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Review #26, by MrsJaydeMalfoyIn Hebrides, With Hebridean (Task One Challenge): One

16th December 2014:
Wow, this certainly brings back memories (of that House Cup, I mean)!

I love the way you incorporated the dragon, without making Susan a Dragon Keeper. A lot of people (myself included), decided to make her a Dragon Keeper, so it was nice and refreshing to see something different here!

I loved the mentions of Hagrid and his encouragement, and the appearances from Charlie and the other Dragon Keepers.

I think my favorite part was where you described the process of someone's friends convincing them to try a new flavor of ice cream... that was sooo realistic and easy to relate to, and described so well... amazing!

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Review #27, by MrsJaydeMalfoyHis Only Downfall: Smile Lily.

16th December 2014:
This is such an original piece! I think the Mirror of Erised is a magical object from the series that tends to be easily forgotten; I haven't read any fics that mentioned it, and I certainly haven't read a fic that's in the POV of someone/something that's actually inside the mirror!

It's so sad, and also so true. I can imagine Severus standing in front of that mirror for SO long, just trying to see Lily again. But, as Lily mentions here, it's wasting his life away, because it isn't and can never be real. :(

This is a really beautiful and heartbreaking piece, lovely. Great job!

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Review #28, by MrsJaydeMalfoywe were just kids.: where did our eternity go?

16th December 2014:
Wow. Just, wow. First of all, this is sooo in my favorites. And now, for your review:

Tawi, this is absolutely incredible - it's fantastic. I LOVE the complexity of the emotions here - sadness and happiness, anger and regret - it's just perfect. People are complex, and we often don't feel just one emotion; we feel a mixture of several at the same time, and that mixture can be confusing, but it's real, and you did an AMAZING job of portraying that here. It's really hauntingly beautiful.

As far as the characters, my mind floated to Snape and Lily. They maay not be who you had in mind, but I think the love/hate, bittersweet memories thing fits them well.

Whoever they are, this piece is absolutely amazing, and I'm SO glad I got to read it! Well done!

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Review #29, by MrsJaydeMalfoyEvent Horizon: Infinity.

16th December 2014:
Hi there Tawi! I am (finally!) here with your reviews for Team Friar's victory in the Rescue Mission! I'm sorry it has taken me so long!

The first thing I have to comment on is the fact that this is based on YOUR poem! I think that is absolutely amazing, and it definitely has me intrigued about the poem itself!

I really, really loved the imagery you used here. Everything is so vivid, it's as though I'm actually having the nightmares myself. And I love the description of the character waking up and being in her husband's arms, and holding their baby, and those things calming her down and helping her to realize that it was just a dream. I think the majority of us seek comfort in similar ways when we have nightmares, so I thought that was very realistic and easy to relate to.

All in all, this was an amazing one-shot, and an excellent use of Prompt 2. Well done dear!

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Review #30, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Hot Dance

15th December 2014:
First off, YAY for Hollie getting some game time! That was SO sweet of Salvador, and it turned out so well! Hopefully she can get a lot more game time from now on!

Second, I had a feeling that the red-haired auror would be one of the Weasleys. :P And Ellie was right, it's a good thing the aurors were there!

And okay, either I'm just selfishly imagining things, or there are definitely some feelings popping up on Roxanne's part! I hope I'm right!

This was another fantastic chapter and I NEED MORE PLEASE!!

Well done!

Author's Response: I knew you would love that part! He's just a big teddy bear. I think he knows in his own way how he sort of took Hollie's spot, and wants to make it up to her in subtle ways because he's awesome. As far as more game time, we'll see!

Hehe, I wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise, but I think the second you mention 'red-head' in HPFF, your mind just goes 'WEASLEY!? WHERE?'.

Hehe, still can't tell! But Roxanne is definitely having her eyes slowly opened.

Ah, I'm at the end of your reviews! These have been SO fantastic to read and reply to. You're awesome, Jayde! ♥

I'll talk to you soon!


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Review #31, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Home Time

15th December 2014:
Aw! This chapter was so sweet, but also so sad... but also, it brought with it some hope! Are those feelings I see developing from Roxanne? *Raises an eyebrow* I hope so!!

Well done, off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hehe, so many feels! It was definitely a hard one for Hollie to see Roxanne fitting in - supposedly - so well with her family. And, I will never tell! hahaha.

Thank you, Jayde!


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Review #32, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Black Bats

15th December 2014:
Nope, still not done!! :P

My goodness, this whole dating scheme is getting more and more complicated by the minute; now even Hollie's dads are going to be involved! :O I know I said it before, but I really feel so sorry for Hollie!

And now we finally learn the truth about the rumor, although honestly, the truth makes me even sadder for Hollie. :( For her sake, I really hope things wind up working out somehow between the two of them!

And again, LOVE Salvador and the Spanish! But I felt even worse for Hollie, getting her hopes up, only to be made to sit back down. :( And their Coach really needs to pay more attention to the game than to the money!

Great, action-packed chapter!

Author's Response: Hey again, Jayde!

lol, it definitely is! I sort of see The Daily Prophet as something that - for better or worse - every wizard reads it. So She definitely didn't think that her dads would see it!

It kind of does make it worse; knowing that Roxanne has been with a girl once. hehe, I hope so too! :p

I'm glad you love Salvador. He's such a sweetheart! I think I said this before, but you're going to love him in upcoming chapters! It's really hard for Hollie to constantly be told to 'sit back down'. But don't fear!

Thanks so much, dear!


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Review #33, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Fake Date

13th December 2014:
Okay, so even when I only read the title of this chapter, I was already devastated, and shocked, and actually slightly angry with Roxanne..

But, even though I know she really enjoyed everything that happened in the chapter, my main feeling was one of pity for Hollie. This whole plan is going to be SO hard for her, as confirmed by the last few lines of the chapter. For her sake, I really hope things turn out differently!

And speaking of Hollie, I just wanted to make a quick comment on her characterization; she's very funny and likable, and it's very easy to relate to her. Really well done, with her, and this chapter!

Author's Response: Lol.. So.. I may or may not have noticed right now (well, when I read this review) how spoiler-y that title is. Face palming a little right now. haha!

I definitely understand! I think Roxanne's saving grace here is her not knowing about Hollie's feelings, and so she doesn't really know how hard this really is for this actually is for Hollie.

Ah, thank you! I really love writing her.. Thanks so much for this, Jayde!


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Review #34, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Big Game

13th December 2014:
Nope, I'm not finished yet!

And ! WHAT?!? Okay, I'm not sure what I was expecting there, but that definitely wasn't it! LOL! :O You definitely surprised me, to say the least! Like I said, this story is already So action-packed and addictive!

*Scurries off to read the next chapter*

Author's Response: These have seriously been so wonderful to be able to answer!

haha! Little wrench in the plot :p And, thank you so much! It's so nice to hear what you think of it! I'm glad it was as surprising as I wanted to be!

Thanks again, Jayde!


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Review #35, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Bad Press

12th December 2014:
Hi there, it's me again. :)

Wow. I was definitely not expecting that little plot twist! You've already got an exciting and intriguing plot going on here, it's very addicting, and this is only chapter 2!!! :O

I'm feeling a little like Hollie here with the selfishness... I kind of want the rumor to be true, for Hollie's sake, but I guess I'll just have to wait to find out if it is or not! :P

I really, really love that Dean and Seamus are together in this. I don't know why, but in my head, it just seems to work. And I thought it was so amazing and adorable the way they schooled Hollie and her brother in the magical and the muggle way, just in case one of them wound up not being a wizard! I think that's very well-thought out and considerate on their part!

Anyway, a fantastic chapter and now I've got to keep going to find out if the rumor is true... if I didn't know better, I'd say you planned it that way... haha! :P Well done, dear!

Author's Response: Hello again!

heh.. plot twist indeed! I'm glad you liked it!

It's definitely a hard spot to be in for Hollie. It's a terrible thing to happen for Roxanne to - more or less - be outed by the media/Logan, but I think it's a bit of imperfect human nature that still gives Hollie that hope.

Dean and Seamus is a total headcanon of mine. They were 'friends' ALL through the books and that hug in Deathly Hallows, I swear. Definitely! There are never really mentions in the books of wizarding primary schools, and both of them did have one muggle parent.

Thank you so much again, Jayde! You will find out! hahaha... *evil grin* maaybe!

*rushes off to answer the next one*


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Review #36, by MrsJaydeMalfoyChicks Before Broomsticks: Fast Life

12th December 2014:
Hi there dear! So, this is a kind of combination of a belated Review Hot-Seat review, and your Gift Tag presents, as well. And, since it's a combination, I'm going to make sure to leave quite a few reviews. :P

So, I thought this was a really amazing, funny, and intriguing first chapter! I loved how, from the beginning, Hollie's feelings are hinted at, and, judging from how Roxanne reacted, I'm wondering if maybe she already knows. I'm also already loving the dynamic between all the team members.

And, can I just say that your descriptions of Quidditch are absolutely amazing! I really loved how you explained the drills each different group of players was doing, and the grumpy coach and his whistle were hilarious.

Also, this is just a minor detail, but I LOVE that there's a Mexican character in this! I think the 'exchange' idea was just brilliant, and you really don't see a lot of characters from Spanish-speaking countries - that I can remember, I have NEVER read another story that even mentioned a Mexican character, so kudos for representing an under-represented group here! And I also LOVED the bits of Spanish! (Please ignore my freak out about the Mexico/Spanish thing. Spanish is my second language and I love it to bits, so if I go on and on about it and ramble, please excuse me! :P)

Anyway, great first chapter dear!! *hugs*

Author's Response: Jayde! I still cannot thank you enough for all of these reviews! it was so fun to sit and watch you read through this! And I am still in love with the graphic from you! You're too wonderful!

I really love your wondering if Roxanne knows.. I never really looked at the scene like that, but now I'm thinking about it! That's be a plot twist :p

I love writing Quidditch. I don't really know why, because I am terrible at sports.. like.. terrible. haha. but it's just so fun! hehe, and grumpy coach!

SALVADOR! Jayde you're going to love him through this story. He's one of my favorite minor characters in this story. He's such a sweetheart. And he'd definitely be in Hufflepuff with us if he would have went to Hogwarts!

Thank you so much, Jayde! *hugs*

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Review #37, by MrsJaydeMalfoyKiller in Me and the Killer in You: Killer in Me and the Killer in You

20th October 2014:
Wow. Just, wow. I am pretty much speechless. This is so different from anything I have ever read.

First off, I've never read something from Rudolphus' point of view, or even about he and Bella's relationship. And I never thought in a million years that I would wind up feeling sorry for Rudolphus Lestrange... but by the end of this, I did! And that just goes to show how incredibly talented you are!

Now that I think about it, I think that the way you portrayed their relationship is probably EXACTLY how it would have been - this is very believable, and I think you were really able to get inside Rudolphus' head and take a close look at how that would have affected him.

This was intriguing and interesting and just flat-out awesome!

Author's Response: This review... thank you *hugs*

When I started writing this, I didn't think I would end up making myself feel sorry for Rodolphus Lestrange. But somehow that happened. *looks confused*

I think this is a very accurate description of reality. We know JKR said that Bellatrix loved Voldemort, so Rodolphus was just... there, but we didn't know his feelings, so I thought I'd write about that.

Thank you for this amazing review... again.


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Review #38, by MrsJaydeMalfoySeized: Haven't You Figured it out Yet?

25th September 2014:
First of all - YAY, first review!!!

Secondly - I KNEW IT!! (Okay, well I didn't actually KNOW it, but I suspected it!) lol. I had a feeling that Astoria was in on this somehow!

And what a clyffie!! I seriously can't wait for the next chapter - I know it's vindictive of me, but I can't wait for Draco to find out what Astoria did, so then he won't even have to think twice about leaving her - and Hermione won't feel guilty, and they can be together!! (I'm sorry, please excuse my fangirling!) Haha!

Anyway, another intriguing and amazing chapter, dear! And the descriptions were amazing! Seriously can't wait for an update! 10/10!!

Author's Response: YAY for first review!

You were the only person to ever suspect Astoria in this whole thing. I'd always had it in my mind even in the early plans for this story that she would be the one behind the whole thing.

I adore your fangirling, it's hard to reign my inner fangirl in to write the next chapter and not just have Draco and Hermione have a massive snog-fest :p

Thank you a million and one times for your lovely reviews dear!

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Review #39, by MrsJaydeMalfoyEvent Three: Dark Woods, Bright Moon: Quiet Man

9th September 2014:
Hi there dear! Tag! You're it! :P

Wow. This is a short piece, but very powerful. At first, I was thinking that this was from a person's POV, and then when I realized it was a creature, my first thought was that it was Harry seeing a Boggart. lol! :P

I thought the descriptions of Dean's emotions here were very powerful - I could FEEL that he is still in shock, and I could also feel that shock slowly start to fade away at the end.

I think you did an amazing job of expressing things from the Thestral's point-of-view, and I thought this was a very well-written piece! Well done!

Author's Response: Jayde! Hello! Thanks for tagging me, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the story. It was so much fun for me to write, though it was a challenge to get it submitted on time! Haha, that's why I really tried to keep it short. I love hearing about your thought process at the beginning, and I'm so happy you liked the portrayal of Dean. This review is so lovely, Jayde! Thank you again! :)


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Review #40, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFairytaled : Resistance

6th September 2014:
Yay for more kissing! And Aww, Draco is crying. :( This is such a sweet, tender moment for the two of them, and I really loved it! I can't wait to see where things go from here, and I really hope you update soon! (And I promise I will try to get back to review MUCH sooner this time!)

Another fabulous chapter, and again, I can't tell you how much I absolutely adore this story! *hugs*

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Seriously, I can't tell you how happy I get reading through your reviews, they mean the world to me.

Draco crying made me cry. I was so upset for him and it just broke my heart.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have another chapter in the works though, so hopefully soon!

*hugs back* thank you for being truly incredible when it comes to these reviews.


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Review #41, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFairytaled : Stories

6th September 2014:
:O *Gasps* A KISS?!? *Squees*

I really loved 'Storytime', and it was easy to see how happy and excited both Draco and Hermione are as their date continues! It really is just SO sweet!

I'm so excited, but also a little worried about what will happen next... how Draco will react to the kiss. A part of me is slightly concerned that Draco will feel worried or afraid and back away from Hermione again... but I hope not! But, I'm off to go read the next chapter and find out now! Well done! ♥

Author's Response: I KNOW! My babies. Kissing. *sigh*

Thank you! I loved writing that whole bit, I hoped it wasn't too perfect or over the top and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Bum bum bum... Always the question with our dear Draco, isn't it? What will he do next? How will he react to Hermione's affections? Ugh. Thank you!


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Review #42, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFairytaled : A Taste of Home

6th September 2014:
Aw, Yay! This was just too perfect, seriously! I loved Hermione's interaction with Dinky, and the date was so awesome! I can imagine Hermione's favorite Library WOULD be Hogwarts' library, and I know she's going to enjoy coming there so much!

And :O , the plates and cups! That idea is truly fascinating and so creative! What an amazing way for Draco to truly make the date all about what Hermione wanted!

This was another squee-worthy chapter, and I'm off to the next one! ♥

Author's Response: Dinky is adorable... I love having the house elves and stuff and the idea of her having one that's so hell-bent on keeping Hermione a secret and just being all around awesome makes me happy. :p Pshh well, how could it not? I feel like to her, that was the first place she truly felt like she belonged, you know?

Dude if I had a cup and a plate like that I would never stop eating. :p Gahh thank you so much!! I thought of it and was like, "YES!"

Aww shucks. Well, thank you so much! Your review means so much to me.


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Review #43, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFairytaled : Beginnings

6th September 2014:
AW!!! This is so adorable! I loved it! And I love the idea of Draco giving Hermione her own library! She's absolutely going to love it!

And *Squees*! He admitted that he likes her, and now he's admitting that it's actually a date! Yay!

This is another fabulous chapter, dear! I'm sorry this review isn't very long, but I NEED MORE NOW! haha! ♥

Author's Response: RIGHT?! Once again, I wanted another parallel to Beauty and the Beast and with Hermione being strikingly similar to Belle and Malfoy being in his own way The Beast, I figured it would be another great way to tie more of the classic fairy tale in there.

Ughhh I know... I know. I was as excited as you were when I got to that point.

No need to apologize! This review left me smiling like crazy as is! Thank you so much for such a kind-worded review. It means the world to me. :)


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Review #44, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFairytaled : Realizations

6th September 2014:
Hi there dear!

I am So, SO terribly sorry that it has taken me so long to come and review this.. but I'm here now! Lol. And now I've got several new chapters to read - YAY! ♥

Awww, this chapter is so cute! I really loved the description of Hermione's moments with Krum, and how she is finally admitting to herself that she has the same feelings now - now let's just see where things go from here!

Great chapter, and I'm off to the next!

Author's Response: There's no need to apologize, I totally understand, it happens to the best of us I just love seeing that despite all the time away, you still returned to my story! :)

Thank you! :D I loved writing in the bits with Krum, even if I wasn't the biggest fan of him or their relationship. But alas, what can you do? :p

Thank you so much! And it's nice to see your name on my reviews once more.

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Review #45, by MrsJaydeMalfoySeized: Who Said Anything About Being Friends?

6th September 2014:
I. just. can't. even. right. now.

Finally a kiss - but then Hermione pushed him away! :( Noo Hermione, you weren't supposed to do that! Lol! Let's just hope Draco doesn't let it discourage him!

I am more than a little bit concerned about why Harry has a somber expression on his face... I hope nobody got hurt while they were taking the Riddle House. :( And I'm definitely curious to find out if Astoria is back, or if somehow someone managed to sneak off with her beforehand.

I most definitely can't wait for another chapter - I hope to see an update soon! ♥ I really, REALLY love this story dear! *hugs*

Author's Response: Hah! I really had to try hard not to get carried away with the kiss and have Hermione just throw herself at him but I think at this point she would see it as Draco cheating on Astoria and that's definitely not something she would approve of.

I'm sorry that you had to wait so long for the chapter update, real life doesn't like me writing fanfiction!

I'm so glad you like the story so much!! Thanks Jayde!

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Review #46, by MrsJaydeMalfoySeized: Hasn't Anyone Heard of Communication?

6th September 2014:
! This chapter is so awesome! It's so full of activity and revelations, and although I know the situation was quite serious, I thought it was really hilarious when everyone was all confused and arguing because of it... it was like something right out of a comedy film! Haha! :P

I really loved the calm, peaceful Ron/Hermione interaction, as well... and I think you already know how I feel about the interaction between Draco and Hermione. Haha! :P

Great chapter, and I'm off to the next!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you thought that bit was funny, when I wrote it and pictured the scene in my head I definitely thought it was a funny one :p

It was time for Ron to stop being so petulant about things, I think the upcoming raid would have made him think a little more rationally and realise he needed to sort things out with Hermione.

Thanks again Jayde, you are so wonderful!

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Review #47, by MrsJaydeMalfoySeized: Is Anyone Who they Say they are?

6th September 2014:
Well it's about time I caught up on this story! I truly have missed it!!

This is another truly suspenseful and intriguing chapter, and I'm sorry that this review is going to be very short.. but I HAVE to know what happens next!! I was seriously sitting on the edge of my chair the whole time I was reading it!

Great chapter, and off to the next! 10/10!

Author's Response: And it's about time I started responding to your lovely reviews! Sorry I'm so rubbish :p

Please don't apologise for a short review, I love every one of the reviews you leave me no matter the length!

Thanks so much, Jayde ♥

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Review #48, by MrsJaydeMalfoyWhen Summer Fades: solstice

6th September 2014:
Wow. Just... wow.

Even from the first sentence of this chapter, you can note the difference in Regulus' character... that alone is just extremely powerful and heart-wrenching and touching, all at the same time.

I was completely heartbroken by what happened with Summer's parents, but I love how that became the final motivator for Regulus' decision.

Everything here fits together so perfectly, and so well with Canon... this truly could fit in as a missing moment from the series, and honestly, this story is in my headcanon now. Seriously.

This was a truly heart-wrenching, touching, piece, dear. Wonderfully well-written... just amazing!

Author's Response: As Summer's friendship was so important to him, losing her put him in a really dark place, which altered his narration a bit. I'm glad to hear that the change in the narration was evident.

Yeah, the part with her parents was really difficult to write. I really didn't want to do it! I put Regulus through so much in this story :/ but it all lined up with how I thought he changed over time. And definitely something like that would be just the last straw - it needed to be something pretty big to get him to finally act upon his long-standing discomfort with the Death Eaters.

Oh my goodness Jayde, wow I really don't have words to express how honored I am that you see this story as part of your headcanon now :O Thank you so much, it's so wonderful to hear that you thought it fit in with canon and your reviews have been so amazing and smothered me with compliments, I'm just speechless! Thank you!! ♥ ♥

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Review #49, by MrsJaydeMalfoyWhen Summer Fades: syzygy

6th September 2014:
Oh no!

From the very beginning of this chapter, I sort of knew where it was going, but I still secretly hoped it wasn't, you know? :( But even though it's quite sad, it's absolutely beautifully written and heart-wrenching.

I think it's really creative and realistic how you portrayed Regulus' lack of knowledge concerning cancer, and I loved how you inserted the tidbits about him finding books about the Deathly Hallows and Horcruxes.

Even though I'm positive the final chapter is going to make me cry, I'm still anxious to read it... this really is an amazing piece, dear.


Author's Response: Ahh, yeah I think the title of the fic is a dead giveaway (...too much?) that things aren't going to end really happily. But thank you, I'm so flattered about your description of my writing as beautiful! wow! ♡

I feel that Muggle illnesses like cancer would be pretty unknown to a majority of wizards, but especially to one in a family that pays no attention to Mugggles whatsoever. The pieces about the Horcrux just came to me almost as a spur of the moment as I was coming close to finishing the chapter, and I realised that it made perfect sense to include it in the story,in terms of themes. I'm really glad you liked that connection!

Gah, wow, just... thank you so much! You're such a wonderful reviewer!

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Review #50, by MrsJaydeMalfoyWhen Summer Fades: equinox

5th September 2014:
Hi there, dear!

First off, let me just say 'Congratulations' on winning 'Featured Story'!

This first chapter is really just absolutely amazing. There's so much information and detail here, about Regulus, about his family, his feelings, and Summer... it's definitely left me intrigued and curious as to what's about to happen.. and slightly worried about the fact that Jasper knows.

Just in this first chapter and a limited number of words, there has already been so much character development on Regulus' part... I really am completely blown away! And I love your descriptions as well, even the minor details you include, like Summer's pink fingernails, really help the reader to visualize the scene.

All in all, this is truly just a fascinating first chapter, and I can't wait to read the next! 10/10 (and this is SO going in my favorites)!

Author's Response: Jayde!! Thank you! Omg wow I'm completely speechless and flattered about featured story!

I am so thrilled that you like the chapter and the characterisation of Regulus and Summer. And yes, though Regulus doesn't entirely see it yet himself, he has changed as this chapter spans a few months, really. Thank you so much for your compliments on my descriptions as well, that means a lot to me. I really love using little details like that, especially when the span of time covered in the chapter is so vast and glossed over.

Thank you sooo much for this amazing review, Jayde -you just made my day! ♡

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