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Review #1, by DancingMooncalfThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: The Morning After

25th January 2014:
You amaze me with every chapter. I read it and think: 'This was the best one,' and along comes the next chapter, better and more exciting than the first.
It's amazing how you keep tossing feelings and emotions around. It's like watching a drama movie.

I was laughing at Audrey's thought of Percy's family house. That's such a nice detail. The presumptions she makes... we as readers all know the truth. It was funny.
I also really loved their little banter, Audrey getting comfortable with everything and teasing Percy, like she did so mercilessly in previous chapters. It made me laugh.
On the other hand they really got closer in this chapter, there was an emotional connection that hadn't been there before. That really made it one of the more amazing chapters so far.

Thank you for updating and I can obviously not wait until the next chapter is out!

x Maya

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey, there! My dear, you leave the most wonderful reviews for this story and I can't say that I'm not obsessed. You really brighten my day! I'm glad that you love this story, I really am.
Anyhoo, Audrey's assumptions of what Percy's family is like is something that I wanted to make a point of writing because later on, she finds out the truth and it leads to some delicious drama and emotional growth between them. :D
The banter was being missed between them so I took their relationship back to their roots and it was SO much fun writing it that I'll keep it up for sure! Hahahaha.
I think Audrey and Percy have connected emotionally more than once but this one was more poignant than the others and it really stood out as a special moment for their relationship. I melted! Hahahaha.
The next chapter will take a while but it'll be up there soon! I promise! D':
Much love,

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Review #2, by DancingMooncalfThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: A Bland Life

14th November 2013:
Yess! Another chapter. That must have been the first thing going through my mind when I casually checked up on the story, as part of my daily routine.
Then I saw that it was 9000+ words and the thought changed to: Do I have the time?
Shortly followed by: I don't care I'll read it. NOW!

I have to tell you this chapter was great. It was exactly what I needed to read at this point in the story and it all made perfect sense. I had been waiting for something like this and now it finally got to it, to the point where they start to be less awkward around each other. (I love how they were awkward and everything, but the development is good!)

It was nice to have a chapter that didn't have the emotional swings in it. It was really what I needed in the story, a bit of stability. It will probably mean that every thing is going to be turned upside down in the next chapter, but for now I feel secure and save (a little like Audrey, I suppose). It's strange how attached I've gotten to this story and the characters. I do sometimes spend more time thinking of how this story should develop than I do thinking about my own work... which is therefor a bit neglected.

I said it before and I'll say it again, you're a great writer and you've got some real talent. Please update a quickly as you can!

x Maya

Author's Response: Hello!

Its always good to see you here with your reviews, it makes me super happy you know! I think that this chapter really does make you all feel a lot better about everything, especially since the previous ones were so emotionally unstable. I couldn't keep pushing that sort of thing and it was time for you guys to breathe deeply and simply relax.
For now.
I sort of have an idea for the next chapter but I don't think its going to be as crazy as you think! Don't worry though, its going to be worth it. At least, if Audrey behaves but she never does what I want her to...T-T
Thanks so much for the compliment! I hope I'll be seeing you again, its going to take a minute for me to come back to this so hold on tight!
Much love,

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Review #3, by DancingMooncalfThe Blossoming: Tears at Bathtime

9th November 2013:
Hey there,
I thought it would be nice to leave you a review, mostly because I spend every free moment of my very busy week reading the chapters that you've written so far. Problem is that I enjoyed it so much I couldn't bring myself to stop at the end of a chapter and spend a few minutes on writing a review.
But that's why I'm doing it now!

But first I want to thank you for all the lovely reviews you left on my story over the summer. It was great to read them and it made me enjoy my writing (which was pretty poor at the point) a little bit better.

Secondly, I totally adore your style of writing. You've got me wishing to be as good as you are. There is so much feeling and truth in you story, but in a subtle way. I know I tend to blow emotions up, they get out of proportion pretty fast, you keep them subtle and more real. I love that.
I also love the way you portrait the characters. They seem like real people.

When I was younger I had a crush on Ron (the way JK portrayed him) and you're one of the first writers since then who made me feel like that for him again! I think that's just amazing. Because he's one on the greatest characters in my opinion.
You also got Hermione all the way through. Her love for her work, her dedication to what she does. How she kind of freaked out about being pregnant. It so good!!

please remind me to leave reviews on the separate chapters pointing out my favorite bits.
And keep it up, I want to know what happens next!

good luck writing and thanks for the bits you already did.

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Review #4, by DancingMooncalf30 Days of You and Me: Okay

19th October 2013:
Hey, I just want to let you know I think you're a talented writer. I've been reading this story for the better part of last night and my Saturday and the fact that I couldn't stop to leave reviews between chapter should be seen as a serious compliment for you work! (If you want I can go back and leave review.)

I'm really impressed by how well you captured the nature of a teenager, never thinking about the consequences of what they do and things like that. Rose is a great example.
I really do hope Scorpius will be okay, it's not really fair to Mr. Malfoy to make him lose his wife and his son (not that you should do anything to Astoria, please don't hurt her!)

The best think in the story I think is the way to build up tension and spice it with humor, if that makes sense. At the and of each chapter I had to move on to the next one because the tension was build up so high I couldn't possibly stop reading just then. But luckily you let me breath with funny banters and weird situations.

As a tip, though it's really more my opinion, I like it best when a writer sticks to the magical world as closely as possible. You do that a lot but I can't help but wonder about needles, fluid bags and surgery... to me it somehow doesn't sound that magical.
Anyway that's my opinion, don't pay attention to it if you don't like it :)

I love how Rose is all confused and how Hugo is and extremely grumpy fifteen year old. they make a nice pair of siblings! I also like you Scorpius a lot, with his weird teenager theories and all that.

You're a good writer and I would love to read the next chapter (I'll be here, waiting for it impatiently!)


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Review #5, by DancingMooncalf30 Days of You and Me: Fish

18th October 2013:
This chapter was great, made me laugh a lot. I literally had tears running down my face with laughter reading the whole fish-slap scene, brilliant!

can't wait to read the next chapter so I'm off again!

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Review #6, by DancingMooncalf30 Days of You and Me: Trust

18th October 2013:
Hihi, you had me snickering while reading the story, it's quite funny and interesting enough to make me want to continue reading. It has a really summery feel to it, which contrasts nicely with the cold, rainy welsh weather I'm suffering through now.

the character, though different from how I imagine them, have a very real kind of feeling to them. They're not brushed up and perfect, which is always something I enjoy.

I've got to keep reading now, thank you for writing this!

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Review #7, by DancingMooncalfMuggle Fairy Tales: As Improved by Ronald Weasley: Beauty and the Beast

13th October 2013:
I absolutely adored this story and read the first chapters at least two times. It's amazing how you manage to capture Ron and Hermione's characters so well.
On top of that you're incredibly funny. This last chapter had me laughing about 90% off the story. It's amazing!
I loved the but about the Flobberworms and the very dramatic Ronald the beast. You really have a way with words...

I want to thank you for finishing the story and giving it such a spectacular ending!


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Review #8, by DancingMooncalfGuaranteed To Raise a Smile: Niceness, Mother Nature and a Noble Gentleman

13th October 2013:
Oh, I have been waiting for an update on this story! And I was not disappointed! Your still very funny and the story develops really nicely. I'm so curious when our hero will finally let Oliver kiss her though... Do I have to wait very long for it?
I hope not...?

anyway, you made me laugh, which is always nice and I thank you for writing this great chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review!! :D In terms of the story, you haven't got too long to wait ;) However, in terms of real time, the answer is more like 'however long it takes my laptop to stop breaking long enough for me to finish the next chapter' D:

Thanks again for reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by DancingMooncalfThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Rotten

13th October 2013:
It was amazing to finally see a new chapter! This story always lingers in the corner of my mind, wanting to be updated. I was very happy to see there was a new bit of information to add to what's already there.
For the last few chapters you have been trowing the emotions this way and that and now finally there is this little spark of relieve, Percy really is going to take care of her. It makes me smile that he finally admits he's smitten for her and that he doesn't let anything take her, no matter the consequences. I guess there will be consequences... I fear there will be lots of them, but it doesn't matter, for now.

Anyway, thank you so much for updating, I sincerely hope you will not wait to long to post a next chapter, but with the one you left me with for now I think I can hold on for a bit!


Author's Response: Hello!

Its always so good to see you here with your lovely reviews and I'm really sorry that its taken me so long to get to this! D':
But anyway, we finally get some relief in thsi chapter, I really couldn't have kept dragging it on any longer. I think that in thie chapter, so many emotions were about to burst that postponing the rest of the story would have been a really bad idea.
Percy is going to take care of Audrey no matter the issues that they're going to have and trust me, there's going to be alot of them. Corner is only the beginning.
Percy has been smitten for Audrey for quite some time but its so nice to have him break down and say how much she means to him. This chapter was so hard for me to write but I'm thankful that it turned out the way I wanted and that you all loved it so much.
I'll try not to wait so long for the next chapter to be up but I'll let you know whenever I come back to it. I have, I think, five other stories to update right now...*Sigh*
Much love,

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Review #10, by DancingMooncalfPadfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

26th August 2013:
Oh I once read this story a long time ago, today I felt like I needed a pick-me-up and looked it up. So happy it was still here. I like it a lot, it makes me smile.
I love the cheesiness without it being really cheesy.

Thanks for the fun read!

Author's Response: Awk thank you I am glad it still cheers you up.

Thank you for the review

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Review #11, by DancingMooncalfThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Two Worlds

7th August 2013:
I have to admit to checking up on this story far to many times over the past few weeks and I'll probably fall into the same routine a few days from now, knowing it is useless and still checking to see if maybe you did update.

I love this story so much. I feel so strongly for Audrey and Percy, I just want to read on, but all I get is one chapter at the time. It makes me sad, but also very excited!

I can only hope you find a lot of free time over the coming weeks and use all of it on writing... It must be hard to have such demanding fans!

I loved that Neville was in the chapter, since I'm a big fan of his and he was so nice and caring :)
The mystery revolving around Percy is somehow getting bigger and I still don't know what it is that he is supposed to have done. He still seems very upset.

Btw please make sure Audrey doesn't get obliviated I wouldn't want for her to forget Percy, he seems so good for her. She deserves him in her life as soon as possible.

Thanks for another enjoyable and exciting new chapter and write like the wind to get the next up!


Author's Response: Hello!

*Blushes* What to say to this lovely review?! I am honestly stunned that so many people read this story, I just don't know what to say or do...or how much I can swoon about it! Honest! Hahahaa.
I'm sorry that its taking me so long to get new chapters up, I have so many other stories that deserve my love and time too. D': I'm a very busy bunny! I try to get my really popular stories up there as quickly as possible though so you won't have too long for a new chapter, I promise! God help me if I'm wrong...
Anyhoo, for some reason I thought it would be nice to add in familiar characters because Audrey's world is about to be turned upside down and adding Neville is always a blessing. He's such a delight to write!
Ah, yes. The mystery revolving Percy is about to become a bigger, nastier sort of issue that he can't ignore. He did some really bad things and he's about to have them brought out into the open and Audrey's going to have to accept him or go back to her own life. Which of course, I don't want to happen at all! D':
I can't tell you what happens between Audrey and Percy in the next chapter but yes, he's very good for her and they do deserve their happiness. ;)
I hope to see you soon but in the mean time, feel free to check out some of my other work if you want! It might take me a minute to get back to this, I don't have internet at home and well, there's only so much time that I can spend in the library...D':
Much love,

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Review #12, by DancingMooncalfArthur's Treasure: 2. Charles Barnabas Weasley

27th July 2013:
Ow Gosh, they are cute! I really loved those two little boys. You'll never have a dull moment in your live when you have kids, and with magical children it will be even more eventful.

It was really nice to meat Frank and Alice in this story, I think their story is so sad and tragic.

The thought of a very pregnant and slightly mad Molly Weasley must be one of the scariest. She is a lovely woman, bet with her fiery personality I wouldn't want to be the one she's mad at.

You complimented me on the details in my story, and I have to give the compliment back. You write your story very lively, the detail, conversations, everything is very real. I can learn a lot from you and your talent.

Thank you for yet an other great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again Maya! :)

I love the two boys too... Yes, it's a wonder magical parents don't go insane! In one of my other stories, Ginny has the constant stress of trying to keep little James from stealing people's wands.

Frank and Alice's story, is as you say, so tragic... But it was nice to imagine how they might have been before they were tortured whilst I was writing this.

You're quite right about Molly! She's a lovely woman but I wouldn't want to upset her...

To say that you could learn from my writing is probably the greatest compliment you could ever have paid me, so thank you so very *very* much.

Thank you for another great review!!


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Review #13, by DancingMooncalfArthur's Treasure: 1. William Arthur Weasley

27th July 2013:
Hey there,
I found out that I had made this story a favorite but had never read it, which is the strangest thing, but I'm glad I did read it now, because it is lovely so far.

You know how to capture the peaceful serenity of a newborn child very well. I was recently present when a new baby was born into this world and it is really a whirlpool of emotions and feeling going on around the affair. Also the determination of Arthur to protect his family no matter what is really strong.

I think you captured their personalities very very well. Arthur in all his chill friendliness and Molly with a flare of passion. It's amazing.

I can't wait to real the other chapters and I'm quite sure they'll be just as good.


Author's Response: Hi Maya!
I do the same thing sometimes - I add something as a favourite because it looks good and I forget to go back and read it :S Haha! But thank you for reading it now!

It's a very special time when a baby is born - I'm training to be a midwife and I think that has influenced a lot of my writing. There's just a special aura around a newborn - people become gentler, quieter.

I love the Weasleys and I love spending time with them - I really do intend continuing this story soon! George's chapter is all planned, and just needs writing!


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Review #14, by DancingMooncalfCareful What You Wish For: The Dementor on the Train

25th July 2013:
This was a nice chapter, I answered a lot of my questions. Even though the sixth persons was indeed not all that important I liked her, we don't always need a big plot reveal in the first chapters. It's good to start it out like it's all normal and nothing special happens.

It was good to read the reaction of Penelope on the Dementors and her mention of the previous year. I can imagine that being petrified isn't all that fun and it's looked upon as not a big deal in most stories I've read.

being 17 and not having had a boyfriend isn't that bad, but I can't relate to how she feels left out for it.

I think it is time to make the plot of the story more clear in the next chapter, so people know where it is going. It's up to you, but that would be my tip.

enjoy writing the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked the second chapter - I always find second chapters a lot more difficult to write than the first!

I definitely thought it was important to incorporate what had happened to Penny in this story - I think I've read a couple of stories with Penelope Clearwater as a minor character, and never once has the Chamber of Secrets been mentioned - and I think if you were petrified, the memory would probably remain with you for a long time!

I agree with you about being 17 and having a boyfriend isn't that bad - I think Dani is over exaggerating the 'crisis' a little bit, partly because of her sister's slightly superior behavior.

I've written the next few chapters and the I think the plot does start to become a little clearer in the next chapter, although there's definitely still a bit of settling into classes that has to be done first!

Thank you once again!

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Review #15, by DancingMooncalfCareful What You Wish For: Brothers and Sisters

21st July 2013:
Hey, here comes your review, are you ready?

Okay, I think you started of really nice. I always enjoy shouting in the morning (not in real life of course!)
You gave a lot of information about the characters in the chapter, which is to be expected for the first chapter of a story, and it was in such a fashion that I didn't get bored. Sometimes the description of family and appearance goes on and on. You manages to balance it out with conversation and that was really nice!

I liked how you didn't flat out tell us whether Dani likes Oliver, since it's first person perspective she probably doesn't know and so we don't. That gives it a bit of a mysterious side, so you want to keep ready to find out.
I love the competition between them!

I was very curious whether this was a family of wizards or of Muggles-borns and I didn't really find out. I'm suspecting at least one of the parents is a wizard... Also, since you said they where living with six people... who is this sixth person? That has me wanting to read the next chapter as well.

I think you created a nice introduction that will make reader want to read more. Well done!
If the next chapter is uploaded let me know and I'll review that too!


Author's Response: I am indeed ready!

I definitely do not enjoy shouting in the morning in real life, although it seems to come naturally in my family!

I'm glad you think I gave enough information about the characters without it getting boring - that was definitely one of my aims for the first chapter!

I really enjoy the competition between Dani and Oliver too - they definitely don't dislike each other, but I don't think they really, really like each other...yet, anyway;)

Yes, this definitely is a family of wizards! And you will find out who the sixth family member is next chapter, although now I'm afraid the revelation will be rather anti-climatic!

I'm glad you enjoyed, and I'll definitely be requesting another review! Thank you so much.


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Review #16, by DancingMooncalfVictoire Weasley's Cooking Capers: Victoire Weasley's Cooking Capers

20th July 2013:
Haha, I still grinning! Okay, so here is your review:

What made me laugh immediately was the switch from the fairy tale introduction to the reality. How unbelievably delightful and true! I couldn't wait to read the rest once I had read that bit!

I found this to be a very cute story, but also rather funny. I can see it was meant as a parody, there's a certain hidden irony in it that is only really refiled at the beginning and the end. It makes it a strong parody.
It was very obvious that the ring would be in the turkey, but it was fun non the less.

I think for a parody the characters were perfect, really shallow and unbelievably confident. If it was a real story that would be strange, but it adds up to the fun and plays the story nicely.

hope you liked my review!

Author's Response: I'm grinning too now :)
Hey Maya! First of all I must apologize for this late reply. Life tends to get in the way every now and then.

It makes your heart swell when someone tells you that they enjoyed every part of your story. I'm glad I had you from the start. I'm also pleased that you think that all the elements of a parody are in my story. I did put in some thought to make sure that the plot and characterization were okay. So, this really means a lot!
Thanks a bunch :)

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Review #17, by DancingMooncalfArthur Weasley Air-Bound: Arthur Weasley Air-Bound

20th July 2013:
Hey, sorry for the delay, I had kind of forgotten that I had opened my queue again. But here it is, finally, your review!

Such a lovely little story.
I like how excited Arthur got, that's really his character. He becomes almost childishly happy when Muggle technology is involved, you really got that down.

When I read the summary I thought I would like it, it's cute and funny, I really wish for there to be more about this holiday, it sounds exciting. If you like maybe you could write it?

I thought the stories flow was good. You add little details that make it nice to read and still keep the story-line clear. It was really smart to make Mr and Mrs Weasley refuse at first. It fits their personalities and gives you a chance to let us know how much they mean for Harry.

I liked it a lot so keep on getting on... or something like that.


Author's Response: Don't worry at all about the delay, I did the same thing!

I'm glad you liked the story and the characterisation of Arthur and Molly. This is the first story I've written with them as main characters and I was a little worried I hadn't got them quite right.

I honestly hadn't considered writing this as any more than a one-shot but you never know, there are a lot of places I could take this story :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by DancingMooncalfThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Ravenous

24th June 2013:
Oh my, you leave us with a cliff hanger that will keep me busy for days!
This was such a thrilling chapter I couldn't stop reading until I was done. I can't wait for the next for the next chapter, so please please write it as soon as you can!
I was so expecting things to work out well for a change. I'm wondering how you will get them all out of this crazy situation. It won't be easy for Percy now... he has a lot of explaining to do. I hope Audrey will still like him after that.
in short I enjoyed reading this chapter. Keep it up!


Author's Response: HellO!

Hey there, I was wondering when you would pop up! I think its really amazing that people keep coming back to this story, it really makes me feel better about my writing.
I have some other things to update before I can come back to this but it shouldn't be too long, I already have an idea of what I want the next chapter to be like. :D
No, things are just going to get really difficult for Percy after this, he has a ton of explaining to do to not only Audrey but other wizards. He's gotten himself into quite the jam! Strawberry jam?! Hahahaha.
Audrey will make her decision in regards to their relationship later on and I hope you'll still stick around! :D
Much love,

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Review #19, by DancingMooncalfShut Up and Kiss Me: Freak

6th May 2013:
I have to admit that I secretly read till chapter 6 without leaving a review... I was a little to curious to stop for the review box and type a few short words. But I felt really guilty about that and ended up going back to chapter 3 to leave a review. I promise to leave more on the other chapters as well.

I loved James' banter with his owl. *Giggles again just thinking about it*
I thought it was foolish, but also really sweet that he wanted to learn Ellie's timetable by heart. If a boy would do that for me...

It was really mysterious that Leo said: I have my reasons, that was one of the thinks that had me reading on without leaving a review. Than again I haven't found those reasons yet in the chapters to come... will you reveal them one day?
Lily acted like a little spoiled princess, but later I learn she's got more to her than meets the eye... that's one of the strange thinks about leaving a review for a chapter a few chapter passed where you are now... You get to know the characters in different light and find you were a little wrong on the first impression.

Anyways... nice chapter. I'll leave another review soon :)


Author's Response: Gah! So yes, sorry this was my first there are many errors.

Many, many, MANY errors.

I don't start really getting into anything until about the eleventh chapter, as weird as that sounds. I got really into developing my characters.

Right, well I'm off to sneak around and look at cat pictures on the internet! I'd love to hear what you have to say about the following chapters if you have the time to leave another review. Or you could just IM me. That works too.

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Review #20, by DancingMooncalfShut Up and Kiss Me: The Rumour Mill

4th May 2013:
Aw... James is a lovely character, it must be lots of fun to write him :)
Poor Ellie, she already has a hard time and on top of that comes a stupid rumour to make her even more uncomfortable. Though it is a far fetched rumour, I wouldn't have believed it, but I guess teenagers are a bit slower than me.

You were right to say this is a fun story, it has a bit of drama but not so much that I get frustrated with it (I can't really handle to much drama, it make me uncomfortable :P)

I'm really curious whether James and Ellie will end up together one day. I hope they will :)

Shall I tell you the part I liked the best?
I thought it was really funny when James started rolling around on the floor with laughter. I started giggling right in my cup of tea, which could have ended in a disaster... luckily it didn't.

that's it for today. maybe I'll leave you another review tomorrow, wouldn't that be nice?


Author's Response: Hey Maya, welcome back to the rubbish!

James is alright. I shouldn't disclose who my favorite to write is...but its Scorpius. It'll become evident later on :)

I don't know what rumours teens pass along these days...I guessed...

Oh, it's about to get a whole lot more dramatic, my dear, dear Maya. A lot more. But..coming from me...I'm not sure if that's a "big deal." Oh well, let me know what you think when I drop it all on you in these next twenty-ish chapters.

We shall see about Jellie (sweet ship name, right?!)!!

Yes! Do tell! Heh, he's a riot! I'm a fan of James Sirius Potter. I need to stop writing about that kid someday...nope.

That would blow my mind. Not literally. I don't want to clean that junk up.

Right, weird's really early in the morning over here. Sorry...


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Review #21, by DancingMooncalfShut Up and Kiss Me: Prologue

3rd May 2013:
I can't believe I did not start reading this story yet, how come I never did? Can you tell me?
I don't know what made me read it now but I'm very happy I did, it's a lovely story, or at least the prologue is.

It must be hard to be a werewolf, losing control every month. I wouldn't wish that to anybody.

I spend my day in the sun and I did not drink enough, so now I've got a bit of a headache, but I'm determined to tell you that I'm going to read the rest of this story as well. It's funny and serious at the same time, with is quite a nice combination.

Now I must lay my hurting head on a pillow and sleep. Hopefully you'll hear more from me tomorrow.


Author's Response: You're going to read this silly thing? Prepare to be blasted with fluffy nonsense! ;)

You probably haven't read this one because it's a bit on the teenage girly side. Let's be honest here. Oh well, these characters are my favorite. After the twenty chapters, you find yourself attached to the people you've created and are developing :P

Oh, get rest!


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Review #22, by DancingMooncalfSnake Bites: The Dorset Derby

2nd May 2013:
This was really a great chapter. I got all excited reading it. I was a little disappointed at the disruption, because I wanted to know more about the genetics of Louis.

But then again the thing that happened in Dorset is part of the plot and I want to know what happened there as well.

And what happened to Louis?

All those unanswered questions make me want to read on. You're building the tension up high!

I liked that the Ravenclaws were allowed to visit their friends in the Slytherin dormitories, and it's nice to see shy little Scorpius bloom up. He needs a few friend to break out of his shell.

I hope you're not frustrated with my very very late review... I'll try and make them a little more frequent from now on, but I can't promise anything.


Author's Response: All in good time, my friend, all in good time.

I can promise you will start to get a few answers... or at least some recurring hints... before too long.

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Review #23, by DancingMooncalfSnake Bites: Coincidences and Consequences

19th April 2013:
Another great chapter! The plot thickens and I'm really very sorry I have so little time to read now. I hope you don't mind my tardiness, I have a lot to finish before next weekend.

Oh, I'm so excited that Scorpius is finally part of the group, I was really waiting for that because I knew he's a good kid. He's a bit shy, isn't he? I like that. It makes him very cute and likable.

Miranda's got her own problems and things going on. I wonder if she will turn out just like her mom or find her own way. She could really be something, I suppose.

This will be it for today. Hopefully I'll find a minute or two for you tomorrow.


Author's Response: You need a character like Miranda. It gets a bit boring if everyone's agreeing with one another all of the time. Explosive rivalry's much more fun to write...

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Review #24, by DancingMooncalfErised: Chapter One

16th April 2013:
Here is your review,

I have to say this story makes me a little sad. I'm sure that was what you were going for with this.
There's a lot of emotion going on in it.

If you asked me, Albus wouldn't swear. It's like you reversed the roles of Albus and Aberforth, a little. In my opinion Aberforth would be the one to swear and be rude and nut Albus.

This could be a part of a bigger story, maybe a mamory of some kind. If you want.

I hope you thought my review was helpful.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I was thinking of making this into a longer story, or possibly just having a second chapter where we would see what Aberforth wants most. I guess I'll look into it more. Thank you.

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Review #25, by DancingMooncalfNot Normal: {Chapter the Second}

14th April 2013:
Hey, hay,

I happened to stumble across your stroy whilst checking stories I reviewed and I remembered liking this one and without second thought I started reading the second chapter and then I was really confused because I had kind of forgotten about the dead people thing... I smacked myself in the head a second later, that was the moment I remembered. So yeah...

Now on to your chapter, man I laughted so hard! Regulus was kind of hilarious! I mean wifi in heaven?? And what's with the kitchen talk? TTYL? Seriously??? What? :P
I had a lot of fun reading it and then watching the people aroung me cast me worried glances because I was rolling around on the floor (not literally, I composed myself)
Really only thinking about it makes me smile again.

Just when I thought things were going to go serious Ginny walks in. I would have been rather shaken when the ghost of Regulus had said TTYL to me, But Ellie tops it all. Ginny was really cool.

Do I even make sense? I hope i do. I just really wanted to get my point across, which is: I like the chapter a lot. Please update as soon as you possibly can!!!


Author's Response: Happy to see you came back for another read!

One of my aims with Regulus was to get a laugh or two out - so really happy to hear that was the case! He's a great character to write, and if I were in his situation, I'd wish to handle it the way he does. He comes back later in the story, and if you think you like him now - just you wait!

Ginny is amazing. That is all. All arguments, ever are invalid.

And there should be an update soon!

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