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Review #1, by ScarletEye158Ambition: Ambition

6th March 2014:
Hey there! This review is for the Blackout Battle between Gryffindor and Slytherin :)

This was a really interesting story! I usually don't read too many stories about Slytherins (I'm a Gryffindor myself) but I really liked how you portrayed Lucius in this story and stuck well to his character. Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine an adult cannon character in their teenage years but I definitely think you were spot on with his characterization here!

I really liked this line... "Especially in a time when Mudbloods, Muggle-lovers and blood-traitors were starting to take over the entire wizarding world."

I never really thought about it from this point of view before because I always thought about it as the Death Eaters trying to take over the world instead of the other way around. It definitely makes sense that Lucius would think this way because of the way he grew up, but as I'm sure you understand, I can't bring myself to agree with him :p

I also really liked the fact that even though Lucius and Narcissa were arranged to be married, they still actually did like each other. I guess it couldn't have turned out any better for the both of them, because they both seemed to be okay with it. Sometimes you see those characters that were upset about who they were to be married to, but I'm glad they both were happy with it.

Anyways, this was a great story! I'm happy that I found it and that I was able to read and review it!


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Review #2, by ScarletEye158The Unknown: 1

6th March 2014:
Hey there, fellow team mate! I'm here for the Blackout Battle :)

This was honestly probably one of the best one-shots that I've ever read. I can't believe how fast you wrote this and still were able to make it so amazing! And the fact that I found nothing nothing grammatically wrong or spelled wrong is awesome too! I would've been scrambling to write this and would've had so many typos! :P

I really liked how you didn't give a name to this character or her mother and left them as an unknown characters. It left the reader with some imagination and kept us wondering more about them both.

I also really liked just the whole way this story flowed. Getting to see her at different ages and grow so much in one short chapter was pretty awesome! Even though we really didn't know who she was, you got to connect with her and feel sympathy towards her.

I also really liked how you showed that she was a loyal member to Hogwarts and not just Slytherin. Not all of the Slytherins were bad people, and it was nice reading a story where she got to break away from the stereotype. You can be a loyal member of Slytherin and not be bad, and I don't think a lot of people realized it, especially during Harry's Era!

My heart broke when I realized it was her mother who had turned against her. I can't even imagine the betrayal she must have felt. I really loved the relationship that they had at the beginning and throughout the story and it just makes me so sad to see that her mother changed for the worst and did the unthinkable to her daughter :(

Anyways, I really really loved this story! I'm so glad you were able to write it for Gryffindor's Blackout Battle and that I was able to read and review it!


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Review #3, by ScarletEye158Midnight Romeo: Midnight Romeo

1st March 2014:
Hey there!

This was a really sweet story :) I really liked the plot and really liked what you did with it; I never thought about the Founders having kids, so the fact that Slytherin and Gryffindor's children fell in love was definitely a surprise for me. I like how they didn't care about blood and all of that nonsense and they were just able to love each other :) You have a really nice way of writing and I was sad to see it come to an end :(

With that being said, I kind of wish it would have been longer. There was so much that went on in this short chapter that I bet you could turn it into a short story or novella to make it even more awesome :) I think you could definitely add a lot of detail and show more about what Rosa and George went through to show how much they loved each other.

I really liked how you portrayed Salazar Slytherin. You stayed very true to his character and as a conon lover, I thought it made the story more believable.

Aww, poor Rosa :( I can't believe her father would do that to her... and I can't believe she was pregnant! I wish she would have told him earlier; maybe they could've ran away together or something and been together forever! That's definitely not how life works though, and I wouldn't expect it to be any different for them, especially with how secretive they had to be.

anyways, I really enjoyed this! Nice job :)


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Review #4, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: Distant Hearts

28th February 2014:
Oh man, I am SO confused! Just when I thought I had an idea about what was going on, little Dillon pops up again with his rabbits and confuses the heck out of me! :p

Gahh, I wanna know what that little boy's got under his sleeves and how he plans on getting to Hogwarts! You've got a really good plot here and I'm just so curious about what's going to happen :)

I'm also really curious on how the rabbit seems to be gaining more control on Wren. I'm glad she was able to break out of the "spell" though and go to Albus. At least she still has some self-control!

And what about the bunny that James is gonna give to Al? Is Al going start becoming like Wren? This is just getting more and more intense as it continues!

I'm really excited to keep reading and I'm happy I'm getting closer to catching up! :D

Nice job(:


Author's Response:

Uh oh. Confusion. Well, Dillon is a bit confusing, isn't he? I can tell you that rabbits are too big to carry under ones sleeves, even baby ones. That's why he needs the basket. *nods*

Wren does shake whatever it is off for a little while. And yeah, we should be worried about Albus here too.

Thanks so much for another review! I'm so glad you're coming back to this story!

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Review #5, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: Hearts and Minds

27th February 2014:
hey there!

this was a good chapter :) I really liked how you kept switching between Wren and Albus' POVs because you got to see a lot of the same situations but in a different way.

I can't believe they both like each other but neither of them will tell the other! I always HATE that situation (it's what kept me and my boyfriend from dating before we actually told each other)so I hope one of them admits it soon! lol

I'm really excited to see what plans Al and Scorpius have under their sleeves for James! He definitely has it coming and I bet they're gonna be pretty awesome :p

I'm still really curious to find out about all of Wren's anxiety... what could possibly be causing it?? I hope she starts to feel better and is able to return to her old self again. Poor Albus thinks its something that he's done and feels like he can't fix it :(

nice job! I'm excited to keep reading :)


Author's Response:

Yes,this chapter did lend itself to the "two sides of the same coin" thingy. And yeah, that whole "both of them like each other but they aren't saying anything" can get pretty frustrating. I'm sure you know this from experience.

Al and Scorpius aren't going to let James off too easily after the summer that Albus had. I don't know if they'll succeed or not, but they're going to at least try to even the playing field once they get to Hogwarts.

I know, poor Albus! It's not his fault, but he doesn't know that, and Wren doesn't know what's going on with her either. It's a tough situation.

Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #6, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: Cold Toes, Warm Heart

24th February 2014:
Oh man, what is going on with Wren?? It sounds like she's turning into a rabbit or something! Or maybe she has like telepathy and can sympathize with animals? gah this is so interesting!

And wow, I can't believe six weeks went by where she didn't seen her friends! I bet it wouldn't have been such a shock to have Albus grow if she would've seen him more often but time definitely does change things! Poor girl, she's the only short one now :p

I really liked how you started to introduce more and more characters throughout the story. I really liked seeing Wren interacting with different people and can't wait to see the relationships she has with Callie and Scorpius and get to know more about them :)

I also really want to know what happened with Dillon! Are we going to find out soon?? If he really is old enough to get a letter, will he be at Hogwarts next year?

You are really keeping us on our toes with this story and I definitely have a craving to read more :D

Nice job!


Author's Response: Okay, you get the "best guess of the week" award. ;) Wren turning into a rabbit...

It probably wouldn't have been such a shock if she'd hung out with her friends more often. Albus' growth wouldn't have snuck up on her so much, and she wouldn't have been so isolated either.

Yes, there's more Dillon somewhere around here. *looks under couch* Or maybe he's run off to hide again. Never can tell with that boy.

Thanks for another great review! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far.

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Review #7, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: Trusting Hearts

24th February 2014:
Well this chapter sure was different than I thought it was going to be! :P I definitely did not expect a little boy coming into the picture at all! It's a really interesting plot twist though and I'm curious to see where it goes!

I feel really bad for Wren and everything she has to go through with Gran :( I get the sense that they used to be really close at one point and I can't imagine how it must feel to basically have lost her even though she is still alive.

Hmm, the part about the bunny really intrigued me! I have a feeling that it might be the same one, and if it is the little boy must have something to do with the light! Am I right? :P

I really liked how you paced the chapter and kept me interested in what was going to happen next! It wasn't too fast or too slow, which was awesome! I always have the most trouble with my second chapter of a story because it's the one that comes directly after the most important one (usually) yet you don't want to give too much away right in the beginning of a story. I always feel like the second chapter is the one that's going to make or break whether your story is going to keep a reader interested and I definitely think you did really well with it! I'm still super interested and can't wait to read more :)

nice job! :)


Author's Response:

Err... surprise? Haha. Isn't he a cute little boy? Don't you just want to help him with anything he needs?

Wren and her gran were very close, and she does feel like she's already lost her. I know, it is sad. Poor Wren!

Yes, there's a light and a rabbit and a boy. ;) Haha! The chapter I had the most trouble with was the first one. In fact, this used to be the first chapter, and I felt like I started the story too late and wrote a new first chapter... which happens to me quite a bit, I'm afraid. I'm rubbish at starting a story. :P

Thanks for another great review!

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Review #8, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: Have a Heart

23rd February 2014:
Wow, this was such a gripping first chapter! I already feel like I can connect with the characters and feel the pain/heartache that some of them are going through!

I really liked how you set up each of the character's personalities, as well. Wren seem like a really interesting girl and I already like the relationship she has with Al and Rose :)

I feel so bad that she has to leave her childhood home though :( I don't really know too much about what's going on in her family but it sounds like Gran isn't in a very good place right now :/

The whole thing about the light by the lake is really intriguing me. I'm trying to think of what it could possibly be but I'm guessing that I'm probably super wrong on all of them :P

I love how good Wren is with all of the animals, too. I'm a huge animal lover so I was really able to connect with her on that level. It's awesome that she's trying to save them :)

anyways, this was a really good first chapter! I've definitely been sucked in and I really can't wait to read more! Hopefully I'll be able to read more tonight and you'll be seeing more reviews from me! :)

Nice job!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thanks so much for the review! I tried to give each of these characters something that they had to work through in this story. I'm glad you can feel them already in the first chapter.

I'd love to hear your guesses about the light by the lake! It's fun to see what it makes other people think of, and how their ideas change as they move through the story. Just throw out any crazy theory. :)

Wren has a real soft spot for saving animals. It's important to the story. Poor girl!

I hope you get to come back real soon! I love hearing your thoughts!


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Review #9, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

16th December 2013:
AH OMG YES! I'm literally crying with happiness right now! I love you so much, Hanna!

This was such an awesome chapter and I didn't think you could have made it any better until OMG HE JUST KISSED HER! Has he been trying to do that for while? His attitude sure made it seem like it but you also never know with James! And who even cares? HE JUST KISSED HER!

oh my gosh, I am so happy right now :) I do feel a little bad for Joshua, but he really probably should've seen this coming :p I'm sure everyone else did, so I'm surprised he let her hangout with him so much knowing that they'd eventually realize their feelings for each other. Gah, I can't wait for the next chapter though!

It's probably going to be full of drama because that's usually what happens after such a good chapter like this but I don't even care right now! Hopefully I'm wrong and the next chapter will be full of butterflies and rainbows and scenes of gwen and james walking down the beach at sunset, but I guess we'll just have to see! I hope you're able to get the next one up before the queue closure because I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to know what happens!

Can't wait to read the next one! Amazing job, girl!


Author's Response: Aww, thanks ^^

Haha, even I don't always know what James is thinking. That boy can be very secretive d: but it did seem like that, didn't it?

Well you know me, there's bound to be some drama ahead d: but it would be so cool if everything was just as you said ^^

Thank you so much for reviewing! I really wish I had time to finish the chapter before the queue closes, but the chances are very low /: but it will be the first thing I do once the queue opens up again (:

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Review #10, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty-two - Flying Again

9th December 2013:

Oh my gosh I'm so happy that you updated! I've been waiting for this chapter for forever it seems like and I definitely wasn't disappointed :) I know life can be super busy so I totally understand! & I'm glad your muse has returned :)

Okay, so now to the story... This was a super good chapter :) I felt like it was a little bit of a filler chapter but I loved it all the same :) Is it bad to say that I think the reason I liked it so much because it was mainly only James/Gwenny? I was a little relieved that Joshua wasn't in this chapter :P I do love him, too, but I think I would like him a lot more if he was dating somebody else lol. How about Samantha? She seems to like James, so how about they all just make a big switch and it can be Sam/Joshua and Gwen/James??

The whole break in at the stadium really interested me! I really want to know what happened and why they felt the need to cover it up! Shouldn't they be investigating it thoroughly?? and for some reason I had some weird feeling that it might be someone from Gwen's past that broke in... Maybe her dad or something? maybe he escaped from Askaban?? (I have a wild imagination sometimes so ignore me if I'm totally off :p)

anyways, sorry for the rambling! I was just super excited to see this story updated and I definitely can't wait for the next one!

nice job!


Author's Response: Me too! I missed writing so bad and I tried many times, but the words just wouldn't come. But I got over it d:

It was a bit of a filler, but I hope all the Gwen/James goodness made up for that ^^ so no, definitely not a bad thing to say. Haha, then you'll be very pleased to know that he won't be in the next one either (;

And that switch would be so lovely d:

Well, it's not her dad, I can tell you that much. He's still tightly locked in Azkaban. But that's all I'm saying. It'll all be revealed at some point (:

Never apologize for rambling! I love to hear what people think about and if they can guess what'll happen next or if I've managed to completely mislead them ^^

Thank you so much for reviewing! The next one is already in the queue, so the wait shouldn't be long (:

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Review #11, by ScarletEye158Arthur Weasley Air-Bound: Arthur Weasley Air-Bound

13th July 2013:
awww this was so sweet! It literally made me smile and laugh out loud and I just love how happy Arthur was :)

I really liked your writing style and how you went from Arthur's POV, to more of Harry's in the middle and then ended it with Arthur's again. Harry is such a good person and I'm really glad he used the money for a vacation for himself, Hermione, and the Weasleys... everyone knows how much they needed it!

hahah Arthur was so adorable in the airport! The part where he had his nose pressed up against the window with the muggle children had me cracking up because I could sooo picture that in my mind! :P

Arthur on the plane was so funny too! When he shushed everyone (who weren't talking) so that he could hear the propellers... that was just hilarious! I liked seeing everyone else's reaction to flying on the plane, too. Ms. Weasley getting queasy and Fleur panicking a bit was totally realistic and made me able to relate to your story more :)

This was such a cute, fluffy little one-shot and I'm really glad I got to read it! It definitely put a smile on my face :D


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Arthur is such an underrated character in fanfiction and I've not read much where he is the main character so I had a lot of fun writing this.

I'm glad I made you smile!

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Review #12, by ScarletEye158He's not dead: He's not dead

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a really cool story :) it had a lot of mystery and suspense to it and I really liked that!

I was really upset at first when everyone thought Harry had died and Lily was the only one who believed he was alive. Either Lily was believing in false hope, or she was right, which couldn't have been easy for anyone in her family to witness. It definitely would suck to be the only one to be super adamant about something and have no one else on your side :(

I'm really glad Lily ran away and went looking for her dad. Even though it was a dangerous thing to do, she felt like she had to prove that he really was alive and she definitely wanted to find her dad! It was a very Gryffindor thing to do and I'm glad she was so brave and found him :)

I really liked your touch with the language from Albania. It made it feel more realistic and having a native around to explain things to Lily was pretty awesome!

Speaking of that, I really thought it was interesting with how you tied together the things that went on with Voldemort. The woods would most definitely seem haunted, and I'm not surprised that the people living in the cabins left... it must've been really creepy!

I'm really glad Lily ended up finding her dad alive and that he was okay! I don't blame Ginny for being all protective and worrying, I would probably do the same thing! This was a really nice one-shot and I enjoyed reading it a lot! Nice job! :)


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Review #13, by ScarletEye158Weasley's in Egypt: Welcome to Egypt

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a really nice one-shot :D

I really liked how you used the Weasley's vacation to Egypt for your story because I love reading about other people's views on things from the series when there really isn't much story behind it. I mean, JK Rowling obviously gave you some things to work with (Locking Percy in a tomb, the mummies, the Sneakoschope) but it was cool to see you add your own bits to it to make it yours :)

Your characterization of the Weasley family was really nice and I think you were dead on with all of their personalities! I really liked Ginny and Percy because I think those two changed the most (Especially in Next Gen stories) but you still gave them their characteristics from the 2nd/3rd books and it was really cool to read :)

I did notice a few typos, but I'm sure you will go back and edit them when you can! I can understand why you wanted to get this out fast for the House Cup :) The main typos that I noticed were with the character names, actually. Percy was once "Pert" and Fred was once "Free". Those are the ones that stuck out to me the most :P

Anyways, I really liked your one-shot and I'm glad I got to read about the Weasley's vacation! It was always something that was kind of mentioned once and then forgot about and reading this brought back memories of me reading POA for the first time :)


Author's Response: Hello there!

Originally, I was going to stick with just what J. K. Rowling gave me to work with but I decided that there wasn't enough mentioned to keep it interesting so I added some small things.

I was worried that the characters would be OOC, that was my biggest fear so it's nice to know that someone else found the characterization to be dead on.

Yeah, I was in a bit of a hurry to get something out for the House Cup and I was trying to type as fast possible so there were quite a few typos. I've gone back and edited them out so hopefully the one-shot is better.

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Review #14, by ScarletEye158Of Dragons and Daring: Welcome to Romania

13th July 2013:
Hi! This was a really sweet one-shot and I really loved how you used the travel theme but then were able to make this a story that you could read without having that requirement to it! it was really good! :D

I haven't read a Luna fic in a long time, but I thought this one was really good! I never thought much about the schooling after Hogwarts she would have to go through to become a naturalist and I really liked your take on it :)

I loved how you characterized everyone in this story, too. Luna, Rolf and Charlie were all so interesting and all clearly loved animals/nature and I would definitely love to be around them (I'm an animal freak too :P)

I think this would be a really cool story to continue with as you could do so much with it, and I really like how you established that Luna secretly likes Rolf already :) It would be really interesting and cool to see their relationship blossom!

Your descriptions and flow throughout the story were really nice and I wasn't lost or confused at all! It was a nice, fluffy, easy story to read and those are definitely my favorites :)

There was one part where I think you might've had a typo, but that can be easily fixed :)

""My grandfather was the really famous one, but he died when I was twelve, so my father decided to just teach me what he'd learned from my grandfather instead. It was a rather reading-intensive shadowing experience," Newt added"

I think you meant to write "Rolf added"? Newt would be his grandfathers name :P

Other than that, I thought that this was a really lovely read and I'm really glad I got to read and review it! Nice job, and I love your name by the way! ;)


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by!

It's great that you liked my characterization and enjoyed seeing what Luna and Rolf would have to go through to become naturalists or magizoologists. I'm in the post-grad phase of my education now so it was dear to my heart.

This story was really fun to write and I can see myself continuing it sometime in the future. I've never written an adventure story and I'm so glad I got this plot bunny :)

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I was trying to figure out when Newt passed away and I suppose my brain got a little mixed up there. I'll make a note to go back and edit it.

Thank you for your fantastic review!

-Amanda (hah, same name! Awesome!)

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Review #15, by ScarletEye158No Turning Back: No Turning Back

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a very nice and powerful one-shot. Stories about Regulus always get me thinking and I always end up feeling pretty bad for him :(

I like how you used the theme of travel a little bit differently for your story! It was like Regulus was traveling to Malfoy Manor (obviously) but it was also like Regulus was traveling into his new life. Too bad for him it was a permanent travel :(

Your descriptions throughout the story were really nice, especially at the beginning! I really was able to feel how nervous and scared Regulus was, and it was cool because I know how much he wanted to put up a strong and brave front.

I never really thought of there being an initiation process to become a Death Eater, but it really does make a lot of sense! I can't believe how much Regulus had to go through, though! being whipped and having your memories sifted through like it was nothing? I can't understand why anyone would tolerate that :S It was a nice touch to have Bellatrix laughing at him during the whipping too, because it showed how much she didn't care about his pain and how she only really cared about being a Death Eater and being on Voldemort's side. She was nice and sweet to him when he was finally really to be marked, which I thought was interesting. She really was a loyal member of the Death Eaters!

anyways, this was a really good one-shot! I really enjoyed reading it :)


Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you for the lovely review, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!


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Review #16, by ScarletEye158Life is Good: Life is Good!

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a really cute one-shot :)

One thing I really loved about your story is that you gave everyone such clear and distinct personalities all while being OCs. Its not common to see that, especially with such a short story so that was really cool!

I really liked how Alara (great name, by the way!) was so excited to go to Germany with her best friend and her Muggle family yet knew very little about Muggles. She didn't really take offence to anything Mrs. Adams said and just laughed at how much of a typical Pureblood she is :p

Hahaha William the Wandering Wizard... I love how excited they both were to meet him :) I would get super excited if I got to meet my favorite celebrity, too, so it was nice being able to relate to the girls in that way! I really hope they end up meeting him :)

aww, the ending made me laugh. Those poor girls don't know what's coming with their new Potions teacher... Hopefully they can stay on his good side!

This was really cute and I really enjoyed reading it. Bravo :D


Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

No, the girls are definitely not up for a good time with Snape. In one of my other stories we find out just how much trouble Alara gets into with him, which is (spoiler alert) the most trouble she gets into her entire schooling.

They're in for a shock!

Thanks for reading.

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Review #17, by ScarletEye158Final Call: Final Call

13th July 2013:
Wow, I really enjoyed this one-shot! I haven't read many Petunia stories but I thought your characterization of her was really well written and planned out and I actually felt really sorry for her :(

The fact that Vernon forgot their anniversary makes me really mad. How could you forget after 8 years? What a jerk! and then he just takes Dudley away for a few days and doesn't even tell her much about the plans? That's a big 'no no' on a husband's part, I think! :P

I'm really glad Petunia had that spontaneous moment of wanting to go to Italy. I wouldn't ever want to travel by myself, but that was her dream and she wanted to do it so bravo for her! I love how we got to see what she really felt for Harry, too. The little pangs of guilt for him, the thinking of him as not too bad and well behaved... I liked this side of Petunia. It makes me feel like she was only really harsh on him when Vernon was around and that she did have a soft spot for her sisters son :)

Gahhh it sucks that she didn't get to go on the trip! She was soo excited, too! I'm really proud of her for trying though, not many people would have the guts to do things like that so randomly! Harry's little touch of her arm made me all sad and happy at the same time. Sad because he obviously wanted to comfort her and was a little afraid to do it but happy that he tried to make an effort and the fact that she let him. It was really sweet :)

This really was lovely and I'm really glad I got to read it :)


Author's Response: Neither have I, which is why I wanted to give it a shot. I felt sorry for her too, which was surprising. I'm definitely not Petunia's biggest fan but, as someone who feels overshadowed by their own sister, I'm finding we have more in common than I thought. Ugh, Vernon. Please. Can't he just get it together. He thinks the wrong things are important. I think Petunia does have a soft spot; I've wondered for ages what it was that she wanted to say to Harry before leaving in DH. Something nice, I feel.. I know...that little touch. Said so much. Harry is such a good kid; I wish they could have worked out a way to be closer...
Thanks so much for this stellar review! You're great!

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Review #18, by ScarletEye158The Girl Next Door: Amelia

7th June 2013:
Yay, a new chapter! I've really been looking forward to this one :D

Alright, so first of all I was really surprised to hear that the story wouldn't be told in Sirius' point of view but I already really like Amelia! She seems like a nice but sassy girl and I'm excited to get to know her a bit more :) I've never read a story about a girl who is friends with Petunia rather than Lily so this ought to be interesting! Does Amelia share the same loathing as Petunia does towards Lily? And I'm curious to know how she knows about the Wizarding Word!

Hahaha, poor Remus! I wonder what bet he lost to have been forced to go down there and talk to Amelia :P That would've been a really awkward conversation but I wish Amelia would've at least flirted a little bit ;P

I really liked the little hints you gave us in this chapter as to what was going on or who was being talked to without actually coming out and telling us. I liked the descriptions of the boys and how Petunia came in saying that Lily made Head Girl. It showed us that Amelia knew Lily and also what year they were all in. Very small details, but it made the story come alive :)

Ahhh, I'm so curious to know what happened to Lexi! Why the heck would Amelia lie and say she died?! I guess she is a good liar with people her own age :P I don't think I could ever lie about something like that lol.

I'm sooo looking forward to reading the next chapter and thank you so much for updating me on Twitter when this chapter got validated! (:

Great work!


Author's Response: Hi Amelia! :D

I'm really pleased to hear that although this story isn't in Sirius' POV, you really like this story so far! I'm not used to writing in first person POV, so I'm challenging myself by writing this entire story in first person (prologue aside, of course), and to make it easier I'm writing girls because hey, I'm a girl :P

Oooh, Amelia being friends with Petunia becomes something important in the future, so it's great that you like it ;) She loathes Lily for being a witch, and hates the wizarding world, just like Petunia does. How she knows about it will surface in the fourth chapter :D

Bahahahaha :') Amelia knows that Remus is a wizard, so to her, that automatically means a romance is off the cards :P

Oooh thank you very much! That's something I feel I struggle with in first person, so to hear that is great! :D

And that question will be answered in future chapters! Amelia is indeed a good liar with people her own age, and with the elderly too, although she feels uncomfortable with lying to the elderly. *cackles*

I'm currently writing the next chapter, and it's no problem at all!

Thank you!

-Isobel ♥

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Review #19, by ScarletEye158When the Axe Fell: When the Axe Fell

24th May 2013:
Hey! Wow, this was a great story!

I've never read a story from Sir. Nicholas' point of view before and I really liked the way you portrayed him! The story title definitely caught my attention and I knew exactly what it was going to be about!

As I read, I don't think I've ever felt so nervous for a character before! Usually people don't know when/how they're going to die, so reading this made me feel really bad and scared for him! I still can't believe (and I've heard about it many times, but it still makes me sick) how people were executed for possible use of witchcraft. To know that Sir. Nicholas was a very like-able man before he got caught using witchcraft and then was planned to be executed without any kind of trial makes me really sad :(

I thought your descriptions were really good throughout the story :) You didn't get too much into the blood and gore, but you did explain enough where we were able to gather exactly what was happening and how Nicholas felt during the whole thing.

Oddly enough, I feel really bad for the executioner! I wonder if he really wanted to be an executioner or not, but I loved the way you explained him going from man to boy; I guess not everyone can handle a job like that and I wonder if he ever performed another execution after that!

I really liked the way that you counted down the blows of the axe. It made it really dramatic and realistic. I just wish poor Nick didn't have to go through all of that :/

Aww, poor Nick! He didn't realize that being afraid of death would make him into a ghost and it sucks that he has to spend forever like that. I liked how you used the last words of your story as your title, as well. It seemed very planned out and like you put a lot of thought into this story and I love that!

Very nice job!


Author's Response: Hey Amanda!

Nick is such an interesting character and there aren't many (if any) stories about him on the archives, so I was really eager to write this. I wanted him to be a likeable character because that made his death even more tragic in my eyes. I know exactly what you mean about executions like this - I think they show some of the worst of humanity, but they show how powerful fear can be.

Oh, I'm so glad you felt sorry for the executioner! He's probably my favourite character in this one-shot, partly because he completely wrote himself. I know I wouldn't be up to that job!

I'm so happy that you liked the counting of the axe blows! And it's great that you feel sorry for Nick. I wanted to provide a plausible explanation about how he might have become a ghost, since he's always so proud of his courage. I love trying to bring one-shots to an appropriate ending, so I'm glad you liked that too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and leave such a great review!

Sian :)

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Review #20, by ScarletEye158Adrienne Boot and the Closet Conundrum: (Adry) The Closet Conundrum

12th May 2013:
Hey there! I'm Amanda from the Gryffindor Review Exchange :)

This was a really cute, fun chapter! I really like how well you were able to introduce all of the characters. I didn't get lost or confused or anything and sometimes having a few different "main" characters does that to me :P

The way you wrote Adrienne was really nice. I liked her personality and characterization a lot; she's definitely the kind of person who loves her friends to death and the way she described them was really sweet. Usually people have a few bad things to say about their friends but I liked that they all have good happy relationships with each other :)

Also, while I'm on the topic of characterization, I really liked Lucy and Louis as well! We didn't get to see them tooo much in this chapter but the parts that we did get to see really stuck out to me. Louis getting angry really fast because of his Veela blood was hilarious and I can assume that's only going to intensify with the continuation of the story :P. I really liked Lucy's hyper and random personality too. Her waking up Adrienne every morning, humming to herself at breakfast and her randomness with throwing Adrienne and Louis into the broom cupboard had me cracking up. She seems like a sweet girl ;P

Ah, now onto the broom cupboard! What was Lucy thinking!? I'm guessing she and the rest of the gang want Louis and Adrienne together or something? It sure seems like it! How cute, I do too even though I don't know too much about their relationship/friendship yet ;D

I'm interested to see what's so different about the cupboard, too. Did they like set up a bunch of lovey dovey stuff to get those two in the mood or something? lol. Gah, I gotta keep reading! :P

One thing I did find a little bit unrealistic about this story (and it's very minor) is that Slughorn is still teaching at Hogwarts. I would think that he'd probably be dead around the time that this story takes place... lol. He did retire a while before Harry came to Hogwarts didn't he? Oh well, if he plays a big part in your story you can totally ignore me but I did find it a little unrealistic.

Other than that little bit, I thought this was definitely a great chapter! I'm glad I got to read it and you can totally expect to see me back for the second and other chapters when you post them!


Author's Response: Hey Amanda, thanks so much for the awesome review!

I'm really glad you liked Adrienne- i'm always really worried that my OCs don't have enough personality, or that everything is just too plot-driven- it's so nice to hear that they're not :D

Louis is definitely getting a lot more screentime soon enough- I'm thinking of writing a chapter from his point of view, and hopefully I get to write more Lucy, as she's quite the nutter.

Ah, the closet. The cliche to end all cliche's. I'm really glad i got this challenge, because I've always wanted to write this particular trope with a giant twist. I don't think anyone who read the second chapter predicted what it was. Neither did I!

You are right about Slughorn. I was thinking he would be Horace Jr. - I mean, the man wore a silk dressing gown, in my head that means he's gotta have some sprog running about somewhere. I admit that that was mostly due to lazyness on my part, and I'll probably go back and change it to someone a bit more believable.

Thanks so much for the review! I'll be R&Ring overcoming obstacles any day now.

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Review #21, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty-one - Too Early to Tell

26th April 2013:
Yay, another chapter!

Aww, poor Gwen! I can't believe she went to the practice, it must have been complete torture! I'm glad she made Freddy come though... That arse knew where James was the whole time and never told her! :P

I loved the story of how Freddy and Jen got together, lol. Totally something Freddy would do... and the fact that Gwen knew about it and stunned Fred was priceless. There was no way she was going to believe the story Jen told her!

Oh my goodness, we've finally arrived at the conversation about love! :o I do feel really happy for Gwen because I know how much she likes Joshua and how good of a guy he is, but I can't help resent Joshua a little bit because I still want James and Gwen together :/ So conflicting!!

Awww, James! He is so sweet! Seriously, only he could make Gwen that happy < 3

haha the coach yelling at Gwen was great! I know he is just looking out for her but he didn't have to be /that/ much of a jerk :P I'm glad Gwen didn't let him get her mood down though and I loved that she hugged him afterwards lol.

Ohmygoodness you don't even know how many Gwames feels I got from this chapter... That was such a cute moment and I just want to squee every time I read them :) Also the part in the kitchen where James said that he loves her and that he's the most important person... Oh James, if you only knew!

Gah, it's so frustrating to know how much Gwen loves him and see that James is developing feelings too... I just wanna punch them both and tell them how clueless they both are! And omg James, that comment about stealing her from Joshua and having babies with Gwen? ARE YOU READING MY MIND?! Please let this be foreshadowing, Hanna! :P

Oh... she thinks she might be falling for him... :( This is gonna be a huge problem later on, I can just tell! I just hope James gets up the courage to tell her soon before its too late :o

Haha anyways, this was a great chapter! Love, love, loved it and I can't wait for the next one! Hope you're able to update again soon! < 3


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Review #22, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty - A Warm Welcome

21st April 2013:
Heeey! I've been waiting forever for this! :P

This was another fantastic chapter! I definitely think it was worth waiting for! It seemed like James was gone for way longer than a week though. Probably because of how spaced out the chapters were but also because we all missed him so much! :')

I thought Gwen's reaction to him coming back was great. I wouldn't have expected anything different from her and I'm just glad that he's okay and that she's not too mad at him for leaving her :P

Through their whole "catching up" I was conflicted because I was thinking about Joshua and silently saying "What about him? Oh who cares, James is back!" I felt bad for him, but James definitely needed her more. Ahhh what was James going to tell her?! I'm pretty sure it was something about being in love with her *crosses fingers!* and I can't wait to see what it was all about! I hope he confesses it to her and then she can dump Joshua (I can have him then, hehehe) and then they can be together and have actual little Gwames babies and live happily ever after! :) As I recall though, you said this story is going to be about 40 ish chapters so I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself :P

Anyways, sorry for my fangirling... I'm just excited you've started updating again (: I can't wait to read the next one! Nice job, girl < 3


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Review #23, by ScarletEye158Weasley Smart: Victoire Weasley

20th April 2013:
Aw, this was really cute :) I always love reading one-shots that are more on the random side and this definitely was a good one!

I loved how well you were able to give Vic such a strong personality in this. She was clearly very different from everyone else and didn't care and I really liked that about her :)

The story about the student telling her to do her homework and then threatening her was great. It had me laughing and I can't believe they had the guts to try and pull that on her :P

Haha, you ended this in a really cute way :) I felt bad for Poppy at first because of how cold Vic was being to her so I'm glad she didn't give up and walk away, but stated her intentions and actually got through to Vic. I think that's definitely something Vic needed and I like how surprised she was at how not all people try and use her. Hopefully she'll be able to lighten up a little bit after meeting Poppy; I think she could be good for her :)

Nice job, this was really sweet!


Author's Response: I'm pretty sure all of my one-shots will end up being on the random side.

I wanted to make Victoire different from how people normally saw her and I'm glad to see that people like this version of her.

The student threatening her was my favourite part while writing this (and that's because of how she told them off).

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #24, by ScarletEye158Complicated: Complication #1

13th April 2013:
Hey there! This is a really good start you have! :)

I really like how well developed your characters are! It's usually really hard for me to read a story with so many OCs but I thought you gave them pretty strong personalities where I wasn't too overwhelmed! They all do seem a little too perfect though, so maybe giving them some faults or quirks would help? I can see some already in Abigail because she's the main character (and I particularly love the battle between the parents part) but the other three seem a little too good to be true.

Another part about this story that I really liked was how well it flowed! I'm not very good with flow in my writing but the way you transitioned between sentences, paragraphs and even new scenes was flawless! Nice job! :)

Your descriptions were beautiful, also. I loved how well you described the girls' looks. I could see them perfectly in my head and I liked that even though they all act the same you gave them all entirely different looks. I know some girls in my school dress exactly the same and change their hair and looks to match their friends and it's really annoying! lol

Ohhh, I can't wait to see what happens with Abigail and her boyfriend! Are they actually going to sleep together? I can tell she feels like she /needs/ to, but I don't really feel like she wants to! I hope she does the right thing!

This was a really good first chapter and I think it definitely is able to go somewhere! I hope you continue to write it because you're a very good writer :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll make sure to get on yours as soon as possible! :)

I'm glad you think I started it off well, because I do agree that sometimes it is hard to read a story composed entirely of OCs, simply because you don't know very much about them. As for their individual quirks/faults, those will definitely show up later. :)

Oh yay, it flowed well! I was a little concerned about jumping from scene to scene, but I'm glad to see it came out okay.

That will all be explained in the next chapters or so! I'm just going to leave it at that, because if I keep typing, I'll end up giving away the plot...

Thanks for the review - I'm glad you liked the story!


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Review #25, by ScarletEye158Aftermath: Cho

7th April 2013:
Hey there! This was a very beautifully written story and it had me nearly in tears by the end :')

I'm not a big fan of Cho, but you really made me feel for her in this chapter. I couldn't imagine losing the first boy I ever loved :( the poor girl went through so much and you put really good emotions into her character!

I liked how you didn't tell us exactly where cho was going right away. I was very curious to see what Cho was doing and I really liked the fact that you wrote this like we all knew what was going on and let us piece it all together :)

Her conversations with Cedric were so sad and beautiful! I know she felt silly talking out loud like that, but I think it probably did help her move on :)

I'm really interested to see where the rest of this short story collection is going to go and I'll definitely be on the look out for it!


Author's Response: Thank you for the beautiful review. I'm glad you think it was well written, and confession time: I actually started crying while I was writing it! I was all "Oh poor Cho! Nobody thinks about Cho!" *sob*

I have to say that the start of this chapter surprised me, I was actually really proud with how it worked out and I feel like it really does serve the purpose of drawing the reader in. Thank you for commenting on it!

I've never really written a monologue like that before, but it really seemed to fit in this situation and hopefully the 'conversation' built up slowly to the emotional parts.

I've got another six instalments planned, I'm about halfway through the next one so hopefully it will be up soon!

Thanks again for the beautiful review! :)

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