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Review #1, by alicia and anneBeyond the Dark: One

26th April 2015:
I had a feeling that you would request a review from me, as I am two or three behind in my perfect score of reviewing your stories!

I absolutely love this! I love how Theo acts around Harry, he's so darn adorable! being all speechless around the love of his life!

And I love how Theo and Pansy and Blaise all act around each other, they're brilliant friends!

Blaise and Theo especially, perfect bromance! My favourite line is when they shorten Theodore's really long name down to Theo XD

Anyway! You know my love for you and my love for this story, and my love for all things Tharry!

They're perfect! :D

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Review #2, by alicia and anneDeathsong: Prelude

26th April 2015:
Such beautiful descriptions, you really captured the scene and I couldn't help but imagine everything so vividly.

I really like that she's moving on into her own place, and that Harry and Ron are helping her.

Oooo she's found letters! I'm so nosey! I want to read them all :D And also I want to know what's in the box! :D

WHO SLAMMED THE MUSIC BOX? I need to know everything! Is there a ghost? Is it posessed?

I have so many questions! I am hooked on this and I need to carry on as soon as I can!

I'm so glad that you put the link up to this. I am definitely interested in reading more of this! Keep up the fabulous work! :D

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Review #3, by alicia and anneAfter: One.

26th April 2015:
Oh god, this is going to break me isn't it?

I can already feel my heart breaking.

Oh Amos! I want to hug you so tightly, I want to bring Cedric back and make things better for you! He is grieving and I wish that his wife could see, but she's struggling too, and I wish that he could get help.

This was absolutely heartbreaking! I want to cry so badly. I want Cedric to have not died.

Although if Dumbledore said that line to me I wouldn't be happy haha, I'm surprised that Amos didn't hurt him!

Fabulously written! As devastating and heartbreaking as it was!

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Review #4, by alicia and anneFive of a Kind: Dealer's Choice

26th April 2015:
Poor Cormac, being forced to look after the kids in detention. I wouldn't be happy either! :P

I absolutely love that it's him that's going to be watching them, I can already tell that it's going to be hilarious!

What did Potter do?! I'm so intrigued!

I can't wait for more! I love the film the breakfast club so I'm excited about what's going to happen in this! :D


Author's Response: Haha, I know! Though I don't really feel any pity for Cormac. But I think adding him into this was a good decision.

He did... something. I can't tell you yet. But if you've seen the movie then you can probably make a decent guess.

I'm so glad you're excited! It should be up soon. Of course, I keep saying this. (It should be up so soon I wrote an intro and put that up instead.) But it really should!

Thanks for the review! And you're amazing offering of so many reviews!


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Review #5, by alicia and anneThe British Question.: 30th June 1995.

26th April 2015:
OH! This is interesting! The Irish Minister! I always wondered if they had a different one to the English one...although thinking about it they would have done...I don't know why I thought that we'd all share one haha.

Ooo I wonder if the Irish Ministry will help? I hope so, they need all the help that they can get. But I understand why she's unsure, especially with all those things about Dumbledore in the paper.

It's so fascinating to read about the other Ministries in the world, finding out their backstories and how they run things. I never gave much thought to it, but now I want to create my own! I'm feeling inspired!

Ahhh! It's Neil!!! *waves at him* :D I'm so happy right now!

It's so fascinating how you've written how they came to decisions about the war, and their feelings about it.

This is such a promising story, and I'm excited to read more and find out how it's all going to unfold!

An amazing chapter! Can't wait to read more! :D

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Review #6, by alicia and anneOh My Darling: 1

26th April 2015:
Her middle name is Amelia! I am loving this already! (I totally have a character called Amelia :P) Although I do adore the name Clementine, it's such a beautiful name!

Poor Clementine, no wonder she doesn't go to parties if finances end up being the topic of conversation with Martin Creevey. I'd avoid parties too :P

Clementine and Elizabeth seem to have a good friendship, and I'm glad that they understand the others ideas of fun without judging. :D And I love how they became friends!

:O How dare this Olivia cheat on Albus! With Lincoln Zabini of all people! Clementine needs to help mend his heart. :D


I am favouriting this right now! And I need to read the second chapter!! :D

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Review #7, by alicia and annea movement in charcoal.: a movement in charcoal

26th April 2015:
Oooo that is a great challenge to enter! One of my stories has a chapter that starts with a different letter of the alphabet. I can't imagine how difficult it was to have every sentence be a different letter! I'm so impressed.

They're all flowing together so beautifully! And so effortlessly! It's amazing.

Aw James has missed practice so that Lorcan can draw him! :D This makes me happy!

They're so adorable! And I absolutely love that James is Lorcan's muse!

I absolutely love James' thought processes in this! He obviously cares deeply about Lorcan, and I want Lorcan to realise just how much. Mainly for my own happiness, because I'm being selfish like that :P They'd be so cute together! Zoe who? Am I right?!



GAH! This was beautiful! and the best thing ever! And I'm now so happy and full of fluff and I want to sing from the rooftops and dance around happily!

As you can tell I may have loved this a lot :D

I may have to request millions of stories about them now! Millions upon millions! :D Such a beautiful one shot!

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Review #8, by alicia and anneTaming the Dragon Tamer: [one]

26th April 2015:
Oh no! That is the worst thing that Charlie could ever hear! I have a feeling that he's not going to cope very well with not being around his babies!

Awww Charlie! Molly would love and accept anyone that you brought home! I'm so sure of it!

Hahaha I knew it wouldn't be long until he went back to work, even though it's not what he wanted to go back to.

Awww Charlie has a crush! *sings and dances* He's so adorable!! Even if he did just say all that in front of Christopher. :P

I can't wait to read more of this! And see what else happens between them two. I think that they're going to get on so well!

Such a brilliant read! And I can't wait to read more of your beautiful work! I'm pretty excited about it! :D

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Review #9, by alicia and annemaybe, once.: maybe, once.

26th April 2015:
I am excited! I do love a good Regulus story! :D

Oh no, Regulus is being distant with Barty, this makes me sad already. :( I want there to be love! Lots and lots of love!

No! He's on a date and it's not Barty! My heart is already breaking!

Oh Barty! I want to hug him so tightly! Regulus needs to go and make it right, so that they can be in love and I can be happy!

At least he looks bored, so I'm hoping in my regulus/Barty shipper heart that he's trying to make Barty jealous. Do you see how angry I am with regulus? I didn't give him a capital letter! Oh yeah! I'm angry at you regulus!




Aside from this girl *glares at the girl* I absolutely loved this!

You done such a brilliant job at getting Barty's jealousy across, and I felt so sorry for him and so drawn into the story because of the beautiful way you have with words.

I have found a new ship in Barty/Regulus! And I am happy that I am on board!

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Review #10, by alicia and anneBruises: Terror

26th April 2015:
Sorry I'm an hour late... I may have ended up having a nap :P So I apologise!

Wow! That is quite a scene you've opened up with. So powerful! Such brilliant descriptions!

Who is this Caroline, and what is happening to her? I want to help her! I want to get her out of there. Why doesn't she remember anything? I have so may questions!!

:O Is this someone trying to get the magic out of people?

I really hope that she hasn't lost her powers :( I'll be so sad if she has.

I am so hooked on her story! And I'm willing so hard in my head that she gains her powers back. I do not like this man! Or her family for putting her through it. :(

Yay! She's getting her memories back! This is making me so happy!
Oh no! I'm so sad! I really like her sister, she's the only good one in that family and I hope that Caroline gets her powers back just to spite her parents! And the sister has it too! Oh no! :(

This was just. wow! PLease tell me that Caroline gets revenge on her parents and the doctors! I want her to go on a massive revenge mission!

This was just. wow... there are no words that are enough to describe just how brilliant this is. It's so original and it really makes you realise that not everyone is on board and happy about their children being magical. There are some people who will go to these extremes.

You wrote this so amazingly, and I was terrified for Caroline the entire time, whilst rooting for her to remember!

Just pure amazing!

I really loved reading this.

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Review #11, by alicia and anneFor Eternity: The Becoming

26th April 2015:
Woo! I am finally here! Sorry it's an hour late. I had a nap like a loser haha.

I was instantly drawn in by that summary, I mainly felt pain go through me at seeing it :P But I had such a desperation to know what had happened and why?

I do like that he has a silver lining to his current predicament. "dead physically, but alive with spirit."

Oh no! Now I'm sad that he can't reach out to his family and have them know that he's there.

Someone can see him? Who is it!

Oh my god!! Fred! Fred is there! This has made me even sadder, but I'm so glad that Louis has seen him. So many conflicting emotions right now!

And he's met Narcissa, she said such kind and caring things to him, I really liked that.

I really can't think of who the first ghost is! :S Why can't I think of who it is?

This was amazing! So utterly heartbreakingly sad, but it was so incredibly written. You have such an amazing way with words, and you really tugged at my heart with this.

I'm so sad that he's dead! :(

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Review #12, by alicia and annePrimus: elegaics.

25th April 2015:
Once again I am so full of excitement!! :D

Aw why is he hiding? poor Scorpius, someone will find him. He won't be able to hide for long.

Awww he knows the exact number of days since they kissed! Hes so adorable!!

I had hoped that it was Albus that would find Scorpius :D

True love, obviously!

OKay they're being so adorable in how they're asking each other about valentines day!


*Needs to control herself*




This was so amazing and so adorable and I love it and you so much and I have a lot of feelings right now and it's so cute and just aw I want to hug them both for being so adorable and I'm not even making sense anymore and I'm just rambling but I can't seem to stop because they're both so perfect! As perfect as you and just . gah!!!

*runs out of breath and dies from the cuteness and adorableness of this*

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Review #13, by alicia and annecover story: one.

25th April 2015:
I am so excited right now! The excitement is so strong that I could dance happily!!! Just ah!!! :D

Hahahahah Harry has cake crumbs on his head! The image of that is enough to make me chuckle :D

What does Draco want from him?! I gots ta know!!! Awww and he's being nice and I love it already and I'm shipping them so badly together!! I can't wait to see what Draco wants from Harry!

I wonder what Dean and Seamus are up to? :P They better be flirting!

HELP HIM HARRY!!! Hahaha! He made him say please! :P

I am loving this already!! I seriously can't wait for more!! :D Fantastic work, hun!

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Review #14, by alicia and anneslytherin will rise: you and me

19th April 2015:
You know what's awesome? Apart from you of course! (Because you are very, very, very awesome) is stories about Slytherins! Especially those written about slytherins!

I have such a soft spot for stories about Slytherins. :D Especially cunniving ones!

It's so brilliant to see the mindset of why people have joined Voldemorts ranks, and their thought processes. So, often we never know their reasons, although we all know it's about power.

I just have to say that the way that you've written this as well, is purely breathtaking! You have such a beautiful way with words and I could read your gorgeous writing all day!

Although the line "Plants, house elves, Slytherins, these are the things that get forgotten when priorities are put in place." Made me feel really sad for them. No wonder they want power, if they're made to feel like they don't matter.

And they've changed their mind! They've seen the light of what being Voldemorts follower would do.

Oh god no! That ending broke my heart.
No! Just no! I think you've actually broken me. :( I'm so sad!

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Review #15, by alicia and anneZabini: Boy

19th April 2015:

Awww it's about his dad's, poor guy, going through a lot of them, just as he gets used to them, they're ripped away from him.

I wonder what's causing them all to die? What is his mother doing?

I absolutely love that he likes his sister so much, and I can't help but wonder if that will change when he goes to Hogwarts?

I can't wait to read more! And find out what's happening to them all!

So much excitement! :D

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Review #16, by alicia and anneLove Me Like You Do: Sick Day

18th April 2015:
Omg this is absolutely beautiful! And such a great thing to wake up to!

Horatio is perfect! So so perfect and I love him!! There's a very high chance I need to request a sequel where he finally wants Nik haha.

You included everyone! And it flowed so well! And everyone was there.

This is amazing! And I could gush so much about it because it's so headcanon and brilliant and it happens!

I need so many more like this!!!

Thanks Sam!! You're the best and I love you so much!

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Review #17, by alicia and anneJust the Way You Are: Just in Need

14th April 2015:
Hugo does look evil in that banner... what is he up to? What has he planned?

He's always up to something, I shouldn't be surprised if he does anything.

I'm glad that Josh didn't get told off, although professor Queen needs to not call Josh, miss! Check yo surroundings Professor Queen! Don't be difficult.

Awww I'm warming up to Queen now. And I hope that the teachers do have that meeting!
Hahaah he is totally an evil dictator!!

Can there ever be a story where Theo isn't mentioned? :P He is such a major part of the world (I say world, because he's basically a god! We all worship him!) and I love it! He's literally everywhere! No matter what it is, Theo is somewhere.

OK! I SHIP IT! I SHIP BURNS/QUEEN! QUERNS, BEENS! We'll think of one, don't worry! Lothan, Nagon, Nogon, Natgan, Narns, Quegan, Queenburns (The biggest burn of them all!)

Okay, I'm stopping.


Oh Joshua! Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to seeing how hurt the people are that he puts into hospital? . it is?. Meh! :P


*calms self*

Theo does know everything.

I love that Burns over heard them!

I've missed him! I didn't realise just how much until now! Make him be everywhere please!

Hehehehehehehehheeh Connor heheheheheheheehheehehehehehe

Who's stupid enough to start an argument with Hugo over whether or not he's right? Crazy people! That's who!!

AH! (My computer totally tried to make that AJ... he's not in this heart! Stop wishing he was everywhere!. what do you mean you want to see him everywhere? You want every damn character Sam has ever made in every story and chapter she writes. no, I'm not saying that's a bad thing! I would love it too, but the chapter will basically be a list. What?... well, yes, of course we would love it, Sam would have written it and we love her writing... Seriously, heart, stop this, we're trying to review here. we'll talk about this later, cool? Good. now where was I?)


Is Skander going to be in this?

Damn it, heart, stop this! Stop demanding characters!


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Review #18, by alicia and anneNow You've Seen: Now You've Seen

14th April 2015:

Oh Rabastan! I still can't get over what you've done in the last part! I wonder how they even began dating? And if he was ever nice?

I still want to hug her for being so blinded by his lies *hugs her so so tightly*

Did Rabastan ever want her? Did he ever feel something for her or was it just to get his way?

The urge to hug her is getting so strong now! :(

I'm so glad that she has all of her friends around her, and I think that she did love Rabastan, no matter what she says and it makes me so sad that Rabastan couldn't be nicer :( He's really broken her and I hate it.

Uh-oh! I really thought that Rabastan found her! But I'm glad that it was James, and I hope that his words get through to her. She needs to see that she's good and deserves them!

James is right! James is so full of wisdom and I am so glad that he got through to her!

Another amazing one shot in the series. I am loving it! and I can't wait to read more of your amazing and wonderful writing! I absolutely adore your stories, Leigh!!

So amazing! :D

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Review #19, by alicia and anneCan't You See?: Alright, Alright

14th April 2015:
I am loving Rabastan and Emmeline as a ship!

I love how taken she is with him, how she drinks in every word he says, how she believes it's going to be them against the world. I'm sad that it might not be for long :(

Her friends are trying to warn her, but she's obviously so in love with him that she's blinded. I just want to hug her! *hugs her tightly*

I'm glad that James spoke to her and tried to make her see sense. I have a feeling that Rabastan is either manipulating her, OR, he's being his true self around her, but needs to be different around other people. Stronger and more dark.

Nope, he's being evil, I was hoping that he wasn't like that, I was being naive like Emmmeline.

Oh no!!! Oh no, I wasn't expecting that ending! I need more! I want to see Rabastan being nice, and there a nice side to him!

An amazing one shot! I really enjoyed reading this and I felt so bad for Emmeline, I wished that things were different for her and that Rabastan wasn't that way.

I can't believe that he hurt her! :( Is she going to make it?

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

I loved writing naive Emmeline, and I was sad that it didn't last long too :( and yes her friends saw right through him!

And yeah he's definitely evil. :p he did hurt her terribly. I would have loved to write him a good guy, but they can't all be like that.

Thanks so much!

- Leigh xxx

Ps. I owe you like a thousand reviews and I promise I'll get to them soon! All the new chapters! :D

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Review #20, by alicia and anneJust the Way You Are: Just What Friends are For

14th April 2015:
Yeah!!! Lily is there and awesome! And Theo is a girl! And Harry and Audrey were mentioned and I'm so excited and yay! I can't even form sentences for how excited I am!

I hope that Josh manages to sort out sleeping arrangements soon, sleeping on the sofa isn't good for him!

And Hugo was staring at him!!! I demand to know why!!! Tell me everything!!!

Next chapter!! I love this and you!!! (I realised earlier in the bakery that I haven't declared my love for you in a while, and as besties/twins I feel i need to remind you more often!)

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Review #21, by alicia and anneJust the Way You Are: Just Plain Awkward

14th April 2015:
Aww josh has made the phone call! And told David!

I must say, in proud of how David reacted, he wasn't mean which I expected and he called Josh by his name. I hope that he comes around soon!

Jeremy is still an awesome 'big' brother!

Sorry it's not a longer review but I'm rushing as I'm on my break at work.

Keep up the awesome work!!

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Review #22, by alicia and anneFall from Grace: The End

8th April 2015:
I have so much fear right now! And I can't believe that someone beat me to reviewing!

Oh Harry! *hugs him so tightly* Just know that if you get them convicted I will be so mad at you! Do you really want that? DO YOU?!

AH NEAL GREAVES! Quick take pictures, Ollie!! . oh wait, inside joke between us :P

Ahhh why is he worried? NOw I'm worried! :O HUGO DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! TAKE THAT AURORS! Ah ha in your faces! Release my boys!



I love Hugo and Harry talking! They're so awesome! and I loved the lines about how Harry won't be able to always make them go away, annd Hugo just says "until that day, uncle Harry." Haahhahaha yes!!! O YES!!!

I'm a winter person too, Hugo! Does that mean I AM Hugo? :O

Was it Skander?! My adorable cute as a button innocent Skander? . hahaah I couldn't keep a straight face for long saying that hahahah


I absolutely adore this story, as you very well know by my badgering you for updates and any tiny piece of information I could get out of you about it! Now I can badger you for the sequel! Mwahahahahahahahaha

Absolutely brilliant, Sam!!! I can't wait to reread it and see all of the little clues I've missed and spot things that will make me go "my best friend is a brilliant evil genius of awesome! I love her!"

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Review #23, by alicia and anneBunny Slippers: The Longbottom Family

26th March 2015:
YAY! An Alice and Frank chapter! I haven't read enough of them and this makes me sad! I need to read more about them!

Oh no! They have a second son! This is going to end badly isn't it? :( I'm already devastated and I don't even know what's about to happen and I'm so scared... so very scared. please don't hurt Ben!

He's such an adorable and happy little boy, and so sweet, he's definitely Alice and Franks child!

Oh no! Benjamin! Lift Neville! You can do it! You can run! I can't watch! It's too terrifying! I'm so scared and so sad and I want to cry! *peers through fingers*


Denial is settling in right now, so much denial. Benjamin is fine and this is a nightmare *hums to myself and tries to block out the pain this is causing my heart and the stinging of tears in my eyes*

Oh god this was devastating! You've broken my heart this was so sad! I was expecting a happy story with bunny slippers and them having dinner... and then. and then you rip my heart out with your beautifully heartbreaking words and story and you make me feel so sad that I'm going to be sad for so long now!

Why did he have to go? *cries*

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much for stopping by to leave a review! Especially on this story. It's one of my favorites!

Pretty much everyone has realized that Benjamin's ending is going to be bad as soon as they read him. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to argue that. He is such a sweet, lovely boy, so it was really tough to kill him off.

The larger part of me wanted Benjamin to find a way to save Neville and get out, but I didn't want it to get too far along the AU spectrum.

I'm sorry that this was so sad. I really wanted to write Neville a happy story, but it wouldn't do justice to his life or the sacrifice his family made.

:hugs: Thank you so much for your review!


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Review #24, by alicia and anneCounselling with Callaghan.: Lydia Blackburn.

26th March 2015:
Oh! This is interesting! a story about reliving experiences by lycanthropy and it's effects. This is going to make me so sad, I can already tell.

It's a good idea for him to do this, and I'm all for it if it's going to help people and stop them suffering prejudices. But, I feel so bad for them for reliving their memories. :(

He really had to sit through a meeting about the protection of sheep? When they were meant to be talking about protection from Death Eaters? Hahaha why?! Why the sheep?! Hahaha Oh wow! Haha I can't stop laughing.

I want to hug Lydia, her being so upset makes me upset and makes me want to protect her from those that are trying to make her feel bad. They way that she talks, it's so obvious how much this pains her, and I hope that some good can come out of this talk to make things easier for people who suffer like Lydia. There needs to be a lot more awareness.

I like this Neil! He's doing such great work and he's a good guy!

I really enjoyed reading this, you really captured the things that Lydia was going through very well, and I think that your portrayed her PTSD perfectly. It flowed so well and it seemed so real, you must have done quite a bit of research into this, and it shows with how much thought you've put into it.

Keep up the fabulous work! And I would love to see more of this, to see where the research goes after the talk and if he manages to achieve better circumstances for sufferers.

Author's Response: Neil Callaghan is lovely. He's a character from our other collaborative fic, "The British Question," and we got so fond of him, we decided he needed his own story, and that some of the characters from our individual stories would benefit from meeting him. We're writing "The British Question" completely collaboratively, right down to editing each other's sentences as we write, at times, but in this one, we are each writing separate chapters and this one was mine (MargaretLane's).

The argument about sheep comes from chapter four of "The British Question" and yeah, we were both in hysterics writing it. Callaghan is simplifying it a bit here. Basically, there is something of an east-west divide in Ireland, with the west being poorer and more rural, so there are a couple of members of the Ministry from the west who feel the west is being overlooked and this one guy started complaining that the Fianna only cares about the urban areas and the Fianna representative started insulting the west, saying it was only inhabited by sheep anyway, and didn't need much protection - he just generally insults everybody - and it degenerated into a long argument.

Callaghan is being polite by calling Burke "outspoken". "Belligerent" might be nearer to the mark, or just "a bully".

Lydia is a character from my next generation and you're not the first reviewer to mention wanting to hug her (Leo: EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO HUG HER IS CLEARLY EVIL). She's been through a lot that's only hinted at here, including the events that caused the scarring on her face, a campaign to get her fired and a certain degree of alienation from her family, so she is struggling a little.

And it can't be easy, teaching while suffering PTSD symptoms, as she really wouldn't want to have a flashback or an anxiety attack in front of her students.

I did do a little research on PTSD, but a lot of it fit with how she was already acting anyway. My next gen series is currently about 70 chapters long and I have a separate one-shot about Lydia as a teenager, so yeah, I know a lot about her.

Really glad you liked this, especially since it's somewhat out of context here and there are a lot of things referenced, without being explained.

This story is going to be basically a collection of one-shots, so continuing chapters might not exactly follow on or have much to do with lycanthropy. He has other issues he's interested in too.

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Review #25, by alicia and anneStand Tall: Hands Touch

26th March 2015:
Alba is so different already and it really sets her apart from other main characters I've read about. It makes me want to know so much more about her.

Awww! And now I know where the story title came from! And she's met James! And it was an adorable first meeting! "Hullo, just-a-girl," I loved this! And he took her hand and they went in together! I want them to be the best of friends! :D

Hahaha I have a hilarious mental image of James just bursting into random compartments and puffing his chest out hahahah. :D

I love their chemistry with each other, they bounce off of each other so well and it's easy to tell how fantastically they get along with each other. :D You've written that brilliantly! It's so real and true to life. :D

I DO NOT LIKE THIS CHANDRA! She needs to leave and not be a big meanie!! I'm glad that Alba just whipped her wand out to clean out the mess. Go away Chandra! *Sticks tongue out*

A brilliant first chapter! It's so unique already and I cannot wait at all to read more of this, I can already tell is going to be, amazing story! And I can't wait to see how the Triwizard tournament plays in this!

Fantastic work! I cannot wait to read more of your beautiful work

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