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Review #26, by MrsJaydeMalfoyEffortlessly Dead: Secret Plans

22nd February 2015:
Hey there dear! I know this is so terribly late, but I am (finally) here with your reward reviews for Team Friar's victory in the Rescue Mission. (Yes, I know that was forever ago, I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get to this!)

And now - on to your review!

Right, so first off, I'm really glad and excited to be coming back to this story, as I thoroughly enjoyed the first two chapters! And this one did NOT disappoint! And by the way, I'm reviewing as I read, so if this review seems a bit chaotic, I'm sorry!

The first part of the chapter was very pleasant and actually kind of cute.. and then, with the 'Magpie' statement, it was like a Dun dun DUN!! moment. (If that makes sense. haha) It definitely brought my mind back to what's been going on in earlier chapters.

Even though I really feel like I shouldn't be sympathizing with Menna, you kind of can't help it... she made a mistake, and now she's miserable and stuck in the nest. And it seems like not only is she taking it hard, but everyone else is giving her a hard time about the mistake, too.

I was really interested in the 'she hasn't really focused on using her powers much' bit of information, and I'm curious to see where that leads later on!

Ooh, I have to agree that going by herself is a BAD idea.. and of course she knows how to sneak out of the house! It wouldn't be very Menna-like for her not to! :P

Awww, I was kind of glad for Menna when her Grandfather arrived, but I felt really bad for her when he mentioned the incident, too. And what is he not telling them? And Uh oh. If Ifan only knew what he had just done.. he wouldn't have done it.

Hm... I am really curious about Galen's 'bad feeling' about the body. But I have a feeling something will happen soon enough that will answer my questions.

And Wow.. so now we're seeing the Fawley family's side of things, too. You know, something I noticed in this chapter was the complexity of the plot (and I mean that in a GOOD way). Many stories deal with only a few characters, only a few plot lines/details, etc. You however, have so many different characters and families, each with their own motives and story to tell, and somehow you manage to keep them all clearly organized and separated and defined... it truly is amazing. You tell not just the story of the shrikes, but of the entire community. It's really brilliant!

This was another intriguing, fascinating chapter, and I can't wait to read the next! Well done!

Author's Response: Hey!

Don't worry about this being late; in all honesty, I had completely forgotten about it...

I'm really happy you enjoyed this chapter! It's funny how you found the first scene pleasant and cute when the characters are most definitely not pleasant and cute! I'm also glad that there were details that reminded you of what happened in the first two chapters! There's so much going on that sometimes I worry the readers are going to get all confused... Glad that that wasn't the case, though!

Menna has turned out to be surprisingly likable. That's good; I would be seriously worried if people disliked one of the main characters in the story! Rhian's "not-punishment" is so severe that I really don't want to know what her idea of a punishment is...

I imagine it leads to trouble. ;) Menna is very skilled about causing trouble wherever she goes.

If it's a bad idea, she's going to do it. That's very Menna-like, too. :D She's such a child still... in more ways than one! And yes, she's very good at sneaking out of the house. Ifan and Aled should both know this because they, too, used to sneak out when they thought no one was watching... And yet they leave her completely unsupervised. *tsk, tsk*

It seems like everyone is inclined to mention the incident at least once. It wouldn't be a very effective "not-punishment" if they didn't. And everyone in the family has some kind of a secret. This is not going to end well... And if Ifan had known what he just did, he would have done it anyway. Because he's that sort of a person.

Hmm, I wonder... It should be brought up soon enough!

Thank you! Truthfully, I would find it very difficult to write this story with only a few characters. I find much more natural to include several characters and several different perspectives to tell the story from (and to thoroughly confuse the reader...). I'm not exactly sure how I do it, though. It's an instict, I guess. I'm so glad you like it, though! I'm particularly pleased that you find the characters and the families distinct from each other!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!

- Emmi

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Review #27, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of More Quidditch, James Potter, and Puking

21st February 2015:

It is SO sad to finally see what AJ's nightmares are about... but it is also SO sweet to see Dom right there by her side, comforting her. Words can't even express the mix of emotions I feel over that. Like I said, the Potter/Weasleys are definitely doing her some good, and I'm SO glad she's got Dom as a friend!

And Wow. I kind of had a feeling Vinny might react badly about her new friends, but I really hope he learns to get over it soon. I know AJ doesn't want to lose him, she just wants (and really needs) more friends, also. And I think it shows a lot of maturity on her part to finally realize that, and realize that she's been pushing everyone away for so long.

*Gasps* Oh no!! What happened?!? Not to immediately assume he's done something wrong, but, what did Adam do? And what's going to happen now?!? Oh, I hope they don't try to take Adam away from AJ! Oh no!! This is the absolute *worst* cliffhanger ever!! I need more, soon, please!!

Author's Response: Hi!

AJ's nightmares are always very sad :( And Dom is an amazing friend to her, as well as all of her cousins/twin. I'm glad she has them too!

Yeah, unfortunately that's how Vinny is. He doesn't know how to share. AJ definitely doesn't want to lose him.

And it's alright, AJ always thinks 'What did Adam do?!' when something bad occurs. You'll find out! :D

Thanks so much!

- Leigh xxx

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Review #28, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of Louis Weasley, Quidditch Try Outs, and the Library

21st February 2015:
This chapter was probably my favorite so far! It's just SO hilarious, from Dom, Louis and Freddie's bickering, to the Library scene... I love it!

And I LOVE how all of the children are finally starting to find friends, get along, and be happy and LAUGH. It just breaks my heart that AJ fights with that happiness... but I think the Wotters are doing her some good!

Really, really great (and hilarious) chapter, and I can't wait to read the next!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much! This was such a fun chapter to write. AJ having fun made me so happy.

The kids are starting to calm down. AJ doesn't know how to cope with having fun, which you'll learn about around chapter 15 or so. But the Wotters are doing a lot of good, yes!

Thanks so much!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #29, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of Red Hair, New Mates, and Hufflepuffs Galore

21st February 2015:
Oh my Goodness… I LOVED seeing the scene from ‘Sweet Talk’ here from AJ’s POV! It really reminded me of when Harry and Hermione went back in time in POA and we got to see things from behind them… I really love how the two stories tie in together! Really!

And WOW... Dom psycho-analyzing AJ to her face? Well, at least she's not doing it behind her back, I suppose. :P

And haha! I called it! (The 'Friendship with Dom' thing). I'm not sure how it will turn out, but it's definitely a start!

Aw... the way Vinny and AJ used to sit together is so cute - and it's sad they can't do that anymore, but again, it was also sweet how Vinny agreed so easily to move to the Library with AJ. And it also shows AJ's maternal instincts, and how selfless she is, to always think of the kids that way.

And whoooaaa. His 'girlfriend'? So, are AJ and Vinny official? I'm rather confused about their relataionship, lol. But then again, I think maybe they are, too. :P But it is SO CUTE AND SWEET AND SQUEE-WORTHY how they are always each other's 'first choice'! Aww!

I can imagine that one would be worried that someone was only trying to be their friend for pity, after something so horrible happened to them. I hope AJ has found/finds good friends in Freddie and Dom.

I'm glad to see that Adalyn is doing well, and I think it's equally heartbreaking and sweet the way the two of them are trying to check in with one another and keep tabs on the rest of their siblings.

And Awww, Vinny is jealous. I'm not sure if that's endearing, or upsetting. But again, I kind of saw that coming. :P

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi!

I loved writing the same scene in two different POVs! It was so much fun. I'm glad you liked it too!

Dom's a little awkward. But she does it to everyone. She just has no filter :p

Yes, definitely a start! :D

They aren't dating, no :D But I love their relationship. I'm going to write some prequel one-shots from before this novel, and some of them will be about their friendship before. I love them :D

I hope she finds good friends in them too!

Adalyn is very strong, much like AJ. They're more alike than they care to admit :p

And yes, Vinny is jealous indeed. :D And everyone saw it coming, but it's important anyway :)

Thanks for the wonderful review!

- Leigh xxx

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Review #30, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of Late Nights, New Acquaintances, and James Potter

21st February 2015:
Nope, I'm still not finished! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this, but I'm really glad to be getting back to this story! I've really missed it!

You provide such detailed information that it was really easy for me to pick up where I left off.

I really liked the endearing scene between Vinny and AJ, but there seem to be at least two other people here who are so sweet and willing to help out: Scorpius and James. I have a slight suspicion that they both want to date AJ, and I'm curious to see how that will all play out later, especially considering that Vinny is pretty much head-over-heels for her. I hope that doesn't affect their friendship.

And Adam... what can I say? It's awful what that Selwyn boy said to him, but his reaction wasn't the greatest... I really, really hope he calms down - I can't bear the thought of him being taken away from AJ, and she certainly doesn't deserve that - he's a child and he's going to act out, and that doesn't mean he should be separated from his family.

And Lily.. Haha! She's cute, but I completely agree that she can be a bit annoying. And I'm not really sure what to think about what she said about Dom, psycho-analyzing everyone and wanting to be AJ's friend. I think it would definitely do AJ some good to have more friends, but I don't know how perceptive AJ will be to that, considering what Lily just said.

And poor AJ. She really needs some time alone, to focus on being more 'her' and less 'Mum', but she's afraid to be alone. :(

Anyway, this was another fabulous chapter, dear, and I can't wait to read the next one! Really, really well done!

Author's Response: Hi!

I have no problem waiting. After all, I'm responding to this three months late anyway :p

I love writing Vinny/AJ scenes, so I'm glad you loved it! And hmm, Scorpius and James do seem to want to help out. And you'll have to wait and see how all of that romance/friendships work out! :D

I hope he calms down too. I can't bear it either, and I know AJ would feel as though it was her fault. And yes, he is just a child, but in the eyes of the ministry, so is AJ (even though she's physically an adult). They feel as though she can't handle four children.

Lucy is cute! She can be annoying, but she's my absolute favorite minor character to write!

AJ does indeed need time for herself. I feel terrible as well :(

Thanks so much for the great review!

- Leigh xx

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Review #31, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of Nightmares, Returns, and Reunions

4th February 2015:
That dream was really scary and awful. I hope her father didn't really say those things to her, but for some reason, I get the feeling that he did. :( And awww, poor Adam. His reaction made me want to cry! It's a good thing AJ woke up when she did, or they'd have been late!

I really love the way you portray the interactions between AJ and her siblings. They're very sibling-like, obviously, but there's also a mothering tone there, too, which is completely understandable and realistic, given the situation.

I really, really feel sorry for AJ now. Things are definitely taking a toll on her, and she has SO many responsibilities that are really hard for a teenager to deal with. She does a good job of keeping it together, but it's perfectly understandable for her to be depressed. I just want to hug her and help her with her siblings. :(

It's so sweet how all the children pitch in to help out, cooking breakfast and everything. It's really important for them to pull together, and they're doing it! And Aw for Rosmerta's letter! She's so sweet, and it's really helping them out! Oh, and I meant to say something earlier, but I think it's also actually helpful that Harry and Dean are the Aurors (and MLF) in charge, since they know the family and are more likely to be helpful and understanding of the situation.

And Aww! Right after I remember to say that, Harry goes all sweet and wonderful and sends that letter! Aww!

Haha. Adam's fit is sad, but hilarious at the same time. He's such a typical 11-year-old. :P But I love the motherly/fatherly advice all of the other siblings give AJ, and how Adam calms right down at the mention of their mother.

Oh no! They missed the carriages! Thank goodness for that shrinking spell, or they'd all be even more tired when they get to the castle.

Aw, the feels! Vinny and AJ's reunion was just too sweet! And my heart nearly broke at the relief that AJ felt about not having to worry about losing her siblings, not having to worry about paying the bills... :'(

Hahaha!! Crabbe, as the new Mr. Filch! Hilarious! It makes sense, I mean Filch couldn't stay there forever, could he? It's just so funny, but also realistic, to see the next gen's version of him. :P

This was another amazing chapter, dear, really. I am getting hooked on this story as well. Can't wait to read what's next!

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Review #32, by MrsJaydeMalfoySacrifice: Of Beginnings, Aurors, and Torn Photographs

4th February 2015:
Well, now that I have finally given you the reviews I owed you from the Rescue Mission, now I can give you the ones I owe you from the Hot Seat! :D

Okay, so I just finished reading "Sweet Talk", and when I read AJ's name in the summary of this, I was like :O ! I had to read it! I was already interested in her story, and now I get to read it! Yay!

I am really, really curious as to what happened the night their parents disappeared, and why on earth would their father say that his children had used dark magic? I hope to find out more soon!

I can't help but feel nervous right along with all of the children during this, and I think you described their actions and their feelings perfectly, even if they don't express them. And it is SO great, so brave and strong and sweet of AJ to take care of her younger siblings like this, to keep the family together. She's a very unique, likeable and strong character, and here you go again, introducing me to something I haven't seen in Fanfic before - an older sibling stepping up and being a parent to their younger siblings! Every one of your stories is just dripping with originality and I LOVE it!

Awww, I can't say I blame Addison for tearing the picture, but now I'm even more curious as to what happened with their parents! And I feel so sorry for AJ, she seems so stressed. :(

I'm starting to realize that this story ties into two of the other stories I've read, and I really love that! You're very talented, dear! This was an exciting, intriguing first chapter, and I can't wait to read the next! Well done!

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Review #33, by MrsJaydeMalfoySweet Talk: Welcome to Ancient Runes

4th February 2015:
Hahahah! I couldn't help it, I HAD to laugh at the way Freddie just ran into class, trying to escape from his cousin. What in the world did they do to her hair?! Haha! I can't even imagine all the torture the Weasley-Potter girls had to go through, with infamous pranksters as their cousins/brothers!

:O Freddie doesn't even know her name! That's awful! :( Poor Sweets! And *gasps*! A Hawaiian character! Incredible! Once again, this is something new for me in fanfic, and I really enjoy it when authors have characters from places other that what you'd expect in their stories! This is a VERY original story, dear, in many aspects!

Awww, poor Sweets again! I know her father is trying to prepare her to run the company, but all that impending responsibility, along with her classwork, is really stressing her out! I think we see where the deal comes in at now, though! :P

And I'm very intrigued about the Schrechovitz family - they keep showing up, so I've got a feeling that they're going to have a pretty big part in the story, and I'm curious as to what it is!

And Kane, playing with Sweets' hair? I'm starting to think that those two eventually are going to have to have an 'are we dating' discussion'. :/

Awww! I was wondering what was going on with Alana, poor thing! I'm really curious about her illness - what could it be? And I certainly hope it doesn't get any worse!

And now I'm sad because there's no more of this story to read right now. :( Really dear, this story is incredible - it's just the right mix of all the ingredients of a good story! This is going in my favorites, and PLEASE update soon! Well done!

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Review #34, by MrsJaydeMalfoySweet Talk: Welcome to Hogwarts

4th February 2015:
First off "their chaotic glory" is like, my favorite quote now. Just saying. :P

And :O ! I just realized that I forgot to mention in my last review how much I LOVED that Hogwarts now has a Newsletter! That I remember, I haven't read any fics that mention something similar before, so Kudos for originality! I really love the idea!

Haha, and I also love the description of Lily as happy, but also terrifyingly angry.

I really enjoyed the description of the Weasley-Potter clan, it seems so realistic, and it was hilarious when Louis picked Lily up. And Aaaah, there's Freddie! :P

I love the dialog between everyone in the compartment - it's so realistic, and everyone's movements were well-described - it made it SO easy for me to picture everything as it was happening!

I'm starting to notice that Kane seems to be putting his arm around Sweets a lot... hm... lol :P And :O This is the first time I've heard of Louis and Dom being twins! I think it's really refreshing, I like it!!

I'm sorry if all of the above seems a bit chaotic, but I decided to try to review as a read this time, so I wouldn't forget anything! Anyway, I think this is another wonderful chapter, and I can't wait to read the next! Well done!

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Review #35, by MrsJaydeMalfoySweet Talk: Welcome to Honeydukes

4th February 2015:
Nope! I'm not done yet! :P

I really like this first chapter! I think we get a FANTASTIC introduction to the story, as well as the characters. Sweets is just adorable! She's got a very understandable problem that's very easy to relate to - trying to make her parents happy, while still being her own person at the same time.

It sounds like she and her three friends really are perfect for each other, and I love her description of how she knows Vienna so well!

I am really interested to see what 'deal' was mentioned in the summary, as well as how Fred II plays into all of this! Great chapter, and I'm off to the next!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really tried to give the readers an understanding of Sweets in this, and I'm glad you find it a great intro! I love Sweets. She's written around one of my friends, because to be honest I'm much opposite to Sweets. I'm pessimistic and sarcastic :p so I had to find someone to base her off of. And yes, she's trying so hard with her parents.

They are perfect! I love Vee :p

Oooh the deal's definitely fun, and Freddie plays in soon enough :)

Thanks so much!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #36, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLiberty: Albus

2nd February 2015:
This was funny and action-packed! I absolutely loved every bit of Liberty's characterization, from her not really fitting in as a Slytherin to her four cats, to her metamorphmagus abilities. I think she's really delightful and random and spastic and just really a breath of fresh air.

I saw that this will be a short story, and I can't wait to see where things go from here! Will Al and Liberty end up together?! If they do, I think we should call them 'Alberty'. HAHA! :P (Yes, I just came up with a nickname for them, and I don't even know if they're going to get together or not. LOL).

Great first chapter, dear, and I can't wait for more! Well done!

Author's Response: Hi!

OMG I love Liberty so much. Thanks so much!

I LOVE the ship name. And to be honest, I've written two of the chapters and I still don't know if Alberty will exist or not. :p I come up with ship names for nonexistent ships all the time :p

Thanks so much!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #37, by MrsJaydeMalfoyOlivia: Four Scenes

2nd February 2015:
Hey there, dear! I am *finally* here with your reviews for Team Friar's victory (like, FOREVER ago). I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get this done!

I honestly have no clue as to what Olivia's secret is - my first thought was vampire or werewolf, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, this was an intriguing and also heartbreaking piece - what happened was so sad, but it also left me with a lot of questions about Olivia, her life before the war, and why Rabastan was chasing her.

I think you did a wonderful job of conveying in just a one-shot the events of MANY years, I was truly amazed by that! This was a great, although sad, read! Well done!

Author's Response: Hi!

It's okay, not enough has truly been revealed for anyone to guess what Olivia's secret is. But thanks so much! And I'm super happy it leaves questions, which will eventually be answered!

Thanks so much!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #38, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLife As We Know It: chapter four

21st January 2015:
I just love your characterization of Hermione in this. There's so many details about her, from her appreciation of the books Mr. Bleakly gives her to her thirst for knowledge and inability to understand why she can't think her way out of her emotions... based on what we know from the series, all of those things are true, and I love the way you portray that.

The story about Mr. Bleakly's wife was so sad, and it made me want to cry that he was starting to give away his possessions to "join her".

And Ah ha! So Pansy IS hounding Draco about what happened. But I can't believe Ron/Lavender started that rumor about Hermione! I'm so mad at both of them right now!!

Another intriguing chapter dear, and off to the next!

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Review #39, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLife As We Know It: chapter three

21st January 2015:
I can't believe it... tell me he did NOT tell her secret! Ugh! But at least he got what was coming to him, right? :P

It was so sad to read Hermione, telling herself that it had all been a mistake and that Ron would come apologize... she perked up so much just at that thought, it really was heartbreaking.

Another wonderful chapter, and I'm off to the next!

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Review #40, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLife As We Know It: chapter two

21st January 2015:
Whew! It's certainly a relief that Malfoy doesn't want anyone to know what happened in the RoR, either. I can't imagine Hermione's humiliation if anyone had found out!

I really liked the statement that Harry and Draco aren't as different as they seem, because they really aren't, and of course Hermione would be able to see that. And the moment with Harry and Hermione on the couch was touching and tells a great deal about their friendship.

It's so sad to hear Hermione talking about not being understood in her thirst for knowledge. I hope she finds someone who understands that soon, too.

Another great chapter!

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Review #41, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLife As We Know It: chapter one

21st January 2015:
Hi Erica! Happy (VERY belated) Hot seat day(s)! I'm so sorry I didn't get here during the first 2 rounds, but I promised myself I was going to try to make up for that in the 3rd.

This was a really heartbreaking chapter - I felt SO sorry for Hermione, and even worse after the smirk on Draco's face. I think this was an excellent way to begin a Dramione - with everything changing on the day that Ron and Lavender started kissing. I also really liked Hermione's description of Lavender as a "mess" and "unorganized"... the fact that Hermione considers those things to be negative says a lot about her, and it's so true to her character. It was so sad when Hermione was wishing she was Lavender, that really broke my heart.

I'm very curious as to what Draco will say, and what will happen next. Great introductory chapter, and I'm off to the next!

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Review #42, by MrsJaydeMalfoyScars: Introduction: It Only Takes A Moment

11th January 2015:
Hi Tanya! I am (finally) here to leave your review prizes for Team Friar's win in the Rescue Mission. (Yes, I know, that was FOREVER ago, I'm sorry it has taken me SO long to get to this!)

There is a LOT of dramatic irony in this chapter, and knowing what's coming next really just makes me want to reach out to John and warn him of what's coming.

This was such a captivating first chapter, I was completely sucked in! Without even meaning to, I found myself leaning closer and closer to the computer screen as the chapter progressed, and I was able to envision what was going on in my head so clearly that it felt as though I were watching the whole thing unfold, instead of reading it.

I've never read a piece about Greyback's motives for hurting poor Remus, or how Remus came to be turned by Greyback, so I found this to be very refreshing and original!

This was really a GREAT read, and I hope you update soon!

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Review #43, by MrsJaydeMalfoyRaining Fire: Glass Phials to Burn

16th December 2014:
This is so heartbreaking! I've been wanting to read this for a while now, I'm glad I finally got to!

I love this song, and I think it fits perfectly with the situation; it's really a great combination.

I think the entire one-shot is best summed up in Dominique's actions at the very end - throwing the vile containing her memories into the ocean. That really is such a powerful ending, and it really brings some closure to the situation.

Another wonderful, well-written piece, dear! I really enjoyed it!

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Review #44, by MrsJaydeMalfoyIn Hebrides, With Hebridean (Task One Challenge): One

16th December 2014:
Wow, this certainly brings back memories (of that House Cup, I mean)!

I love the way you incorporated the dragon, without making Susan a Dragon Keeper. A lot of people (myself included), decided to make her a Dragon Keeper, so it was nice and refreshing to see something different here!

I loved the mentions of Hagrid and his encouragement, and the appearances from Charlie and the other Dragon Keepers.

I think my favorite part was where you described the process of someone's friends convincing them to try a new flavor of ice cream... that was sooo realistic and easy to relate to, and described so well... amazing!

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Review #45, by MrsJaydeMalfoyHis Only Downfall: Smile Lily.

16th December 2014:
This is such an original piece! I think the Mirror of Erised is a magical object from the series that tends to be easily forgotten; I haven't read any fics that mentioned it, and I certainly haven't read a fic that's in the POV of someone/something that's actually inside the mirror!

It's so sad, and also so true. I can imagine Severus standing in front of that mirror for SO long, just trying to see Lily again. But, as Lily mentions here, it's wasting his life away, because it isn't and can never be real. :(

This is a really beautiful and heartbreaking piece, lovely. Great job!

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Review #46, by MrsJaydeMalfoywe were just kids.: where did our eternity go?

16th December 2014:
Wow. Just, wow. First of all, this is sooo in my favorites. And now, for your review:

Tawi, this is absolutely incredible - it's fantastic. I LOVE the complexity of the emotions here - sadness and happiness, anger and regret - it's just perfect. People are complex, and we often don't feel just one emotion; we feel a mixture of several at the same time, and that mixture can be confusing, but it's real, and you did an AMAZING job of portraying that here. It's really hauntingly beautiful.

As far as the characters, my mind floated to Snape and Lily. They maay not be who you had in mind, but I think the love/hate, bittersweet memories thing fits them well.

Whoever they are, this piece is absolutely amazing, and I'm SO glad I got to read it! Well done!

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Review #47, by MrsJaydeMalfoyEvent Horizon: Infinity.

16th December 2014:
Hi there Tawi! I am (finally!) here with your reviews for Team Friar's victory in the Rescue Mission! I'm sorry it has taken me so long!

The first thing I have to comment on is the fact that this is based on YOUR poem! I think that is absolutely amazing, and it definitely has me intrigued about the poem itself!

I really, really loved the imagery you used here. Everything is so vivid, it's as though I'm actually having the nightmares myself. And I love the description of the character waking up and being in her husband's arms, and holding their baby, and those things calming her down and helping her to realize that it was just a dream. I think the majority of us seek comfort in similar ways when we have nightmares, so I thought that was very realistic and easy to relate to.

All in all, this was an amazing one-shot, and an excellent use of Prompt 2. Well done dear!

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Review #48, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Hot Dance

15th December 2014:
First off, YAY for Hollie getting some game time! That was SO sweet of Salvador, and it turned out so well! Hopefully she can get a lot more game time from now on!

Second, I had a feeling that the red-haired auror would be one of the Weasleys. :P And Ellie was right, it's a good thing the aurors were there!

And okay, either I'm just selfishly imagining things, or there are definitely some feelings popping up on Roxanne's part! I hope I'm right!

This was another fantastic chapter and I NEED MORE PLEASE!!

Well done!

Author's Response: I knew you would love that part! He's just a big teddy bear. I think he knows in his own way how he sort of took Hollie's spot, and wants to make it up to her in subtle ways because he's awesome. As far as more game time, we'll see!

Hehe, I wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise, but I think the second you mention 'red-head' in HPFF, your mind just goes 'WEASLEY!? WHERE?'.

Hehe, still can't tell! But Roxanne is definitely having her eyes slowly opened.

Ah, I'm at the end of your reviews! These have been SO fantastic to read and reply to. You're awesome, Jayde! ♥

I'll talk to you soon!


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Review #49, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Home Time

15th December 2014:
Aw! This chapter was so sweet, but also so sad... but also, it brought with it some hope! Are those feelings I see developing from Roxanne? *Raises an eyebrow* I hope so!!

Well done, off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hehe, so many feels! It was definitely a hard one for Hollie to see Roxanne fitting in - supposedly - so well with her family. And, I will never tell! hahaha.

Thank you, Jayde!


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Review #50, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Black Bats

15th December 2014:
Nope, still not done!! :P

My goodness, this whole dating scheme is getting more and more complicated by the minute; now even Hollie's dads are going to be involved! :O I know I said it before, but I really feel so sorry for Hollie!

And now we finally learn the truth about the rumor, although honestly, the truth makes me even sadder for Hollie. :( For her sake, I really hope things wind up working out somehow between the two of them!

And again, LOVE Salvador and the Spanish! But I felt even worse for Hollie, getting her hopes up, only to be made to sit back down. :( And their Coach really needs to pay more attention to the game than to the money!

Great, action-packed chapter!

Author's Response: Hey again, Jayde!

lol, it definitely is! I sort of see The Daily Prophet as something that - for better or worse - every wizard reads it. So She definitely didn't think that her dads would see it!

It kind of does make it worse; knowing that Roxanne has been with a girl once. hehe, I hope so too! :p

I'm glad you love Salvador. He's such a sweetheart! I think I said this before, but you're going to love him in upcoming chapters! It's really hard for Hollie to constantly be told to 'sit back down'. But don't fear!

Thanks so much, dear!


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