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Review #1, by alicia and anneSirrah Malfoy: Revenge

31st August 2015:
I am back! And I am tired and exhausted and I hope that you like these reviews that you are going to wake up to because you deserve to have lovely reviews!

AND THERE'S MORE JAMES! This brings me joy!

Awww she crawled underneath the window, can you imagine how funny that would have been if he had opened the door and saw her? Hahaha

Just think if he had kissed her because he wanted to then they could have been kissing for quite some time! Instead of her feeling annoyed that it had been a dare. Although I loved it haha.

I kinda hope that her friends go and yell at him for doing it! He'd deserve it!

Oh revenge plans! I love them! :D

But look at his thoughts and feelings! He likes her! Aw oh no! this is going to end badly for himand I don't want it to, I want it to end so well for them!

Ahhh, I see what they're doing now, and they're right to! You can't just force your kisses onto someone without permission first!

I can't wait to read more! and I so wish that I could do more tonight, but I'm starting to feel sick :( So I'm going to have to cut this short and go to bed. BUT! I shall review when I wake up :D So don't you worry! I will be back!

Author's Response: Yes! Of course I love these reviews, I love all your reviews! You are amazing!

Yes, more James! And Sirrah! lol, I loved writing her crawling under the window. But I think she'd be completely mortified if he had opened the door just then and found her on the floor but I'm sure she would have played it off all cool like. Sirrah doesn't miss a beat.

Haha, well they really didn't know each other at all before he was dared so I don't really know if that ever would have happened or not...

Yes, revenge plans!

James does have feelings. Lol, I'm not the biggest fan of their revenge but it was funny to write.

I'm so glad you're excited to read more! I hope you rest up and feel better when you wake up!

Thanks again for all the lovely reviews!


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Review #2, by alicia and anneCruel Inheritance: The Morning After

30th August 2015:
That first line speaks to me so much right now.

Although our reasons for no sleep are different haha.

Transgression? Oh what's happened? OH! it's the secret! I get ya now, I probably should have read the next line before I started with the questions. *nods*

Oh Sirius, I understand why they're all doing it, but you don't deserve it and I want to hug you!

Awww he's with Marlene and there's sparks from before and I want them to have more kisses!

Although I'm glad that she's not ignoring him like the others. Although he does need that lecture she gave him.

Awww he's making me sad :( I wish that I could hug him and make it go away.

Oh god, that ending has killed me, I have shattered pieces of heart now and he's broken and I want to fix him! Please let Marlene fix him!

I loved this! You are so wonderful and your writing is so epically brilliant and I hope that you've written more Blackkinnon, or are hoping to because I love them so much!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

I really like you you wrote this review as you went - I don't see that style very often and I think it's great!

I was a little worried people would be confused about when this was taking place, but it seems like it makes some sense? Kind of? So that's good.

and, ummm. "You are so wonderful and your writing is so epically brilliant"
--> Can I hire you to hang out with me on bad days and make me feel better? Yes? I'll bring cookies. ;)

I do have an idea for a Blackinnon novel, but it's a ways down my list of upcoming projects. We'll see.

Your review is just the nicest. Thanks again dear!

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Review #3, by alicia and anneThe Netted Sunbeam: The Netted Sunbeam

30th August 2015:
Oh yes! Is this a sequel to the other one I just read? If so I am so excited!

I still love how everyone just seems so taken by Tristan already, and I am one of those people!

I like how he came to find her because he was bored and wanted to find someone he wanted to be with :D

Awww he's talking about kissing her! I want him to kiss her so badly!


Aww look at them being caught and lying! I wonder how long until it all gets out that they're seeing each other.

I want them to court! I want it so badly!

so... I'm going to need you to write millions of stories about these two? and I shall wait here patiently for them and love them so much!

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Review #4, by alicia and anneSirrah Malfoy: Incident

30th August 2015:
I am excited about this mystery man, and the chapter picture is amazing! He looks really familiar and I can't work out what film/tv show I've seen him in...

Anyways! onto the wonderful story!

I understand why Kenny is in a daydream about Talon... Those Nott boys put everyone in a daydream... oh wait, is that just me?

I am so jealous of this personal villa in Rome! So very jealous!


*highfives Sirrah* YES! WHO DOES LIKE LICORICE? PEople who shouldn't be trusted to make important sweet decisions!

Oh that kiss sounded good, as did the slap!

Awww Scorpius is being protective! I love that! Please tell me that I have more James and Sirrah goodness coming my way :D

Author's Response: Haha, I forgot about the chapter images! I'm glad you like them, and the guy is Kevin Zegers, he's been in a bunch of things. Haha, it may just be you who's crazy about those Nott boys, lol, along with Harry and maybe Blaise? Eh, who am I kidding, I love them, too.

I know, right? I would love a personal villa anywhere really...

Yes, it's James, lol. Haha, I hate licorice so I had to put that in there.

Hahaha, I am loving this review.

Scorpius being protective... that's a new one. I think he's looking out for himself more than anything, he's also not a fan of James Potter.

There is quite a bit more Sirrah and James goodness, I promise!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by alicia and anneThe Thing With Feathers: First Impressions

30th August 2015:
Oh Tristan, I have a feeling that he is going to remind me so much of James :D

I can understand why she doesn't want to get to know this guy if he's all she ever hears about. I wouldn't want to either!

Haha I love that she is really tired of hearing about Tristan, it reminds me of James and Lily so much and I love that!

And now I can't help but wonder what his job was in the Ministry! I wonder if it was Auror or something? I wanna bet Auror.

I can't help but wonder how much he's heard about Iz in all this time that they haven't met? :D

Poor guy doesn't deserve the cold treatment, but I know why she's doing it, I wonder if he knows that he's the most talked about person in the village?

Oh, he has heard a lot about her :D I love it!

OMG I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He's brilliant!!

I can't wait to see more of this wonderful story!

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Review #6, by alicia and anneFaith, Trust, and Crystal Balls: Step One

30th August 2015:
Wo Sybill! Look at her trying her hardest to pursue her dreams, I love that she isn't giving up, even though others don't want her to do it and she's been rejected time and time again.

Awww yay! Has she got a job and her parents approval? This is an exciting moment for us all! :D

Wow, she has really fallen on her feet, and I love that it's working out so well for her so far.

I can't wait to see where the romance comes into this story, and I am so excited about seeing where you take this charming and wonderful story! It's brilliant so far! :D You've done a really good job

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Review #7, by alicia and anneFirewhiskey: Chapter 1

30th August 2015:
I do love a good Charlie story and I am so intrigued by the idea of a Charlie and Madam Pomfrey romance! It's going to be good, I can tell already!

I really love that he stayed to help rebuild the castle, it must have been so hard for him with the memory of Fred, and of the young boy who died. :(

And Rosmerta is waiting with a firewhiskey for him, because she knows! :(

I absolutely adore the idea of the memorial wall, and how broken he became at putting the names onto it. Not only did he lose Fred, but he also lost Tonks :(

Awww look at her saying that he didn't seem old enough to be working with Dragons, if it wasn't such a sad moment I would have thought that was a line she used on him. :P

And he's crying, and I want to cry :( And I'm glad that Poppy is there.

Aw I loved this and the way that you wrote them together. They just seemed to come naturally together, and they didn't seem forced. They seemed like they were meant to be and now I'm questioning why they haven't been a thing before hand! I just want more of them! And more of your amazing writing!

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Review #8, by alicia and anneto the end of time: Move In

30th August 2015:
:O SHE'S ASKED HER TO MOVE IN! *breathes deeply* Be still my shipping heart, they may not be together yet... but this could be the start of everything! Just think of the tension at being around each other all the time... yes... yes this is good! This is awesome!

Padma is right, she's never going to be able to keep this a secret, but I don't want her to. I want Lavender to know, and Lavender to reveal her own secret love AND I'M BACK TO SHOUTING WITH ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT!!!

Please update soon, and let me know when you have so that I can read this awesomeness and read what happens because I am shipping them so hard right now if you haven't noticed.

Seriously, this ship is just pure love! And you're such a brilliant writer in getting me to ship them so hard! And I never thought that I would ever love a Lavender pairing that wasn't Lavender/Theo. This is my second favourite Lavender pairing ever!

I love it and you!

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Review #9, by alicia and anneto the end of time: Should Have Said

30th August 2015:
:O She needs to tell Lavender something. I am holding out hope that it's a declaration of love. Please be a declaration of love!



OH THANK GOD! SHE'S GOING TO LIVE! I would have been so devastated if she had died.

I'm sorry that most of this review was shouty, but there was excitement and anger at the war and sadness... so much sadness. I am just in a glass case of emotion right now!

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Review #10, by alicia and anneto the end of time: My Sweetheart

30th August 2015:
Oh Lavender! You need to realise that Ron is not the one for you! It's Parvati (or Theodore Nott... depending on what world we're talking about :P) BUT PARVATI IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

I know that it's not time for their relationship to shine, but I want it to shine goddamn it!

Parvati would love a necklace like that! Just saying... probably... :P

Oh no, please don't fight! unless you're going to do some make up kissing. then fight! :P

Phew, no arguing, that's good, and now they can hang out together.

I need so much more! I just am on the edge of my seat waiting for them to kiss and I want it so badly.

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Review #11, by alicia and anneThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Bitter Conversations

30th August 2015:
I am back to this story, I could have sworn that I reviewed this one, because I remember us swapping Percy and Audrey stories. Huh, I am here now anyways! :D

Poor Audrey, she has so much going on, she must be so exhausted! I wish that she could get a better job, but I love how different she is in having it. She seems so different to Percy, and I know that she's going to be wonderful for him.

Oh no! Percy is there and he seems drunk, I'm glad that Audrey was the one to find him. I'm glad that she took him to hers to make sure that he didn't end up in a gutter somewhere.

Awww he finds her cute and I love it so much!!

I seriously love your Percy so much! He's so angry and yet so nice, and I love that he keeps calling her cute.


Author's Response: HellO!

Thanks for stopping by and I think that we did swap with this story once before! It may have been a long time ago though. Welcome back!

Audrey does have a lot going on and I think that with her kind of lifestyle, she wouldn't have that much energy. It's amazing that she can function at all though but the fact that she can't get another job just yet just makes me cringe sometimes. I think that Audrey would have a good influence on Percy, she'll make him live.

Audrey is a pretty nice person deep down so I don't think that she would have left Percy anywhere. At least, I hope not. I think Percy finds anyone crabbier than him adorable. Hahahaha.

I love this version of Percy too! :3

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again! :D

Much love,


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Review #12, by alicia and anneto the end of time: The Yule Ball

30th August 2015:
Aw they're going to dance! and they're going to be adorable and oh so cute! And I love them!

I'm not sure if you've worked out from previous reviews from me... but I kind of love this pairing... I just wanted to make you aware of it just incase I wasn't clear :P

I'm glad that they didn't argue for long over Ron. I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHERE DEAN AND SEAMUS ARE! THEY'RE OFF BEING IN LOVE!

Aww they're so adorable, and she is crushing so hard on Lavender and I want them to get together so badly and I want it to happen right now, but I am loving this slow burn, and yet I want them to kiss, but I love the looks. And I don't even know what I want anymore! SO many emotions!

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Review #13, by alicia and anneto the end of time: Just a Phase

30th August 2015:

Huh... it's 1am for me as well! :O Am I in this story right now? Have I entered an alternative universe?

I love that they have sleepovers so much! And that they're with people from different houses too. And theyre asking who fancies who! :D hehehe

I wonder who they all fancy? I am so intrigued!

Awww Susan likes Ernie! They would be so cute together!

:O PARVATI HAS LOOKED OVER AT LAVENDER AND I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW!!! Awww no she said Harry! Parvati I wish that you had said Lavender so that you could kiss already! but I shall wait! haha :D

I can't wait for more! I am going to the next chapter right now! :D

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Review #14, by alicia and anneWhere The Wind Takes Me: The Second Chapter

30th August 2015:

I don't think that she killed her either, I am agreeing with Frank here.

Oh Alice, Frank knows that you're only snapping because you're worried abotu your sister. Aw that story about how he had loved flowers until that day made me sad. Neville is so much like him with his love for Herbology and it makes me so sad that he never got to witness the love that Neville had for the plants too. and now I'm making myself sad all over again!

Oh no, the press are there! That's not good at all!


Wonderful chapter! :D

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Review #15, by alicia and anneSirrah Malfoy: Slytherins

30th August 2015:
I'm here for chapter two! :D The excitement is strong!

I must say that I am loving the chapter pictures :D as well as the quote on it haha. I can't wait to see what that one is all about.

I love that Blaise has named his son Tybalt! That seems like such a Blaise thing to do! He sounds a lot like my Blaise does :P

I love Sirrah, so so much! The way that she talks about people is hilarious!

YES! A NOTT! The excitement is stronger! I love Sirrah's reasoning as for why she is not meat haha :D

He sounds like the spitting image of his father Theo! Beautiful person!

Hahaha once again, I love Sirrah. So. much. And her dream is just fabulous!

I am also loving Kenny! I am shipping Talon and Kenny now and noone can stop me!


Author's Response: Ahaha, this is amazing. I'm am so happy you love Sirrah, and how she acts. She's kind of ridiculous in the beginning and I miss her being like this. I love that Blaise named his son Tybalt as well. I had a lot of fun picking names for the Slytherins. And yes, there's a Nott, of course. But he's not as similar to your Theo as you may think... I also already have a ship in mind for Kenny but it's not with Talon and that's all I'm saying...

I can't wait to read the rest of your reviews! You are so awesome!


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Review #16, by alicia and anneWritten in the Stars: Amidst the Thorns

30th August 2015:
You really use some brilliant descriptions in your stories. I have so much envy right now! You must teach me your ways!

I love that she's so taken with him and that she wants to have him fall for her too, and it's not until you remember what she does in the future that you realise the real meaning of her lines that she would have his heart in the place of her own.

I feel so sorry for Merope, she's trying so hard to keep the place clean, but the boys are no help at all.

You've really made her come alive in this, you've really given her a voice and shown that she wasn't just that scared and timid girl from what we knew. That when her brother and father aren't around to belittle her and knock her confidence that she can be happy and enjoy things, and I think that's brilliant :D

Awww she protected him! And he noticed and felt guilty for leaving her.

I love that she was free now, and that she was getting her confidence back from them not being around her.

Awww she's going to get a job there! She's going to be close to him!

She's so adorable in front of him! I just want to see them be so happy together!

And she's made the potion and he's winked at her even though she hasn't given him the potion yet, and I just love them so much! I wish that he had fallen for her without the potion.

No! YOU CAN'T END IT THERE! I NEED MORE!!! Ahhh I love this already! I just want so much more haha

This is brilliant! Such a wonderfully written story, and I love how you've made it so that she manages to give Tom the potion.

I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for this review. You are such a review-writing superstar! I'm sorry you're feeling ill, by the way. I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you :D I really love coming up with descriptions, so that just means so much to me!

I really wanted to write a Merope that could take charge of her own fate, as well. I mean, she's been an abuse victim all her life, so obviously there's a lot of timidity there, and a desperation for love, but I didn't want her to be totally helpless all the time.

I actually imagined that Tom Riddle Jr. would have taken a bit after his mother. You can say a lot about Voldemort, but he didn't lack for gumption. I just didn't see that as being a big trait for Tom Riddle Sr. Merope, however, almost had to have had it, to do what she did. She also has an enormous void in her life, and she's looking to fill it with love. Voldemort lacked the ability to love, so he sought to fill his void with power. But still, it's a bit of the same thing, especially as they were both willing to go to almost any length to achieve what they wanted (Merope, however, seems to have been capable of remorse, unlike her son).

Me too! I actually surprised myself as I was writing it. I was like, "But wait? They're...kinda cute? I sort of ship it? Why can't it work?" Alas. Still, I like that shred of possibility, like maybe things could have had a chance, if Merope hadn't taken the choice out of Tom's hands.

Probably not.

Almost certainly not.

But maybe.

I think Merope is such a tragic tale. She just wants love, and she genuinely believes all her actions are conscionable. She's come from such a terrible place and is looking for security and acceptance.

And I feel like Tom Sr. gets painted with a pretty tarred brush, but he doesn't really ever do much that's cruel, canonically. He talks a bit unkindly about the "eyesore" of the Gaunt shack when he's with Cecilia, but it was *true* and he didn't know anyone could hear him. Besides, I imagine him being a bit of a "go along with the crowd, don't make waves" type.

And it was unkind to laugh when the Ministry official ran into Cecila's horse, maybe, but he was also wearing some ridiculous outfit that I think involved a 1920s bathing suit? I mean, someone just runs out of the woods in some ridiculous outfit? Probably lots of people would have laughed.

And we know he leaves Merope, but he was also essentially date-raped and kept drugged for a year, so I find it hard to blame him too much for that. He didn't consent to all that, after all.

I imagine him as a bit of a flirt, and maybe a bit of a coward, but you're right--he feels bad about leaving Merope behind, even when his mind has practically exploded because he just witnessed magic, and he was attacked! I've really enjoyed exploring the possibilities of both characters. I've found them much, much more sympathetic than I expected to.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon!

Thank you again for this lovely, lovely review :D


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Review #17, by alicia and anneThe Interpreter: The Interpreter

30th August 2015:
I don't know if I've read a Barty centered fic? I am excited!!

Awww it's so adorable how he got his love for languages, it was really sweet.

He knows so many languages! And I love how dedicated he is to them! He seems to take to them much like a duck takes to water.

Ahhh! So that's how he learnt how to speak mermish! I love it! I wonder how many languages he knows now?

I love how you've started each new paragraph after the break with the same sentence. It all fits so well and just adds so much to the story because of how different it is each time.

Oh wow! 200 languages is a lot! He must get confused at times and sometimes just speak to people in a large mix of languages without realising.

Oh no! And now that ending has made me so sad! :(

I love the idea of this story so much! It's just brilliant! And I just have to ask how many languages you know?

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Review #18, by alicia and anneBehind His Desk: Behind His Desk

30th August 2015:
Okay I had to read this twice, because that ending shocked me. I was trying to work out why he had all of those names in front of him, and what purpose they were serving. And then I realised he was in the portrait and I am literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open in shock!

I was not expecting that at all!

That was brilliant! and now that I'm rereading it I'm noticing those small moments that you wrote that hint at him being in his portrait!

That was very sneaky :P That was utterly genius!

Ahhh I loved this!

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks!

I definitely did leave hints throughout the story, and it's been really interesting for me to read peoples' reviews and see at what point they figure it out. No matter how long it takes them, it is always best when they re-read it so that they see how everything comes together. I'm glad I made it so short so that that's easy!

Thank you so much!


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Review #19, by alicia and anneConstant Vigilance: Nymphadora

30th August 2015:
I think that's one of the nicest things that I've ever heard Moody saying. :P

Aww oh Tonks! I bet it went a lot better than she thought it had. Although working with Dawlish can't have been easy if he's short tempered and impatient.

Oh that sounds epic, a hot bubble bath and alcohol! I'm tempted to do that myself.

Oh no! Someone's in her place! And... and they cleaned? What kind of intruder is this?! The best kind I'm thinking!

Aw! Okayy this is the best thing I've read about Moody! He's brilliant! and I absolutely love how fond he is of Tonks. And they're together?! I really didn't see that coming at all!

AHHH I LOVE THIS! And I want more Tonks and Mad eye!!! I didnt' know that this was everything I needed until this moment! And I NEED SO MUCH MORE!!!

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Review #20, by alicia and anneTom. : Ginny.

30th August 2015:
Oh Ginny, I just feel so much for her in that moment. I want to help her out so badly, I want to be there for her.

You've done an amazing job at portraying her feelings for Tom, for the one person who seems to care the most about her. Her infatuation is evident in your words, and you've done a perfect job at describing everything. It's just all so brilliant!

This was just such an amazing one shot. I love that if you read this as Ginny would, Tom would seem so nice and loving. But reading it as someone who knows that it's Voldemort, it instantly becomes sinister and creepy.

Just amazing!

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Review #21, by alicia and anneThis Final Adventure : Chapter 3

30th August 2015:
I was so excited when you told me that you had updated this, and I'm so glad that you told me :D

You've painted such a brilliant scene, and I can imagine the cave that they've gone in so vividly.

Oh Kreacher! Even though he's scared he's still there for Regulus because he needs him.

You've written Voldemort so terrifying, and I love it. I love how his voice is like ice, and how he asked questions he doesn't want answers to. You've done a brilliant job with his character!

No! I don't want to cry, and now Kreacher is telling him not to do it and not to go and he's crying and I want to cry and why are you doing this to me?

Ahhh why must you leave me with cliffhangers? I need so much more! Keep up the amazing writing and I can't wait to one day read more.

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Review #22, by alicia and anneEyes Like Skies: Your dreamer’s eyes light up the way they only do for me

30th August 2015:
I love second person so much, and you've done a wonderful job of it!

Awww I absolutely love them so much! They seem so happy together and I love how Imogen thinks that Dom is reading minds so tests that out haha.

I absolutely love the line "I love you so much my heart hurts" I am so happy about how much love they have for each other and you've done an absolutely amazing job at showing it.

This is just so brilliant! I need so much more of them!

I didn't even realise that this was only 500 words until I looked at the word count. You've done a fantastic job at this and it just seemed like so much more! I love this!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for this review, Tammi!

And go you for being super nice and reviewing all those stories, you're a champ!

I'm actually not sure if this could properly be called second person - It's really first person, it's just that the POV character is focusing so much on someone else... On the other hand, she does call Dom 'you' and not 'she' or, well, 'Dom' so it's a sort of pseudo second person I guess, haha. I'm super stoked that you think I did it well, too, because this was a style experiment for me, and the only reason I wrote this way was that Imogen demanded the story to be told like this.

They are definitely super happy together here. It's early in their relationship and a sort of 'honeymoon period' but I definitely think they're a great match and will do well together even after the infatuation fades... It's great to hear that I'm doing a good job at showing their happiness. : )

If you need more of the two of them, you should totally check out the story this is a sequel to, if you haven't already. It's called Red Silk, and is from Dominique's perspective (and in third person, because that's how she wanted her story told, these are some moody characters).

It's funny that you should mention that this feels longer than 500 words, because that's what a lot of people said about Red Silk too. Just as with that story I think the reason that it feels longer is that this is the length the story naturally ended up at when I sat down to write, I didn't have to force it at all.

Again, thanks for stopping by, your review-o-tastic you!


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Review #23, by alicia and anneThe Fires of St Anthony: Alpdrücke

30th August 2015:
Now... that right there is quite a summary! So intriguing and I can't wait to find out the meaning behind it all :D

You know that it's going to be good when it starts on a ship :D

Durmstrang just sounds like an epic school! I wish that I had learnt piracy on the high seas. I am so jealous right now!

I love the comparrisons of the three schools and how they sort the younger students. Beauxbatons sounds like you could get lost for ages, whereas Durmstrangs sounds terrifying! You could actually die from it! I would hate to be sent to that school just for that reason!

I love that the school is just full of drunks haha.

Oh god I don't know what's happening to that boy, but I am terrified!

I need to read more! I need to find out if those first years make it. I am so terrified right now and I am loving it!

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Review #24, by alicia and anneGravel on the Ground: From the Ashes: Chapter 3

30th August 2015:
Albus and Minerva's friendship is epic!

And she must have something on her mind if she hasn't moaned about Argus!

Awww poor Sadie, having a fear or distrust of wands, I hope that she can get over that and use one. But I'm so happy that she's doing very well in other subjects though. I agree with Albus, she's going to surprise us.

Molly's house is definitely the best place for her if they want her to feel loved again. I don't think that there's another place in the wizarding world that would fit that criteria.

I agree that she needs a lot of help too, but I know that Minerva and the Weasley's and everyone else will be there to help her and get her through it. The just need to give her time. And I can't wait to see more of her as this story carries on. I feel attached to her and want only the best for her.

Awww she's so happy about new shoes and I could just cry! I want to protect her so much and give her everything that she wants.

I love this! And I need to carry on and read more!

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Review #25, by alicia and anneThe Internal Monologue of Louis Arnaud Weasley: Faustina

30th August 2015:
Oh, who is this woman and how can they see her, is she dead? Is she a keeper of the Thestrals?

I am so intrigued by Faustina and I want to know more about her, how did she get there? Who is she?

Your descriptions are beautiful, they're so detailed and fabulous and they add so much to the story without it being too much. The flow is incredible and I absolutely adore this!

Ahhh! That explains why he can see her. Her father sounds like a horrible person and I feel sorry for her for going through it.

I feel so sorry for Faustina!

Although who has she found?

Ahhh this was brilliant! This is so original and I am hooked already. I can't wait to read more and find out who she's found.

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