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Review #1, by Debvfr From the Heart

15th March 2016:
Really loved this one just the right mix of love relationships adventure mystery and weasley fun.
Thanks for writing it

Author's Response: hi there.

thanks for taking the time to review the story. And, thanks so much for the positive comment. TBH- I've had a pretty crappy week at work and seeing these reviews made me feel good.

Thanks again, and enjoy the stories.


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Review #2, by DobbyLover From the Heart

10th January 2016:
Hi Dave,
Loved your story. At points it drove me crazy, sometimes I wanted to chuck the laptop across the room- but that's what good writing is. I have spent hours reading this story, telling myself "Just One More Chapter!" But that's not exactly how it happened. Again, congratulations and thank you.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I had so much fun writing it, and I learned a lot in the process. I've made some great online friends, but honestly my favorite part is responding to the reviews. Go back and read some of them if you haven't.

Thanks again for the reviews. Also check out my other stories, Thirty-One Bottles is a semi-sequel to this one. Charcoal Memories is not related to this story and was written as a challenge on another site (it won). Am I Being Silly was a quick plot bunny that hit me one day. From starting the laptop to posting took about 30 minutes.

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Review #3, by DobbyLover Welcome Home

10th January 2016:
This was heartbreaking but refreshingly realistic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your story. Truly perfect. I'd be honored to have you read mine ("Arrogant Toerag").
Originally reading this chapter killed me, but I see that it was necessary and again, realistic. Ginny would have done this. I just hope they get back together ASAP.
Thanks for a brilliant read.

Author's Response: Hi there. Thank you for leaving a review. Much appreciated. Originally I had the story line as her saying yes. But I was in a crappy mood the day I was working on it and to be spiteful I had her say no. I went back, fixed it to yes and then thought about the 'no' some more.

I went back a few chapters, changed some things and then typed out the crumbling of the proposal scene. In the end, it allowed me to work on developing the characters more and I;m glad it ended up where it did.

thx again :-) I don't get on the site very often any more (really just check for reviews every couple days or so), but I'll try and get over to read your story soon.

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Review #4, by jerryfs1 The Muggle Way

24th October 2015:
love it great work getting better each chapter

Author's Response: Glad you liked this chapter. Its the first time that we see Harry and Ginny being really happy together.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #5, by jerryfs1 Love Hurts

24th October 2015:
wow this is getting to be a real good story keep it going

Author's Response: Hi. Welcome to the story and thanks for leaving a review.

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Review #6, by Sy Love Hurts

4th May 2015:
I thought I would like this story but as so
many that I have read, you turned Ginny into a
"Victim" with poor me syndrome and made it so
that Harry was a complete wimp! I couldn't get
any further into this story than half way
through this chapter. Ginny was not a "Victim",
she is a selfish child who everybody seems to
want to pamper. Harry would not have taken this
crap so lightly after what he has been through,
I hated Ginny at the beginning of your story
after what she said, but I tried to read more
and could not. Ginny gets to be a spoiled,
selfish little b*tch? Is this really how you
think things would turn out? You made me hate
both of them, her for being a spoiled, selfish
little b*tch and him for being such a complete
wussy, wimp! How about if she grows up and he
gets to be normal.

Author's Response: first, thanks for the review - even if at this point you don't like the story. However- part of a story is how characters grow and change over the course of the plot line. After all, in the stories where everything is perfect, and there is nothing changing we get bored very quickly. You see, all stories need conflict and in order to grow all characters must change. But in order to change for the better they must first have a flaw or flaws that need to be addressed.

So characters in this story are not perfect, they are flawed. And it's how each of them grows beyond that that makes it interesting. At this point, yes, Ginny is acting out a bit like a spoiled kid, but she's also a teenage girl who (in my experience) tend to be a bit self absorbed. As for Harry, he's spent the last 7 years doing what everyone else wanted/needed and just come back from hiding and the battle. He's worn out and simply wants some peace. He's just now beginning to come out of it.

Last, as for how these characters are acting now vs how they act later, and how they do/don't change can't be judged here because you've not reached those points yet. All of this gets sorted out, but in order to get there you'd have to keep reading. And as a warning, I'm sure it won't be the last time you get upset at a character. They will make mistakes, but they will also learn from them.

So, I hope you continue with the story. These first chapters are still kind of rough, but my writing got better as I went on and the characters developed more.


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Review #7, by Sam From the Heart

18th July 2014:
Hey man! Great novel! I know a good novel when I get annoyed at reading the last couple of chapters because I know its about to end.. Hopefully you continue churning out more stories of the remaining 16 years!! I think you should look at finishing the popular next gen book "All Was Well" by JustSuperNMenuncle which was never finished. I know you would make a great ending to it and please post it if you ever do!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and leaving a review for the story. I had so much fun writing it, learned a lot, and made quite a few friends in the process of writing it and getting it posted. I know what you mean about good ones and the feeling as you relaize there are only a few chapters left. I'm glag LtLA did that for you.

There is a semi-sequel to this called 'Thirty-One Bottles'. Read it for a continuation of this story thread. I also have posted two non-related one shots as well if you only have a bit of time. They are 'Am I Being Silly?' and 'Charcoal Memories'.

thanks again, and happy reading.

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Review #8, by Dr8gn Victory Deflated

1st June 2014:
awesome so far also love the way story plays out

Author's Response: Welcome to the story. Happy that you've liked it so far, and thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #9, by harry_ginny4ev From the Heart

29th March 2014:
Great story i liked it. There were some typos but nothing that affected the story itself so well done.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the story. It's kind of funny, It's been beta read and proofed multiple times, but I still find typos. I fix them as I find them. Check out it's sequel Thirty-One Bottles.

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Review #10, by WOOOOOWWWW!!!! From the Heart

10th February 2014:
AWESOME STORYY! i love the way u write!!it is just wowww!111

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Check out my other stories for more...

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Review #11, by ajharrypotterfan07 From the Heart

11th December 2013:
Truly amazing. JK couldnt have written this novel any better herself. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Check out the companion story Thirty One Bottles, or the other one shot stories. Have a great day and thanks for the review.

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Review #12, by ben From the Heart

30th September 2013:

I first read this story a few years ago, i spent a good few weeks going through some stories on this site and i can quite honestly say that yours was the only one that stuck with me all this time and will certainly do so for many years to come.

The first time i read your story when i got to the part where Harry and Ginny seperated for a while so Ginny could figure herself out, i actually felt awful emotionally until i read on to the point where they fixed their relationship.

This amazing story you put together is in my opinion right up there with the original 7 books, if there ever was a book to come out after deathly hallows i would of loved it to be this one.

Not a single chapter was boring and you painted the picture of Harry's personality perfectly i think. How he felt for Ginny, his family and relationship he had with Teddy.

I recently had a week off from my work and had the urge to read your story all over again and even though i new all the twists and turns you took with the plot i still enjoyed reading it as much as the first time. You have a talent with writing and i sincerely hope you get to keep on with it when you have the free time.

I hope this review doesnt come across too jumbled up or weird.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I certainly appreciate them. I'm glad you like the story enough to read it more than once.

Check out Thirty-One Bottles. It's kind of a sequel to this story and give some 'behind-the-scenes' type moments with an original plot line all its own.

Thanks again, have a great day :-)

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Review #13, by mad_ninja From the Heart

30th September 2013:
Oh and another thing man! I'm still holding up for that sequel! :D

Author's Response: Have a read of Thirty-One Bottles. Its a semi-sequel which is based on this story. The novel-length sequel Is still sitting about 1/2 done. Honestly, with my kids growing and getting them to all their activities, plus my hobbies and work travel, I just haven't had time to write and fix its issues. I do hope to complete it at some time, I just have no idea when I'll actually get to finish it.

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Review #14, by mad_ninja From the Heart

30th September 2013:
Very well written dude! But... of course there will always be buts in every comment.. so here goes. I liked the entire plot and the story itself but.. here it comes.. I just didn't like the whole Ginny Dean fiasco. I know many people already criticized you for that and I'm sorry for being another one of them.. As a Ginny&Harry couple fan it hurts to think that Harry wasn't Ginny's first.. and that's the only reason I can't give you a score of 10/10... despite the things I said before I still finished the story and it's really good except for that part.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yes, lots of criticism about that particular chapter. If you've read the reviews then you know the reasons behind why I put it in there. I did consider changing it at one time, but I decided to keep it the way it is. I wanted to show Ginny growing as a person because of it, which I think I did. I can appreciate that some readers don't like it.

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Review #15, by Round Two

26th September 2013:
I have to say I think I am going to have to give up on this story now. I've read some other reviews of this chapter and I have to say that my reasons for stopping are not those others have had. I actually think Ginny and Dean having sex is something that could easily happen, and I can easily imagine a 15 year old girl doing something like that to prove something to herself. A lot of people do make mistakes when making big decisions like when to lose their virginity, so I'm not criticising you for that, I actually think it makes a lot of sense.
My problem with this chapter, but also the story as a whole, is that you are actually taking on a very traditional and patriarchal view of men and women's roles. In this chapter you have Ginny say "Harry, it was more me than him, every guy tries, thatís what they do. Itís up to the girl to stop it and I didnít." This sentence just made my blood boil. It should never be just down to the girl to ever "stop" anything, this to me was just a lighter version of marking the victim of a rape as the person whose fault it is. I realise this probably isn't what you meant with this sentence, but you have to realise that just by sticking to these views of male and female sexuality, you're making them seem like they are normal and acceptable - which they are not.
This doesn't only happen in this chapter. You also have Hermione following Ron around like a good little housewife, staying in the tent whilst Harry and Ron go off to training. Whilst I can imagine that Ginny would want to settle down with Harry quicly, this is absolutely not how I envisage Hermione. JK Rowling herself wrote the character of Hermione as a role model for all girls - she is strong, independent and clever, and would never fit into the mold you have made for her.

I was struggling a bit with this story before, not because of the story, but because of the style of writing - you often give a little too much detail to the point that it is redundant, and there is a lot of repetition in what you say. It sometimes comes across a bit clumsy, and I think your stories and style would improve greatly if you were a little more consise in the way you write.

I realise this review sounds very critical - it is, but I hope you'll take it as constructive criticism and keep it in mind if and when you next write another story.

Author's Response: First, thanks for such a detailed review, and I don't mind criticism if it's constructive or polite (this is both). I'll try to respond in the order you posed the questions/criticisms...

The roles of men/women in the story- Ginny's comment wasn't meant to be such a sweeping generalization, but to be honest it is the truth. For the most part, the boys try to get as far as they can, and the girls generally have to say 'no'. She readily admits she didn't say 'no' because she wanted to go through with it. She also shows she regrets not standing up for herself. A main point to this chapter is just that, that things shouldn't stay the same. And if you remember back through the story, Harry and Ginny pretty much cover their milestone moments together and mutually agreed. So she DID learn because of her previous relationships.

Hermione following Ron- granted I don't spend a lot of time in the story with Ron/Hermione other than when they are with Harry so that may lead to part of why you see it this way. If you remember earlier in the story she's already taken a job within the ministry which is quite independent for her. As part of that she wanted to know if she could travel with Ron when she wanted. Kingsley said she could as long as it didn't affect her work. We all know Hermione enough to realize she'd never let that happen. So I think she is quite independent. As for following Ron- if you've read through comments you may have seen that I spend quite a bit of time travelling to races throughout the US. Thats 22-27 long weekends(Thurs night to Sun night) a year that I'm away from my family. It's a lot. I love it on the times that my wife and kids can come with me. So why would quidditch be different than that? If my wife had the vacation time she'd be there almost every weekend, but she doesn't get enough off time to allow that. It isn't about 'following Ron around like a good housewife', its being close to a person you love and supporting them. My wife also has to travel for work and I do what I can to be with her. In this case, Hermione DOES have the opportunity to go with them. She's simply doing some of her office work from the tent/pitch. Thats no different than anyone that has a home office or telecommutes. So I don't see it as her following Ron around, I see it as her using all of her time as efficiently as possible. Which, I think we can agree Hermione would do. I think as a young woman that is juggling her career, a boyfriend, her boyfriend's career and writing the books she's doing marvelously.

Writing style- One of my goals was to try to write as people really talk or converse and to make it as believeable as I can. Do I give too much detail in places, probably, and I've had that mentioned in reviews. But, I've also had reviews saying I didn't give enough detail, so who do I listen to? It's hard to balance it. Hopefully, as the story has gone along I got better. I've thought about going back and re-writing the early parts of it because as I got better, I don't like the early parts as much. Would it make the story better, maybe, but part of what I like about the story as it sits now is that you can see improvement as the story goes along. Chapter 10 is better than chapter 2, 20 should be better than 10, and 30 should be better than 20. So, even today there are parts I don't like as much as I used too, but I hesitate to change them because I like seeing how I progressed. So I understand that criticism as I see it myself in the writing, but I also like seeing the story get better as it goes along.

So, I hope this answers your questions, and do hope you keep reading because I think it gets better and better as the story plays out.

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Review #16, by Mice Round Two

26th August 2013:
This is the second time I read your whole story, and I got to admit this chapter is what prevents me from marking it as one of my favorite stories. In this chapter you make Ginny look as shallow, stupid young girl with no control over her actions. A girl doesn't simply lose her virginity to prove a point to someone else. It's something special, you only lose it once you know, there is no going back once the deed is done. I admit, I like the fight that goes on between them in later chapters where Ginny takes some time away from Harry to find herself, something everyone can understand, but I still think you blew it with this chapter. I'm not trying to be overly rude or offensive, I just wanted to give you my insight on this chapter as I am sure several other reader also dislike this chapter too and many might even drop the story after this. Anyways... keep on writing, I hope to see another one of your stories sometime soon.

Author's Response: I do get a lot of comments about this chapter, and Ginny's behavior as I've portrayed her, and, quite a bit of it is negative. As long as the negative remarks are respectful I don't hold issue with them. Not all negative reviews are that way. So, that said, I did push the envelope here, but what I wanted to show was that she'd made a mistake, understood it, and learned from it. Thats one of the themes in this story. The characters make mistakes; a lot of them. Ginny, Harry, Ron, Arthur, Kingsley, all make some pretty big mistakes in the story. In some cases they learn(Ginny here) and in some cases they don't. In this instance Ginny has learned and grown, so has Harry. Later in the story, they don't learn a lesson about talking and it leads to the blow up during the proposal.

The other thing I wanted to explore is Harry testing his 'celebrity' status. That decision, to force a ban on the reporters leads to their 'outing' of Ginny. If he had kept control, and not made a power play then they never go after him or Ginny. In the end, his actions caused them to go digging for dirt. Yet very few people see that as the main influence for the story. If Harry didn't play bully, then the story about Ginny never gets written, and her private life stays private, just as it should.

So while I do have Ginny making a pretty big mistake, she learned from it, and it makes hre relationship with Harry more special. And hopefully, Harry lears how NOT to use his celbrity status.

Hope this explains more of the thought lines behind the chapter. And ,I do thank you for a respectful review. BTW, i have other stories posted here. 31 Bottles is a sequel to this. the other two are independent. check them out!, and review too :-)

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Review #17, by CambAngst From the Heart

12th August 2013:
Hi, there!

This has been one of my absolute favorite stories since I first discovered HPFF 3 years ago. I've re-read it at least twice, I've recommended it to many others and I picked up major chunks of head canon from what you wrote. I figured it was high time I was telling you these things, but I wasn't sure whether you were still keeping up with your reviews. Then I saw you respond to a few recently, so, hey, no time like the present!

Your Harry and Ginny are simply amazing. I don't know how else to say it. They are so true to the characters in the book. Ron, Hermione and all of the others follow right along, as well. The very low place that you start Harry off and the trials that he suffers are very difficult to read in places, but they make for an amazing story. I almost stopped reading after Ginny turned down Harry's proposal. I was that upset. But I'm so glad that I stuck with it. I loved the way that you really made Ginny her own person and showed all of the turmoil that came along with that growing up process. When they finally reach the altar, it felt like everybody involved had earned that precious moment of happiness and relief, the reader included. The ending was incredibly beautiful, worth every second of emotional pain.

I loved the fact that you weren't afraid to step outside of the usual boundaries of HPFF stories. Taking Harry and Ginny to Miami really helped to move the story out of the long shadow of the books. I loved that you were able to make Ginny and Harry more age-appropriate and let them have their moments of adult fun. Through it all, you maintained a beautiful emotional context for the events. You write with subtlety and style, never just bashing the reader over the head with the story. The scenes are crisp and vivid and it was always easy to imagine the events you created. The characters and their emotions leap off of the page. There are a lot of good storytellers on HPFF who struggle to put their story into words, and a lot of very gifted writers who never seem to find that one great spark of inspiration. You have that rare combination of both.

Once again, I'm sorry this review was so long in coming. Thank you for the amazing story. It inspired me to get off of the fence and write my own. This is truly one of the best on HPFF!

Author's Response: Wow, now that's a review! Thanks so much for taking the time to read the whole story. I've said in other reviews/comments that I wanted readers, when they finished the story to think "yeah, it could have happened like that." I wanted the characters to grow and to do that they had to make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to quite a few negative reviews, but in the end, across all the reviews the story has, they are 90% positive.

If you enjoyed this, read the follow-up, Thirty One Bottles, its a neat sequel (of sorts) based on an original plot device. Let me know how you like that one too.

Have a great day

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Review #18, by queenwombat Willow Trees vs. Motorcycles

20th June 2013:
SQQWWEEEL omg yay i love the fighting but this is so much fun omg yay!

Author's Response: Without giving anything away, Harry and Ginny will have their ups and downs through this story. Glad you like the story, and I appreciate the reviews.

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Review #19, by queenwombat To the Burrow

20th June 2013:
once agian great chapter... but omg ginny she needs to clam down

Author's Response: Yeah, Ginny's a bit perturbed with our hero isn't she? But the hexes aren't really that bad. Binding him, the equivalent of tying his shoelaces together, and a dribble glass. But still, she's got a right to be a bit pissed at him doesn't she?.

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Review #20, by queenwombat Victory Deflated

20th June 2013:
yay! i really like this story so far! see im really into the harry-ginny romances but i find that all the good ones end up getting abandoned so im very happy to have found this one! your a great writer and i can wait to see what will happen next!

Author's Response: Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to review. Since this one is finished, you don't have o worry about it being abandoned. :-)

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Review #21, by Olivia Abercrombie Victory Deflated

15th March 2013:
Oh, I don't need to give it a CHANCE to like it... I LOVE IT ALREADY!!

Author's Response: Hi, welcome to the story. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

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Review #22, by Charles Love Hurts

16th December 2012:
I'm sorry man. This is not what would hav occurred and completely against the nature of these characters. This whole thing with Ginny upset? N. Thats not how the story went and this immaturity isnt her personality. And Harry grabbing after her? WHAT?? That just wouldnt happen. This whole Ron punching Harry, and Ginny punching Harry?? SERIOUSLY? I think you need to re-read the books.

Author's Response: Is this chapter a little extreme? Maybe... But, they just came home from a battle/war seeing their brother killed and many of thier friends. After these type of events, you don't always think straight.

As for Ginny being upset, its well documented in the books that she has a temper, so why is it so hard to beleive she might be mad at Harry. Sure, at Dumbledore's funeral and at the start of DH she says she understood, but that was before he was gone for almost a year and then seeing him play dead, after walking in to the forest, fully expecting to never return. You don't think that the love of her life walking to his death without saying goodbye would make her mad?

Why is it we think two people who love each other can't be angry or fight? It happens, every day, and it doesn't mean you don't love the person. Usually it means you love them so much you don't understand what they were thinking. Doesn't that seem to fit?

As for Ron, his stance with Harry/Ginny is also well documented. He was mad at Harry after the kiss on his birthday. His anger is a result of Ginny's cry for help, so I think its plausible as well.

As for Harry/Ginny two stubborn people are bound to have disagreements, especially after being on the run/walking to face death/seeing family members killed, friends murdered. Harry grabbing Ginny was his attempt to stop her from going inside so they could talk more. It wasn't meant as an assault. Read that section again. All he wanted was to try and talk, and the only way he knew to stop her was to try and grab her before she got away.

Last, I'll ask. Have you ever been in a situation where you are faced with such trauma. Seen someone shot? Seen the aftermath? Come back from a war? Killed another person? These type of events mess with your psyche, with your reasoning. Thats what these characters were faced with. To think they'd all be 'oh lets go have a party' or 'the war is over, lets be happy' isn't realistic at all. So while it is a bit extreme, I'm closer to reality than not.

I'll add this now as well. If you're looking for a story where the characters are perfect and never make a mistake, find another story. Part of life, part of growing, part of recovering is making mistakes and then learning from them. Characters in this story will do that. They will make mistakes and learn(or not learn) from them. This is what makes characters grow/change/evolve which is what drives plots and story lines.

I hope you continue reading, and I do thank you for the review. Discussion is always good.

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Review #23, by riverwind 

19th July 2012:
A great story, some of your favorite parts were mine as well, most was the interaction between Harry and Ginny you made them come to life. I also felt the last book ended way to soon, it did not have closure. Some of the stories here have brought that and this one is at the top of the list.

I remember when book 5 came out my grandson who was 10 at the time asked me if I would get him a copy as well, they had extras so I did. What a joy to give a book to a kid knowing they will not only read it but remember it. He thanked me again not to long ago.

I look forward to reading more of your stories, you are very good and I loved the who done it, I had Dowlish figured out but missed the goblins, nice.

Thanks for a good read,

River (Tom)

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review, I appreciate you taking the time to read it all. Enjoy the other stories I've posted. Some are tied to this story and others arent.

Have a great day.

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Review #24, by A Bowtruckle's Niffler 

20th June 2012:
I have read this story three times and the first time I finished in about a day. I am at the moment considering writing my own fan fic but keep thinking all fluff. I can't seem to bring myself to write anything angst I so admire your ability to write all kinds of emotions. I love every aspect of this story when i first read it I screamed and nearly through the computer out the window when Ginny refused the ring but it's come to be my fav part. Strange huh? Your such an excellent writer and I love your other stuff so please if you can write more. I promise you'll have at least 2 fans (my friend will be one too). Anyway thanks for all your hard work it really paid off and good luck for the future.

Author's Response: Go ahead and get started on your story!

Some advice, have it most of the way done before you start posting. I was a full 1/2 story ahead when I started posting and still caught up to my writing by the last 10 chapters or so.

Find a good beta, a really good one and let them help. If you go back to my story I'll bet you can find the exact chapter I got my beta.

Try something you haven't done (angst, action, suspense) maybe this time it won't be your best, but the next time it will be better.

As for Ginny refusing the ring, that happened because I was in a really bad mood that day. My notes all had her saying 'yes' and closing out the story a few chapters later, but I was in a bad mood and typed 'no' just to feel a bit vindictive. Then I changed it to 'yes', stopped and thought about it and decided 'no' or at least 'not yet' might make a pretty good story line. So I redid it and like you, that part of my story is one of my favorites. Especially writing out the meltdown of the relationship, and the varrious peoples reactions.

As for writing, I don't have much time. I'll be doing some more shorter stories and challenges, but don't have tme for another novel. I do however have 2 very good ideas for novel length HP stories that I do hope to get done some day, and of course the many-times-delayed sequel to this story.

Thanks for leaving the positive note, glad you've enjoyed the time spent visiting my little corner of the HP world.

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Review #25, by talltwin18 To the Burrow

28th April 2012:
Really hooked on this story! So much better than most of the other sunshine and rainbows stories set after the battle, this is much mroe believable! And love the interactions between Mrs and Mr Weasly in this chapter

Author's Response: Welcome to the story. Glad yo are enjoying it.

I didn't think everything would be all rosy after the war/battle so this story explored that. Another thing you'll notice through the story is that the characters will make mistakes. Sometimes they learn from the mistakes and sometimes they don't. To have the characters always do the right thing isn't realistic.

Hope you like the rest of the story, and thanks for taking the time to review.

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