been posted yet, because I have not yet begun it) but anyhow, kind of wanted to get that out first before posting their reunion in THIS story, because then I feel like it'd be happier to see the happy ending AFTER they've already seen the painful separation. but, not to worry, it will definitely be a chapter worth waiting for!

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