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Review #1, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: Newt Scamander

17th April 2014:
LOL! How punny ;) the end authors note i mean.

And this was such an amazing story!! love it!!! And Newt! Lol!!! I totally love him!! And Daphne and Renfren are adorable together! Love them too!!! I really do love the ending! Great!!

The description was great too! The setting description in this was perfect! Really well used! And it controlled the flow so well! IT flowed perfectly! The only thing I would love is more character/appearance description :) I know sometimes it seems like a bore and might make your story longer, but it would do wonders! And help the reader picture the scene more vividly.

How about a challenge? Maybe in your next story or even this one, go back and describe one or more aspects of every character? Not in a huge paragraph, but maybe like 'she said, twirling her blonde hair' one aspect there- blonde hair, or 'his hand gripped the quill, his brown eyes showing great signs of interest'- another aspect- brown eyes. Just something simple :)

And the plot was fantastic (wink wink) and I really loved it! Im just speechless at how creative this idea is! Perfect!!

And of course, it complied with all the challenge rules, so congrats. And of course, thank you for entering my challenge :) Results should be posted within the next week in a blog post :)

Byeee ~


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Review #2, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: Escape from the Island of Drear

17th April 2014:
Hi there! I'm back again! As expected of course ;)

Anyway, this got better and better! And a tiny bit of romance!!! Yay!!

The characterisation really got me this time! Loved it!! Renfred!! He was so awesome!! And his thought process! I don't even know why i loved it! But i did! He's super relatable! And Daphne! She seemed so collected and just amazing in general! I really loved the dialogue and it flowed well and had me smiling! Nothing I can suggest with characterisation!

Description was great too! I saw a lot of setting description incorporated in a way that didnt make it dry or boring. So kudos to you! But maybe add in a bit more of character description? And description of what happened in general. Especially when Daphne informs Renfred that the Ministry's taken care of the monsters :)

The plot is going along wonderfully! So much more suspense! Love it! And monsters! Oooh! Really great! I'm going to move onto the next chapter now :) Bye

-Curie :)

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Review #3, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: McCliverts verses MacBoons

17th April 2014:
hi there! Im here with your review for the Party Gone Wrong Challenge! Before I begin, Im so so sorry for how late this is! RL has been a pain lately! So sorry! Anyway, onto the review.

Well introduced characters! I could get an idea of who each of these characters were and their personalities :) I love the contradicting personalities you have with the characters' families and also how Quintius spoke with a fake French accent! That helped add to the believability of the character :) The only CC I have is maybe to add a bit more on each character? I'd love to have a moe in-depth view of them. But, I do understand that this is the first chapter and the characters will be explained more in the next chapters :)

I do think that a bit more setting description could be added in? Just a little bit here and there. I don't think that big blocks would be good for this. And I loved the setting description at the beginning of this chapter! It was so vivid and i could picture it! But a little bit to slow down flow would be good :) Also a bit more description on tone of voice of characters maybe?

The plot idea is amazing! I love the whole two families thing and I'm sure that it will turn out to such an interesting story! I'm going to go onto the next chapter now :)


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Review #4, by ReeBee30 Days of You and Me: Together

12th April 2014:
JANICE. YOU PERFECT PERSON. I swear, I'm too emotional. It was really perfect!! I've only followed for seven months but it's too perfect. Really. I love love love it. And I'll love it forever. You know how many turns I've read this! Really love it!

And I'm so sad it's over. Like depressed. But happy! And the ending was perfect. Really! Prefect! I hope you write more of this! :D it would make my life ;)

Great job!

-Curie :)

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Review #5, by ReeBeeBeginning of the End: Never Let Go

21st March 2014:
Erin!! Hi!! I'm here with your review for entering my challenge! Thank you! On to the review then?

Characterisation: Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous! Seriously hun! I love love loved it! And Oliver! Oliver Wood is my favourite character and you've made him even more loveable! AND LAVENDER!!! OMG! You are so not allowed to write such gorgeous characters! Poor poor lavender! And how she committed suicide! and in the most heartbreaking way, it suited her character. honestly, that is exactly how i would imagine it! and then the POV! great job with that one! so creative and so so well used! kudos to you! And even Parvati was characterised really well! loved her! i really do love reading about her! so i loved that too!

Description: Gorgeous! seriously seriously amazing! there was a perfect amount of setting description! and even though a part of me would love a bit more on the description of her emotions, i loved the blunt voice! it suited the POV!

Plot/Flow: Super creative! And really nothing to say on this except that i really really liked the idea!!

Challenge-wise: Well, not much on this either! You had interactions with more than three people, and well, anyone who doesn't think that this one went wrong is crazy!

on a side note, i love this taylor swift song and thought it was incorporated really well! O L I V E R!

Anyway! Great job and good luck! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Reebs!! (Yes, that's how only I shall call you :P) No, thank you for putting up such an awesome challenge! Without that, I wouldn't have attempted such a story!

Oh my, you're making me blush. :D You're the sweetest person on earth! Seriously, you're just being nice, aren't you? This is the best review I have ever received and it's so unreal to get so many compliments!!

I don't know what to say! This just made my horrible day so much better! You're too sweet! Thank you so much! I've already read this review over ten times and I'm still so pleasantly surprised by your response to this one-shot. :)

Oliver!! You just gave me an idea... Same story, his POV! *squees* Thanks for such a lovely review! I was so scared to put this up and after reading this, I feel on top of the world! Thanks again, love! :D

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Review #6, by ReeBeeLife As We Know It: chapter one

19th March 2014:
Hi there Erica! Long time no talk! I'm here with your requested review :)

Characterisation: pretty faithful to canon, so kudos to you! :D I think hermione especially is very powerfully portrayed! The emotion was so so sad! And i loved it because it was something that you don't see in the original books! And Ron and Lavender, also characterised very well!

Description: present at all the right places and used exceptionally well! Though, i do think that you could expand a bit on setting description to slow the flow down? I also think that emotions were described were so so beautiful!

Plot/Flow: great! like i said, a bit of description could help with the flow. and i loved that you provided another view from where JK left off. I'm a huge dramione fan and am definitely excited for this!

Grammar/Syntax: i would suggest another read through? the sentences were a bit too long and complicated. they made perfect sense, but i do think it would help us if they were a tiny bit shorter? even then, i don't think its that big of a problem :)

Great job on this and sorry for the short review! I really am excited to see where this goes! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #7, by ReeBeeI Can't Date A Hufflepuff: I Can't Date A Hufflepuff

19th March 2014:
hey there hun! Here with your requested review! On another note, I'm glad you liked the banner! on to the review then?

Characterisation: absolutely adorable! Maria was super awesome! She seemed so cheerful and just so adorably lovely! And I love the touch of daisies at the end! So cute! I think the flower was chosen as a super cute parallel with her personality! Damien too, had me squealing! especially his feelings towards maria! on the topic of CC, i have two short points :) firstly is the characterisation of maria's and damien's relationship, i think you describe it wonderfully, but i also think that a bit more doing could be good? maybe show us more about their relationship (through dialogue?) rather than tell us? The second, is maybe a bit more on his friends? they have been mentioned a little bit, but i still think it was a bit abrupt at the end where they come in??

Description: description of their relationship was beautiful! it made me squee! perfect! really really gorgeous! as for CC, maybe a bit more on description of personal emotions, i know, this could be super hard using 3rd person! but, i still think a tiny bit more could be added to compliment that lovely relationship description:

Plot/Flow: nothing much to say- all perfect! really really awesome! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the plot! super sweet!!

so there you go hun, hope that wasn't too harsh! and feel free to rerequest! i loved this! great job!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hello there!

Thank you again for the amazing banner, and now for the lengthy review! It really means a lot. :)

I'm glad you liked it! And you're right, I do need to add more both on their relationship and on his friends. This story was written in a rush for a challenge deadline, so it's not as good as I could have made it with more time. I definitely plan to go over it soon and add more detail, so thank you for pointing it out. I'll make sure to follow your feedback :) Hopefully after I add in more detail it will be better -- I know it was kind of rough considering I wrote it in like a day lol.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave me such a detailed review. I really appreciate it!

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Review #8, by ReeBeeWarfare: 1 September, 2022

10th March 2014:
Hi there hun! I'm finally here with your requested review! Its been like 2 months! I cannot apologise enough! So so sorry! Do forgive me :/

On to the review then?

Characterisation: I like it! Good girl gone bad thing! You mentioned that you were worried about it being too cheesy, but i don't think it is! I remember sometime back (fish years?) all the stories used to be like the good girl gone bad thing, but they're not these days, so i think its lovely! I loved those types! The next thing you mentioned was whether they're likeable, and they totally are! I love love love Chris and Lewis and Simon! And Penelope! She seems awesome! :D So, there's not much to say in that area :) And james was super mega fantabulous! But, I haven't read a story where i haven't liked James :P I am crazy about him ;)

Description: I think you've done well! I get a well rounded, clear insight into most things! But i do think that describing things more deeply would be good? Like I can get a good feel of what the setting is and what they're thinking, but its sort of still like I'm the reader? and that works sometimes! But, i do think that it can be better if you went a bit deeper into the description (especially with emotions)?

Plot/Flow: Flow was awesome! I don't have anything to say about flow! And plot, well I sort of addressed this in characterisation, didnt i? Anyway, I think its really creative and i cant wait to see where you take it! :D

Dialogue: Awesome! It flows naturally, so kudos to you! :D I do think that the last part (with Penelope deciding to declare war) could be expanded? Like maybe take a bit more time to actually get to the place where Penelope agrees to challenge James? This could be done in the form of actual dialogue (with someone convincing her), or with her thoughts? Like just making a quick pros/cons list or something?

I really love what you've got here! Like really really really love! I really need to read on! But, i have other things to do urgently (hint, m-a-t-h-s :/ ) So, I'm super disappointed! But i can assure you, i will be reading on! :D

Oh and I'm so sorry if this is too harsh. Also super super super sorry for the time it took to get around to this! :(

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review :)

-With description, I've kind of taken that off of my worry list. I want it to be limited to what my MC is thinking/seeing/experiencing, because at one point or another in my story, we get to see everyone's thoughts and their inner monologue. I thought it would be kind of worthless to do that if I just did a very broad spectrum of POVs in a chapter.

--That's a really good suggestion about the dialogue, thank you!

You weren't too harsh, no worries :) Thank you again!


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Review #9, by ReeBeeRepentance: Old Faces

10th March 2014:
Hi there hun! I'm here with your requested review! You probably don't even remember :P It's been like... a year! Okay, not a year, but 2 months is close enough, right? Anyway, I cannot apologise enough for the lateness!

Now on the the review then?

Characterisation: Girl, for your first fanfic, this characterisation is amazing! Like, you've done it so well! I realy love how you've characterised Hermione! And its really realistic, because most of the time, when someone has gone through something like that, they won't show it, except their thoughts always linger on the harassment. And you've done that perfectly. And Ron, he was amazing. I've never read something like this, where Ron leaves, but it suits him so well. After all, with everything that happened, so i really really love that. And Harry was super sweet! And that little bit of insight into Draco was awesome too! I just don't understand why he'd ask her to dinner. But, I'm sure that will be cleared up in further chapters :)

Description: Quite good :) I think the feelings were described really well and there isn't much you can do to improve the feelings :D But, i do think that setting could be described a tiny bit more? I'm not sure if you saw the topic on description posted recently. The author was talking about actually showing us the description and not telling us. "She sat on the red quilted bed" compared with "there was a red quilted bed" if u want the link to that topic, PM me :)

Plot/Flow (little bit of link to description): Flow was pretty good! Plot is super interesting! You have such a strong and steady base here, so good luck! But, i do think that somethings are a little fast? I think that the flashback could have been dragged out a bit more? More setting and just general description would be good :) Same with the office scene at the beginning :)

Dialogue: Mostly well done, but I do think that at some parts, it was a bit stilted? Sometimes, you cant really improve on that a great deal until you know your character well and youre well and truly familiar with the plot. But some ideas? When you're writing dialogue, try saying it out loud with the voice/tone that you want your character to speak in? And, if possible, try to avoid large chunks of description in between the two statements said by the same character? If that makes sense... Like, only have large thick chunks of description if you're switching characters who are speaking? Now, thats not a concrete rule, but I think that that might help with flow and dialogue here?

Um, thats all! So, sorry again for taking so long with this! And I hope I wasn't too harsh and at least a bit helpful! I really love what you've got here and think it has an awesome base for a super mega awesome story! Great job!

-Curie :)

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Review #10, by ReeBeeCloser In Winter: Eat and Sleep

2nd March 2014:
Hi there! Here with your requested review! First I want to apologise for the time it took for me to get around to this! RL and I haven't really been getting along lately :/ Anyway, to make up for it, I read through the previous chapter and can give you a pretty decent and general view of everything :)

Characterisation: I think it's great! I love how you've characterised Hermione so so sweet! And super accurate., I love the bookworm-ish thoughts! I think Draco too, was done well! I loved his characterisations in the later chapters! Al though, I do think that he seemed more annoying than cruel in the first and I do think that he was a little too nice. Harry is really sweet too! I think you've captured their friendship perfectly, though the end scene did seem to hint a tiny bit of romantic action, you bruised that away with the actual dialogue, so don't worry too much about that :) Oh and, something tells me you don't like Ginny...?

Description: omg, so so good! I loved it! Especially at the beginning of the third chapter! Maybe adding a little bit of setting description? And at the end of the last chapter, maybe cutting the description of Hermione's thoughts, as the flow was a teeny bit slow. I also think that the atmosphere to this story is awesome, changing from warm to cold perfectly and at just the right times!

Plot/Dialogue: First of all, boy do you know how to end a chapter! really great! And the dialogue was awesome! Especially in the first few chapter with Hermione and Draco! And the innuendos in the second chapter made me laugh so hard! wink wink nudge nudge. The long hard wand parts! :P I think the plot is going well. The only CC is when you wrote something like, “subconscious saw him as some sort of knight in shining armour” was a bit quick- some denial would be good, for example “even though he had done her some good, it wasn’t like her subconscious suddenly saw him as her knight in shining honour or something”

Other: I love your layout! Honestly one of the best I've seen!! Also, maybe a beta would be good? As some ideas seem to come out of nowhere.

I really love what you've got going on here! :D I think its great and I'm officially hooked! You must tell me when you update, we can do a review swap or something?

Sorry again for the lateness of this review! Hopefully the reasonable length made up for that?


Author's Response: Hi Reebee!
Wow,I had completely forgotten I had requested a review - thank you so much for reading the previous chapters, that's really flattering!
I know RL often gets in the way of the wonderful world of HPFF, so don't worry. But I do apologize for my late reply - RL, darn you.

I'm really glad to hear the characterization is right on and you're right - Draco is more annoying that cruel. I won't spoil too much by saying he's... distracted, let's say... but will be back to his old self soon enough. For how long, I can't say. Hehehe.

I'm happy Harry's comment didn't come off too weird; I realise some friendships are so tight, some things said or done could easily be misunderstood with a lack of communication - Harry and Hermione communicate rather well, I think. ^^
Even though Harry's not really the kind the blubbers about his emotion in the open, Hermione did faint and being the worrying kind, I'm sure he thought the worse was yet to come. They almost lost her in not only the first but also the second Year, with the troll and the Basilisk, so Harry (and Ron) would easily become overprotective... I can't follow this trail of thought any further without revealing even more. :D

Oh and Ginny! Oh, I love Ginny! I know I'm not showing it at all, but Ginny's a wonderful character. So much passion but so shy, a combination that easily falls on the destruction of the self-confidence. Then come doubt, jealousy, hatred... It's a dark path even for the brightest... Ah, Ginny... ♥

Setting description - good idea! It would it some good to add description about what Hermione sees - I'll see to that! (See what I did there? Hehe)
Do you mean the description of what she's wearing going to bed? That does seem a bit superfluous, doesn't it. If I had a long beard, or even a beard at all, I'd mysteriously stroke it right now. Muhahaha. Seemingly superfluous and tedious details are the best ^^

Thank you so much!
I had so much fun writing the part with the wand, I'm glad it made you laugh! :D
Great CC, I'll add s'more denial right away! Hermione needs it more than ever! ^^

Again, thank you!
My beta is busy with school at the moment, which works out well for me since I'me in over my head with challenges (well, I don't have to tell you - your Party Gone Wrong Challenge is carrying me to the maddest of places! :D ) so I haven't gotten around to stalking her for the last two chapters, yet. I will, though. I will. He-he-he.

That was an amazingly great and helpful review, thank you very much! Don't worry about the lateness, no harm done :D I hope I managed to answer it reasonably well enough, though! ^^'
I'll definitely tell you when the next chapter is up - I'd love a review swap and if you have a slot open in your thread by then, I'll happily re-request :)

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Review #11, by ReeBeeThe Founders Four: Prologue

28th February 2014:
Hi there! :) You requested a review from me AGES AGO! Like more than a month! Im so so sorry, hun! :D Before I start, I read this chapter at least five times! I could not find ONE thing to give CC on! Onto the review now?

I love the description! OMG seriously, it was perfect! I loved the end. So sad so so sad but really amazing! Just the statements here and there! So so gorgeous. Really. It was perfect.

And the Saxon King! Such a bad villain! :P I cant come up with anything else, your description has made me speechless. Seriously though, it was amazing.

And the plot! Godric gryffindor! Wow! And the king and the woman! How she didnt even get the chance to beg for mercy! So sad! I really did love that! That whole scene was just so so cruel and cold! I don't even know what to say! It was amazing.

Im sorry for the super short review! Especially since it was requested, but I really don't have anything to say! It is amazing! :D

Great job!

-ReeBee :)

Author's Response: Oh don't worry hun, thanks for reviewing! Yes, the Saxon King is a villain (obviously) and I love to hate him :D . I am so happy you liked the plot, it took me a while to finalize this very short chapter: there was the problem of not giving too much away, and at the same time keeping the reader guessing without being too vague. I'm glad you liked the descriptions, I paid special attention to them :)

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Review #12, by ReeBeeThe Chaos Within: Choices and secrets

28th February 2014:
Hey Erin! :D Before I start, I love it ^_^

I'm FINALLY here with your requested review :) Im so so sorry, hun! Its been way more than a month! Groan. Life is being a witch. The bad kind.

Anyway, on the review then? Also, you requested for ch 1, but I've already reviewed it, so I hope you don't mind me doing ch 3?

Well, characterisation is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I think its a perfect portrayal of the trio! They seem to just glue together and the unexpected laughing was perfect! I think, that Ron especially was so in character! great job! :D I do think that Ginny was a teeny bit off? Especially when she seemsd to kiss harry quite quickly? I'd love to see more intimacy- soft hand touching, cheek touching, the likes?

The plot is evolving well! I think its going at an awesome rate! :D Not really much to say. Except fangirling. Theres always time for fangirling. So, I loved that scene at the end! Just so fast paced and perfect! Seriously, its awesome!

On to description? I think its quite well done! The only places that there could be more is at the Hinny kissing scene and before the last bit? The last bit isn't that essential, but I do think that adding more at the beginning would create an air of mystery and make it a little bit more intense? Also, a bit of setting description all through the story (especially during the dinner conversation) would help with flow?

Thanks for requesting! And once again I hope it wasn't too harsh :/ I really do love how this story's coming along! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hi Curie! It's okay, don't worry about it!

Yay! *squees* You're the most sweetest person in the world! To say the characterization is perfect...well I'm elated!

I understand what you mean about the setting and descriptions and everything. I have to go through the chapter once again. This one hasn't been polished up yet! I'll definitely look into the kissing scene as well!

I remember putting this up the night before an exam. I was just so excited that I'd completed it that I immediately put it up! I haven't had a chance to get back to it and edit it yet, but I will soon!

Thank you for such a fantabulous review! I always have time to read the fangirling! :D And you could never be harsh! Seriously, stop saying that. I know I've told you this before!

Thank you so much! This was really such a wonderful review and it totally lifted my spirits. :) I'm sorry I took a while to reply!

~ Erin

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Review #13, by ReeBeeThrough The Darkest: So She Is Back

28th February 2014:
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Ashwini! Gurrrl, you seem to like the cliffies! And do them exceptionally well! :D Loved this!

Omgomgomgomg! Poor Cress! I just want to give her a huge hug! I think you've characterised her wonderfully! I do love her strong persona and the small weaknesses when it comes to family! And you've written her so so well! Her thoughts make us feel sympathy but don't give off a whiny vibe! Its so annoying when characters get whiny :P Great job! :D And the Weasley family as a whole! So sweet!

I also LOVE the plot! WHERE IS IT GOING! GAHHH! So five years ago when Ginny drank the potion, she drank it and then realised that she needed to kill Cress?!?! GAHH! YOU ARE AMAZING! KEEP BEING AMAZING! I cant wait for the Teddy/Cress romance aspect to evolve though! You know how romantic I am :P But, I can wait, the mystery is keeping me going! :D

I think the description was well handled! And of course, that meant the flow too! Great job! :D I do think that a little more setting description in the hospital scene would be good?

Anyway, awesome job with this! It was super lovely and definitely so so fantabulous! :D Whoo! Cant wait for the next update of course! :P

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! Thanks for stopping by!

Haha, well I DO like cliffies! ;) I'm so happy you thought I did it well. :)

That's how I picture a young female detective actually when I come to think about it. A strong person with a few personal weaknesses. I needed one for Cress as it's a little important for the plot. I was afraid readers won't like it, but I'm relieved now that you said you liked her. And I love the Weasleys together too, so couldn't resist! :P

I know I'm a bit too slow about revealing my plot, but I promise things will be faster in the next few chapters. There are going to be a few more 'five years ago' parts in the story to add a mysterious vibe to the whole story, so I can't reveal more about it!

You will have to wait a little bit for Teddy/Cress though! They must get closer to each other as friends before falling in love. We must give them a little time (chapters). ;)But I DO know how much you love romance and I promise there will be quite a lot!

Thanks for the awesome review! Hope to see you back for more!


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Review #14, by ReeBeeHeroes: Not Leaving

24th February 2014:
Hehe, happy almost spring to you too! Well, the thought still counts right? Wait, is it almost spring there? It is! Excuse me if I'm wrong, I am terrible and calculating time zones and seasons and stuff :/ Anyway, loved this and your writing style is perfect. :D

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Review #15, by ReeBeeHeroes: Gone

24th February 2014:
First time a story has reduced me to tears in the first chapter. I don't really know what to say. Fred and George was always my favourite characters. Until the last book. It made me too sad to constantly think about them after that. That's obviously why I put off reading this. But, I have to go on now that I've started reading. I'll write a more detailed review at the end.

Great and amazing writing style :)

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Review #16, by ReeBeeA Midwinter’s Proposal: A Midwinter’s Proposal

24th February 2014:
OMGOMGOMGOMG! I'm so late to review this! But it was super awesome and so so beautiful! :D Loved it! OMG! THE SWEETNESS AND DAT DESCRIPTION! Its so not fair :P Jk :) I'm honoured to have written a companion piece to a story like this :D I lovelovelovelove the ending! Even though you too me beforehand, it is still so so lovely! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

This was a fun story to write and it was great working with you for the challenge. :)

Thank you!

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Review #17, by ReeBeeMurphy's Law: Reality

24th February 2014:
TANYAAA! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. YOU ARE AMAZING. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (for right now anyway) YOU WROTE THIS LIFE CHANGING (i'm a hopeless romantic, it's life changing for me! :P) FIC! I LOVE YOUUU! :D

Anyway... On to the review then?

I seriously think that this is one of the sweetest, most adorable and loveliest things Ive ever read! It made me go 'aw' at both the sad catastrophic parts and obviously at the end! AHHH!


Characterisation: Gorgeous. Amazing. Overall adorable? James! I'm in love Tanya, tis not fair! You shouldn't be allowed to write such marvellously sweet and lovely characters that make innocent (muahhaha) readers like myself fall in love with a guy that I know won't ever love me... Hehe, jk! WRITE THESE CHARACTERS! We love them! And of course, his devotion to Lily! Adorable! Ah! Loved this obviously!

Description! So Stunning and absolutely perfect! I love your description. I love you. That's it. Seriously, there is nothing to say about your description other than a simple 7 letter. P. E. R. F. E. C. T. I'm sorry, but thats all. My favourite was James' description of Lily when she was looking at the snow globe!

Plot: Another seven letters, and you already know what they are! I loved the idea to this! When I was reading it, I thought that things would turn better, and when I realised that they were staying sad, I really thought that it would have a sad end and the companion piece would be happier. But I LOVED the happy ending! So adorable!

Anyway, I'm totally starstruck at the beauty of this! Its so not fair that your writing can be this perfect even when you wrote it in like 72 hours! :P It was amazing Tanya and I LOVED READING MORE OF YOUR WORK! Put more stories up so I can read them!! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? :P

-Curie :)

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Review #18, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Muggle Studies Project

24th February 2014:
HI AGAIN! And as usual, I'm late again. Eugh! So annoying! But life has been hectic! But, today's my reading day (you know something big's due tomorrow when I have a reading day :P) Just like James, I seem to ramble too much. ANYWAY, guess what?? I finally got around to favouriting you! Yay!

So, another fantabulously awesome chapter! Made me wanting so much more at the end! Ah! Please please please update soon? Anyway, usual rant about James about to commence. Its probably getting really boring for you, so feel free to skip the next paragraph ;)

Anyway (I digress WAY too much!) I LOVE HIM! The rambling is so so cute! And OMGG! GAH! I like died (and then had to resurrect myself again because this story was that good :P) So anyway, omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! I love it how he's the one who rambles, not the girl! So original! And they way he talks about his parents! I can almost sense the love in his words! Adorable! Gah! And he digresses too! Eep! I will not go on about how we're a match made in heaven, because tbh, it's not that healthy :P But seriously, I'm in love! ;)

And your character Abigail! I swear, she's the only one who I'll ever give up James to! (not that he's mine or anything :P I'm just realising that this review is bordering on the edge of creepy :P) Anyway, really though! She's awesome!

I love how she waits for him to come into the room! And the scene with the: “I hope you don’t mind me sitting here,” to “Yes, you do.” I stated, as James began to pull his things out of his backpack. That scene was perfection in written form! I was like legit squeezing out loud! ADORABUBBLES! OMGOMGOMG! SO CUTE!

*clears throat* anyway, I should probably stop, this is probably getting really annoying for you...

Just one more thing: update soon!

Stay perfect,
Curie :)

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Review #19, by ReeBeeAcanthus: Plans and Preparations

24th February 2014:
Omg, Kiana, I'm a terrible person! I read this agesss agooo! EUGH. Anyway, since I was horrible and didnt leave a review, I'm back to obviously, review :) I'm so glad to get time to read and review again! So much to catch up on!

I loved this chapter! The jumping between settings and time zones and even eras (sounds so oddly cool!) IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! LOVED IT!

Omg. The man at the end. What even was that?!?! Gah! So so thrilling! Sent shivers down my spine so kudos to you! :D He's so scary! Omg, I really don't deal with scariness well (just go with the word, cant think of anything else! :P) Anyway, he was awesome! :D And then the confrontation! Ah! They're all magic! Whoo!

Ooh, also, on a completely different track, you write cliffies so so well! And obviously have to go on to the next chapter! So see you soon then!

Author's Response: It's fine Curie, I've been so bad at responding to this but all I can say is graphics, I'm sure you know my problem well :P

I'm so glad that you liked the whole jumble of things because I have a feeling a few were a little put off by it :P Hehe, yes, the man is very strange and scary and you will find out more! They are, though that might not be such a good thing as you'll find out later on ;) I'm so glad you liked the cliff-hanger and I can't wait to read your thoughts again!

Thanks for this fab review, it was the perfect cure for a terrible day!


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Review #20, by ReeBee30 Days of You and Me: Hope

19th February 2014:
NO! I'M CRYING! The sad part? I'm crying about this story coming to a close and I cried more in the last (happy) part than the sad part. Like seriously, this story has changed my life. I don't know why. It just has. I love it. The fact that they still live, they still cope, even when Scorpius has so much o deal with. It is a really amazing story. I don't know. I wish it didnt have to finish. I wish it would go on forever. But at the same time, I want to know what happens. I want to stay with Rose forever. I want to see Scorpius handle and make the best of his situation. I want to follow their relationship forever. Thank you for giving us this amazing story and i really hope, maybe someday, you'll maybe write a sequel (even a one shot).

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Review #21, by ReeBeeBirdie (Speed Dating Entry): Birdie

19th February 2014:
Oh oh! Wonder what happens... Hm! Ooh, here for our review swap! Sorry for the super lateness! Anyway, onto the review :)

Characterisation: awesome job! I really got a great sense of who Scorpius was and Rose's personality! I really did love Scorpius! :D I do think that a little bit could have been added to Scorpius' characterisation, but I understand that you had to keep it short because of the speed dating word limit :)

Description: I think it was amazing overall! Loved the description of Scorpius' feelings towards Rose! So sweet! :D I also think that a little bit of description could be added in the middle section just before Scorpius meets Rose's parents :) That, once again, is if you're planning to go back and edit this :)

Plot/Flow: I think the idea's great! Loved it actually! :D And flow was really good too! Just a bit stilted in the above mentioned places, but again, the word limit :/

All the tips and CC I gave was only if you're planning to go back and edit this! :D I loved it! Great idea and awesome story! Sorry again for the late review! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #22, by ReeBeePure Intentions: Red Line

19th February 2014:
OMG OMG OMG ROSEEE! ANOTHER AHMAZING CHAPTER! :D Oh, here for our review swap (three days late) so so sorry about the time! GAH! SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE MEE :)

*clears throat* Now onto the review ;)

Characterisation: BRANDON BRANDON BRANDON! :D Gah! Wel, he's so sweet and so so cute and understanding. And Albus! AH-DORABLE. He's so...just so so amazing! :D Amazing doesn't even cover it! He's so cute! Bralbus 5eva! ;) Even though i've always been and will be a bralbus (cant come up with anything else... Aldon?) shipper, I LOVE Scorpius! So so sweet! Love how he wants to marry Rose! :D And then he leaves home... Poor scorp! Now you've made me confused, do i want to buy ( ;) ) Scorpius or Brandon... Hm...[

Description: Great as usual! I love how Al felt around Brandon! Those thoughts were so sweet and just simply perfect! I do think there could be a bit more description around when Al visit's George's shop (side not, poor George! GAH! Now i want him too! Noo! ;) ) and also when ScoRose break up (so sad...)

Plot/Flow: Awesome job with the plot! It's so interesting with so many unexpected twists and turns! Perfect! :D And the flow was really well handled too! Just the break up scene and the george one :) Other than that, perfect!

Great job rose! Sorry for the supernate review! :D I HAVE TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON! GAH!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie!!!

Hello lovely!

I'm like three weeks late responding so we're quite even. :P

:D I can make you a Brandon to go if you'd like. ;) A lot of people were rooting for Bralbus at this point. :D I'm so glad Scorpius has been redeemed for you!! I know he was on shaky ground for a while! Why settle for one when you can buy both!?!?! (I guess that's not a real option for you or the story x.x)

Arg! You've found my weakest point with Next Gen - I don't know how to describe the joke shop. Mainly because I have no idea what kind of magical pranks they'd be inventing and blah. i just fail at it.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review, Curie!! We should swap again soon!


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Review #23, by ReeBeeThrough The Darkest: More Than a Clue

15th February 2014:
Hey Ashwini!

REVIEW SWAP! OOOH! WHY?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?! As you know, I greatly LOVE and enjoy this story! BUT THE CLIFFHANGER! Lovely use of suspense, but terrible! No! *clears throat* Now that that's over, on to the review :)

Characterisation: LOVE Cress! :D Seriously awesome character! And Teddy! Awww! So cute! I really do love Cress though! Only CC I have is to maybe include a bit more of Teddy's thoughts? Or how they look like to Cress?

Description: Lovely! Loved the flow that was controlled by description in this chapter! Great job! I do think that the last part (with the letter) was a bit fast paced? A tiny bit more description would be good. But not too much as you do want it to be face paced :)

Plot/Flow: Pretty good! This was pretty much covered in the description bit :) LOVE the plot though! Ooh! Where's Ginny been! How's Harry going to react?! Poor Harry :(

Grammar/Syntax: There were a few places where you forgot an 'a' but other than that, nothing major :)

Great job again! Do update soon! And inform me! I LOVE our swaps :)

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! :)

I'm so sorry about the cliffhanger! But I had to stick to my genre right?

I'm so glad you like Cress! She's a bit inspired from my sister so I guess I've been able to describe her thoughts well. Teddy is awesomely cute, I know. ;) Will try to add more of his thoughts, but I think Teddy was a bit awkward and confused here and Cress hasn't paid much attention to him, so I had decided not to include too much about his thoughts here.

Descriptions always make me a little worried so good that you liked it! Yeah, the last part might have been a bit rushed. I couldn't wait to finish it and post the chapter. ;) I would look at t now that it's posted, haha!

I can't believe I didn't mke any major mistake! It really does pove that I'm improving my grammar and construction. I was awful at it once upon a time. :)

I promise the next chapter will clear your doubts a bit when we get to see Ginny. Let's see what story she has to tell!

Thank you so much for the awesome review! Aww I love our swaps too! Will surely let you know. :)


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Review #24, by ReeBeeThe Keeper's Daughter: It Happened in August

7th February 2014:
AH! AMAZINGLY FANTABULOUS! I literally like, need the update! Perfect! :D Great job!

You already know what I think of your work! Seriously though, dying for the next update! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #25, by ReeBeePure Intentions: Red Letter

6th February 2014:
HI ROSEEE! BvB review battle! Woot for Team Blue! :D

Another amazing chapter! LOVE Savage! *be mineee* ;) Ahem. Ok, now onto the actual review? I rally do think you've done a great job of making Savage's character clear in a single chapter (enough to have me going crazy over him, but we're not going onto that ;) ) I also love Albus' side in this chapter! :D How he hasn't gotten over Scorpius, but is willing to try things with someone else and actually accept that he has feelings for someone else :)

I also think that the plots going well! Loving the slightly fluffy aspect of this chapter ( ;) ) I think you did a great job with the date and the whole day. I was super jealous when you managed to have PERFECT flow through the whole day! Like, not too slow and draggy and definitely not just skipping over the whole day! Great job!

And then the description was spotless! I literally read the chapter like 5 times and cant find one piece of CC! So, great job! I really need to get back into the swing of reviewing! I think I might be losing my ability to give CC :/ But I definitely know that with this chapter, even normally I couldn't have possibly found any CC!

Great job Rose! Loving this! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: CURIE!!!

go team blue!

I'll get you your own Savage. I sell them for $99.99 plus shipping and handling. I'm really happy his character has come to life to you - enough to crush on! :P Having Albus open up to someone else emotionally was a thing I had to do for this story. I didn't want him to just be a wounded puppy the whole time.

I can do fluff!! Aw! I'm really happy the chapter had good flow!! ^_^

Don't feel bad if you can't come up with CC - sometimes it's good to just review for feedback. Anyway, it's nice that there weren't any errors that popped out at you.

Thank you so much for such a nice and awesome review!!


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