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Review #1, by alicia and anneThe Lucky Ones: Back to the UK

1st March 2015:
Curse you! I curse you from the other side of the room! But I'm still so excited!

Haha, poor Harry getting the blame, I hope he has a good excuse. Poor Ollie getting cold but at least he can snuggle with James

I wanna know about albus, Alexa and the muggle!! Tell me!!!

Awww yay sarah and tucker have come to save them! :D such good friends.

I love Ollies grandmother! Poor James having to be sneaky :P

Wonderful first chapter! I'm so so so excited about this!!!

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Review #2, by alicia and anneDon't Let Me Go: Drama All Around

1st March 2015:
Ciaran I've missed you so much! Never let it get this long again! *hugs him tightly*

I hope Luka doesn't read too much into this and tell Louis, I don't want Ciaran and Louis to fight. Now he's jealous of lukas talk about Douglas haha oh Kyle you're so getting the couch!

I hope that Ciarans interview goes well!

Uh-oh! It's Douglas! I don't see this going well at all! Ciaran calm this feelings you have a louis!

Speaking of! He's very naughty teasing Ciaran like that!

He needs to visit him!

That's it! This was the last review I had to be entirely caught up with your stories!! You have my permission to update! :D

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Review #3, by alicia and anneWaiting in the Wings: All I Need

1st March 2015:
Awww! Loving the heirloom so much!
Theo is amazing and I'm shipping Tharry 5eva! They're so meant to be together! They know everything about each other! And they need to be together for Teddy!

Of course he's finding Theo! They're true love!

I love that Theo can see him, although I'm sad that Harry has basically died and that Theo once died.

Why can't they just be together? *cries*

Theo's background makes me sad and I want to hug him *hugs so tightly* I don't want him to go crazy just to help Harry, it might be too much for him to handle!

There's so much backstory and I love it! I also totally love within temptation as well!! One of my favourite bands! :D

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Review #4, by alicia and anneWaiting in the Wings: Time After Time

1st March 2015:
I don't want Harry to die! But I do love that he's using his powers for mischief!

Aww! I love that kids can see him and he can entertain them. I also love the background on the other ghosts and what they can and can't do.

I wonder if hermione would be able to let him go?

Ahh! Theo! And he has James with him! Aww! Don't cry theo! He should totally continue eating cookies for dinner!

Hahaha oh Theo! He so shrieked like a girl! Audrey would be so proud! :P

Tharry is love! Now onto the next chapter!

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Review #5, by alicia and anneRoar: A Rumor and a Warning

1st March 2015:
Oh Draco! I understand completely why he's apprehensive, I would be too! Especially people's thoughts about him.
I'm sad for all the reminders of the war that they all get and how it's still affecting them.

Oh Demi! You and Draco are like two gossiping teenagers when it comes to Harry's love life!

Oooo Astoroa knows! I wonder when Draco will find out?

Can't wait for the next chapter!!! :D it's going to be epic!

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Review #6, by alicia and anneRoar: A Simple Job

1st March 2015:
Draco and Harry's bickering make my life have so much meaning! I love it! They're so entertaining!

Blaise and Draco made a bet? I wonder who'll get the money? I wonder if Theo is in on the bet to make some easy money?

Harry is definitely the best trainer that Draco could have gotten. He knows how to explain things and I cansee Draco learning a lot from him.

Their bickering is one of my favourite things!

Love this so much!!

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Review #7, by alicia and anneRoar: A Bit of Bad Luck

1st March 2015:
Draco has a lot of cases to go through. I don't envy him, although if Theo ever needs to be punished, send him in to help :P

Ahh! Blaise is there! Yay!! I love Blaise! And I can't wait for his graduation!

I kinda love Demi, she's awesome :D the way her and Harry talk to each other is so entertaining!

Haha! Harry has to take Draco out and train him, I wonder how this will turn out? :P

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Review #8, by alicia and anneRoar: A New Friend

1st March 2015:
I love that no one who can call blaise and theo best friends can be innocent. Those two are so cheeky!

Haha! I do love the sass Draco had towards his dad! I just love sassy Draco! :P

It's good that Astoria supports him, he needs that!
Yay! Narcissa is supportive! I knew she would. Lucius will get there soon I think?

I'm excited about everyones reactions to Draco being on the programme.

Oh Harry and Draco having a conversation that hasn't ended in yelling, have they grown up? :O

Haha! Theo's having a tantrum! I wonder what about? Although it makes me happy :P

I wonder if people will listen to Stephen and not be horrible to Draco? I'm hoping that at the end of this story they accept him as one of their own.

Another great chapter!! On to the next one!

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Review #9, by alicia and anneThe Thrill of the Chase: The Thrill that is Chase

28th February 2015:
:O We've skipped quite a few years!

Awww graduation, and of course Tonks tripped over haha.

Oh I hope that Tonks can solve it now! I want to know about Chase.


Oh Tonks it is so funny that he made a joke about his last name! :D I had a good chuckle.

Damn it this had to end! Damn it all!! I want more Chase! Please write more Chase. I miss him already and I've only just finished reading this amazing story!!

This was such an awesome story!! :D Well done Sam! Well done on making me fall in love with yet another one of your characters. I am too invested in your stories, there is absolutely no way that you can ever leave my life!

:P Love it! And you of course!

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Review #10, by alicia and anneThe Thrill of the Chase: Ghost

28th February 2015:
I'm still suspicious of him! Although part of me is thinking that Parker planted it to make Chase look like the villain... am I thinking too much into this? I think I might be.

Ooo is Parker going to admit to his name? :O It's Charlie? Oooo interesting!

:O THEY'RE FOSTER BROTHERS!! The plot is thickening!!


Fabulous chapter! I am literally on the edge of my seat right now.


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Review #11, by alicia and anneThe Thrill of the Chase: Answers Made Out to be Clues

28th February 2015:
Tonks should defnitely put this on her CV when she applies to be an auror :P

I would like to point out that Chase missed a very good moment to make a joke about her falling for him, when he caught her. :P

WHO TOOK THE WATCH AND WHY?! I blame Chase! :D But I'm not even sure! Haha I have so many conflicting feelings!

But I also think that it'll be Taylor.

You're going to hit me with a major plot twist aren't you? AREN'T YOU?!

Oooo Taylor has been caught with them but it's not her... why am I suspicious of you Chase?!


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Review #12, by alicia and anneThe Thrill of the Chase: Liar, Liar

28th February 2015:
Oh Charlie! Haha he's so confused about why Chase is there. Especially with what he was implying. Silly boys!

I'm actually loving Chase a bit... a teeny tiny . MASSIVE. bit. Not much, just the smallest (biggest) amount.

Oooo he knows Parkers first name! I hope it's horribly embarassing.

Oh there's tension between Parker and Chase! This is good... this is very good! I wonder what the uneasy feeling is that Charlier and Tonks got. Something fishy is definitely going on!

Chase you're making me suspicious of you and I don't want to be because I like you! Curse it!

Does he want her? Damn I'm shipping it so much!! :D Haha On to another wonderful chapter! :D

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Review #13, by alicia and anneThe Thrill of the Chase: An Unlikely Alliance

28th February 2015:
I should be getting my things ready for tomorrow... but apparently I'm here, reviewing and listening to Disney songs. :P

OOoo Chase brought her dinner! Look at him doing something nice and knowing how she likes her dinner. :D He is definitely an enigma.

Why is Chase interested? Did he do it? Mmmm I'm suspicious! especially because he wants to help instead of getting paid.

I can't wait to find out more about Chase! He is an enigma and I need to know what he's up to! :D Haha :D

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Review #14, by alicia and anneLove At St. Mungo's: Chapter Two

27th February 2015:
Oh yes!! I'm so glad that she slapped Ryan! He deserves it! I hate him! (I definitely think that we should get him to date Freya and they can disappear from our life's forever!) haha

I'm so glad that james finally took her for a drink and I can't wait until he finds out about her daughter. I wonder how he'll react.

I'm so happy that James and Ryan don't get on, and I loved the insults they threw at each other. I can't wait to see more between those two! I'm still holding out hope that he hits Ryan! :D

fabulous writing my lovely!! I can't wait to see how this develops!! I'm so excited for it!

Love Tammi xx

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Review #15, by alicia and anneLove At St. Mungo's: Chapter One

27th February 2015:
Sophie!! *hugs tightly*

Ooo this is so different! I love that she's a mother and wanted to go to Healer training and even though she couldn't, I'm so glad that she was able to get a job I the department anyway.

I'm so happy that she got to see Molly and that they're back to seeing each other, and I totally hope she's able to see more of James as a result of that :D she needs a decent guy in her life, this Ryan is an idiot and some very non 12+ words! I hope James hits him and becomes the dad Gabriella needs!

I wonder why he thought now would be a good time to come back?

I can't wait to read more hun!! I'm loving it so far! :D

Love Tammi xx

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Review #16, by alicia and anneAstoundingly Ordinary: Free

27th February 2015:
Wow! Your descriptions are just pure brilliance!

I loved the way that you described how he was feeling - especially the part about how he could feel his heart beating for the first time after being so cold since Azkaban. I feel a little sorry for him, being so empty and broken since Azkaban and how he was just craving for something.

This was so captivating, the fact that he just cared about her, even if it was for the one night and that one moment. It goes to show that even Death Eaters/dark wizards can feel compassion.

Such a wonderful one shot, so full of emotion and meaning. :D


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Review #17, by alicia and anneAnywhere: November, 1981 - Safe

24th February 2015:
Oh Bellatrix you crazy crazy woman! It makes me sad that she felt like she had to torture the Longbottoms.

Although!!! Go on David!! Taking out eleven death eaters. And they all know that it would be pointless going after him as he would destroy anyone that comes near him!! I don't know why but I imagine him as this big wall of muscle... Could crush someone with his bare hands. And maybe the startings of a beard? But I seem to picture most people with a beard.

Anyways!!! I'm so glad that I read this! It was so brilliant and could totally be put in the books as canon!

Fantastic job!!! You're amazing as always!!

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Review #18, by alicia and anneAnywhere: March-November, 1981 - Halloween

24th February 2015:
Oooo they're family! I so wouldn't have called that... Although a small part of me thought that the baby was Harry... Or maybe Neville... Gah! But he's called Dillon he can't be any of the others.

Oh Bellatrix, there's the crazy killer person we all know!

Although now I'm so scared about what's going to happen! Even though I know what will happen with Alice.

I'm so scared to go on, even though I need to!

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Review #19, by alicia and anneAnywhere: July-August, 1980 - Baby

24th February 2015:
I need more info on Him!! Haha although I loved that he left the note, especially the mention on how we using hexes against anyone would make him weirdly jealous :P

Awe Bellatrix surrounded by a small amount of muggles, and not managing to kill any of them? I'm actually proud of her and I never thought that I would say that.

I still can't wait to see how she explains her absence!

So excited to read more!

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Review #20, by alicia and anneAnywhere: December, 1979 - Cut Loose

24th February 2015:
Ooo the plot thickens!!

I'm so glad that she's not getting rid of the baby, or at least in the sense that I thought she would. And she let Loren go! She lied for him and shes gonna go and hide an give him the baby! I can't wait to see how she manages this!

You're making me root for Bellatrix and I never wanted to do that, ever! It's because you're such an amazing writer!

Can't wait for more Sam!!

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Review #21, by alicia and anneSirously, Sirius: Honeydukes

24th February 2015:
He's so sweet buying her sweets. I'm glad that he's there to cheer her up. :D I wish that you would have continued this so that I could have seen what happened between them.

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Review #22, by alicia and anneSirously, Sirius: If You'll Have Me

24th February 2015:
I'm so glad that she was able to open up to Sirius, I can see them being there for each other :D

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Review #23, by alicia and anneSirously, Sirius: As For Soggy Potions

24th February 2015:
Awww such a cute beginning! I can't wait to see where this goes! :D

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Review #24, by alicia and anneA Drop Among Billions: a drop among billions

24th February 2015:
Awww that was sad! And very descriptive and well written. You used your words in such an amazing way. :D

Good job!

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Review #25, by alicia and anneAnywhere: November, 1979 - Plan

23rd February 2015:
You know it's weird when Death eaters notice!

Although... Bellatrix with maternal feelings?! What the Boggart?!

I want Harper to know! I wonder what he'll do? How are they going to explain things?

Ahhh David!! *waves*

o Voldemort knows!! Hahah

Oh no, Loren knows! And he's right, Bellatrix is totally feeling maternal about her baby!

And now he's made me sad with his family talk! :(

WHAT'S THE PLAN!?!?!?!??!!??!

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