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Review #1, by harryhermronAll the Time in the World: Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

2nd January 2014:
I enjoyed your story. I like it. thank you.
Keep writing.

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Review #2, by harryhermronThe Runaway Returns: The Runaway Returns

4th November 2013:
I looked forward to each week for this story.
Thank you. It was good. Look forward to your sequal.

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Review #3, by harryhermronOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 23 Luther's Attempt

30th October 2013:
I read your note. I don't care what people say about this story. I have read all three stories. I think this is the best out of the three stories. This story flows. It doesn't drag. I like it. I don't care what other people say. You have my vote and my praise. It is awesome

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Review #4, by harryhermronThe Runaway Returns: The Eleventh is the Twentieth

11th October 2013:
I love this story. It is different from other stories. You are doing a good job. thank you

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Review #5, by harryhermron19 years: Year 3: Previews

2nd September 2013:
I am enjoying ur. Thank u

Author's Response: That makes me really happy! Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by harryhermronHarry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension : Where Cambion Exist

22nd August 2013:
Is there anyway you can continue this story or
finish. I have enjoyed this story for the last
year. Please can I encourage you to finish it.
It is a good story

Author's Response: As soon as college and work commitments ease off a little, I promise I'll finish this tale.

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Review #7, by harryhermronHarry Potter and A New Chapter of Life: Chapter 17: Thats life

26th May 2013:
I will be looking for the new story.

Author's Response: harryhermron

thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it and hope you continue to read my work. I am currently working on a new one.


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Review #8, by harryhermronAre all memories good? Book Two: Ancient Egypt

13th May 2013:
Can you finish this story line. I have enjoy reading all you stories. Please can you finish
this. Thank you

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Review #9, by harryhermronHarry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Twenty Two: Under Attack

9th May 2013:
I am enjoy you story. I think a sequel would be great.

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Review #10, by harryhermronMad As A Hatter: When Insanity Catches...

6th May 2013:
This is going to be interesting reading

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I really hope it is interesting. I started writing this a while back, and I haven't really worked on it since then-but I plan on it! Hopefully, there'll be a new chapter up in a week or two!

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Review #11, by harryhermronEvolution: The Things We Do For Love

6th May 2013:
Glad to see your wrote. I am worried about
Harry and Ginny. Harry is destroying is life.

Author's Response: Hi there - yes, Harry's in a spot of bother, but don't worry - he will be able to fix it in due course. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #12, by harryhermronHarry Potter and A New Chapter of Life: Chapter Thirteen: Summer Fades Away

19th March 2013:
You threw in surprise. I had wonder if Harry
had a sibling. Good reading. Enjoying the reading.

Author's Response: harryhermron

Thank you for the review. Hope you liked the surprise, and I am glad you enjoy the reading so far. Once again thanks for the review hope to see more.


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Review #13, by harryhermronAs Time Goes By: Meeting Harry's Girlfriend

18th March 2013:
Can you tell me why you are ending it here?
It does not make sense to end it here. Are you continuing the story ?

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Review #14, by harryhermronHarry Potter and the Year After: Prologue

6th March 2013:
Keep writing this is going to be a interesting story

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter two is currently underway!

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Review #15, by harryhermronHarry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Eighteen: Arguements

28th February 2013:
I like what you have done to this story.
I think you are doing a good story.
You are writing your way not everyones way.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry that it has taken me a while to respond, and to update for that matter. My computer was acting strange before and wouldn't allow me to go on here. The next chapter should be up in a week or so, fingers crossed I can get it up!

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Review #16, by harryhermronBack from the Dead: The Usual Route

26th February 2013:
this is going to be an interesting story.
I look forward to more chapters

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! Chapter 2's up - I hope you like it! :)

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Review #17, by harryhermronHarry Potter and A New Chapter of Life: Chapter Eleven: Death's Doorstep

26th February 2013:
I am liking your story. It is a usual story. I like
unusual stories. you keep me on the edge of my chair. I am looking forward to the next chapter. You got me curious about the metal necklace and why are the Death eaters so strong.

Author's Response:

Thank you for your review they are greatly appreciated and welcomed. I am glad you like the story. I little more will be revealed in the next few chapters about the locket and Death Eaters strength. I also have another twist or two I am debating rather or not to include.

Once again thank you and I hope you continue to read and leave reviews.


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Review #18, by harryhermronUntennable: Dreaming

28th November 2012:
good Story. I couldnt stop reading it.
are you going to complete the are my memories good series? You are a good writer. I enjoy reading you stories

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Review #19, by harryhermronThe Harder Struggle: Heroes

12th September 2012:
excellant chapter looking forward to the next

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Review #20, by harryhermronThe Harder Struggle: We're Alive!

4th September 2012:
Keep going. I like this story. You have done a good job. I look forward to the next story

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I have quite a few chapters ready to go. I will be submitting as fast as this sites moderation allows, every 3 to 4 days per chapter.

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Review #21, by harryhermronHarry Potter and the As Yet Unfinished Title: The Puzzle

24th August 2012:
I like the way you write. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Esp about the puzzle
Please write soon.

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Review #22, by harryhermronThe Lord of Tang: The Elves and Phoenix

23rd July 2012:
It is so good to see u r writing again. Let me tell u the story is getting awesome with each chapter. I just finished reading each chapter again. I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Many thanks for reviewing harryhermron, glad you are enjoying the story. I have cominted to completing stories that I start writing, I know how it feels to follow stories only to find they get abandoned so am determined that that won't happen with mine. That said Tang is a complex story so I give no promises over frequency of updates, next chapter is with my beta reader, just know I will complete this story it just may take some time.
Best wishes

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Review #23, by harryhermronChristmas Is for Children: Christmas Is for Children

17th January 2012:
Thank you. I enjoyed the story.
It was sweet Merry Christmas

Author's Response: Thanks much!

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Review #24, by harryhermronWhat's the Matter with Me: What's the Matter with Me

11th January 2012:
I like this. I feel the emotion that Harry is going through. good job

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Review #25, by harryhermronHarry Potter and the Heart of Eternity: Last Chances

6th January 2012:
I am wanting to know when are we going to here from
you again. I have enjoyed all your stories

Author's Response: You will here from me today. 12/12/12. I'm glad you like my stories.

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