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Review #1, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: October: 1981

9th August 2013:
Awh, this was sweet, Kayla. It's a perfect ending chapter!

I just don't know what to say. This whole thing was just an assortment of feelings, some of bitter-sweetness and some of pure fluffy happiness, but all in all, it was excellent. Jily all the way!

To be honest, because of you I've become a hardcore Jily shipper. I love looking through DeviantArt to find Jily pics and scouraging around Tumblr and fanfictions for anthing Jily related. Of course, I always have supported the ship, I couldn't envision them with anyone else, but the pairing never moved me so much before all this. And then you enlightened me with the wonderfulness of the pairing, and they truly are a beautiful couple that's become one of my favorites. So thank you Kayla.

Thank you for this beautiful collection of one shots. I had fun reading them. (Even if you managed to stomp all over my heart at times)

Author's Response: Hey, Pearl!

Aw thank you for this amazing review! ♥

MUHAHA WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE. WE HAVE TEARS AND COOL GRAPHICS. (Although I don't make the graphics, I just cry at others' :p)

I love going on DeviantArt for pictures. Julvett has an amazing collection, I highly recommend it!

I feel so honoured that I've made someone become a hardcore Jily shipper! :'D

Thank you for this amazing review, your reviews always make me smile! ♥

- Kayla. :)

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Review #2, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Third Year: 1973

3rd August 2013:
Oh, that was sweet of her, Lily teaching James how to do math. And then James with his horrible puns and jokes that make her laugh and me smile none-the-less.

Gawd, Kayla...You write them so wonderfully.

But despite the fluffiness of it all, is it bad that I sort of got that sinking feeling around the part when James talks about the Mathsive Maths War? Particularly with this:

"Of course I would. I would die in battle of course, and I'll be forever remembered as the Mathsive Maths War Hero. I'll have a whole castle built in my name with different times tables on each door," he said without missing a beat.

"Really die in battle? That's the way I was going to die in the second Mathsive War," she said, biting her lip to hide her smile.

James clasped her hands in his and said solemnly, "We'll die together. As a duo and we'll each have a castle named after us. It was a grand fight and we'll be remembered forever, never you worry."

Lily replied just as solemnly, "It was a pleasure fighting with you, Mister Potter."

"And you, Miss Evans," he said, bowing.

I don't know...It just sort of pierced my little happy balloon that was swelling with joy...because it was sort of like warning bells in my mind, reminding them that they really were going to die...together. And that they truly were remembered...

GAWD KAYLA! WHY?!? why must you hurt me like this? :(

Ah well, it was a beautiful chapter none-the-less. And that's why I love your writing! :)

Author's Response: First thing you need to know about me is I LOVE PUNS. So all these jokes/puns made me actually laugh as I was writing them.


haha, glad to hear that I write them well! It's scary trying to write them, because what if you get it wrong?! D:

Yes, yes, I put that in there exactly for that purpose. I was laughing but really sad at the same time because fORESHADOWING?! D:

I'm sorry for hurting you, I don't do it on purpose. (Okay, maybe I do it for a little bit but that doesn't mean I like doing it, haha!)

Thank you for this amazing review!

(Also, I'll send over chapter 2 of Superheroes next week. Maybe on the weekend. But definitely next week some time! :D)

- Kayla. :)

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Review #3, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: First Year: 1971

3rd August 2013:
OH! This was probably by far the best chapter, Kayla. :)

I love James and Lily's little squabbles. It's so childishly adorable! Their hormones are just flying everywhere, left and right aren't they? From going at each other's throats, to apologizing, and then going at it again... I sort of want to chide James after he sat on the Tower's ledge as well. Tsk tsk.

Lily's snobby behavior. It's comical because she's still so young. And James pestering her to no end. I just want to prod them together to a hug, because they're so perfect already! Everything just screams JILY SHIPMENT!

I feel sorry for Mary though, the poor dear. Sirius driving her up the wall...

But the adorable irony at the end.

Author's Response: Really? I was so iffy about this chapter, I just kept scrunching my nose up but it was the best I could get. :p

Eleven year olds are surprisingly very versatile with their moods. :p Glad to hear that that it was reflected in the chapter. :p

(Did that even make sense omfg)


haha, I feel like Sirius would have been the most annoying person in the whole wide world when he was younger. I loved writing the teeny tiny bits of him and Mary together, haha!

haha, glad you liked the last line. :p

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: February: 1981

8th July 2013:
Awwh, it was so cute at first, and then you stomped all over my inflated heart. Thanks Kayla. Thanks. -_-

But despite my sadness, this was beautiful Kayla. I loved baby Harry, and when he threw up all over Sirius, that just made me smile so much.

And Dumbledore...I feel as if he was buying them time to see if they truly wanted Sirius as Secret Keeper. Although choosing Peter in the end was obviously a poor choice.

I love James and Lily here. They make brilliant parents, and my hearts truly does break for them and their son's fate.

Lovely as always Kayla!

Author's Response: ehehehehehehehehehe

You're welcome. ;)

haha I love baby Harry as well! It makes me sad though because JAMES AND LILY ARE DEAD.

/falls to the floor sobbing.

Yeah, I feel like Dumbledore would have been extremely suspicious of everyone in the first war, and so he did kind of want to buy time.

(Even though I just found out that the Secret Keeper thing was like a week before Halloween, I feel like such a failure/duffer for not knowing that! D: (I need to reread the series omg))

They do make great parents, don't they? :') I kind of imagine James and Harry to be like John and Henry Green from vlogbrothers so I may or may not base some things off them. :p

Anyway, thank you for the lovely review! You're far too kind to me! ♥

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Review #5, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Sixth Year: 1976

22nd June 2013:
Oh, this was perfect, Kayla. But of course, you should know by now that anything you come up with, I think is perfect.

Remus, oh Remus. He's always the gentleman isn't he? And Peter. I love how you make him an actual part of the Marauders, not some Marauder wanna-be.

James and Lily snuggling! I don't know how many times I have to say this throughout this story, but gawd, they're so cute together. I'll never get over their pairing.

I just don't know what else to say, Kayla. I feel bad for never being able to add in constructive criticism, but I feel as if its not in my place to critique. Besides, I can never find any flaws in your work. Your work is always wonderful and I look up to you as a writer. :)

Author's Response: Pearl, I'm nearly crying right now, you're far too sweet! ♥

Yes, Remus is a gentleman. I love him. :p ad Peter, he WAS a good friend (in my head canon) so I had to make him a part of the Marauders. :p

hehehehehehehe when I was writing that I was so tempted to make it go further but I restrained myself haha. :p

You are FAR too kind! difhisdifeu you're so sweet, I just want to hug you! :D

Thank you for this AMAZING review!

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Review #6, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Second Year: 1972

22nd June 2013:
Oh, how cute! They're second years and already show signs of being a charming couple in the future. This was adorable!

I loved when James and Lily were talking about Voldemort. Lily's admiration for James and thinking of his bravery was such an innocently sweet moment. I can't really put a finger on how I should word how I felt for that scene. And when they played exploding snap... :)

Their Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher really needs to mend that chip off his shoulder though. He's rather mean. Especially to Lily. Lily doesn't deserve his hostility.

And Dumbledore! He's being his odd, quirky self as usual. One of the many reasons I love that old man. He's just awesome.

Author's Response: Hello!! :D

hehehe it was originally meant to be "omg I hate you so much ew ew ew" but it PHYSICALLY PAINS me to write them like that haha. :p

I feel like James is extremely brave ("Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" /sobbing) and I think it's been with him with his whole life, so I wanted to reflect that. :p

haha "Iratus" is actually Latin for "angry" (thank you, Google translate!) so that's why I made him a grump haha. :p

I was SO nervous writing him. I nearly had a panic attack hahaha. :p

Thanks for the lovely review, dear! ♥

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Review #7, by PhoenixPulseBloodlust: Drowning Down Under

22nd June 2013:
Oh my gawd, this was so good! I've been on edge since I've read from the beginning. I just started this today, and I want more!

Gawd, Calyx. I love her so much already, and her background story tore my heart in two. I'll be heartbroken if she dies. I don't want her to die. She's so sweet and she's still a baby! She's thirteen right? So young...I still can't get over it.

And the whole flood deal... That had me chewing my lip hard. And When Hermione saved Draco... I felt all sorts of emotions there.

I can't wait for Draco next chapter. This is such a great story so far!

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Review #8, by PhoenixPulseShipwrecked: In Which Hermione Sees Draco's Orbs.

11th June 2013:
Omfg. This is true and utter brilliance. I love parody fics, I can honestly never get enough of them, but this was honestly one of the best that I've read.

Some of the most original ideas that you had that I loved were:

~The twister game scene
~Draco's explanation of how he was born
~The description of Lucius Malfoy's hair.
~The ORBS! (Oh my gawsh, that was so cleverly implanted into the story)
~And of course, the chapter titles that had me thinking in a rather wrong direction.

So yeah. Just favorite'd this, and I can't wait for more!! Oh I love it when people twist up the clichés of Dramione like this.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think Lucius Malfoy's hair deserves a prequel series all of its own. "Lucius Malfoy and the Unfortunate Fringe" "Lucius Malfoy and the Split Ends" etc.

There is a final chapter to this that has been quietly awaiting completion for a while! One day :) I promise it's good! Haha.

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Review #9, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Seventh Year: 1977

8th June 2013:

Okay, so I read this a while back, but I guess I never got around to reviewing it? Anyway, I re-read this story because it's just too cute! Especially this chapter! Oh their bonding is so wonderful!

You honestly write them perfectly as a couple! I'm so jealous. I honestly fail at writing romance, probably because I've never had a boyfriend, so whenever I do try, it sounds cheesy and childish. You on the other hand--your romance scenes are amazingly done!

I love cranky Sirius. So temperamental, of course, I'd probably feel the same if I had to share a room with a couple who did nothing but canoodle three-four in the morning. It must've been so awkward for him having to hear them doing their business.

And I love how James stayed up all night for Lily, helping her do her assignment. Such a sweet gesture.

Anywho, lovely chapter Kayla. I really am looking forward to another one :)

Author's Response: PEARL!!!

hahaha don't worry about it! :D

I'll let you in on a secret: I've never had a boyfriend either! hahahahaha!

I'm literally the biggest virgin/prude out there. I've only ever been asked out once (and that was to the formal) and only one guy has ever been interested in me. :p Literally the furthest I've ever gone is hugging! I've never even kissed a guy on the cheek HAHA.

So yeah, experience has nothing to do with this. :p

But then again, you're amazing at description! Teach me ur wayz pls

I love Sirius, he's adorable! Even when cranky. :'D

The next one is actually written! I'm going to post it after the last chapter of Unplanned is up so yay!

Also, Naive's edits are up and ready to go after I've completed Unplanned! It's going to be off of hiatus soon! :D

James and Lily are adorable I jsuydigfgidhbkvfdk dvjkkn

/cries because of all the emotions.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely review! It just reminded me to review your new one-shot! :D

- Kayla. ♥

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Review #10, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Fourth Year: 1975

12th May 2013:
Oh, Kayla, this was really heartwarming.

Little Lily and James, so grown up yet so young. But then again, I understand the circumstances of why. I love this matured James. I wish people saw more of this James than his usual happy-go-lucky side.

And I love Remus' little speech. Big props to Remmy there. And Peter, such the innocent sweetheart and gentleman. I hate that I know he's going to end up being a traitor, but for now, I'll just savour his innocence.

Lovely one-shot dearie. It was beautiful! :D

Author's Response: Awh, you're too kind! ♥

I've always thought that James and Lily never really had much of a childhood because of the war. So I wanted to put that in there.

(It may or may not have been influenced by My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Toula's mum tells Toula that they suffered so Toula and her siblings could have a better life :p)

Remus was always the most mature out of the little four. :p So he had to make the speech haha. I also hated to write Peter so innocently but uiggjhbkjdjfgsjls

I guess that I feel like the Marauders wouldn't have laid down their life for a crappy friend. And Lily would have had to trust him as well to be their secret keeper. So yeah... :p

I'm glad you liked it, you're always too kind to me! ♥

Thanks for another beautiful review! :D

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Review #11, by PhoenixPulseThe Yule Ball: The Yule Ball

12th May 2013:
Oh, you just got to love Ernie and his dorky little self! Do'oh. I feel like running over and pinching his cheeks! Ickle Ernie and Eloise, you wrote them perfect for each other. :)

You did a great job portraying him as the pompous twerp we all love him for. So good job on that.

I really liked this piece. Very light-hearted and not too drawn out. I think it was great!

Author's Response: ehehehehehe hey thar

I'm glad you liked it! I really loved writing Ernie as a pompous twerp! :p

Glad you liked it, Pearl! :D

Thanks for the review! ♥

p.s. I'm going to read and review your new one-shot (another Barty one!!!) as soon as I do my homework. So that might be a few days. :p

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Review #12, by PhoenixPulseAlone: Alone

7th May 2013:
Hello Kayla dear.

I though I should stop by and read something of yours, as a little break for my poor brain. These past few weeks have been terrible!

Personally, I think you did a wonderful job of writing second person! The imagery was seriously breathtaking and chilling. Your word choice was perfect. I can never really complain about your writing Kayla.

As for who I think Voldemort was murdering in this, I would like to guess, perhaps, Dorcas Meadowes? I think I recall reading about her being personally killed by Voldemort herself.

Lovely as usual Kayla. You write the dark/horror category rather well. I promise, once time allows I'll get back to you on your other stuff.


Author's Response: Hello Pearl!

(Fun fact: I spelt that 'Peraly' and then 'Parly' and then I finally got it right!)

I'm glad you thought I did a good-job of second person! I found it really easy for some reason haha. :p

Aw, you're making me blush! :p You're too nice! ♥

YES IT WAS DORCAS MEADOWES! Gold star for you! :D I'm glad both reviewers got it! :D

You're far too nice, and good luck with school! Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #13, by PhoenixPulseMeant To Be: Cedric + Edward = Forever

23rd April 2013:
Whut. In. The. WORLD?!? Lol, probably one of the best things I've ever read!

I don't even understand Edward's use of old english. He isn't even that old of a vampire--because apparently being a vampire for 112 years is still considered quite young. (...I think? Meh. Who cares.)

This line:
His chiseled jaw was the precise shade of a vomit-flavored Every-Flavor Bean"

Does this mean a shade of white, because for some reason, the color that popped into my head was a disgusting shade of green. But of course, because it was describing Cedric's beautiful jaw, green just didn't sit as the right color.

And the badgers! Poor Cedric. I could just imagine his abhorrence of being caught in that conversation. Poor boy. But star-crossed, oh gawd!

And when Cedric said this:
"It’s like me, but colored by someone who likes shiny metallic hues. Like a raccoon.”

Beautiful simile Cedric, because I'm sure that's the best you could've came up with. /raccoon/ *snorts*

And finally, this line of gold:
“Come hither, rest upon my bosom,” Edward demanded."

Made me choke on my cheez-itz. So utterly awkward but brilliant.

Thank you. Thank you so much for making my night!
(hopefully this ship will endure the shipping wars of Cho/Cedric and Bella/Edward and any other crazy illogical ships out there. S.S. Edwic was meant to sail the seven seas and beyond!)

Author's Response: -hoists flag for S.S. Edwic-

lol, Edward's old English. I figured that if I was going to parody him, I might as well make him as ridiculous as possible. It was inspired by his pretentious personality, methinks.

Cedric's jaw is indeed green. ~ In that particular moment all of the greenery of the forest made his skin look green, as well. Or maybe he's a new breed of Smurf. Hard to say.

Utterly awkward is my favorite place to be. XD

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your cheez-itz. :D

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Review #14, by PhoenixPulseLate Nights: Fifth Year: 1976

23rd April 2013:

First off, I want to apologize for not responding to your last message at TDA, and for not reading/reviewing any of your stuff lately. Just 6 more weeks until summer, but until then it's cram, cram, cram for exams and I've been so desperate to pick up my chemistry grade to avoid summer school.

But I've been able to cram some time, and this...this was beautiful!

I love the James and Lily bonding right here. I find it thoughtful how you used Transfiguration and Animagi to make it work, and I like how mature James is for once (apart from his little innuendo). And it's refreshing to see them both get along so nicely.

And Snape. I just...I want to feel sorry for him, but I can't. I never liked him at all.

Lovely writing as always! :D

Author's Response: Pearl!

Don't worry about it! I understand! In October-November I doubt I'll be around either! I just have a break for the first time in ages! And chemistry is evil, I absolutely hated it. (I dropped it) So I completely support you in trying to get your grade up! ♥

Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! :'D

I really love James and Lily, and I hate seeing fanfictions where Lily absolutely hates James with a burning passion and James is a stupid-head. :p

Yeah, I don't like Snape. I tried making it as unbiased as possible but... :p

Thanks for your lovely review! Good luck with your exams! :D ♥

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Review #15, by PhoenixPulseThe Itsy, Bitsy Spider: The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

14th March 2013:
Oh my goodness, this was hauntingly good!

It's so nice for a change to read about a Death Eater who's usually undercredited in fics.

This was absolutely wonderful. Though morbid and gruesome, it was something I wanted to read more of. It definately provides justice to Dolohov's character. The spider--oh how badly I feel for it, and that's saying something, considering that I absolutely HATE spiders, or anything else that crawls.

This was amazing in so many different ways!

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Review #16, by PhoenixPulseDragons Awakening: One Hogwarts

11th March 2013:
Oh my bloody gawsh, this was beautiful!

I read this all in about two hours, just soaking in every word. The pacing was perfect, the plot twists were delicious, and the characterizations were realistic. Through out the whole fic, you had me on edge, just gripping my blanket as I sipped hot chocolate in bed. This was perfect.

I love how you split point of views of both Rose and Lily, good and dark. It was amazing how you managed it really. My favorite character was definately Lily. She was complex, and though she wasn't exactly "good", she emphasized on the tru meaning of "no one is perfect, we all have destroying flaws". And what I loved most was how Gryffindor she was. Though her dark nature would've defined her as Slytherin, Her Gryffindor colors really do show, to be able to defy what label she was confined to, to fight with her heart and mind, and in the end, proved great loyalty after finding out what she did was wrong.

I loved the use of humour in this as well. It had a slight touch of it, enough to make me smile and chuckle, but it wasn't so sugar coated with it. It was perfect.

Thank you for such an amazing read! It was definately worth two hours of my time! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading this! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the different paths Rose and Lily were on, and I agree - Lily is definitely a Gryffindor at heart, despite her dark tendencies - just having the strength to walk away from that is evidence enough. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by PhoenixPulseSmall Bump: Small Bump

9th March 2013:
Oh, poor Percy! Throughout the whole thing, I felt nothing but happiness and joy, to see Percy be happy instead of being his usual serious, proper self. It was so nice, to see a glimpse of him entering fatherhood. And then that ending? That shook me. He was going to have a son! And his baby boy was torn from him. And this line right here:

"He had failed as a father, just as he failed as a brother."

That was heart wrenching. He's so hard on him self, and I just feel so sorry for Perce.

Lovely work as always, Kayla. 10/10!

p.s.: I read you response to my last author note, and don't worry, I understand. Take as much time as you need. Good luck with exams and hopefully your break is spifftacular!

Author's Response: That's what I thought about when I first heard the song. I was like, "Aww, so sweet - he's so adorable I love him, wait - no, nO, STOP IT, ED! I AM CRYING NOW OKAY THEN JUST BE EVEN MORE PERFECT ALRIGHTY DON'T MIND ME OVER MY TEARS AND EMOTIONS!" :p

Yes. His son was taken away from him. :'( It's mean but...

Sorry about that line. My version of Percy is always hard on himself and I had to make the baby a boy to kind of relate to Fred in some way. D:

Thanks for the review, Pearl! You're always so nice and beautiful! :'D

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Review #18, by PhoenixPulseWho's That Girl?: Who's That Girl

8th March 2013:
Oh, poor Lily! My heart broke for her. She was a bit silly, wanting James all for herself, but I understand that their bond was something she had once saw as unbreakable. And that Mary girl! I don't like bit. She doesn't even sound like a Hufflepuff by the way she treated Lily when Lily exploded. And James...he was a bit silly too, disregarding his sister's feelings. But nonetheless, I loved it! It pulled greatly at the hearstrings, and its wonderful reading a story about a tender sibiling relationship. Great Job!

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Review #19, by PhoenixPulseWhat?: What?

1st March 2013:
Oh my gawsh Kayla, this was totally unexpected. At first my thoughts were heading in the direction of Scorpius and Rose admitting to their parents they fell in love, but then I realized how Rosie's parents seemed rather tolerant of Scorp's presence, and then Scorp's parents showed up, and I was like, "whut?" And then I kept reading, and gawd, that circus part got me good!

I love Scorpius. He seemed like the slightly snarky guy I immagined him to be. Like a more mellow Draco. I liked it. And oh gawsh, Hugo! Lol,
"Do you not know how much effort that is?"
Best line. Period. :D

And I love the little Scrose moment in the end. It was the perfect way to tie it all together.

It was just the perfect combination of weird, adorable-ness, and just...I can't explain the happy feeling inside. It was a lovely one-shot dearie. :)

Author's Response: Hey, Pearl! :D

ahahaha I wrote this when I was feeling a bit loopy. I'd read a Facebook head-canon where Draco and Ron bet on when their kids would get together and I kept thinking of their reactions ahaha. :p

hehehe Ron and Hermione were a bit tolerant, weren't they? :p

The circus! Ahahaha, I don't know WHERE that came from, but I quite enjoyed writing it. :p

Scorpius is adorable, I quite like writing him! :'D

ahahaha Hugo is basically me. :p I'm extremely lazy, I often say that to my parents. :p

Rosius is adorable. :'D I love them all! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was fun to write! :D

ALSO, I noticed you have 89764598658654 new things up!! I will review as soon as I get the chance which will probably be next month! I have exams, assignments and then holidays which is good, but then I'm going camping so I won't have a computer or Internet access! D:

BUT I WILL READ AND REVIEW EVENTUALLY! I thought I'd quickly respond to this to let you know. :)

Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #20, by PhoenixPulseSurprises in Spring: one

22nd February 2013:

oh my gawsh, I've been anticipating for this ever since you've mentioned a little heads up for a sequel. This was perfect!

And Ellie. I like the way she thinks. And makes surprises. Wow, a wedding organized that Phoebe didn't even know about! That sort of surprised me.

And I'm so happy that Phoebe and Louis are together. I know that they would eventually marry, from where Blossoming left off, but I was pleased when I found out there was a sequel to it. It confirmed my wishes for the couple, and its so nice that there was a rather twisty, unusual way they wedded. I loved the idea of it!

Thank you so much for writing the sequel! It made me so happy, Kayla. It was a lovely read!

Author's Response: PEARL!

aww, I'm glad you liked it. :')

Ellie is a bit loopy (just like me), but she's loveable. :p

Yeah, they're canon. ;) They just couldn't NOT get married. :p

I'm glad you liked it! And your welcome for writing the sequel, so many people asked for one! :D

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #21, by PhoenixPulseWisdom of the Owl, Soul of the Snake: O.W.L.s

8th February 2013:
Oh my goodness, this was so good!

The character of Barty Crouch Jr. has always intrigued me, and it pleases me to see a well written story of him on here. There's barely enough of him to read! To be honest, as sadistic as he is, I personally love him. He's my second favorite Death Eater, second to Bellatrix. (The fact that he's also played by David Tennant...oh gawsh!)

Anywho, I liked the little interaction between Umbridge and Crouch. When you started describing her toad-like qualities, I couldn't help but snort. And Crouch using an Unforgivable on her! But what I couldn't get over was that little scenario about the Doe, the Stag, and the Fawn. The imagery was powerful, and I can truly feel the insanity(?) that Crouch harboured. The way he described was chilling.

And I loved his interaction with Moody. Of course it wouldn't end so well with Moody at the end, but when you flash forwarded there, my gawd was that haunting!

You portrayed Crouch's character perfectly, and I applaud you for that. His patronus owl. That threw me off, but now that I've read this, I can totally see how that fits.

It was a remarkable read, thank you! And I favorited, just to let you know. :)


Author's Response: Sorry it took me so long to respond to this review. I haven't been around much lately at all. Thinking of starting up again, so I popped in. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story.

I really like that you noticed what was going on with his foretelling. Thank you so much for the kind review.

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Review #22, by PhoenixPulseThe Monster Within: I will always be a monster

1st February 2013:
Though this is short, this is really powerful for a one-shot! And what I adore most is that you had written it in Lupin's point of view. Poor Remus, the poor darling. He doesn't even rocognize Sirius at first!

I enjoy your emphasis on Remus' senses as well in the beginning. They were very detailed and precise.

And I like the transformation/shift of the story. It goes from intense, and should I say, dark (?), to playful and light-hearted. I couldn't help but scowl in contempt though at the mention of Peter. I don't know, but I can't ever enjoy his character without being reminded of how disgustingly unloyal he is. Selfish, undeserving...I'll stop. >:

Anywho, lovely one shot, dearie! :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Pearl! :D

I'm glad you liked it, it was quite a challenge to write!

ahaha in my opinion, if people don't include Peter I get annoyed. :p I hate him with a burning passion (stupid rat) but I believe that in his Hogwarts days he must have been a pretty good friend if the other Marauders were willing to lay their lives down for him. *shrugs*

Anyway, thanks for another lovely review and sorry for how long it took to respond!

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Review #23, by PhoenixPulseBig Brother: Big Brother

1st February 2013:
Kayla! You're wrenching away my heart! :(

This was just depressing. Utterly depressing. I'm so used to reading a next-gen that's all fluffy where Fred's involved, but this is different. I'm aching for Roxanne right now, the poor love.

I also found it somewhat ironic that George lost his Fred...again.

But what's gut wrenching were all those bittersweet flashbacks that Roxanne provided in her point of view throughout the story. I admire the importance of the duck-tie and baret as well. You tied the objects in nicely.

Fred in general. I love your Fred. For some reason, I always have pictured Fred as a sweet boy, with a slight mischief streak, but was for the most part, mellow.

Reading this, I sort of am reminded the importance of sibiling bonding--the importance of loving the family you got. Me and my younger brothers have a humongous rift between us, but even so, it would kill me if one day, at random, they would be taken from me forever. It's bad enough that I never knew my older brother. We used to be so close. I can't imagine loosing one of my younger brothers as well.

But anywho, lovely one-shot dearie. You write grandly when aiming for the heartstrings. :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I don't mean to! D:

I'm aching for Roxanne as well, she doesn't deserve this pain. D:

Yeah, that's why I chose Fred instead of any other cousin/Weasley/Potter. I've seen heaps of stories where one of the Potter children die too early and I kept having this nagging plot bunny so I thought I'd post it ahaha. :p

The beret and ducky tie where meant to be showing their similarities to being children - they're completely innocent. D':

I love Fred II, I think any portrayal of him is good. :D

Yeah, I understand. My brother (2 years younger than me) and I are really close but there are times I just can't help but get so annoyed at him! And it lasts for days. But after writing this (and some other major tragedy I had ONE DAY after publishing this) I've tried to stop being such a whiny female dog. :p

I'm sorry to hear that about your older brother, I never knew my younger brother (miscarriage) so I can sort of relate (I think).

Thanks for the lovely review! Sorry for taking so long to respond!

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Review #24, by PhoenixPulseEntrapment: Entrapment

27th January 2013:
Hello! I'm back again, *cheerily waves at my computer screen*

Oh, you've got my feels yet again, Kayla! Luna's one of my top favorite characters, and I wanted to reach for her, shield her, and start a biotch fest with Bellatrix. (Which is strange because I adore the sadistic witch as well) So the fact that you made me hate her here...well done!

I liked how you decided to write about Luna's torture. I haven't read much fics about that...well, to be honest, I haven't read any at all. This was the first one, and you did very well!

I am pleased how you started and also ended the story with the Luna we all know and love. Still peculiar and out favorite little oddity, still so innocent, but the mansion scene with Bellatrix...that was intense. It shows us the brave side to Luna, and her determination. You gave more to her character, and I liked that. Her maturity. And how war sort of stained, yet not stained her child-like innocence. (I don't even know if that made sense).

But anywho, lovely one-shot. I liked it! :D

Author's Response: Hello again! Sorry for not replying to this earlier; I'm just too lazy. :p

Luna is just adorable, isn't she? I love her! She just inspires me to be weird and peculiar. ♥

I'll admit: I kinda like Bellatrix as well. I liked creating her as a sadistic psychopath. :D

I've NEVER read any fics about Luna's torture, which I think is odd because it was a pretty big plot thing. I'm glad you liked it though. ♥

Luna is really brave; we see that in the books. And I knew she wouldn't be airy-fairy when she was faced with Bellatrix, but I still tried to make her as canon as possible.

It made sense, don't worry. :p

Thank you for this lovely review; you're just too kind! :D

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Review #25, by PhoenixPulseFire: Fire

19th January 2013:

How has the new year been for you so far? Hopefully it's been well!

Aaannnd, on forward with the review!

I love stories depicting the brotherhood of Regulus and Sirius and seeing that you have made one makes me really happy! I felt so bad for Reggie as I read through the descriptions of his sufferring from the potion. I wanted to run and hug him until he felt okay.

I also like the little memory you created for him as he was being sorted. He's nervous and tiny, and oh so innocent, still not exactly corrupted by his parent's view points and still looks up to Sirius. I like that. I always imagined them being close as children...the memory that followed really broke my heart.

And your second to last line:
"He just wishes his brother knew that."

I found that rather touching, because though it's simple, its the rather harsh and cutting truth, that he died and Sirius would never know he died for the good help better humanity. There would always be that bitter resentment for Regulus, despite the hidden good in him and Sirius would never know the truth.

All in all, this was wonderful dearie! Thank you for the great read!

Author's Response: PEARL! HELLO AGAIN! :D

The New Year's been quite swell (pun intended because I went on a cruise ahaha :p) I hope yours has been fantasmagorical! :D

I love Sirius/Regulus fics, I never thought I'd be able to write them though. :p I'm so glad the thing with the potion was written well (unlike this review) because that was quite hard to write.

I really wanted the comparisons between the two memories. That when they were young they were besties and what not, but then they grew up. :'( (excuse me as I go attend to my feels)

Sirius NEVER knew about Regulus and it makes me want to cry because good ol' Reggie was really a good guy and Sirius died thinking he was an evil psycho like his parents were. (My feels)

Thanks for the lovely review! You're just wonderful. :D

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