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Review #1, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Is A Dragon For The Day

12th December 2014:
Okay fine i wasn't expecting Michelle's apology :P But I'm still suspicious… she isn't that nice and doesn't seem like the type to change herself that quickly… though I may be wrong! only the coming chapters can tell ;)

Oh my god though the felsss!!! I feel like a more upbeat version of an Ed Sheeran song! And I think the monster is Rebecca :P Abigail is too cute, even with the jealousy! And she didnt do anything about the jealousy unlike Rebecca and the stupid grin at the end.

AND THE DRAGON THING IS SO CUTE!!! Like his childish yet amazing self confidence is to die for!!! And Abigail obviously really really loves that kind of stuff especially since there are hints that she wishes that she could have confidence like that!!! And maybe she will after hanging out some more (sque) with James!!!

THAT SHAMPOO BIT KILLED ME!!! I could picture it so vividly and the close proximity of him and his SMELL!!! And his warm breath on her skin it was all too much to handle!!! Ah!!! Man do you know how to write to get all readers feelings all up and excited and dying :P Like honestly its amazing!!! As a side night, i really cant imagine coconut shampoo and how it would smell.. like idk why but my imagination does not reach those lengths…

Cant wait for the next one!!!

Stay perfect and fabulous,
Curie :)

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Review #2, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

12th December 2014:

First of all, again i really really want to slap Michelle in the face with a huge and preferably extremely heavy chair!!! But then it makes me question the logistics of the situation as i wouldn't be able to life an extremely heavy chair :P

AND JAMES! Like how he knows that Abigail and Michelle's friendship is uber unhealthy maybe he'll have a chat with Abigail or confront her!!! Ah!! okay I'm predicting too much whoops :P AND THE HOLDING HAND!!! I squealed so bad!!! Like actually!!! I feel so excited and stupid at the same time :P I'm shipping them so bad its not even funny okay :P

COMICS OMG! JAMES!!! I LOVE HIM!!! AND SO DOES ABIGAIL!!! But i cant compare with Abigail on this one!! i love how much he obviously likes her and its really obvious even though its first person Abigail's POV and thats really really cute how he's willing to show his affection for her!! ahhh!!!

And Abigail is really easily walked over I'm scared that someone's going to take advantage of her!! How happy i was when she made that sarcastic snip at Michelle I died :))) Like go her!! I hope to see many many more of those!!!

AND HOW HE GOES 'UNLESS…' I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO BE LIKE 'UNLESS YOU HAVE A POSITION FOR BOYFRIEND' OMG I DIED WITH ANTICIPATION!!! But the hint! the overprotective boyfriend hint was so good! and i love how confused Abigail is and how that confusion is mostly because she herself is sure that James can never like her BUT HE DOES HE DOES ABIGAIL. OMG. IM SO HAPPY FOR EHR AND THIS RELATIONSHIP OMG.

ANYWAY. On to the next chapter.

Stay über perfect,
Curie :)

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Review #3, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Talent Show

12th December 2014:

okay i forgot how good this was??? like after reading so many stories (even mine) about ideal characters with flaws that happen to ideal too, its so nice!!! ABIGAIL. AND MAIN PART OK JAMES. OMG. I FORGOT HOW AMAZING HE WAS. HE CAN FLIP!!! FLIP!!! THATS SO CUTE!!! And the way he treats Abigail is like death you had me fangirling through the WHOLE CHAPTER!!!LIKE IM NOT KIDDING. The way he treats her icanthandle.

And I'm still doubtful about Michelle… because she was sort of nice to Abigail when it comes to activities and stuff before too. but then she's really really witchy…

okay can we get back to James? I'm sorry this must be really really repetitive for you but I like really really cant deal because he is literally perfect!!! how he didnt force her to do the talent show!!! he's so considerate and i want them to get together so bad but i want you to drag it out so there are many more Jabigail moments!! Like seriously I'm so conflicted!!!

And the actual talent show sounds like heaps of fun!! Like i loved the Mr Sock and the muggle and ah. and i hope we see James' talent soon? More flips in the following chapters maybe?? Omg I'm excited!!!

I cant wait to get back into this story!!! So expect more reviews soon and sorry for being a terrible friend!! missed you heaps Tammi xx


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Review #4, by ReeBeefall.: fall.

12th December 2014:

well now that thats out of the way, carla, this was so good! oh my god girl where do u get these skills from! so good!!! Like I'm totally shipping Teddy/Rose now!!! like definitely!!! ohmygod!!! like i got tears in my eyes at the end!!! ohmygod!! hon tell me you're writing a sequel!!! like seriously!!! i know u have a million things to do but please!!! i love the repetition of the word 'fall'!!!

and how everything ties together like EVERYTHING- like the autumn leaves and how teddy compares her hair to that and how fall (which is autumn) and falling in love and i cant even okay. like ah.

I'm going to go cry for a bit and nomination was so worth it I'm dying like actually dying okay. my emotions are this huge puddle on the floor. ohmygod. carla.

btw the banner is gorgeous love it heaps! I'm going to go because i think I'm sort of spamming with the emotions.


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Review #5, by ReeBeeRiddikulus: Riddikulus

27th June 2014:
Hi there! Im so sorry for how late this review swap is! Last week of term 2 just finished and I've been down with the flu all week! So sorry!

Anyway, this was :O HONESTLY. Ive never thought about this this way and what McGonagall would feel and its so interesting! Like really! :O

Characterisation: w o w. Minerva :'( Like I said, its really unique and I've never read anything like this! It made me tear up because it makes so so much sense! And fred and Lavender and Colin made me cry. It was so so beautifully depressing and really perfect. And Winky. The elf! Oh my god I don't know! it was awesome!im speechless!

Description: beautiful. really. the boggart scenes :'( like honestly, the dialogue was so heartbreaking. It made sense and how they were all blaming her and how no matter how much Minerva tried she couldn't make her fears (and the boggart) go away.

Plot: the end! loved it! and Dumbledore and the guilt and i cant express anything. like it was too good. that simple. it was so so amazing I'm like dying :P Honestly, it was the most interesting idea with one of my favourite characters and is it possible for this to ever improve?!

Anyway, thank you so much for the swap and I'm so sorry for how long it took me to get to this!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: That's alright, I understand!

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry I made you cry! I was having a really difficult time thinking of something for this prompt, it really is nice to hear you like the dynamic. I figure she'd hold herself personally responsible, as I think she took her duty very seriously.

I got goose bumps writing Lavender. *shivers* sometimes I feel like a bad person. Lol. But this one had a happy ending, so yay! Thank you for taking me what you thought about it, I really appreciate it.

Until next time!

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Review #6, by ReeBeeThrough The Darkest: The Case Complicates

21st June 2014:
Another creepily awesome chapter! :D Dude, it is so not fair how amazingly you write these things! Every single one is so consistent in how awesome it is! :D

Characterisation: I loved the insight into Harry's mind! And it makes such perfect sense. It's really beautiful; that he can see that something isn't right, but he doesn't want to admit because he's glad that his 'wife' is back. And I can almost imagine that scene and Harry's thought were so gorgeously portrayed and eurgh. You make my feelings go through hell. Honestly :P Like gah. And I cant wait to see more Teddy/Cress action though I'm pretty sure you're taking the romance slow? :) just more more more, of this story and all my wishes will be fulfilled!

Description: gorgeous as usual! Like I said previously, that one scene with Harry is just so beautiful! I can imagine it! And I just cant, k? You give me too much Harry/Ginny feels. Honestly. Not fair :P

Plot: Dude the secrets to your brain should be like broadcasted to the whole hpff network! Its so creative! like everything is stunning! And Im still like this :O At the plot and the complexity and the character development and just everything! AND THE END! WHAT WAS THAT! PERFECTION IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. Not fair, hon! Its too mysterious! Like honestly, who was that?! Omg! You'll just have to write more so I don't like die from TTD deprivation. Honestly ;)

Kk, bye bye now! And girl, keep informing me of your updates! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Another lovely and totally awesome review from Curie!! :D

Aww, I'm so sorry for constantly planting cliffhangers around the story! I just can't resist them. ;)

Writing Harry is never easy, even after reading seven books and hundred fanfictions about him. I'm so glad you liked him here! Probably that's why I was avoiding Harry for the previous five chapters. But I couldn't keep him away anymore. :P

Yes, I'm taking Teddy/Cress romance a little slow. Teddy is still busy with the case and he hasn't moved on yet. He still feels something for Victoire. But I'll try not to make it boring!

Oh, thank you so much! That scene is my favorite too. It turned out to be even better than I wanted it to be. :)

Hahaha, you will never find the way to my brain unless I let you in! ;) Just keep checking for my PMs asking you for another review swap. :P

I think some updates will help heal your TTD deprivation? If so, I'll storm off to write the next chapter! :D

Thanks for the lovely lovely lovely review! Love you, girl!!


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Review #7, by ReeBeeActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

18th June 2014:
I'm really glad i did another one with you! I mean, gosh, i could finally stop procrastinating and read more :P And it was so worth it!

Characterisation: Ah Rose, I love that you're keeping her anxiety and the other mental thing a secret (though I really want to know exactly what it is :P) because it really like boils over in the readers mind and has got me going crazy! :P But its really interesting and i really feel sympathetic for rose! honestly, its amazing :) AND SCORPIUS! OMG I DIED! Well, honestly, I kind of just sat there like what is this man so amazing! Like that end scene where he yelled at everyone so Rose could get changed! WHATISLIFE! THAT WAS SO CUTE! HONESTLY. Gah, you've killed me :P

Description: it was great! I really liked it in this chapter it complimented the chapter and its plot perfectly! The only cc I have is maybe a bit more setting description? Like, I could picture Rose and Scorpius on the love seat as everything went crazy around them in like blurry and they were the only ones who were quiet, romantic and you know, real. But i would love to see more of that in words? Just like description of the atmosphere or the lights or something?

Plot: A M A Z I N G! honestly! Wow- that guy! what a creep! his sudden disappearance and like how Rose notices that he apparatus but you cant do so in a full body bind…it was super mysterious and leaves me to wonder whether he'll make another appearance…? And yes just perfect! AND THAT LAST LINE! AWH! That was such a good ending! And Im like :O because i cant do endings and like worship anyone who can! SO WOW! It was truly perfect!

Anyway, thanks again for the swap and cant wait to read more! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie!

Aahh! Your reviews leave me so... I just can't! Thank you so much. I am so excited that you like this story - you have no idea. If you want, we can just keep review swapping with each other to get through our stories together. Let me know.

I think you're right about the description. Sometimes, you get so wrapped up in one part of the story that you forget to layer in other things. I worked really hard on the emotions that Rose was feeling because I thought that was the most important part of this chapter (which it was), BUT I should've gone back through and set the scene a bit more.

I'm sort of enjoying keeping you in suspense right now. I love it! I also love how you picked up on few essential clues - like the apparating inside the flat. Nice!

Thanks again!


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Review #8, by ReeBeeEnglish Ivy: English Ivy

18th June 2014:
Hi hon! Here for our review swap! :D

I love this one shot! Its so sweet! :) And I LOVE Minerva so I loved this!

Characterisation: it was awesome! Like I said, minerva was awesome! Her personality! And her mother- seems like an absolute dictator, but I'm really glad u included that part at the end with her mother! it was really sweet and her mother's crying and it made me feel all gooey and warm inside :P But the middle! Grrr! And Pomona! Loved her! ALSO THE DAD! OMG DA WAS AMAZING! HONESTLY! He was my favourite! :D And the bond he had with everyone! squee~ And the brothers were super cute!

Description: beautiful! You really just like wrote it in a way that suits the atmosphere and the time frame of the story! I think its a huge part of your totally gorgeous writing style! Honestly! The writing in this made me like swoon because it was so so pretty! :D And just wow. :O

Plot: i loved it! You know how much i loved that end scene :P and how everything builds up to that end scene how the mother appears more and more horrible until bang, she's suddenly human and caring. Also like how Minerva is sort of weirded out by her mothers sudden show of affection and she runs away! It was realistic! :D And honestly amazing!

Thank you for review swapping! This was great :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the sweet review!! :) and thanks for breaking it down like that, it helps!! :) :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by ReeBeeCrossing Delicate Boundaries : Positive or Negative

18th June 2014:
Hi there Lindsey! Here for our review swap! Thank you for offering! :D This is just so good because I've been meaning to read a Dramione (Im pretty sure this is one…?) for a long time! :D so thank you!

Characterisation: i loved Hermione in this! A lot of other fics portray her as really clingy and Ron as the one who breaks it off and just clingy and emotional. But i love that she's feeling the distance and sort of growing apart and her feelings are dying down too. And wow, your description makes me hate ron, or just feel something weird :P And Ginny seems super sweet! Such a good friend! I really hope whatever's going to happen doesn't affect their friendship! And also, I love hermione's thoughts on Draco and his parents :'( that part was super sad.

Description: of events was really good! I quite liked that you did it without making it sound like you were just regurgitating a list or anything like that so that was great! The only CC I have is maybe a bit more description on Hermione's actual feelings/emotions? There was some but I would love more! But since this is only the first chapter, its really only just a base, so whatever's fine :)

Plot: Im interested! The last line made my blood boil :P Thats a good thing ;) And like i mentioned in the first part, i love that Hermione's feelings are starting to cool down for Ron, it is really realistic because you know, it could have just been like a passion of the moment kind of thing! So Im really interested! :D

I think you have such a great start here and i cant wait to read more! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hi Curie!
Well I hope that my Dramione will be the one that you read. I am so glad that you liked it and that you for the most part don't see any errors poking out! Yay! Thanks so much!!!

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Review #10, by ReeBeeActions Speak Louder than Words: Broken: Rose POV

18th June 2014:
Ah yes- that feeling that you must write a story and its just been inside you pestering you to get out! Its an annoying feeling- but provides for the best stories so Im super excited to see where this will go! :D

Honestly, Ive been meaning to read this for sometime, i just see it everywhere! So yeah, Im glad we did this review swap! :D

Characterisation: Rose is really awesome! She seems a bit unstable and there are definitely many hints at some sort of mental disorder or disability or just something. Ive never actually touched this part of fanfic or OF with mental disorders (other than low self-esteem) and Im really excited! I think she's great and its really believable! So Im just really excited!

Description: I loved that deep part at the beginning talking about that moment of realisation, i think it was beautiful and sort of kick started the story! its super beautiful and just :O The only thing i'd recommend is maybe a bit more description of whats actually going on when just before she throws up? The whole thing was (I'm pretty sure intentionally) a bit vague and it worked well! So it was honestly great!

Plot: Is really really interesting! Im super hooked because like i sad the idea being explored is really thought provoking and I'm curious!

Great start! Thanks for the swap! Cant wait to read more! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hi Curie!

Thanks sooo much for this completely awesome review! I was so excited to hear that you had even HEARD of my story - I let out a squee!

This story came about because I had been reading a lot of Rose/Scorpius and I really wanted to put down my own version of events. There is a LOT planned for it, so I hope you continue to read!

Thanks for doing a swap!


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Review #11, by ReeBeeThe Tutor: Mittens the Magical Cat

18th June 2014:
I must say! Mittens the Magical Cat is a very very good pride and joy source! :D Love it!

Characterisation: Ted made me laugh! XD Honestly! :D He was just so well written and his thoughts were so so sarcastic! It was amazing! And gosh his thoughts are so realistic! I love it! The only CC I have here is maybe having Hermione show at least a little bit more discomfort at Ted having called the children 'spawn' (hilarious btw!) I also love the tutor thing going on! Its such a unique job and just :O

Description: Pretty well Controlled! I really think it complimented your writing perfectly!! honestly! The only CC is maybe a bit more description on what happens when Ted decides to go to sleep? Just a bit more pros/cons self thoughts or something?

Plot: and so Ted has to tutor the spawn! Oooh- its such a strong base and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! GAH! Honestly! i wonder if Rose and Hugo are actually that bad! Or gasp! Will Ted start to like him because they listen to him or something?

Im super interested! :D You must tell me when you update! :D Great start!

-Curie :)

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Review #12, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Chewed Quill

7th June 2014:
Hiya Tammi!!

So I am super behind :/ Blame exams right? Anyway, thought I could come and relieve my stress by reading about awesome Abigail and James :D Anyway- onto the review then :P

OMG JAMES AND ABIGAIL! THERE WAS SO MUCH CUTE STUFF! I DIED ;) OHGOD! PERFECTION!! *clears throat* anyway. I really like that she's so comfortable with him to admit that she wasn't listening! Theres the depth there that sort of isn't there when the character tries to make up for it… If that makes sense… anyway I found it was uber cute! :D And James! Oh god, you write him in such a cheeky, annoyingly faux innocent way! I just said annoying and that is meant to be a compliment :P I really do love him (i don't think i need to repeat myself ;) )

And then Abigail! Oh god! She's so cute! I just want to give her so many hugs and then kidnap her into my RL and have her be my bestie ;) Honestly, if she goes missing…don't blame me :P

And Isabella! I love her! She's so strong and fierce without being too rude! And she's such a good friend!!! Totally rooting for Isagail friendship wise :P Honestly! She'd be such an awesome friend! I can almost hear her saying things in my head (not healthy i know, but you know about my addiction :P)

And E U R G H. Michelle! Dont even get me started! GAH! She annoys me so much! but…i think thats the intention…? :P But honestly she is SUCH a little witch (connotation intended ;) ) But gah! I don't think i can deal anymore! SHE! EURGH! Anyway…

THIS WAS AHMAZING! As usual ;) And the plot :O I don't even get life and how awesome this story is! I cant wait to read the next chapter! (I should get around to it soon :) )

Stay perfect,
Curie :)

Author's Response: CURIE!! I'VE MISSED YOU! *squishes you and never lets go* Oh those exams! I hope they're not stressing you out too much!
I'm glad you can destress by reading this story. :D

THEY ARE SO CUTE! AND THEY'RE GOING TO GET CUTER JUST FOR YOU!!! I've written some seriously cute moments that I can't wait for you to read. :D Hahaha don't worry you make sense :D Haha yes, James is a very cheeky boy! Don't worry he takes that as a compliment, of course he has to, he loves you!

We should so kidnap her, as long as I can share being her bestie too? :P Haha I am so going to blame you if she goes missing!

Yes! Isabella is a much better friend, although Michelle is going to start being a little nice, although how long will that go on for? Hahaha I love your addiction so much!

Yep, her annoying is the intention, she's there for us to hate! Haha hate away on her!

Thank you so so much, Curie you make me so happy and so excited when I see your reviews! You really know how to make me have the biggest grin on my face and you make my entire week!

You stay perfect and amazing!

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Review #13, by ReeBeeThe Last Keepers Of The Light: Chapter One

5th June 2014:
Hi there! Wow! this was so good! amazing! I LOVE your writing style! really, its gorgeous! Anyway, onto the review :)

Characterisation: quite a good start! really intriguing! :D And Ms Blanc really sounds interesting! Her personality I already love her! And I must say, I noticed something really interesting (not sure if this is intended :P ) she says thank you, when she declines the water! I really liked that somehow! It really provided as a clear contrast between the two sides! And well, we obviously don't know a lot about her, but in this story it worked! really! it provided a strong base and the suspense kills!

Description: Wow, you're very very talented! Description wise, it was beautiful! Honestly couldn't look away and I could picture and hear Selwyn and Jugson's voices in my mind! Really vivid! I really loved the description! I found myself rereading lines just to experience the beauty and vividness again! :D The beginning! Beautiful! Its so original! Wow! It was honestly just :O The only thing I'd recommend is maybe a bit more on the atmosphere of the house and the room. Like, i can imagine it as cold and sort of harsh and severe, but I'd love to see it in writing :)

Plot: Great! Honestly! Wowww! Im hooked! So interesting! wHO is this girl?! why is she here?! omg! and whats with the holy grail thing?! how did she get here?! I don't know! But id love to know! :D Its awesome!

Grammar/Syntax: it was good! No major errors, i just found that some sentences were really long and maybe you could add more commas and make shorter sentences? Other than that it was perfect :)

I really enjoyed this and really hope i get some time to come back to this! Thank you for the review swap! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Wow! This is such a lovely review and I'm just in the middle of writing yours so I hope I can write something equally as nice!

I am so glad you liked it because it really is such a challenge for me to maintain description and characterizations throughout a fic. It's mostly the later chapters where I feel like the description sort of dies down a bit.

The 'Thank You' was added in sort of to add upon the fact that even though 'Ms Blanc' had been kept as a prisoner in these horrible conditions, she was still above all these so called regal people around the table. I'm glad you noticed! :p

Gahhh thank you, honestly so made up to know that my description was OK! (like really really happy). I will definitely be making sure to maintain that for future chapters and may even rewrite a few pieces in here to take on your advice :)

I will admit, in my opinion, the plot branches out a bit (which is both good and meh) because that increases the chances of plot holes right?

I really hope you keep reading though, thank you for the lovely review :)

Bella x

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Review #14, by ReeBeeWe Are One: It begins with pink

5th June 2014:
oooh— omg Erin! So I saw this- and i am in a phase with mystery and this was all too good! SOO GOOD! I HAVE MISS YOUR WRITING SO MUCH, LOVE! :D

Characterisation: omg you've improved! in like the 2weeks I've been gone :P or even before that- this story's older right? so interesting! AND THEIR TRIO'S PERSONALITIES WERE SO SPOT ON! OMG HONESTLY! perfect! honestly- i mean it, perfect. there is nothing you could have done better with the dialogue and thoughts- perfect. like, i could hear them in my head speaking the dialogue. p e r f e c t

Description: good! it was a really good pace for a mystery! why on earth are you so talented, hon?! Not fair :P actually, keep doing what you're doing! its great! :D maybe a bit more description on Pamela? but the first part- that was absolutely chilling! amazing! if you want to be even more awesome and gruesome- maybe a bit more of the torture details? just describing her scream and the murderers thoughts? but its awesome already so thats only just a suggestion :)

Plot/fLOW: AMAZING! IM IN LOVE! I already mentioned my current mystery phase and this is fuelling it! its honestly :O cant even k? i cant deal with your perfection! i really want to know! and as for my guesses- black hair, my thoughts go to either one of the Patils or Cho Chang (but thats just because of the hair thing) or Harry himself… a lot of mysteries have that twist… but I'm really curious as to where this will go! AND WHY UMBRIDGE! Sure, she was a right witch (hope u get my implication of the word) but you know, there must be another motif! hmmm…

Also, i was wondering whether you've read the Naturals?? the book? they weren't that good but the plot and the mentions of the un-subs and how the killer's thoughts in second person at the beginning- its a lot like that book! just curious… ;)

Also, your status on the forums! don't you dare stop writing second person! its perfect! YOURE SO GOOD AT IT! OMG! HONESTLY! AMAZING!

ily erin :) and stay perfect! ill be back later to read more of this because i love it so much! one of the favourite times I've favourited a story on its first chapter! :D

-Reebs ;)

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Review #15, by ReeBeeThe Keeper's Daughter: It's going to be fine, you know

18th May 2014:

YEAR MADE. IM GOING TO CONTINUE TO THE NEXT CHAPTER! Bye! Thank you for the mention and i don't think that i need to tell you how much i love love loved this chapter! :D

-Curie :)

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Review #16, by ReeBeeThrough The Darkest: The Unexpected Guest

7th May 2014:
Oh god!!! I'd forgotten how absolutely addicting this story is! Eurgh!!! My heart is literally hammering!!! I don't think i can stand the mystery Ashwini!! Eurghhh! Girl, like I've said many times, you need to stop giving me heart attacks! Anyway!

Characterisation: Honestly, I love Cress! She's just so awesome and eugh! Im speechless! She's amazing and this story is equally as fantabulous! And teddy! Eeep! So cute! Im not sure if you've noticed, but i tend to have this thing where i always gush over fictional characters… Anyway, Teddy's turn now! He's so sweet!! I seriously! GAH! I CANT EXPLAIN!

Desscription: perfection. you are perfection. that is all.

Plot: I would say perfection again but that seems unfair to you! So it was super amazing! And god! How on earth do you write like that?!?!?! its amazing! Seriously!!! E U G H! Write more! You make me want to write a million different mystery stories!!

Dialogue: Honeslty, I loved it but i did feel that it was a tiny bit fast paced. Especially the fight between Cress and her mother? I understand that u didnt want to reveal too much but a tiny bit more build up would be awesome :)

Anyway, you REALLY need to update!!! Or I WILL DIEEE! Well, maybe not, but u get the gist. Seriously, update! Anyway, byeee (well, for now :P)! Great job!


Author's Response: I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier! :( I meant to do that as soon as I read this amazingly amazing review but RL just doesn't allow that sometimes. :/ And anyways I don't know how to respond to SUCH REVIEWS. I mean SUCH LOVELY REVIEWS.

I'm so so happy I'm keeping the suspense well! That's like the best compliment for me, as I love suspense. :)

It's great that you like my characters so far. :) Teddy and Cress are like the heart of the story so it's kind of a relief that you like them so much. :D Teddy is too sweet I know!! :S

THANK YOU. Gah, you're making me cry. My descriptions. perfection? *sobs* thank you thank you Reebs!!!

I DO want to read a million mystery stories from you! ;)

Hmm, yeah, but the fight wasn't really a fight. Cress didn't mean to make her guest wait at the door for a long time so she just snapped at her mother...

I'm trying my best to write the next chapter as soon as I can but my muse and RL are both a little against me. :(

But if I'm going to have another beautiful review like this I'll write the chapter RIGHT NOW.

Thank you thank you honey! You made a lot of my days!!

Ashwini :D

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Review #17, by ReeBeeDementor: Helena Ravenclaw

7th May 2014:
Hi there! First of all, i would like to apologise for how late this review is- RL got to me. i am really really sorry! Onto the review?

Characterisation: Fantastic! Amazing! Really! I loved it! Especially Helena! She is so so relatable! Even if we're not faced with similar problems- the teenage age is shown perfectly and all the emotions are so so realistic! I really loved it! And Salazar! God you captured him perfectly! And I L O V E D Gryffindor! Seriously, so chivalrous and amazing!

Description: gorgeous! I really loved how it helped set the tone and sort of showed us that this is founders era! And everything was amazingly gorgeous that i am speechless!

Plot: SO INTERESTING!!! Ill be honest, this is my second founders fic and it was seriously so super interesting!! I really loved the connection between the two founders (well one founder and a founder’s daughter)! And well, it was just all round awesome!

Challenge: all rules met :)

Thnaks so much for entering and I’m super sorry for the late review!!

-ReeBee :)

Author's Response: Hi ReeBee,

Yay, thank you :D I didn't think this one was up to the standard of the rest (where the stories are just milked for every last possible source of feels) but your review's put a big smile on my face. Clearly we know the reults (woohoo!) because if you think you're a slow reviewer I'm definitely a slow responder. Well, no doubt about that.

Thank you :)

- Leonore

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Review #18, by ReeBeeSweet Madness: Potions and Baths

7th May 2014:
Oh god oh god oh god! this was great! I loved it! AND H I L A R I O U S! Seriosuly, amazing!

Characterisation: I stick with what i originally said- its amazingly perfect! I really do think that this is amazing characterisation!! I LOVE it!!

Okay, honestly, I'm going to skip the rest of the formalities and gush! I loved the bath bit! And how sirius won't pull peter out because he isn't wearing anything! LOVE that! So true to character!!! And how peter almost drowns in a bathtub! Lol! Amazingly believable!!

And the end!!! So mysterious! I wonder whats going to happen?! Im seriously so curious! Great job!

Challenge Rules: You met all of the challenge rules :) The only thing I'm not too sure about is that there wasn't an actual party, but there were the interactions (which was the main aim of the challenge anyway :) )

So thank you for entering my challenge! Results will be posted shortly :)

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie!!

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was basking in the glorious love that is your review!
Honestly, I love you so much I can't find the right words to express it, even now xD

I'm really sorry I didn't manage to get the party started before the deadline (but it was just so much fun having it go wrong before it even started^^') and I can't tell how grateful I am that you managed to squeeze me in for the results!
Actually, I can: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Chapter 5 is up and by the looks of it, this story will at least have 10 :D So I got so carried away with the plot, Sweet Madness will most probably become the longest fanfiction I ever wrote ^^
All thanks to you and your wonderful challenge!
So, again, thank you so much! :)

Lotsa love ♥


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Review #19, by ReeBeewaterfall.: truth be told.

29th April 2014:
Nadia! I decided to pop in! I haven't read any of your work for far too long! Or even contacted you in any way for far too long! So hi!

This was so simple and so so interesting! And omg! I would have never guessed the end was about self harm! It was written beautifully! The childish voice! Poor Molly :(

I really love the way you've written this! i honestly think its so unique and creative and i cannot think of a better way! This is the first time I've read something like this and well, I'm stunned! It was gorgeous! Seriously stunned into speechlessness!

The word count was so precise and honestly it suited the story so so well! I don't know what to say! Thats how perfect it was! i would gush more but it feels wrong, you know? just wrong. it was beautiful though! Unlike anything else I've ever read! Thank you for writing this amazing story!

Cant wait to read more of your work (i think i might try drummer boy tomorrow :) )

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! Thanks for stopping by! I'm seriously sorry I haven't responded to the other review yet.. I've fallen behind tremendously :( ♥

Thanks a lot :) It was hard to build up that character in such few words, I'm so glad you liked it!

Wahh, you are seriously so sweet ♥ Thank you thank you. Seriously, people like you make my day better, I honestly am the one speechless.

Thank you so so much for your kind words Cruei!! It means SO much to me. Seriously.

- Nadia ♥

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Review #20, by ReeBeeSweet Madness: Cauldrons and Cheese

29th April 2014:
Hi hun! I'm so late for this! This is you challenge review! It was amazing btw! Loved this chapter! So, I apologise profusely for my lateness and now onto the review!

Characterisation: So spot on! Loved James!!! I'm a huge James fan and well, you made him even more loveable! And Sirius! LOL! Siriously (try to ignore the cliched pun ;) ) amazing! His jokes and teasing and the boys' fighting! And I love how involved you kept Remus! You already know from the challenge that I cannot write with a lot people without forgetting about the existence of one of those characters! So Im totally impressed how realistic you made it!! And Remus! I love Remus and i honestly am so glad ad pleased that you didnt make him too book-y! I honestly think that this was one of the most believable (if not the most believable) portrayal I've ever read! kudos to you!

Dialogue: I honestly don't usually have a category for dialogue but yours was so good that I HAD to include it! You've improved so so much! Just from your last fic that i read to this one! Its very very realistic! I can hear it playing out in my head! The only thing I'd suggest is maybe including more tags as to who said what? It got a bit unclear in some of the witty comments :)

Plot: Mysterious! Oooh! Seriously! Lovely! What did Snape do?! Polyjuice potion maybe? Thats my guess and I'm so so curious that i cannot even make any guesses except that one! It was amazing and a lovely way to incorporate that! :D

Anyway, great job! :D I L O V E D it! Seriously amazing! And thank you for entering my challenge! I will e moving on to the next chapter soon! :D Thanks again and great amazing and fantabulous job!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie! Thank you so much for the awesome review!!
It makes me giggle and blush every time I read it, no matter how often! ♥

This is my first time writing about the Marauders and I just immediately fell in love with their dynamics!
You telling me my dialogs have improved makes me really, really happy and all warm and mushy inside, it's kinda awkward for me to express... Thank you :)

I love James and had to research him quite a bit - found a few comments about him being creepy and pushy, and they annoyed me... I find his constantly going after his one true love, having the courage to follow his heart and make a fool of himself... Those are endearing qualities that Lily wouldn't immediately see behind his teenage boy behaviour...

Sirius is my favourite marauder but writing this story made me think he was probably very insecure because of Lily, that she'd completely swoop James away and poor Sirius would have to end up 'alone' again.
Remus and Peter, too, might have been worried of losing James (he really is the core of the group no matter how I look at it ^^) but Sirius is the only one brash and confident enough to be at least passive-aggressive about it, yet he loves his friend James so much he wouldn't dare to wish him unhappiness.

Gaah, Remus!
He has serious anger issues, with his werewolf blood and his often being tired a lot making him cranky. Yet his close friends have that soothing effect on him, because he wants the happiness they share together to never end or waiver, because their happiness is his happiness.
Also, he thinks fighting is childish and Lily would do James good :D
I hope Remus won't disappoint you in the further chapters ^^'

I've added some dialog tags (I got confused too, re-reading ^^'), thank you so much for pointing that out!

Aaah, Snape... Really nice guess... But not Polyjuice, no *mysterious-dum-dum-dum* ^^
Thank you so much! I did a little research to find potions that had the effects I (well, technically, Snape) needed for the plot, hehehe ^^

Thank you again so much for the review and for creating such a great challenge - it was fun to participate and even though the judging is done, I'll definitely keep updating! Next up is chapter 5 ;)


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Review #21, by ReeBeeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Is Up All Night

29th April 2014:
HI AGAIN TAMMI! So, I read your responses and was so happy that I decided I should probably catch up with this story! So here I am! Firstly, can I just say that I LOVE that you called my obsession with James 'bordering creepy'! That came out sarcastic, but seriously, it wasn't! And also, you made me tear up with happiness (you must know that I'm super emotional by now :P ) Anyway, onto the review?

Honestly, I loved this chapter!! It was sort of quiet (if that makes sense) but totally showed a new side of James and Abigail! I mean! The doodling thing?! Amazing portrayal of how comfortable they are with each other! And it made me smile! Like seriously, today, I spent a whole double lesson (1.5 hours) scribbling in one of my best friend's school diaries (with her) and we completely ruined the whole page! But it was super fun! And its so realistic!!

And my god, i so did not know that it was possible to miss a fictional character so much! Well, i should say plural! Abigail and James! And well, you know my usual rant by now! James! He's such a cutie!! And the fact that he actually looks bad (I totally doubt that btw ;) I mean James looking bad? puh-lease ) it makes him so much more real and almost tangible and so much more LOVEABLE!!! And also, Jarie ftw ;) But of course, considering the story, ill give way to Abigail ;)

But of course, ill give way happily! She is an amazing and relatable character! I absolutely love that she focuses on little things like how close James' and her knees are (eurgh- grammar)! And the fangirlling about James! Perfection!! And the mention of William! I seriously love his friends! They're awesome! :D

And the Michelle thing at the end :( Eurgh- Michelle! She's just such a…a… well, you get what i mean! But Isabella on the other hand, she's just that type of friend that everyone has! And I absolutely love her (you must be getting bored of my proclaiming my love for fictional characters by now!) I think she provides such an interesting twist for the plot!

And then the plot! Its going so smoothly and i really am in love! I love that it isn't anything super crazy or dramatic but sort of normal? And so much more relatable! Seriously, its genius and i love the progression of things! Its actually so unique!

I cant wait to go on to the next chapter! I promise I will get to it soon! Cant wait to see more Jabigail! They are SO cute together! :D

Stay awesome,
Curie :)

Author's Response: Hey Curie! :D

Haha, I'm so glad that you loved my responses. Haha oh the bordering on creepy obsession with James. :P I have a bordering on creepy obsession with your reviews. James however would love if you were stalking him! Maybe you could be Abigail instead? I wonder if it's too late to change her name to Curie?

Yeah, that did make sense, a quiet chapter had to happen, poor guys need a break from dramas. But there is a lot coming up. :D Yes, the doodling, they're so meant to be together! It's fate! Haha a lot of people have said that they've done the same, so I'm glad that it seems realistic.

Awww they missed you too! :D I love your rants! They're my favourite parts! Because then I get to gush about James as well, haha I found it hard to think of James looking bad too. Yes! Jarie FTW! :P

Abigail is such a fan girl of James, I am never going to get bored of your proclaiming of love for ficitional characters, I love it so much! :D I wish I could print your reviews out and frame them. Then every morning when I wake up I can just look at them and get so happy!

Eurgh Michelle! She needs to be shaken roughly. But Isabella is such a better friend for Abigail.

Aw I'm in love with your reviews! I would say you... but I don't want James to get jealous... I'll say it secretly *whispers* I love you!!!

Thank you so so much for your outstandingly awesome reviews! The next chapter is up and waiting for you! :D

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Review #22, by ReeBeeRun: Run

29th April 2014:
ERIN YOU SWEETIE! You seriously should not be allowed to do this to me! You made me blush! And now I'm all warm and gooey inside! Thanks love! Such a good feeling after a not so good day! ilyy!

First of all, this was an amazing story! Like seriously, i had to do like nothing! and wow! the idea was amazing and I'm really just speechless! This was actually my first founders fic and i was awed at the eloquence of your language and the writing style and technique! Amazing, really! And you totally made me gape like an idiot!

Im sorry for the short review- i honestlyhave nothing to say that i haven't said to you already and as for CC, i have none considering the beta thing :P So just great job and i cant wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: REEBS DARLING! Let us dance together and feel warm and gooey together, because your review was so heartwarming, and I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVELY PERSON.

Ohmygosh, awed? You're making me blush now! You should read Founders more. There are some truly amazing stories on the forums!

I LOVE short reviews. Especially when they are so sweet and make me squee like yours!

You are just the nicest person ever. :') Thank you for this, and for letting me bounce ideas off you and for beta'ing as well!! *hug*

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Review #23, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: Newt Scamander

17th April 2014:
LOL! How punny ;) the end authors note i mean.

And this was such an amazing story!! love it!!! And Newt! Lol!!! I totally love him!! And Daphne and Renfren are adorable together! Love them too!!! I really do love the ending! Great!!

The description was great too! The setting description in this was perfect! Really well used! And it controlled the flow so well! IT flowed perfectly! The only thing I would love is more character/appearance description :) I know sometimes it seems like a bore and might make your story longer, but it would do wonders! And help the reader picture the scene more vividly.

How about a challenge? Maybe in your next story or even this one, go back and describe one or more aspects of every character? Not in a huge paragraph, but maybe like 'she said, twirling her blonde hair' one aspect there- blonde hair, or 'his hand gripped the quill, his brown eyes showing great signs of interest'- another aspect- brown eyes. Just something simple :)

And the plot was fantastic (wink wink) and I really loved it! Im just speechless at how creative this idea is! Perfect!!

And of course, it complied with all the challenge rules, so congrats. And of course, thank you for entering my challenge :) Results should be posted within the next week in a blog post :)

Byeee ~


Author's Response: Heehee! Why, thank you very much. :)
In hindsight I think it is a bit odd that we never decided or thought about physical appearances. Georgina might've had an idea, but I guess we didn't think it was important enough, or something. It is odd, though; as far as I can think back all our other stories' characters have a specified physical appearance, but this one doesn't.
I'm glad you pointed it out here; I will definitely make sure to keep an eye out for that in the future, especially with unfamiliar characters and settings.

Good luck with judging! I look forward to learning the results!

Thanks again for the *fantastic* challenge! ;)

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Review #24, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: Escape from the Island of Drear

17th April 2014:
Hi there! I'm back again! As expected of course ;)

Anyway, this got better and better! And a tiny bit of romance!!! Yay!!

The characterisation really got me this time! Loved it!! Renfred!! He was so awesome!! And his thought process! I don't even know why i loved it! But i did! He's super relatable! And Daphne! She seemed so collected and just amazing in general! I really loved the dialogue and it flowed well and had me smiling! Nothing I can suggest with characterisation!

Description was great too! I saw a lot of setting description incorporated in a way that didnt make it dry or boring. So kudos to you! But maybe add in a bit more of character description? And description of what happened in general. Especially when Daphne informs Renfred that the Ministry's taken care of the monsters :)

The plot is going along wonderfully! So much more suspense! Love it! And monsters! Oooh! Really great! I'm going to move onto the next chapter now :) Bye

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you liked the characterizations and the flow. We'll keep the need for descriptions in mind next time.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by ReeBeeThe Creation of a Monster: McCliverts verses MacBoons

17th April 2014:
hi there! Im here with your review for the Party Gone Wrong Challenge! Before I begin, Im so so sorry for how late this is! RL has been a pain lately! So sorry! Anyway, onto the review.

Well introduced characters! I could get an idea of who each of these characters were and their personalities :) I love the contradicting personalities you have with the characters' families and also how Quintius spoke with a fake French accent! That helped add to the believability of the character :) The only CC I have is maybe to add a bit more on each character? I'd love to have a moe in-depth view of them. But, I do understand that this is the first chapter and the characters will be explained more in the next chapters :)

I do think that a bit more setting description could be added in? Just a little bit here and there. I don't think that big blocks would be good for this. And I loved the setting description at the beginning of this chapter! It was so vivid and i could picture it! But a little bit to slow down flow would be good :) Also a bit more description on tone of voice of characters maybe?

The plot idea is amazing! I love the whole two families thing and I'm sure that it will turn out to such an interesting story! I'm going to go onto the next chapter now :)


Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
I'm really glad you enjoyed the characters.
Yes, description does seem to be a bit lacking, I suppose. This is our first completely OC/Other Era story, so we'll keep in mind next time that unfamiliar settings and characters need more description in general.

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