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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryoteA 1960s Cadillac: The Art of Angst

15th January 2017:
PLUMS! Plums, letís not talk about this list of christmas stuff that Iíve left until itís too late. Thatíll make me feel bad. Letís also not talk about how even though I havenít reviewed everything (Iím lazy), Iíve read just about everything on your AP.

I swear everything you write is just pure gold, even crackfics. I have so many feels right now! Like I know this is so troped up. I know. That doesn't make me love it any less.

I donít even care about the terrible names. I donít. Iím just happy to read your dialogue. Poor Al and his daily brooding. Do you think he pencils it into his schedule or?? "The loins of the Savior." I'm literally dying. No, not figuratively, no not abusing the word literally. I nearly choked on my cereal and itís 100% because of you. Iíd die in the name of your beautiful writing though.

Malfoy is legit perfect. Like holy guacamole youíve caught the essence of everything that poor Scorpius is subjected to by fanfic writers. Or poor baby vampire fledgling.

ďAngst is so difficult to look past so he needs a girl that will be willing to forget her social life for him.Ē Who even has time for that.

ďShe's even reading a book. A book!Ē Well no one can really blame him them. It must be love.

Iím dying about the whole literal dying bit. Oh my, heís so over the top itís beautiful.

ďfeel their loins burst into flames at the sight of each other.Ē is that what itís supposed to do? I think they should get that checked out.

Did I mention how much I love your dialogue? "You probably should do that. It's a lot nicer than your real name." I so love your dialogue.

Iím just imagining what exactly Claw Territory would be and I can see like a bunch of angry fellow nerds in the library suddenly start snapping menacingly in leather jackets if a Slytherin walks in and tries to check out a book.

ďMatty shifts and Al sees the two fingers crossed behind his back.Ē Wow. What a baddie.

The concussion line was amazing and I want that to be a staple in every fic ever now. Make it so.

Yes it was terrible. But it was also amazing. Like the Big Lebowski. A cult classic even though yikes.

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Clichť Life: The One Where You Snog In A Small Space

15th January 2017:

UMM. More Al/OC?! this is why I camp out here. Also, Gryffindor Al? WUT. I love it.

I love the semi acceptance but also dislike that she has for Rose. I mean Rose is a handful and a bit over the top so yeah. Sounds right.

Ooh I love all the unsorted tension and witty comments. Itís totally how I love my Al/OCs. You already know this because I think Iíve been saying this since I started reading anything youíve ever written since the dawn of time itself.

Mwahaha! Yes! I love a good broom closet fic. Doesnít need the actual broom closet to be a broom closet fic.

"I'm amazing at that spell." Tbh, heís so cute. Also his phobia is tbh so cute.

Oh man. The Carrowsí Dungeon. Thanks for dredging up bad stuff when I was enjoying angsty fluff. Although if the Carrows knew what it was being used for theyíd probably roll over in their graves.


Can I complain for a moment that this is only a one shot? I mean I know that youíre busy with your life and canít completely tailor your time to my reading whims...butÖ.what you could. ;)

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: Whispers

8th January 2017:

I'm in love with this story and I was going to read all five posted chapters but I'm not now because I'm saving them for a seven hour car ride I've got on Thursday.

The beginning of the story really has set up so much suspense and I'm dying to know more. What happened on the fifteenth of July? WHAT HAPPENED? SHE'S NOT EVEN TALKING TO HER TWIN! They were wombmates! And when he does talk to her it's all "Rob this, Rob that." He doesn't even seem slightly concerned about what she's going through. Rob is going to be an interesting character. He doesn't seem like the typical ex boyfriend by any means. He really didn't take that apology very graciously which makes me want to know more about what happened in their relationship and how close they were and how this Chris fellow must be something in their relationship by the bitterness he shows just mentioning him.

I like that you picked triwizard year for this story. I love that year and it seems like it's so often glossed over. I do agree that Angelina would be brilliant in the tournament and despite the heaviness of this first chapter, it's nice to see idle chitchat among the students. After all, they are teenagers. Even through the dark, heavy subjects they'll come back with a sense of humor (ie. talking about being chased by death eaters).

Whatever happened on the fifteenth of July is clearly not common knowledge as no one else seems to know about it other than Rob, Cate, and Tommy. I think it seems like Chris must have also been involved but he's also not at Hogwarts so that makes me wonder if perhaps he's a muggle or maybe he's older or maybe he goes to another school. An accident! Names in the paper! CLUES! Who is Chris? Is he even alive? Oh I can't wait for the next chapter!

I think I'm also really going to like Cate's character. I do love the artist types. Especially since she's a tortured soul at the moment. When she finds her muse her artwork will no doubt be exceptional. She seems to be a bit wild, despite being a prefect. I like that complex contradiction. She's apparently always going on adventures. I wonder if the accident was an adventure gone wrong? She's a very strong character, fighting against whatever it is that's haunting her with such resolution.

I really think you've crafted a lovely story so far and the flow is so strong. It was so easy to move sentence to sentence, scene to scene. This is a really strong first chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again, Paula!

*blushes* I'm so happy you like it! This story is kind of my baby, and I'm touched that you're going to save the rest of the chapters to read at a later date :D

Nope, Cate and Tommy are definitely not talking at the beginning of this. They have a lot of issues to resolve, and they're quite different people. She's the kind of person that bottles things up before she explodes, and it doesn't help that people go around blaming her. As for what happened: you're just going to keep reading and see if you can figure out the puzzle! Because I'm trying to make it a puzzle, hopefully it works out that way. ♥

Rob is definitely not a typical ex. The four of them (Cate, Rob, Chris, and Tom) all are VERY connected and have strong pasts together, which will come to play later on in the story.

I love the triwizard year! If for nothing else the Yule Ball, but it's actually the perfect set-up for a scene I have planned for in the future.

Good, I'm glad! I try to keep some of the lightheardness of teenagers in this piece, so I'm relieved that you found it believable with humor.

Nope, it's not common knowledge at all, it's part of the mystery ;) Lots of clues! I can't answer those because they'll be sprinkled in throughout the next couple of chapters.

She's definitely a tortured soul/artist at the moment, and she IS a bit wild. I didn't want her to be the stereotypical uptight Prefect who falls in love with a prankster, y'know? Erm, I MEAN. XD Ahem. Cate's definitely stronger than she gives herself credit for; there was a reason she was sorted into Gryffindor, after all!

Thank you so much again, Paula!

♥ Jill

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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: Shadows

8th January 2017:
WHOA. HELLO, hello, HELLO. Let's again ignore how late I am. I got caught up in traveling and making terrible graphics.

When I opened this chapter to see that she was dueling someone I had to immediately switch back and check if I missed something. Coming back and reading the third line clarified for me and if I weren't so impatient I would have been fine. I love how easily the banter flows for Cate and Lee and the twins. Cate is my favorite person in the history of people. As soon as I read ďMaybe you need to open yourself up to the magic" I literally asked myself the same thing as what she said. She's hilarious.

I can't began to imagine how stressed and on edge she must be if she isn't sleeping. The whispers must be driving her completely mad. Honestly, I'm exhausted for her. Not eating, not sleeping. I think she should go see Madam Pomfrey and get pumped with potions and maybe some therapy. Definitely some therapy.

I still hate Rob. I hate all of them. But only because CATE IS SO SAD AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE UNDERSTANDING AND KIND TO HER BECAUSE SHE'S A PRECIOUS ANGEL BABY. Of course she pushed him away. She was grieving and dealing with it all and he should just understand. I want to smack the snot out of him. Ugh. Rob. If you have one of the twins punch him in the face by the end of this story I'll leave you like ten reviews on anything you want. It's not bribery, it's just doing what's right.

You seriously write the twins so well. There they are! My precious babies! Fred and George must have really been quite brilliant to come up with all the products they came up with. It's just that they don't find school to be the thing to apply the brilliance to. ďWhile Iím flattered that our silence worries you, Cat, trust me when I say that you wonít have to be worried for long." OH NO.


Author's Response: Hello! Welcome back! :D

Yeah, Cate and Tommy have a very strained relationship. It's partially due to personality clash (despite the fact that they're in the same house) and partially due to some other things that will be revealed later on - and partially because Tommy doesn't "approve" of Cate's taste in friends and she doesn't think she needs his approval on that.

Haha, it is a real thing, but it might not be as big of a deal as Tommy's making it out to be. He's mostly not telling her because it's not his place to tell her - he's protecting someone and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I hadn't even planned that as intentional paralleling, but it does work out quite nicely, doesn't it? XD

I'm not sure if you're supposed to believe that she's to blame. That's just what Tommy thinks, but... spoilers.

I'm so glad you like the characterization of the twins! I struggle to write humor, so I'm so glad they seem straight from the page because that's really important to me. ♥

The quarry is the place where everything happened, yes. And no, it wasn't her fault to not use magic, but now that she's realizing it afterwards, and she had this tool to save him, she feels guilty that she didn't do it even though her reaction at the time was completely justified.

Bahaha, her prick of a brother. I can't wait for you to read future chapters :')

Eep! Thank you thank you! This story is my baby so I'm so pleased when people like it so much.

And your reviews are always amazing. ♥

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Review #5, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: Allies

8th January 2017:
Low key SCREECHING because I read this before nano but somehow didn't leave a review like I thought I did. I was checking my half written reviews and found it there! So I'm making it up to you!

Rob is completely losing it, but he really, really should do something to relieve Cate's guilt. If he ever cared for her in the slightest, he would. I'm angry at how everyone has been treating her. It's so undeserved.

I'm curious as to why Tom didn't like Cate or what the issue there was. Like I get the whole brother doesn't want his sister in bed with a friend, I truly do, but he's just so severe on her that I can't help but wonder if there's something more going on to cause this animosity.

Old Cate used to be such a fun, carefree person and it stings to read the contrast to the Cate we are currently seeing. Obviously he didn't push him, but really, these kids need some serious therapy. The guilt and the anger is absolutely consuming them to the point that it's ruining their lives.

ďIímÖ fine. Hanging in there.Ē I don't know if this was meant to be humor (it was a very tense moment) but I died laughing at this. I'm just imagining him standing out there screaming, full of emotion, and then, uh, yeah, i'm cool. just hanging in there.

Silently cheering Angelina on because dear heavens above this boy needs someone, anyone to talk to. AND SHE GOT HIM TO SMILE SO NOW I SHIP IT. Like I know people can just be friends...but...I SHIP IT.

Mentioning Tom wanting to be an obliviator brings to mind the fact that at some point I wanted to write a story about a back alley obliviator that will wipe specific memories that cause you pain and the ethical dilemma related to it.

I like the idea of Tom putting forth some kind of effort and I like to think Cate would be at least semi receptive to it. She needs someone. Might as well be her brother.

As usual, brilliant chapter!

Author's Response:
Hello Paula! I'm just happy that you're here!

I'm so glad you're enjoying Cate. ♥ She's kind of like my baby because I re-wrote this story so many times over the years, so I'm thrilled that people right now are on her side. (Er, did I say that out loud? :D) I'm glad the confusion was clarified in the chapter though but please feel free to point something out if it doesn't!

She definitely needs some kind of therapy. Or some potions. Or some other solution that will be revealed in a future chapter!

Can I hold you to the ten reviews thing? Because I might have a plan up my sleeve that you'll approve of later on.

I'm so glad you're enjoying my take on the twins! I feel like I struggle so much to write humor, and the twins are so unique that I don't want to mess them up, so it makes me happy when they appear to be in character/canon until they need to change later on. And don't worry TOO MUCH dear Paula, just remember that this takes place in the 4th book, which is the Goblet of Fire.

Thank you for another wonderful review!! I hope to see you in future chapters!


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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: The Guilty

8th January 2017:
I worry so much for Cate and her mental health. How the heck is she going to survive school with the actual ghost of Chris haunting her throughout classes? DANG RIGHT IT WASN'T HER FAULT.

Hello Fred My love. Chocolate cures everything. "on official business" made me laugh. Like what official business is he up to? Maybe pygmy puff business. I totally don't blame her for being weary of the chocolate either.

The easy banter between them makes my heart thump. I'm so happy when you write them together. More please. TOM YOU RUINED THE TEMPORARY HAPPINESS YOU HARPY.

I love the Gryffindor girls stepping in and doing this sweet hostile takeover. This is the support my CateyCat deserves (no you can't make me stop using this nickname). I agree she is truly a Gryffindor dealing with her pain by herself.

I'm excited to see what changes the Triwizard Tournament will be bringing!

Maybe drawing it out will help her grieve? Ugh, Tommy, FINALLY. I was wondering if he'd ever step up and be her brother. It was nice though. It was sweet. She will survive it. I'm sure of it.

This was a heavy chapter, but I feel like we got so much character development and I am so happy to have it. I love her so much. I love the canon characters just as much. You've just given them so much dimension and it makes the whole story that much better!

Author's Response: Cate and Fred give me life. They seriously write themselves so often, and I'm glad you like them together! And of course Tom ruined the temporary happiness because, well... he's Tom. :P

Omg CateyCat. I love it! And yeah, I figured the girls wouldn't take it lightly if she tried to isolate herself from them completely.

Yeah, Tommy finally does a good thing. ♥

I'm glad you thought there was character development! I've been really trying to work on that in general, and that you love Cate and the others too. I get nervous writing the canon characters - especially the Weasley twins! - so it always makes me happy to hear that they have dimension :)

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Review #7, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: Pride

8th January 2017:
That introductory paragraph actually gave me life. I slept through the rain last night in my area but I really wanted to listen to it. I feel like I can hear it clearly. Simply existing is better than a tortured existence.

I like to think that this numbness might be the first step to healing. Especially with her brother making a better attempt at being one. I hate him much less than I did to start with. And I think she was right to make the remarks she did to Tommy. Like it was all well deserved. I do agree with him that it wasn't her fault and she's clearly been in denial about it.

Okay let's just discuss this for a second. I don't think Rob is a good fit for her. They've been through a lot together and they're both being swallowed up by the same grief, but I just genuinely don't think that's enough to hold them together. So like...What about Fred? Right? Right? yes.

Rob's jealousy and resentment of Chris so close to his death was honestly a bit gross. Like not the way you wrote it or anything, but just the fact that he could be so harsh and cruel to her. He put her in a bad spot and in my opinion forced her hand on it. I think I should probably feel sympathy for him but I don't. That being said I don't doubt that you'll redeem him in some way.

Fred and his chocolate frogs

Author's Response: You're so spot on with your character insight. ARE YOU READING MY MIND AS I WRITE THIS STORY?

What about Fred? *snickers* I have no idea what you're talking about, Paula!

He was very harsh and cruel, and what I'm going to say isn't going to justify his behavior, but there was a lot that DID happen that night that Cate and also readers don't know about yet. It's a lot grey-er than what's been laid out. And I'm not so sure about the redeeming part... *innocent whistling*

I feel like Fred is a lot more perspective than people give him credit for. I'm super excited to explore his character more in this.

I feel like that line actually define's Rob's character. Who says "self-aware" anyway? XD

Thanks for your AMAZING reviews ♥

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Review #8, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: Ghost

8th January 2017:
Hello lovely!

I waited a few days for chapter seven because I didn't want to be all bogged down with the flu and today is the first day of any notable recovery!

I feel like if we took the first paragraph of every single chapter and compiled them it would win an award for the most amazing descriptive scene setting known to mankind. No exaggeration at all. It feels like autumn and I love it so much. "Trees that had once been bright green were slowly changing to gold and red, giving the forest a brilliant glow any time I walked passed it." That line in particular.

Juxtaposing the contrast of a warm snuggly carefree autumn filled with cocoa compared to ones with nightmares and ghosts and barely being on speaking terms was just a really brilliant move to me. I was so wrapped up in the first that it really made the second seem even darker.

I love the ease with Lee and I think he's a solid character. He seems very true to the books or at least my general portrayal in my mind.

The whole ghost whisper thing reminds me of CoS when Hermione tells Harry that even in the wizarding world it's weird to hear voices. It really makes it easier to explain why she's still not telling anyone (besides those that already think she's mad).

I can't tell you what I would give to have a prefects bath. It has to be the most amazing bath in the world. I know we have dark secrets that even our MCs don't realize, but like Cate's memory clearly tells me time and time again that she can't feel so guilty. I refuse it. She's a sweet angel baby lambchop who just needs to talk it all out.



Holy guacamole. wow, chris. wow, chapter seven. i have no words. This was such a good chapter! I'm terrified of the next one!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're feeling better! ♥

Aww thanks! Description is something I've been trying to work on, so I'm glad it seems to be paying off. :) I liked the idea of paralleling her two views of fall; fall can be change or comfort, and to me it made sense that she'd dread longer nights and shorter days if she has nightmares.

Lee is a cutie pie. I heart him.

Oooh, I didn't even think about that but you're totally right! Yay for more canon backup!

Oh my god, I want to take a Prefects bath SO BADLY. Maybe she can't, but the poor baby does. Er, there's also sides to her that you haven't seen yet. :P

Well, she KNOWS she needs help. Whether or not she'll get it is another story entirely.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm slowly but surely working on chapter 8 :D

Thanks for the lovely review ♥♥

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Review #9, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHaunting Shadows: The Aftermath

8th January 2017:
Can I just say how happy I am to be at home with a functioning laptop so I don't have to try and squint at words on my computer? AND FOR MY BABIES OMG I'M SO EXCITED TO FINALLY READ THIS CHAPTER I'VE WAITED A LIFETIME FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS.

LOOK IT'S LEGIT NOW AND SHE'S NOT COMPLETELY CRAZY SO OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE TO HER. Well Rob does. Can I just mention that something about this story sends me into caps all the time. I can't help it. Friendly caps though.

Thank you Fred for your comic relief. My love.

Have I mentioned that you have captured Professor McGonagall so well. Like she's stern and inflexible, but then we get those hints of such sincere care and concern for her students and all of your characterizations just make me so happy

I like that Rob is a bit miffed (maybe not the right word, but at least fuzzy about it) with Fred being all concerned about Cate.

ďHow long has what been going on? Rob, I told you that I was seeing him a while ago - you hardly took me seriously.Ē JUST WHEN I START TO LIKE HIM I TOTALLY HATE HIM. Like bam, you just want to act so sanctimonious, but SHE ALREADY TOLD YOU AND YOU BLEW IT OFF.

I'm glad she managed to sleep all night, but I still want to throat punch Rob. I'm a bitter person. I just feel like he can't even hold a conversation with her without starting something for no reason. "And when you do, you might be sorry that you did.Ē THIS MAKES ME HATE HIM. THIS. He's all, oooh, Cate, cuddle with me, and then UNNECESSARY HATEFULNESS. Doesn't matter even if it is true. That's just plain rude. I don't care how heart broken he is.

So, here we are again. Me telling you that I love, love, love your characters. Everyone is just so dynamic and interesting and even Rob, who I high key hate most of the time, is just such a brilliantly developed character that I can't wait to read more in his perspective. Also I don't know that I've ever shipped anything more aggressively than Fred/Cate. Can't help it! He's just so lovable.

NO pressure, but I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! Also I think you said on twitter you were feeling sick so if you are I hope you feel better soon!

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Author's Response: I already told you, but your review had me snickering in the breakroom by myself. Your capslock reactions give me life, just saying. ♥

Yesss, it's legit now! I debated a long time about this and just decided, "WHY NOT". Seriously I love your reactions.

Ooh, I'm glad you like my McGonagall! The canon characters are so hard to write :)

Rob is totally miffed. And maybe a bit jealous and territorial :P

Yeah, they had a bit of a talk about it in chapter 3. Um... sorry? Hah. Yeah, he's a jerk.

Um. Um. I want to respond to this paragraph but SPOILERS. ><

I am so so happy you love them! I've worked really hard on them and I'm glad it's come across. And I'm so flattered that you think Rob is so developed even when you hate him. He is kind of the antagonist of the story, if the story needed a villain. ;)

I think you're going to love the next chapter! It's underway and I'm seriously excited about it too. And thank you, I'm feeling better than my last tweet so I appreciate the words!


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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Chapter 5 - A Proposition

27th December 2016:

Okay. To be fair, they went a long time without pranking anyone. So. She should count that as a point to them. She didn't outright say she was against it so that's good enough, right?

The other day I drank a coke expecting it to be rootbeer and almost puked so I canít even imagine how weird/gross that prank would be.

There was so much potential for a food fight there. Ugh, hufflepuffs. Ruining all the fun. Lily would 100% suck the fun out of their pranks as Head Girl (at least the old Lily would), but really even with Remus assuring everyone he keeps them in check...does he really? Then that brings up what in the world kind of outrageous pranks he's nixing.

ďhe was insisting that the celebration for him be bigĒ of course he did, the diva.

Aurora is such a good friend. I love her the most.

THE PLOT THICKENS. I know that eventually Snape is going to get mixed up in the wrong crowds. I do. But at the same time thereís still this part of me trying to tell baby Snape not to do it! You can find new friends! Hufflepuffs are always looking for more people. The Claws will study with you! Donít do it!

I canít wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm not good with unexpectedness in food either or gross things, but it does seem like something a teenage boy would find hilarious to do to his best friend. I have a hard time sticking in things like pranks or Quidditch that I would be no good at in real life, so hearing that you appreciate the effort means a lot.

Your feelings mimic mine on a lot of things so this makes me very happy. You get my baby! lol

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Review #11, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Chapter 4 - Gryffindor's Quidditch Team

27th December 2016:
Hello lovely!

Oh god, what a hard hitting start of the chapter. Of course Lily would be dragging in the morning after a night like that. I like that Lily didn't provide the false hope of lies to the girl though. I know it must be a temptation since honestly is surely the hardest to hear in a situation like that.

So far your story hasnít been overly dark which is another thing I like. Even in bleak periods like this thereís the whole life goes on mentality. Despite fear and the growing darkness, people would continue on with life and silly things like quidditch tryouts.


And I love Peter and Remus like talking him up from the stands and being so supportive and gosh dang adorable. Thank you for not just skipping Peter too. That drives me mad.

I really enjoyed the tryouts overall, which is saying something because I have a bad habit of just skimming through quidditch scenes. I know, I know. Iím a horrible person

WHO DOES AURORA HAVE HER EYE ON. Dear Merlin, tell me itís not Regulus. Are we going to have Black family drama?

Author's Response: It is a tough line to walk, because I don't want to forget about the war and obviously they're fighting in it in less than 2 years but there's also all the fun high school drama and romance involved. James, for instance. He tries so hard to be charming and get on her good side but the nerves get the best of him at times. XD Peter being an idiot in stories or disappearing altogether is one of my pet peeves. Clearly he played a big role so I try to resist my inner commentary and make him seem normal enough.

That would be hilarious if it was Regulus! Sadly, not that dramatic. I believe it's chapter 7 were there's lots of talk of crushes and love and fluff.

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Review #12, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Chapter 3 - Sirius's Summer

27th December 2016:
Hello lovely!

Have I mentioned how much I like the Lily you've got going on? She's not a homework loving nut (Hermione reincarnate). It's just a better characterization to me.

I'm glad you made DADA mandatory. It definitely needs to be during times of war. Especially since kids tend to think of themselves as invincible. What does it say about a DADA professor who quit to hide for being muggleborn. Does that make Lily doubly brave? I think so.

Of course Lily would like Slug Club parties!

I liked the tenderness between James and Sirius when Sirius was upset. The whole cleaning up after him and going to calm him down thing. It was a very brotherly thing and just was nice development there!

I really like the slow fleshing out of the tension between Lily and Severus too. At some point sheís going to have to actually deal with him and I canít wait to see how you handle it!

One thing I really like about your writing is how much of the classwork is actually present. The way you describe it makes me want to sign up right this second! (letís be real I would no matter what but shhh)

Author's Response: Yes to Lily, the James/Sirius relationship, and DADA. I mean, I know every 16-year-old thinks they have things more under control than they do or that adults have rules for dumb reasons, but sometimes they need steering in the right direction. Thanks again for leaving such a sweet review. Definitely a good Christmas present!!

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Review #13, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Chapter 2 - The First Week

27th December 2016:
First things first! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I love your characterization of professors. Sometimes I read them as too formal (and condescending) or too casual and laid back (cool teacher on steroids), but you've really managed to have a nice, realistic portrayal of what a professor should be like. Kettleburn really comes across as like a Hagrid 2.0 and I totally love that. I wonder if Hagrid had Kettleburn. How long has Kettleburn been teaching? And no surprise that youíve totally nailed McGonagall in this chapter too!

Also the biology lesson behind lobalug had my nerd self squealing. I just love COMC. It's my jam.

I like Remus a lot too. (All of my thoughts are just going to be I LIKE INSERT ANYTHING. A little bit snarky, but also still sweet. A good combination.

Liv's ghost frog had me dying too. I love transfiguration so much. Those poor animals though.

It was a good entry chapter! Good flow through the busy days in class and it had enough action to keep the classes from being monotonous. Most importantly, I really like the dynamic youíve set up between James and Lily. Sheís already starting to question why she still has a problem with him (even if itís by trying to find a new reason now that Severus isnít the obvious reason) and I consider that progress. Aurora will drag her into it somehow, Iím sure of it!

Author's Response: I figure Kettleburn had to be at least a bit into dangerous things since he was missing limbs by the time he retired! I'm glad you liked my characterizations (because otherwise that would be bad in a novel!). And maybe somebody needs to get a job thinking of the poor animals.

Happy holidays and thanks for taking so much time to review this!

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Review #14, by PaulaTheProkaryoteFortuitous : Chapter 8.

16th December 2016:

(ALSO, hi, how are you, happy holidays)

ALL THE TIME TOGETHER OBVIOUSLY WE ARE FALLING IN LOVE. Severus can suck it up, buttercup. It only bugs him because it's true.

I keep pausing to reply to your tweets. OKAY i'm focused.

I love all of his cute little things like pulling the chair out or the portrait hole help. Seriously, he's the cutest. I also love smug McGonagall. She would.



WHOA THAT WAS STEAMY. And so, so, so sweet. Like he is seriously so considerate in between the good stuff.

I'm dying to know what caused him to change his mind? Just his shield faltering? Something she did? Something he thought? TELL ME MORE.

Every conversation between them, regardless of hOw tense it might be, seems to just flow so naturally between them. For two people with their character you'd think that alone would be a pretty good sign that they are meant to be!

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Review #15, by PaulaTheProkaryoteFortuitous : Chapter 7.

16th December 2016:
MEERY CHRISTMAS MY FAVORITE (don't tell the others)!

Yes a summer away might clear her mind. Or it might leave her pining for him and restless and sad. I have a feeling I know which one.

GO EASY ON THE BABIES. Good Hermione. If you challenge them too much they won't be able to fight the non-existent dark lord like they need to because they'll be too busy studying.

I love her response to him though. Dang, Hermione. You have really good resasoning. She's the brightest witch of her age. You write her so well.

I love the little banter with the "know it all" line. Like I'm just happily sighing even if he's being a pain.

You write him with boyish charm despite him being older. Do you have a time turner story? I feel like you do and if so I'm digging it up. Have I mentioned I don't even READ HIS CHARACTER!

10/10 Apology. lol. I'm dying.

Whatevs I'll take what I can get with the friendship because I'm certain that you'll give me a happily ever after. oH MY GOD WHAT IF YOU DON'T. you will won't you? WE ARE FALLING IN LOVE.

AS ANticipated this was a very well written chapter. The characterization was flawless, the story line was smooth, and it just left me happy even though he's still resisting her charms. HE'S NOT TOO OLD AND BROKEN WE CAN MAKE IT WORK.

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Review #16, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Chapter 1 - Hogwarts Again

13th December 2016:
Hello lovely!

I apologize for being so late! As you might see from my tweets, I've been having to deal with some issues with my thesis (namely an advisor who is avoiding me). I think it's temporarily resolved so I'm back to living in my online world! Oh, and thank you so much for the reviews on my baby Rumor Has It! I think you're quickly becoming my favorite person!

Okay so the prologue was good, but the meat of the story is even better!

I like the way you've written Lily. Her characterization, while staying true to the Lily we know and love, is unique enough that I had to pause and admire this version of her. A lot of times she's portrayed as this eager-beaver Hermione on steroids kind of character, but you've strayed from that and it gives her a lot of dimension. This whole not liking September second is wholly unique to your story from all that I've read. I know it's minor, but it's significant to me.

I particularly like the relationship between Aurora, Lily, and Claire. (and I love Aurora the most of the two other girls).

I also love that you took the time to give Peter a voice. I eyeroll so hard at any story that just automatically writes him away.

MASSIVE KUDOS on McGonagall. Holy Guacamole did you capture her voice.

Oh I so love the idea of Sirius wanting to be a Muggle/Muggleborn rights activist. I like it even better than the auror trope. And I've definitely never read it before! While on the subject, wow, I love your Sirius too. This entire review is just going to be me harping on and on about characterization.


Oh James. I love James. What a sweet ending to the chapter.

Author's Response: No problem, real life (sadly) gets in the way sometimes. I'm glad you liked the characterizations in this! There is so much to introduce and I have clear ideas for canon characters, but you're right that they're a bit different from what you see all the time. I figure there has to be sort of lobbyists/lawyers and some other magical equivalents, so some characters have those sorts of jobs planned vs all being Ministry workers and the like. And I'm glad you like her friends! I have a soft spot for Aurora to since she's been around for a long time. I'm pretty sure it's the next chapter with more McGonagall, if you're interested. ;)

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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryoteHopeless Manifestations : Of Friends And Foes

11th December 2016:

Okay, I've left you a grand total of one review so old friend might be a little much, but I'm back! I'm stuck in grad school and I'm mostly around on other sites so when I came back tonight I knew I'd have to swing by!


There you go again with these amazingly descriptive introductory paragraphs that manage to set the scene in such a way that I'm completely sucked in.

I like the fact that it didn't take Molly long to realize she didn't even half way care about the blood purity nonsense. I also like the fact that she was vigilant enough to originally keep an eye on her. It's just another one of those repercussions of war, I suppose! Clio Yaxley sounds like bad news even though she's not too bad apparently. The name Clio just makes me suspicious. It's the name of a very mean girl or a very small dog and I'm not crazy about either.

It hurts my little heart that she can't just be openly friendly (here's to hoping though).

Whoops, I spoke too soon. Ignore Clio, Keres is a monster.

She's a nosey little snot. ALBUS POTTER LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Lowkey kinda super hate James right now. He's skeevy. If he's meant to win over Aria he has a lot of work left! Although I do like the challenge! I loved, loved, loved her dealing with his shenanigans by throwing him into it head on (rather literally). I'm afraid that's just going to pique his interest!

I really liked meeting Zoey too! She's going to be a really good addition to the cast!

Without going on my usual spiel about flow and characterization and blah blah blah (which you nailed all of it), I'll just end this by saying I really enjoyed the chapter and I can't wait to read the next one (even if it's the middle of the night here and I have to be up in a few hours)

Author's Response: PAULA YOU'RE BACK!
(Well I'm assuming that's your name ahah)
Your last review really made me smile so I was so happy when I saw you'd left this one :)
YES DOCTOR WHO WOO, I literally grew up with that show and was really hoping you'd get the reference.
But that's enough of my fangirling, so Molly..
She's a very independent person and likes to formulate all her own opinions rather than believing whatever anyone else says so yes she was weary at first (which she probably should be really) but she is also an accepting person.
And as for Aria she really isn't the very open type bless her soul, Zoey is only person she has ever opened up to, though she is heading in that direction with Molly. As you will see in the coming chapters she's also friendly with her dorm mates and one of Zoey's friends called Aiden, but in his case it's less out of choice, more because he's an overly friendly person who doesn't quite understand the concept of personal space. Despite her being sociable with them all, she doesn't really consider them her friends (although they are, she just doesn't realise it yet) more like classmates who she never opens up to.
Keres is a monster yep.
AND YES YOU LOVE ALBUS, he deserves more appreciation in the next gen universe. If two of your true loves are Albus and Doctor Who then I'm starting to like you more by the second ahah. He's going to have his own story line woven throughout this fic so I hope you like it, I couldn't not give him one.
As for James I agree with 'skeevy' being a good word to describe him so I guess we will see how this one pans out. And you're right, all she's done is sparked both James and Alfie's interest.
I feel like seeing as Aria is so closed off and negative she needed someone to balance all of that out and thus Zoey was born, the complete opposite of Aria (bar their shared love of sarcasm). I hope you continue to like her :)
I'm happy that you thought it flowed nicely because I think that's quite important in a story so wooo thanks!
In case you haven't read chapter three already, I apologise. It's very much just a filler and however many times I rewrote it, it just didn't work. I am, however, almost finished chapter 4 which has gone a lot better so hopefully that will make up for it.

Thanks so much for this lovely review,
~ Charlie ~

(P.S. you get to properly meet Albus in chapter 5)
(P.P.S. Keres too)

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Review #18, by PaulaTheProkaryoteIce Queen: Ice Queen

11th December 2016:

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Review #19, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Great Tale of Me, Lyra Malfoy: VII.

11th December 2016:
HEllO Lily! :D



I LOVE TJ. I love him because he's the king of comic relief at any given time. I swear humor just rolls off your story and I also leave it laughing. His shock value comments, his endless teasing,

the male specimen. I'm dying.

Idk man, the whole no to hogsmeade but yes to something else seems shady to me. Even with the barfing excuse. Shoutout to Lyra for fearlessly asking though. I'd probably just barf on him instead. Keep up the theme and all.

Oh, yay, fun date. Quidditch practice. Yeesh, he really is Oliver's kid.

I like the flower dating the other flower though. That's cute!


SCORPIUS YOU LITTLE. UGH. WHY YOU DO THIS? Dude I'm even more upset with Lily why would you take away your brother's happiness? Also what kind of cheating? Emotional? A kiss? A much-more-than-a-kiss-but-gotta-keep-my-review-12+?

As per usual, I loved your characterization. Especially of Lyra/my one true love. The flow was nice and easy to read and you've got plenty of suspense built up for the next chapter.

Technically I'm still slammed with school (dang it, I'm going to finish my thesis or bust), but I'm trying to be more active. Hint hint more chapters! ;)

Author's Response: HELLO PAULA :D

I'm so sorry, I've been so bad a responding to reviews lately. BUT I'M HERE NOW HOORAY!!!

I love TJ too. I always feel awkward when I talk about fan fic TJ because I used to know (not really well) a TJ in real life, so I just find it funny. Except that this TJ is almost nothing like other TJ, besides being blonde and funny. (I know that Miles Heizer isn't blonde, but he was the only decent looking face claim that I liked for TJ). Okay, moving on.

Though we're still on the topic of TJ, I felt the need to start a new paragraph. Okay so, yes I know. The shock value comments and teasing are my fav to write.

I don't even remember where I got that line. It wasn't in a book or anything because then I'd have to credit, but I think one of my friends said it in a conversation. Ha ha. That's going to drive me crazy.

It's not shady! Paula you misread that. It's kind of supposed to be because I don't really like writing Hogsmeade. If you haven't noticed I don't write it too much. I already put it in so now I'm like "eh". Also it's kind of supposed to be more romantic. I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT'S NOT SHADY.

Yep. I had another comment but I deleted it because it would've been too much of a giveaway of what happens in future chapters.

I did it for a reason, Paula. There are CERTAIN THINGS that HPFF doesn't allow *cough*

Don't worry, I'm writing a one-shot called "Forgive Me" that will describe the event in detail. It was going to be another TJ/Ben, but I knew you'd rip my head off if I did anything bad to them (I still hadn't figured out what). Oh, I will though. Muhuahuahuahuahua*cough*

Thank you very much Paula/my wonderful friend who gives me squee comments. Oh yes I do.

Good luck with your thesis! Yes, there will be certainly be more chapters for you! VIII is finished and IX is on the way.

And just for you, a little summary of the next chapter: In which I make a Japanese friend, fail an essay, and fall asleep in Sexual Education.

Let your imagination come up with the rest!


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Review #20, by PaulaTheProkaryotePurge and Dowse, Ltd.: Welcome to Janus Thickey

9th December 2016:
Hello lovely!

Hands down one of the best St. Mungo's stories I've ever read. TBH I can't think of a better one so go ahead and mark it as the best one I've ever read.

I relate to Felicity on so many levels. The running early in the beginning was so, so, so me. I arrived on my first day of work at my last job an hour and a half early (just in case) and the entire building wasn't even open yet and the main floor of it was a bank and the security guard kept asking me aggressive questions about why I was there so early.

You've seriously captured the job interview process so wonderfully. I really relate to the families forgetting about the patients portion. I feel like you've drawn a lot of this from your own experiences in your field and I love that so much.

Felicity herself is a treasure. That's the only word for her! She's vivacious, but shy. She's realistic and a smidge forgetful in her nervousness. She's fierce, but also thoughtful. I just love her so much. I'd read an entire series based on her character alone in a heartbeat. She reminds me of so many people I love and I seriously can't stress enough how amazing she is as a character. GIVE ME MORE.

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Review #21, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Shadows Within: Prologue

9th December 2016:
Hello lovely!

I knew I was going to love this story from the summary. The prologue definitely did not disappoint!

This prologue brought a lot of random tangents up in my mind which really aren't of any actual importance but I'm kind of amazed I've never asked these questions before. The one that's bothering me most now is where in the world did Voldemort live? Like all of his meetings were in other people's homes (like in your own story), but was he couch surfing? Did he have a place? Did you keep it secret for security? How could he afford his own place? (okay, I'm done now).

As for your particular story, I really did love the prologue. For starters, I do believe that it would be exactly what Voldemort would do. It's easy to duel to your own level of talent, but what would be a challenge is to change the way people in general perceive your cause and most importantly to get them to take your side. Kids are definitely easiest to manipulate and if their peers say it's the right thing to do it'd be easier to fully embrace...the dark side.

I really like your characterizations in this snippet too. The Dark Lord himself seems just the right amount of formal without being too overbearing to read.

I'm worried about Avery (which is silly because we know what he ends up like) and I'm wondering if Regulus is there. I can't remember his age in relation to Avery, but I'm sure his parents wouldn't be terribly put off by the whole thing.

I do love Jily above all else and sixth year gives them the perfect room to grow without pesky exams in the way. I seriously can't wait for the next chapter and I'm glad you pointed me in this direction!

Author's Response: Hello! The fist point is actually one I never thought of... what would Voldemort's day-to-day life and the minutia be? That could either be very dark or very funny.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) It's true about some of these characters: you know what choices they make but you want things to turn out better.

Thanks again!

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Review #22, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Great Tale of Me, Lyra Malfoy: VI.

4th December 2016:
hello lovely,

TJ reminds me of Oliver Wood as captain. I love him. Arguably one of my favorite OCs.

Muffins are my fave so obviously that makes Lyra even more of a genius even if she's hateful toward blueberries.

I like May too. I can't remember when I was awake at that hour last. I've crafted my schedule to avoid it as thoroughly as possible (except for one poorly picked ornithology class that started at 6 am even though we typically had half a foot of snow at any given time).

I'd toss the slogan too, but I can't think of anything cooler. I whisper weird things to myself all the time though so I can't be judgey.

You're really, really good at writing action scenes. I can't tell you how many quidditch scenes I've scrolled straight through because they can be so boring.

Good victory! I'm proud that the Malfoys showed up for the game. They're such good parents.

As always, I love Lyra so, so much. I definitely missed some good Scorp drama though. Soon, I hope?

Author's Response: Hello to you too, lovely. Sorry that it has taken twenty days to respond. You know how RL gets.

TJ's tough, but I'm glad to be getting more and more into his character with those one-shots that I'm writing. They're helping me write GTOLM better.

The slogan was just a thing I threw in there. I wanted it to be kind of like Pitch Perfect 2 where they're just like "DSM ja!" it's stupid but it works.

Thank thank thank you very much. I was a little worried that it'd be boring, but I guess not.

Yes, they are.

Yes, you will get some good Scorp drama. *smirks*

Thanks so much for the review. Lots of love!


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Review #23, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Great Tale of Me, Lyra Malfoy: V.

22nd November 2016:
Hello lovely!

I'm taking a quick break from Nano and school and craziness to pop in and check on my Lyra love. YOU'VE POSTED SO MUCH I CAN'T WAIT TO READ!

I swear she's my soulmate. "Need coffee." Me every morning. Like don't even talk to me until I've had two cups. Don't breathe in my direction. I'd scream like a banshee.

I can't blame Audrey. The gay ones are always the cutest ones. The day of the tape was hilarious. At least Lyra gets her coffee though.

Oh god, Hugo. Oh no. Ew. YES ALBUS, YES. There's my baby love. Although I fully support her temptation to stroke Tim's hair. That would be the best and I hope it happens.

Stupid Slytherins and their stupid violent tryouts.

I think the signing signatures ontop of signatures thing was funny. That happened to me when I broke my arm. Like it's just a cast. I DON'T GET IT.

Thank Merlin for Draco Malfoy.

She totally aced it. I'm so proud of sweet Lyra. And you for writing her!

Author's Response: Hi Paula, sorry that it has taken me literally a month to reply to you. RL has had me running around in circles like a dog trying to catch its tail. I'm back now though, and I'm taking the time to answer your amazing reviews.

Thanks for taking a nano break for me. Yes, many chapters have been posted and I'm glad to see that you like them all so far. Maybe you'll get to be a beta again sooner or later.

Yeah, I know she's your soulmate, ha ha. I don't have a caffeine dependency (I like a good cup here and there, but I don't drink it every morning) so I can't really relate, but I thought it'd be funny to have her be like that.

I know. I really liked this boy at my school maybe a year or two ago (he's transferred to a different secondary school now, though), and he turned out to be super hella gay.

I just wanted to emphasize that though Lyra hates love, she has kissed before.

Well, um... The Tim Wood story line is one we will get to.

Yes I agree. Stupid Slytherins (thank Merlin we're Claws).

Ha, I've only ever broken one bone in my entire life (I think I was like four or five or six. It was so long ago that I don't remember), but I do remember people constantly wanting to sign my cast.

He's her dad and he's always got her back.

Thanks so much Paula. For your awesome reviews and your great friendship!

Happy Christmas!


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Review #24, by PaulaTheProkaryoteThe Harder They Fall: Casablanca

13th November 2016:
A MONTH. HAVE I MENTIONED A MONTH? You should know that I very rarely actually check stories to see if they update and I literally just came to your story to see when the last chapter was so I could nag you into stopping your nano for half a moment and then WHAM. You do this. Or maybe I do this. Yes, I know it's my fault, but I can't take responsibility because I'm not an adult.

I love how Slytherin he is without being really the negative aspect of Slytherin. I mean, yeah, he's a total badword, but at the same time he's dying to impress people. Like that's what most of his flaws come down to. His pride.

OH, I love the mystery of his cousin.

At first I read this line:"heíd never had so much to think about before" as "he'd never had to think before." and died laughing when I realized my mistake. Poor Finn. I love Finn.

Sebastian is my baby love. Let's not kill him. Deal? Deal.

"He knew Hufflepuffs were honest, but werenít they supposed to use their powers for good?" That's the thing about Hufflepuffs. They are evil in the best ways.

MORE MYSTERY! Oh, poor Brindley. She's seriously had the worst lot in life, but somehow keeps this magnificent personality through it all.

OH GOD IS IT HER? OMG, IS SHE THE BABY HE'S LOOKING FOR? don't answer that, but it's my suspicion.

ďAlmost, but I stopped it just in time.Ē Just in time to make me squeal. Ugh, that's it. I'm in love with both of them. THIS IS BASICALLY A DATE.

The Hufflepuff tunnel myth was amazing and I don't think it's cannon, but I believe it now with my whole heart.

I like a lot that Finn is so put off by the car thing. It makes a lot of sense and it's some really solid character development.

"Brindley linked her fingers with Finnís." It's fine, I'm just going to scream for a few hours.

FORGET NANO AND GIVE ME SO FRINNDLEY. Well, not really, but I seriously can't wait for the next chapter and for me to squeal more and for my dogs to keep panicking because of the excited noises I tend to make. You're seriously the best writer.

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Review #25, by PaulaTheProkaryoteDormitory 2.6A: TEN: Consistency in Change

25th October 2016:

Oh, okay. Right. You want me to put my thoughts into coherent sentences. I'll do my best but no promises.

This story was phenomenal. The whole entire thing. If I remember right you requested the review for the first chapter and I was instantly sucked in by the girls of Dormitory 2.6A. Ignoring my love for the story as a whole and my not so silent weeping (I can't believe I'm actually crying because this story is over), this chapter was so well written. It could have never ended any other way.

Albus slowly wearing her down in this chapter. The chip chip chip of the crush dam. All of it. Her panic attacks getting dressed were so true to form. I was dying laughing at the burned top (how?) and the grandma clothes and the entire ordeal of getting dressed. My beloved and most precious girls bantering is just everything I've ever needed in my life.

The very rude mirror and the fact that she even showed up super early and not to mention hid out in the bathroom. I'd so do that. The revelation and the Albus and the breathtaken. My breath is also taken.

Their entire discussions and the thoughtfulness of the date and the way Al was trying to play it cool but was so nervous. I seriously have no words for how much in love with Novus I am. And you know what? I'm glad you added it into the story of the girls and made it such a significant part. It's a good contrast between Xanthe and Nala. Xanthe just walked into Nala's life and stole her from the girls. Al strolled in and borrowed her for brief moments. You can have a boyfriend and friends and if your boyfriend is the cause of you losing your friends it's probably toxic.

The kiss was everything. It was exactly the way it should have been and infinitely better than anything I could have ever imagined. It was just perfect.

Most importantly to me was that at the end of that majestic, beautiful, phenomenal date was the girls of Dormitory 2.6A. They were crashed in her living room waiting for all the details and to squeal and support her and that's really for me what the story is about. The girls. Being girls. Being the girls. I don't know if that makes sense, but roll with it.

Here at the final bits. Saying goodbye to my beloved babies. Trying to convince you to start a spin off. I have to say that the story gets a ten out of ten from me. If this was published as either fanfic or OF I'd buy a hard copy and write a note in it for my future children (you don't even know how many books I've done this to). The dynamics. OKAY I CAN'T FORM WORDS ANYMORE GOODBYE I LOVED IT.

Author's Response: Paula, my love, my eternal sunshine. Dr P. I know it's been a month since you left this review, but honestly the main reasons I've put off answering this are because a) it is the last one and b) tis was a glorious review indeed. I needed to prepare myself to answer this properly instead of just attempting to post a selfie of me grinning like an idiot in response.

Honestly, with my chronic commitment issues when it comes to fics, there is a real possibility that Dormitory 2.6A would not have even come close to completion without your reviews. They literally gave me life, man. I never thought that someone would actually see these girls on the same level that I do, but your reviews proved that wrong and it meant a lot. Like... I even adjusted the ending for you and Ineke because of how invested YOU got ME in Novus, bloody hell :P

Haha for her panic attacks, I literally translated my thoughts whenever any event is on (is it actually non-uni day today? am i supposed to be there at this time? WHAT IF THEY NOTICE THE FLICK TO MY HAIR) and amplified it for nova :D i mean, she's going on her first date with a guy she actually likes, a guy who happens to be al potter no less. she's bound to be going a lil cray. especially when alice tries to iron her top with magic for a 'quick fix' ;)


He's just such a sweetheart, my lil Slytherin


He really wants to impress this girl - the girl who is known solely for how unimpressed she is with everything around her, this girl who he *knows* fancies him but also knows would've been completely fine just being friends, this girl who blushes at his advances but brushes them off - and he sort of wants to be the Cool Guy she initially thought he was, but at the same time he wants her to know that he's not unattainable? That, if anything, she's the unattainable one? I don't know, I just really like these two, way more than I thought I would actually!

Honestly, P, you have this thing of defining things I've done subconsciously and bringing them to my attention. Until you brought it up, I never consciously thought about the parallels you could draw between Novus and Xanthe/Nala (Nanthe?): both Hufflepuffs fell for two notorious Slytherins but only one of them became completely infatuated. There's a difference between infatuation and wanting to spend time with someone you fancy.

Omg I have been planning the Novus kiss for MONTHS now. Somewhere along the way, I just knew that it would be Nova who did it since she'd been so reserved the entire time and it'd just be so fitting and gahhh I'm so glad I did it.

"Being the girls" means perfect sense, my love, don't worry. Because at the end of the day, being the girls *is* what the story's about - there's a reason for the title of the fic, after all.

Spin-offs, spin-offs. I'm still going to have to leave it as a maybe - don't want to ruin the magic, you know? :/ But OMG PAULA, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST, I LOVE YOU.

Plums xo

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