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Review #1, by alicia and anneBaby Blanket: Confusion

27th May 2015:
Well... I'm already heartbroken from the summary alone... *cries*

Please don't break my heart anymore... *is terrified*

Awww I have to say that I love love LOVE how this is written from Alice's pov, that we get to see Neville from her eyes. Even if she does only vaguely recognise him, BUT she does notice the similarities between her husband and Neville. *Wishes so hard she remembers Neville*

AW OH MY GOD!!! NEVILLE HAS A BABY!! I AM SO HAPPY! THESE ARE TEARS OF JOY. I have goosebumps at that alone, and my heart has swelled to the size of a house! Just awww, he's so happy and I love it!

Awww no! He's not trying to scam you! He's trying to wish you a happy mothers day! And she thinks that they live in a palace. I'm actually so happy that's where she thinks she is, and not in a hospital.

Oh my god! Neville had a daughter! My heart can't take this! You're going to make my heart burst from this happiness and I love it!


AND NOW FRANK IS THERE!!! *Collapses into a gooey mess of feelings on the floor and never wants to get up because this is so adorable and my heart can't take anymore fluff, but I want more! I WANT SO MUCH MORE!!*


I'm actually crying so much! Oh god! This is beautiful! This is breathtaking! This is going to stay with me forever! I am going to think of this story for such a long time! It needs to win all of the awards in the world for everything!

Just. gah!!! I have so many feelings and I'm sorry that this is basically just me talking in capslock but ... just oh my god!

I just... I can't get over this happiness!

Thank you for writing this amazing and beautiful and fantastically written one shot. I . wow.

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Review #2, by alicia and anneThis Time.: The Storm

27th May 2015:
Oooo my second Louis request! This has got to be a sign for me to write the next chapter of mine. *hides from it*

I'm excited already and I've only read the summary and title! THE EXCITEMENT IS SO STRONG!!

I absolutely adore that Louis sails. That he is basically a sailor! . my mind is now picturing him in a cute sailors outfit, looking adorable!!

I am so envious that he has a boat that he can go out in and just chill and be in the sun! SO JEALOUS! Do you think he'll take us with him? :P

Oh Louis! You little minx! Sleeping around and the such! I LOVE IT! *Cough* I bet he totally hooked up with someone called Horatio *cough*

Do you have a boat? Is that why you are so detailed in your descriptions of it? That's brilliant!

Louis should have bee a pirate! He woul make such an awesome one!

Aw! James and Oliver! *squeals*

Oh no! This storm isn't going to be good at all! Eeek!



Such a delightful first chapter... you know, almost drowning and his boat being destroyed aside. I had a great time reading this! Even if Louis didn't... what with him almost drowning.

Anyways!! I demand an update! :P Please :D

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Review #3, by alicia and anneYou: give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

27th May 2015:
You had me at Louis *Swoons* I am loving the idea of Louis and Lysander!

Oh no! The drama has started already! :( This isn't good, poor Lorcan!

No!!! Why must he die? Now I'm so saddened, I can't believe that Lorcan died!

Your words are absolutely beautiful! You really know how to paint such a vivid picture with your amazing descriptions. I could seriously read your writing all day everyday. I am so envious! *squishes you*

Oh Louis and Lysander have had quite a hard time actually getting together. I'm rooting for them so badly! Please stop putting them through such tragedy! They need each other! They need to be together properly *cries* they're just stringing each other along and I need a big declaration off of one of them! Or both!

I want them together so badly!!!


This was so amazing! I was just screaming at them to get together and stop breaking my heart! And they're finally together! Yays all around! *People cheer in the distance*

This was absolutely amazing! I loved it so much! :D

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Review #4, by alicia and anneHaunt My Dreams: Sirius Black Sleeps Upstairs

19th May 2015:
I am absolutely loving this so much! This is such a fantastic first chapter and I can't wait to read more! I love Sirius stories so much!
I can't wait to see them getting to know each other again :D fabulous work an fantastic writing!

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Review #5, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: Sniffles

19th May 2015:
I wish that you had continued this, I would have loved to know if she had cured herself of the Black Death

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Review #6, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: A Date Like No Other

19th May 2015:
Aw Remus and Rebecca's date was so cute!!! They're so adorable!

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Review #7, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: Those Deep Eyes

19th May 2015:
Haha I thought that was really at the beginning!
I hope that her new hobby to take her mind off of Sirius would be Remus :D I'm rooting for them to get together

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Review #8, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: "Wolf" Instincts

19th May 2015:
Oh no! Sirius I knew that will would come after you at some point, I wonder if he'll fight him again later?

Off to read the next chapter!

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Review #9, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: Bad Day

19th May 2015:
Oh I think that she is crushing badly on Remus! I hope she survives the Black Death and her and Remus get together :D

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Review #10, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: The Secret Marauder Discussion

19th May 2015:
Oh no! She looked into his eyes! And she knows their secret! I hope that she has fun sitting with them at lunch :D

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Review #11, by alicia and anneThe Black Death: Nothing to Say

19th May 2015:
This seems like a really great start, she's already so unique and I bet it won't be long before she's falling for Sirius :D

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Review #12, by alicia and anneShine On: Reality Returns

19th May 2015:
Oh no, she told him and now he wants the wedding brought forward, this isn't good at all!
Poor Rachel, Ethan's mum is so demanded and I don't like how involved she is.
I wonder what they'll do when they realise that she's broken her ring?

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Review #13, by alicia and anneShine On: Some Sirius Conversations

19th May 2015:
Poor Rachel!! I just want to hug her!

It's clear that she lives Sirius still, even if she claims that she doesn't. She doesn't love Ethan, and I'm worried that it's going to end so badly for her.

Poor Sirius as well being in the cell, but I'm happy that Remus and Rachel went to see him

On to the next chapter!

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Review #14, by alicia and anneShine On: Remus' Story

19th May 2015:
Another great chapter!

I love how Remus figured it all out and I can't believe that peter came to Remus for help! That swine!! And I wish that Dumbledore could do more to help, and I don't think it's going too well for her when Ethan finds out!

I think he might go against it when he finds out about her and Sirius!

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Review #15, by alicia and anneShine On: Rachel Dreams

19th May 2015:
Such a fantastic first chapter! I'm so intrigued by her dreams that she keeps having. And the fact that Ethan and her don't seem too happy with each other, Ethan doesn't seem to be interested in her as much as Sirius was, and he seems a little controlling.

I love that Remus contacted her and I can't wait to read more of this story!

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Review #16, by alicia and anneBeyond the Dark: Two

18th May 2015:

Oh Harry! I want to hug you so much! *hugs*

Aw Theodore gets beaten up? This makes me so sad and so angry! Point me in their direction! I will hurt them! Why isn't Blaise sorting them out? Blaise could take them!

Why is Theo laying under a desk? Oh no! It's for hiding? Theo!!! *hugs him*

Ahhh it's the scene you showed me! :D It makes me happy! :D Theo is so adorable!

And I agree with Draco, Harry is an idiot haha.

Oh Theo!!! *protects him forever*

I need the next chapter hubby!! I need it like I need air in my lungs!!!

Fabulous writing!!!

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Review #17, by alicia and anneSummer Herbology: [II.]

18th May 2015:
YES! Chapter 2! The excitement is strong!

I love the idea of Rhys trying to signal Ben from his bedroom window, I forgot that they lived next door to each other and imagined him sending some sort of beacon into the sky that Ben would have to answer. Hahahaha.

I'm really sad that Molly had a bad experience with telling someone how she felt, and I wish that it hadn't gone sour for her. I want to hug her. *hugs her tightly*

Ben's shoulder ratio? *swoons* Haha

I am loving Molly so much right now! I imagine her to be like Lydia, all awesome and gorgeous! :D I love her and Rhys so much! They should be best friends forever!

I'm glad that Neville changed the class so that it was tougher, people need to realise that Herbology isn't a joke subject! We can't all just stare at Neville all day! ... or can we? I would happily stare at him all day. :D
And yes, that smile would melt anyones heart! It has already caused mine to flutter! :D

I shouldn't laugh that James had his arm bitten... but I found it funny.

Of course this was wonderfully written by you! You're such an amazing and talented author and I'm so excited to see more of this story! :D Keep up the fabulous work!

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Review #18, by alicia and anneYellow Light: yellow light

15th May 2015:
How has this not got any reviews yet? Surely that's blasphemy!

I must admit, I have never thought of the pairing Susan and Parvati! But I already know that you're going to make it an awesome pairing :D I'm very excited!

Awww Susan looked forward to Herbology because of Parvati! She's so cute! I absolutely love that this story is called yellow light, because that's what Susan thinks makes Parvati glow. Gah! They're so adorable already! :D

I absolutely adore how they've grown together, and how they've fallen for each other. I love that they haven't rushed into anything with each other, that they're waiting for the right time.

This one shot was fabulous! And I loved this so much! I seriously can't stop smiling at them finally getting together. It was evident how much Susan cared for Parvati in this and their love is so believable!!

Fantastic job! :D

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Review #19, by alicia and anneSummer Herbology: [I.]

14th May 2015:
I'm finally here!!! YAY!!! :D Words cannot describe just how excited I am about this story! Which you already know about :P

Oh Rhys! He's so annoyed bless him! I would be as well, especially if I knew that my family were going on holiday whilst I was stuck at school for the summer.

I love Rhys' thought process around Ben, he's so adorable having to remind himself not to think of Ben that way. Can I hug him? I just want to hug him!

Poor Alina! I can't believe her parents forced her back to school because she didn't get a good enough mark.

Ahhh!!! *squeals* There's a Mason :D

That castle must seem so big with just the twelve of them! I would be scared and then excited haha.

Hahha oh Neville! I love him so! He's so amazing! I love that he just shoots James down with his retaliation straight away. Oh burn James! Oh burn!!

Ah, so that's why Molly is talking to him. She knows about his feelings.

This was absolutely fabulous Julie! And I'm so excited to read more!!! :D I can't wait!!

Author's Response: TAMMI! You made it!

I still owe you a million review responses I feel like, but I'm on a roll right now answering (meaning like.. five.) so here goes!

Hehe, I'm very excited about your excitement! Which you know. haha.

His annoyance was so fun to write. I was definitely going for that 'typical teenager' vibe. And what kind of family goes on a vacation while their kid is in summer boarding school !?!?!

He's a sweetheart. And he's such an over-thinker, so we'll see a lot of that come through because of Ben, and his feelings towards Ben.

RIGHT!? I definitely wanted to have one student whose parents didn't think they got a 'good enough' grade, because I definitely think there are a lot of parents like that.

Mason! :D

I feel like it would be CREEPY. Like it's always so lively and full of students, but literally twelve people in this giant castle, it's gotta be.

Neville! He's been so fun to write in this story so far. Chief babysitter, just like me! lol.

Yep, Molly's definitely got a reason for everything she does.

Thank you so much, dear! I'm hoping to edit/post the new chapter before work today, but we'll see how that good old procrastination goes.

Thanks again! *hugs and love*


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Review #20, by alicia and anneWhere The Wind Takes Me: The First Chapter

14th May 2015:
I am finally here Isobel!!! :D YAY!!!

I really loved how you had the transcript of the monthly assessment in the beginning. It breaks my heart that she can recognise Frank but can't, she just knows that she loves him! And she knows Neville! She knew his name (kind of) And she knew Bluebell!!!

Why did Blue kill?! I gots ta know!

Why did Blue do what she did? And who framed her? Also why did they frame her? I have so many questions!!

:O Frank and Katherine?! WHAT?!!! What about Alice?

:O So that's Louanna! Ahhh I still have so many questions!!

A great first chapter Isobel! I can't wait for more! I love your writing and you so much!!! :D

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Review #21, by alicia and anneFounders Four: Pillars of the Ages: Chapter Two: Every Beginning is an End

11th May 2015:
Guess who's back? Back again. Tammi's back (with a very overused Eminem lyric) guess who's back, guess who's back - and we're going to end that right there. :P

Oh god! for a minute I read that as two decades later and I was thinking "Godric! You silly sausage! It obviously wasn't that urgent was it?" But it was my tired eyes that misread :P

But I want to know what it is! :P I'm so impatient. JUST TELL HIM ALREADY GODRIC! SO I CAN KNOW TOO! :P

These are some great descriptions, it really helps me imagine it all so vividly because of your beautiful words.

I really love Ingvar! He's brilliant! He could totally take this tax man on! And win!

I just want to hug Ingvar! (I seriously love him so much!)

It's the tax man!! I hope he hasn't overheard anything that can get Ingvar in trouble!

Oh no! Who's attacking them? NO! INGVAR IS HURT!! ;( Oh no! Godric needs to come in and save the day!

Wow, yet another wonderful challenge! I can't wait for more! I am favouriting this story! It is by far my favourite Founders fic! :D

Author's Response: Wow, this is awesome! I'm not sure how our old snake would react to a random person running up to hug him, but feel free to try! XD

I'm having trouble with chapter three, but no matter how long it takes it will go up, I''ll make sure of it!

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Review #22, by alicia and annefelt: Prologue

11th May 2015:
Hey!! I'm here for our review swap! :D

Oh no! I am not liking the sound of this new law that they're trying to make happen. It's going to be an evil law, I can tell!

I hope that Cassandra can get the Ministry to see sense, although if it's already been approved by the Minister I'm worried that it can't be stopped!

Oh she's going to change it! Those foolish men! Although they thought that noone would be able to stop them. I laugh in their faces! Especially with the way that she's changed it!

And Hermione doesn't have an answer for once? Say it isn't so!!

This was wonderful! I cannot wait to find out more about this law and how Hermione is going to stop it. It's going to be exciting! I can tell!! :D

I absolutely loved this!

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Review #23, by alicia and anneJust A Governess: Just A Governess

11th May 2015:
Heya! I'm here for the review swap! :D

Uh-oh this Greta is clearly jealous of Ava and Helga's friendship, I can totally tell by the glares that she's giving. She wants to be Ava's bestie!

I am absolutely loving Helga and Ava's friendship, I love how close they are and how they break the rules together. I hope that they stay friends forever and ever!

I still don't trust this Greta at all! She has something about her that makes me distrust her.

Awww yay! Ava is going to have a baby! I'm so happy! This is such an exciting time!

Four??! Wow Ava works fast! :P And yay Helga lives in the castle now! They can be together for always!

No!!! Ava can't be dead! :( I blame Greta for this! I don't know why, but I do! She's somehow involved even if she's not.

Such a wonderul and yet sad one shot! I'm so sad now, and still so suspicious of Greta just because she glared earlier. I need to read more of The Fourth Daughter to find out what happens after!

Amazing! :D

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!
Oh, Greta. She really doesn't seem like the nicest lady in the world, huh?
Helga and Ava's relationship was pulled straight from the relationships that I have with my best friends, so I loved writing them together.
Yay babies! And yes, she already has four daughters! But she has twelve by the end of the story, so four's nothing.
Writing Ava's death really broke my heart. I can't imaging losing my best friend, and felt so bad for doing that to poor Helga and all of Ava's daughters.
I'd love it if you checked out The Fourth Daughter! Thank you so much for your great review on this story!
Cassie :)

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Review #24, by alicia and anneto the end of time: Bracelets

11th May 2015:
YAY!! I'm on to chapter two! I'm so glad that you agreed to the swap so that I could read more of this amazing story! :D

Awww! They're so adorable! The gift was so cute! That bracelet sounds amazing! I wish that I had a bracelet like that :P

I just have so many feelings of happiness at reading them again! I just want to scream and dance around at how cute and adorable they are! Ah they're the best!!!

Once again an adorable cute chapter of amazingness! I need to read more!! :D

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Review #25, by alicia and anneFounders Four: Pillars of the Ages: Chapter one: The Beginning

11th May 2015:
Heya! I'm here for our review swap! Exciting times! :D

I really love the beginning of this, it really sets up the chapter and the beginning of the story and it's great at hooking me in. :D

I really love seeing the snippets of the founders, and how they were. I absolutely adore finding out the pieces of information you effortlessly placed in. Such as Salazar loving to read in a tree, how he's like his father. How Godric can't seem to follow a map and how Salazard father was his old mentor. ( I especially loved that part)

I absolutely loved Godric and Ingvar's greeting to each other, it's evident how well they know each other, that they can read looks so well.

I'm so intrigued by what Godric is there for, and I can't wait to see how Salazar and Godric reuniting will go?

I'm so glad that you agreed to this review swap, this is such a jem of a story! You wrote this chapter beautifully and it was such a joy to read! I am definitely going to have to carry on reading this story! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm happy to see that you enjoyed this, and I'm determined to finish, so you'll have more. I have far too much planned to drop this one!

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