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Review #1, by DracosGirl012The Color of Revenge: wood and snow

18th February 2015:
Hi! Iím here with your review from my ďFairytale ChallengeĒ.

this was a really great opening. I liked that you have used a Greengrass (Iím not sure if the main character is Daphne or Astoria, because you only mention sheís a Greengrass, never her first name.) as the main character in a lycanthropy story. I have never seen that done before, and I like that. This story has a really great start and Iím looking forward to reading more!
Good luck in the Challenge. :)
Xoxo DracosGirl012

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Review #2, by DracosGirl012The Rise of the A.W.L.: The Jelly Legs Jinx.

29th January 2015:
Was wondering when Rose would finally snap and hex Dora!! I wonder what Blackburn's feeling though. She must be feeling pretty betrayed and upset. That was a horrible thing for Fairfax to do.
Rita Skeeter's articles are SOOO... URgh!! She is such a... URgh.
I can't wait for the next chapter!! :D

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for the review. I'm glad you're still reading, and hope you're still enjoying, it.

That was the scene Leonore was insisting I write - what happened when Rose finally hexed Dora and got caught. And then, when I thought about it, I realised not only was it overdue, but a certain amount could also be revealed in the argument.

And yeah...Blackburn. The fact this is written from the point of view of one of her students makes it difficult for me to show as much of how she's feeling as I'd like to, because there's a limit to how much she's likely to reveal to 13 year olds. She's definitely feeling pretty betrayed and probably a little paranoid about how else secretly hates her or is secretly judging.

I'm considering writing something from her point of view during the events of this story.

Skeeter's articles are HARD to write. She has a very particular style and is so gushingly HORRIBLE.

Few more revelations coming in the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

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Review #3, by DracosGirl012Two: A Perfect Blend: Blended Christmas

18th January 2015:
I really liked this one :) perfectly sweet and heartwarming. Rose and Scorpius have always been my favourite couple. This was a cute take on them, even though I felt sad reading about how unemployable Scorpius' Christmases were as a child. You actually sparked a plot bunny that I must go and attempt to write now;)
Lovely story again. :)

Author's Response: Aww. I am so glad you liked this one. Rose and Scorpius are just brilliant together, aren't they? I think they're so cute. I'm glad I sparked a plot bunny. :) Thanks for the lovely review.


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Review #4, by DracosGirl012Stuck On You: It's Like I'm Stuck

17th January 2015:
THIS WAS GREAT!! Love it already!
Man I've read stories like this before but this was perfection. And original too. I've never read a story involving a magically stuck couple in the next generation. Usually it involves Hermione & Draco or James & Lily etc.
But this was great. And hilarious. Looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it already.
Awww you're making me blush! More is on its way soon! :D

Thank's once again!

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Review #5, by DracosGirl012Oblivion: Barren Ribs of Death

15th January 2015:
Don't think anyone was actually paying attention to the dates. At least I wasn't. I was mostly going through a state of shock because ROSE WAS AT HIS GRAVE!!
Sorry for yelling. It just kind of hit me there, reading that she was at his grave, that he was really dead you know? Or at least believed to be dead. (Please don't let him actually be dead.)

Author's Response: Yeah, I reckoned most people wouldn't stop and do the maths. Like I did, over and over and over. But it would just take one person to check my numbers, and I swear they'd be wrong. I'm not JK with numbers. Just I knew they'd be wrong.

Horrid, isn't it, to have her at a grave? Even/especially an empty one? There's a finality to it, which is why she's choosing this moment to at least TRY to let go. I mean, she's not managed to let go these past two and a half years, so, like, surely she'll do fine now. Surely.

All's gonna be fine. Surely.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by DracosGirl012The Rise of the A.W.L.: The Following Day.

5th January 2015:
Well, she WOULD deserve expulsion. Obviously Dora was working with Fairfax and had some hand in the Wolfsbane's tampering. Not to mention she has repeatedly tried to make Blackburns life harder and obviously wanted her sacked. If she did get expelled, she would definitely deserve it.
I dislike Dora very much. I can't wait to see what happens next!! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Dora deserves to be punished, but the problem is that some stuff, like her making Blackburn's life harder, isn't exactly official knowledge, since Blackburn won't report it and McGonagall and Flitwick can't really do much about it, unless she does.

Thank you so much for the review and I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the remainder of the story. You'll see more of the impact of what Rose overheard in the next chapter or two.

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Review #7, by DracosGirl012Rainbow: England versus Ireland

1st January 2015:
Yay! Hugo is back!!
This chapter was a really great start, and I am so excited to read more! I liked the bit at the end with Neil, and Ron and the Cannons song. That was soo funny--and totally something I can imagine Ron doing.
Anyway, great start to "Rainbow"! Really looking forward to reading more! I hope you had a fantastic holiday and new year!!

Author's Response: I've had a fantastic holiday, including doing quite a bit of writing. Hope you have too! Neil is a character I love, and he basically writes himself. We'll be seeing a lot more of him!

Thank you!

~ Leo xx

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Review #8, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Epilogue

9th December 2014:
Wow- you mentioned me!! Thanks so much for the mention. Honestly I believe that the biggest support that authors can have is support from their readers and that's why I try to always leave a kind word in my reviews.
Rainfall was such a beautiful story. For me it was very deeply personal as I know what it is like to live with a disability. It touched my heart more than once, and even though this story is a Harry Potter story, it is one of the most real, most relatable ones that I have ever come across on this site and that my friend is an amazing thing you have accomplished.
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us and I am so excited to read "Rainbow." Hugo will stick with me for a very long time.
Congratulations on marking your story complete. I am very happy for you! And again, thank you so much for mentioning me in your authors note. :)
Merry Christmas (well, Merry almost Christmas actually).

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Review #9, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Packing

1st December 2014:
Oh my god so sad!! :(
The scene with Rose and Hugo at the end was soo heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. Your writing is just really amazing :) I always look forward to new chapters, and each one is brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is actually the last proper chapter, so that scene is kind of the finale, but I have an epilogue. And then a sequel, which will be up immediately after Christmas! I'm so so happy you like it and I hope you enjoy the epilogue too and follow Hugo into the sequel. :D

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Review #10, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Hot and Cold

10th October 2014:
The igloo sounded so awesome! Really creative, too!! I feel bad for Hugo-- I know what it's like, not being able to play properly with other kids. It's why I just stuck to my Barbie dolls rather than trying to play with other kids. :p anyways this chapter was really good :) can't wait for the next one!! :)

Author's Response: My siblings and I built a (rather smaller) igloo one time it snowed, which is what I got the idea from. Yeah, it struck me how hard it would be not being able to join in properly - in a club I helped out with we had one girl in a wheelchair and while we always tried to organise activities she could join in with there were always things she couldn't do but she never complained out loud.
Thank you! Next chapter's waiting in the queue. :)

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Review #11, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Behind the Veil

9th October 2014:
Love the story about the boy who wrote to George! It makes a lot of sense, and it's very realistic. I actually loved George, and the "A whole world of sight-related humor" line kinda made me tear up a bit :(
Great chapter! Will be reading the next one tomorrow :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh yes, I had to throw in some Fred feels, because that's the kind of person I am. Really glad you like it!

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Review #12, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Christmas Cheer

11th September 2014:
Poor Rose. I feel bad for her not having very many friends.
I really got a kick out of Ron's caroling though!! Too funny, and exactly what he'd do. I laughed at the hot-dog scene, lol. And I really liked the Christmas tree scene.
Anyway, brilliant chapter as usual! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :D
Yeah, poor Rose. She's one of those people who just has no idea how to fit in.
And Ron... oh, Ron... I love writing Ron.
So glad you liked it!
~ Leo xx

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Review #13, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Confidentiality

7th September 2014:
Oh that's so awful about the press!! Ugh. It's like Skeeter and her nasty rumors and lies, but worse, isn't it? Poor Hermione. Poor Ron.
I kind of smiled a bit at the part about Ron and his fear of spiders!! That, in my opinion, never gets old. Though I do share his fear of them! We muggles may not have acromantulas, but our spiders are pretty darn scary! Lol. Great chapter, as usual. Can't wait for the rest!! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I think this is worse. Skeeter made up stuff, maybe starting from a vague truth before stretching it out of proportion. The problems here are with more personal information, and with the fact that St Mungo's is untrustworthy.
Thank you! I really hope you like the rest too.
~ Leo xx

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Review #14, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Common Knowledge

7th September 2014:
I liked this chapter a lot. Hugo's struggles are so very real that I can see in my head the story you've created here. I really love Hugo. I wish people wouldn't treat other people with disabilities as if they're not people at all. I have a disability myself (I'm in a wheelchair and I'm on oxygen) so I know some of Hugo's struggles, and it's not easy being different from everyone else and not being able to do things like other people do.
Great chapter. Now onto the next one! :)

Author's Response: I bet it's not easy! People can mean it well but that doesn't stop it from being frustrating. I'm writing using my own deductions to present something I don't have personal experience of, and it's always a huge boost when people in similar situations tell me that actually I've done it right (and so I haven't offended them by doing it wrong).
Thank you very much!
~ Leo xx

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Review #15, by DracosGirl012To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : The Calm Before The Storm

28th August 2014:
I started reading this story last night and I was up until 3:30 because I couldn't stop reading it! It's just so addicting. I am so glad I took a chance on this story. Normally the Marauders Era isn't my cup of tea, but I couldn't find anything particularly interesting in the next gen section (where I usually read), so I ventured over to the Marauders. This storyline, where usually Harry or Hermione goes to the Marauders era to prevent these events from taking place, is often dry and too unrealistic and cheesy. You, however, have done this perfectly. I love Hermione's individual relationships with each of the Marauders, but also her relationship with them as a whole. Normally I don't agree with Sirius/Hermione, or other related ships, but you've portrayed them beautifully here. I actually love Sirius. :)
I can't wait for the next chapter. Please please please update soon!!

Author's Response: Hiya!!

Wow, I don't even know what to say. Thank you so much!! :) This was honestly one of the nicest reviews I've ever received. I'm really happy that you decided to give this a shot and that you ended up enjoying it! I'm incredibly flattered that you were up so late reading it, too. That is just so lovely to hear!

I'm thrilled that you are liking the dynamic between Hermione and the Marauders, both individually, and as a group. Its been really fun diving into all of this. Writing her growing so close with everyone and seeing their personalities mesh so well, most of the time. ;)

I'm really, really happy you don't feel that this was stale or cheesy. That is such an enormous compliment, so thank you once again! I was truly hoping to write something true to their characters, fun, exciting and serious when need be. And to hear that you're not a Hermione/Sirius lover, but are enjoying their relationship here is so awesome. XD I love Sirius, too. He's hard not to love, in my opinion haha. ;)

Next chapter is partially written, so it shouldn't be too much longer for an update. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such an amazing review! You truly made me smile. Hope to see you back again!

xoxo Meg

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Review #16, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: King's Cross

13th August 2014:
Hi! Sorry for taking so long to get to the reviews you won on my challenge, but here I am now.
I quite love this story. You have certainly done something I have not seen before. I love it. Your characterization of Hugo is absolutely perfect.
I don't know if you noticed in the last section, when Hugo falls down. You say Ant Ginny, when it should be Aunt Ginny. Lol.
I love how Hugo responds to the rude questions. Even if it was a child, it was still a rude thing to say.
Anyways, I love the story so far, and I'll post another review soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I like to look at more unusual settings for stories, and I found this concept really interesting to write.
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll go fix that now.
It was a child, meaning they were honest in a way an adult wouldn't be, which is perhaps what hurts Hugo most.
So glad you like it! Looking forward to seeing what you think of the next chapters!

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Review #17, by DracosGirl012Rainfall: Past and Future

29th July 2014:
I just want to say that I love this story so far. The plot is something I have never seen before. I really like Hugo and Lily, and I love the way you've written everyone (Ron and Harry and Hermione and Ginny). I feel like you captured their personalities exactly.
Great job! Now, I'm onto the next chapter! :D :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I like to go for more original plots, and issues like disabilities I find amazing fuel for conflict and really interesting. Really glad you're enjoying it! (I literally just finished submitting chapter 4 to the queue when I came to see this - I submit every Wednesday at present.)

Thanks for a lovely review! Hope you enjoy the rest.

~ Leo xx

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Review #18, by DracosGirl012If the Moon Fell Down: Prologue

10th July 2014:
Interesting take on Lucy. The idea of her being Slytherin, entirely different than her family and shunned by them because of it, almost makes sense. I have never seen this before. As for ambition, Percy certainly had plenty of it himself, if you think about it. Lucy must get her features from her Mum?
I like the line "Honor is a fool's prize. Glory has no use for the dead." Also I like that Albus, being in Slytherin himself, becomes Lucy's best friend. I feel that Al would get treated differently because his Dad's Harry Potter and all, but that he would also feel bad about how they were treating Lucy and that it wasn't fair.
Anyways, I really like the beginning of the story! It's unique and very intriguing. Can't wait to read more.

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Review #19, by DracosGirl012Event Three - Saving Teddy: Saving Teddy

27th June 2014:
This was such an adorable little oneshot. I wonder why I've never seen this done, Ron saving his child from a spider, especially since I've always thought that one of them might share his fear. I absolutely loved this. It was so cute. Some of my own memories as a child were of my Dad rescuing me from the bugs. As a child, I was terrified of ants. Mostly because I was very little and I thought they could eat me, but still. So this was not only cute and hilarious, but also very realistic, as this is exactly the sort of thing fathers do.
Great job! Good luck with the House Cup :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm the youngest child in my family, but when I'm home, my sisters and mother and I all scream for my dad when there's a spider... or anything with more legs than the dogs...

Aww! That's cute about the ants!

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #20, by DracosGirl012Event Three: Hope : Hope

26th June 2014:
Hm. Who's the narrator? A good little oneshot. I like it. :)

Author's Response: She's nameless--on purpose :) It wouldn't add anything to the story! Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #21, by DracosGirl012The Rise of the A.W.L.: Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

19th June 2014:
Oh, Dora is just awful! But I am glad that Rose didn't hex her. That took a lot of strength for Rose not to just hex her, and I'm quite proud of her for not doing so. I hope that the Slytherin team doesn't give Scorpius too hard of a time for being put on probation. Poor Scorp just wanted to play Quidditch. :(
I feel that Scorpius' determination to play well is because he wants to please his father. I do love your characterization of him though. Also all the other characters, but Scorpius is probably my favorite. :)

Another excellent chapter! I love this story so much. imagine that if Jk Rowling were to read it she'd be qute pleased with it, as I feel that you've created a next generation story that has all the elements that we love from the books, and it is quite fantastic. There is never a dull moment in the story, and you keep your readers entertained and intrigued. It is one of my favorite Next Generation stories. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you're enjoying it. And wow, I don't really know what to say in response to your comment about what J.K. Rowling might think of it. I'm grinning at the thought.

And yes, Dora is awful, but then, her background probably didn't allow her to exactly be much else. Although it's not as bad as Sirius's and he managed to turn away from that.

Glad you like Scorpius. I had some trouble deciding how to characterise him. I didn't want him to be just a repeat of Draco, as that would indicate Draco himself had learnt nothing from his mistakes and that nothing had really changed. I do think Draco learnt something in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows and that he would raise his children somewhat differently to how he was raised. Although I also think he'd retain a belief in pureblood superiority, just maybe more like the type Slughorn had than the type Lucius did. But on the other hand, I didn't want him to become best friends with Rose and Albus, because the history between the families means there'd be a level of awkwardness I didn't want to get into, as it's not the plot of this story. Plus I've seen both those ideas done a few times and wanted to do something different.

Scorpius is a Slytherin, after all. So he's extremely ambitious. Yeah, he probably does want to please his father and he also generally values success. And there is a cunning side to him, not necessarily in a bad way, but he doesn't see it as wrong to do what he has to in order to play Quidditch, even if it means breaking the rules or lying a little.

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Review #22, by DracosGirl012The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xvii. the implosion [or] when it all hits the fan

14th June 2014:
What?! No!! Albus you rotter!! Why why why?
Awesome chapter by the way!

Damn you Albus!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it even with that bombshell at the end! Albus is having some issues himself, as you'll see in the next chapter, but he really could have handled things better than he has. Thanks for reading!

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Review #23, by DracosGirl012The Five Step Plan: The Five Step Plan

5th June 2014:
I am here reviewing your story for the prize we talked about. I don't read Dramione, so I thought that this would be a cute one. And I've always wondered exactly changed with Ginny. I'm excited to read more! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad that you liked it!


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Review #24, by DracosGirl012Dreaming: Falling

4th June 2014:
Agh. I am so excited for the movie that you mentioned in your author's note ;)
This was a really cute fic! I think you described Teddy & Victorie's relationship perfectly. :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you liked it!! xoxo Sarah

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Review #25, by DracosGirl012Off the Rails: epilogue

29th May 2014:
I just wanted to say that I have loved every minute of this story. It is seriously, literally, the best Next Generation fanfiction that I have ever, ever read. I kind of had a gut feeling that James would end up taking Madam Hooch's place, ;) And I love the twists in this story. You have done things that no one has! (For example, Lily being a squib is something I've never seen done).
I loved Brigid and Freddie. They were completely amazing. And I really, really loved Carlotta! Her relationship with James was so perfect and so real that I went "Aww" several times and actually smiled reading this.
I've not read a fic this good in a while, and this was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us readers, and I cannot wait for the sequel. I really, really love this story.

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you so much for the lovely review!

I'm glad you liked what I did with Lily. I've always wanted to throw a Squib into a fic to explore that dynamic, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity here. It's also lovely to know you like James/Carlotta because their dynamic is one of the driving forces not just of this fic, but the sequel too. I think Carlotta is probably my favourite character.

Thanks again for the lovely review, I'm really glad you've enjoyed this fic and I hope to see you at the sequel. :)

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