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Review #1, by prettywishesStarfall: Daybreak

10th December 2014:
After a crazy semester I finally got a chance to sit down and finish this up, and it was all rapped up perfectly. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT LOCKETT was involved with them, but at the same time it's not exactly something that surprised me either. It just makes that whole moment between Scorp and her that much more like.tearjerking? Also really shocked that he died, though I think that it was all done very well. I can't wait to see what happens in the next one, I'll be keeping my eye out for it!

Author's Response: Lockett's always been a mysterious one, in her way. She's got her motivations and her plans, and we'll find out why she's done the things she's done at some point in Oblivion.

Which, speaking of, will be starting early in the new year! Just getting to work on a buffer and post-NaNo editing. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Five: Shout Part One

31st August 2014:
I liked the bit of Ron in the beginning, you did a good job writing him and it was good to see something different. Also liked getting to see Draco talk about what motivated him and learning more about the attacks at the school and everything. One of my favorite chapters so far!

Author's Response: My goodness!! I'm having quite a stressful day, and to log on and see all your wonderful reviews...well let's just say you've made my day!! I'm so, so happy you're enjoying it so much :-D

I am especially chuffed how much you like the standard of writing and characterisations, as they are my top priority and I work very hard on them. I also am excited by how happy you were to see Draco! Let's just say this won't be the last of him ;-)

I am uploading new chapters as fast as HPFF will let me, so please keep checking back for updates! The next part should be up in the next day or so :-)

Thank you once again!


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Review #3, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Four: Silence Part Three

31st August 2014:
Ooooh, lots of excitement in the forrest! The whole falling asleep thing was very interesting, and it made me think of how bad it would be for Harry to find his way home in this moment because then the other Harry would be of no use and Sara would be out of luck! But I'm interested to see what it was that scared them in the woods!

Author's Response: Yes, it would be pretty bad for everyone if Harry were to switch back now!

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Review #4, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Four: Silence Part Two

31st August 2014:
I really thought that someone was going to be lost along the way, realizing that they weren't up for the great adventure, but I'm glad that they all made it! I'm very intrigued to see what will happen now that they're in Germany.

Author's Response: Harry certainly did try and talk them out of it lol.

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Review #5, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Four: Silence Part One

31st August 2014:
This chapter was very action packed! I really enjoyed them figuring everything out, and it was nice for Harry to have parents looking out for him for once! I'm very interested to see if Sirius keeps the secret, and if he and Hermione are able to find anything. Also surprised that Seamus and Parvati decided to come along, but the more the merrier!

Author's Response: The more the merrier indeed!

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Review #6, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Three: No Light No Light Part Two

31st August 2014:
This what not was I was imagining at all! It was a little hard to follow all of the fighting in some parts, but overall it was really well done because arguments are hard to write. I think you've done a really good job with pacing with this as well, at the end of each chapter I'm excited to get to the next one!

Author's Response: Always happy to surprise readers! I'm sorry it was a bit confusing in places, but like you say that's how arguments can be in real life so as long as you got most of what was going on I'm happy :-)

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Review #7, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Three: No Light No Light Part One

31st August 2014:
Ah, okay, so this chapter was probably my favorite so far. I adore getting to see Draco in this world trying to redeem himself. But I especially loved how Peter came in at the end, I hadn't even thought about him in this world but I'm so excited to see what he's going to be like!

Author's Response: I did hope Peter's entrance would be a surprise to most readers ;-)

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Review #8, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Two: Sleeping Sickness Part Two

31st August 2014:
Ahh!! I'm so excited to get to see Draco and how he acts in this world! But I thought you did a really great job with Hermione in this! Really enjoying getting to see this reality unfold.

Author's Response: Draco's entrance was so hard I completely re-wrote it about 5 times over the years!!

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Review #9, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter Two: Sleeping Sickness Part One

30th August 2014:
I thought it was cute how he thought to go to Hermione even though he wasn't sure what she would know. It was super cute how she did other peoples homework too! It seems like something that she would have done if she hadn't gone on to Hogwarts! Really like how this is moving along.

Author's Response: It broke my heart a little bit writing Hermione's introduction! I do think without Hogwarts she might have had a lonely life :-(

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Review #10, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter One: Over The Rainbow Part Two

30th August 2014:
This was a really great chapter, the confusion was really well written. It was interesting to see how things have gone in this reality as far as the school and things like that. I really like how he's got a sister here as well!

Author's Response: Yes, Sarah is my home girl, keep an eye out for her ;-)

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Review #11, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Chapter One: Over The Rainbow Part One

30th August 2014:
I LOVE your characterization of Harry! Pretty on spot. The rest of the gang as well. And I really enjoyed how you've spun things here, very interested to see what's going to happen in the new universe.

Author's Response: Yay! Writing other people's characters is a big responsibility lol x

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Review #12, by prettywishesThe Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams: Prologue: Parallel Lives

30th August 2014:
I really liked the set up here, you gave alot of information to get the reader hooked and even though it was all new stuff it made sense which was awesome! I really liked it and look forwards to see how the story goes!

Author's Response: It's so important to get the start right, so thank you and I'm glad I got you hooked!

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Review #13, by prettywishescardiograph: prologue

27th June 2014:
I really really liked your writing style and the way that you started this off. Sometimes first chapters/prologues of things are awkward, but you did a really nice job just jumping into it rather than doing introductions but making it clear what was going on all the same. Great start!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! x

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Review #14, by prettywishesStarfall: Like a Stone

11th June 2014:
I know that you said that you didn't really like this chapter, but I really did like the transition bits. It was nice to see Rose and Selena talking about what had happened, and about the morals. Sometimes its easy to forget about them in a situation like this, so I thought that the reminder was a nice touch. Really like how Rose is sort of determined to keep Albus' morals in check, sort of shows how they all sort of view him as above them in a way? And the whole run in was very interesting, wasn't expecting that at all! But of course, interrupting that sort of magic probably wasn't the best call. So I'm really excited to see how they're going to deal with this stone dragon in the next chapter!

Author's Response: There *are* things I like about the chapter, mostly the Rose/Selena conversation, but for the most part it does just cover getting from A to B and then setting up the next action/revelation sequence. So I'm glad the chat was enjoyed, and it was good to put some of their perspective on matters in general and post-Ager Sanguinis in particular.

Interrupting the ritual will have some side-effects, BUT Selena wasn't wrong in that they probably did have to do something if it was another Phlegethon/Eridanos ritual. Still!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by prettywishesStarfall: Whistle in the Dark

8th June 2014:
Okay, so technically I owe you like 32 reviews because I just sat here and read through all of this, but instead your going to get one really really long review instead.

First off, you really know how to create a really good plot. At first I was a little weary, wondering what was all going on, and then the whole break in thing happened and I figured that was going to be it! Not that it wouldn't have been enough, but it would have been typical. But of course it wasn't! You've really managed to create a plot that reminds me of a real novel and I swear that you could easily write yourself a real novel if you ever wanted. You have so many complicated elements working together, and I love love love how much history has gone into this. I especially like how you are willing to make strechings with magic. You aren't afraid of what could 'really' happen in the books for certain things, and I like that. Because fanfictions are OURS and don't have to match 100% with the book, though everything you've done does seem pretty cannon.

And then there's your characters! I'm going to start with Scorpius because I literally love the way that you portray him. He has got such a complicated upbringing, and I feel like you really take note of that in the best way. Yes he is a bit much sometimes, and really doesn't think he matters and yet acts egotistical sometimes, and I'm not sure it that makes any sense. But you've managed to balance him out really well, and I just really like how you've characterized him.

And then Rose! She's great because yes, she is living behind her mothers shadow in a way, but she's dealt with that! She knows that she's not going to be the smartest in the world, but sometimes you only need to be the best one in the room! I also like how she and Scorp challenge eachother, and her relationship with Al! Especially like how in this chapter we're learning how she's really not afraid to get her hands dirty!

And Albus, you've taken the stereotype that he's like 'the nice guy' and really fleshed it out loads, even showing how in some ways being the nice guy is almost like a weakness? And I loved the chapter where he and Rose talked about how he needed to deal with the pressures of being Harry's son, because I think that it's true. And I'm really loving the whole conflicted thing over knowing more about Lisa's past and how he's dealing with that.

'Lisa' is one of my favorite characters at this point, party because I never really expected her to be as fleshed out as she is. I am almost like rooting for her to end up doing the right night in the end but I KNOW that she probably won't. I just wish she would. But it's been interesting to see her deal with all this undercover work and figure out whats really her and whats pretend and maybe see hints of who she wishes that she could be?

Selena is honesty one of my favorites of all time, she's just such a complex character and a tough nut to crack. I give her a lot of credit, even for just getting out of bed as has been said, and especially for dealing with all this post-veil stuff without having a mental breakdown (at least not yet). My heart breaks for her, but it's been cool how the sadness almost seems to motivate her rather than stop her? Really like how she was the one who took over the whole holiday.

And then Matt! Watching him struggle with the whole being in love with Rose thing was hard, but I'm liking seeing how he's coming into his own. Really like how he seems to be a good guy, lying for Scorp and all when he thought that it might be to much. Sometimes nerdy characters seem to have NO social skills, but I feel like Matt's doing decently with all things considered. And while I know it might not happen I find myself shipping Matt/Selena, even though I'm not sure it would really be the best for either of them.

Also, I loved the chapter where you showed what was happening a how, how Harry was off instead of being home, stuff like that really just added more depth to the story. Still can't wait to see how everyone will react when they turn out to be alive after all (assuming that they all make it out of there in one piece) but it is for the greater good!

Very excited to see where this keeps going, and again, this is an amazing story with fleshed out characters. You should be very proud of this!

Author's Response: I don't mind one long review!

I do try to hold my fanfiction to the same standards of plotting as my original fiction - and yes, I am gamely endeavouring in that direction! For the magic, I try to keep to the 'essence' of JK's world, the theme and idea, in so far as I interpret it, and extrapolate from there. The trick is keeping everything with the same atmosphere, though of course it's all rather subjective.

I love my Scorpius - yes, he's arrogant and yet self-doubting. It's more that he uses the arrogance as a mask to hide his insecurities, but over the years the arrogance becomes a habit that he can't shake.

I love the others, too, but it IS Selena who's stolen the show for the story. My original plans for her were never more complicated than, "archetypal popular girl whose depth we'll explore", but instead she became an instigator for this entire story, which I NEVER intended until I sat down to plot Starfall. Her and Matt - I enjoy writing them as friends. I'm letting the characters dictate this one. If it becomes romantic, it becomes romantic. If not, they'll be good friends. But they've got their ups and downs coming.

Thank you very much for your kind words, and I'm glad you've enjoyed this story as much as you have. There's plenty more to come.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by prettywishesNutshell: one.

21st April 2014:
This seems really interesting! I thought that it was a bit short, but I did like how you sort of dived right into everything. First chapters are the hardest to do, and I really liked this! I liked Jodie and the way that you've written Remus so I'm interested to see how everyone else will be portrayed in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yay, first review on a new story! You get brownie points!

Yes. it was a little short but I guess that is because of how the scene ended up playing out. Hopefully, future chapters will get a little longer. You liked it? That's so sweet! I'm also very glad you liked Jodie. It can be sometimes hard to make a main character likable so it is great to hear that. I was actually scared that Remus would be a little out of character haha. And the rest of the crew are coming... soon.

Thanks for the wonderful review!
I had a great time reading and responding to it!

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Review #17, by prettywishesYou Ought to Know: You Outta Know

16th February 2014:
I really do think that Peter must have been a really complicated and conflicted person to have done what he did, and I really like the way that you characterized him! This was a quick read, but it really was a great read! I'm really glad that I stumbled upon this.

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Review #18, by prettywisheswinter, cry.: winter, cry.

18th January 2014:
This was absolutely beautiful, seriously amazing story telling. Even though this was only a one shot I feel more connected to Irma than I do with so many characters in novels. The idea to write from the point of view of someone who is usually forgotten gives so much freedom, and I really like what you did with it! Books have so much meaning to me, and seeing how much they meant to her too was really fun. One of the best things I've read on this site!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so glad you liked it, this is a really lovely review. I'm really glad you felt connected to Irma, I tried to make her as sympathetic a character as possible, largely because she's so villianised in the books. I wanted to explore what could have possible made her that resentful towards children. Books have a lot of meaning to me too, and I actually based a lot of her love of books on my own past, so I'm glad you could identify with that.

Wow, I'm so glad you liked it so much! Thanks so much for reviewing < 3


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Review #19, by prettywishesagainst the dying of the light: rage, rage

31st December 2013:
This was beautiful, but absolutely heartbreaking at the same time. Watching them change from hopeful, fighting against death, to accepting the fact that they are going to die and being glad that at least have each other. I love how you showed how the little things changed, like the people out on the street and the windows going from open to close, because those images really helped everything to sink in. I love love love your voice in this, you really have a great writing style!

Author's Response: yay, i'm so glad you thought all the little things that changed as the war grew closer helped you imagine it! eee thank you so much, the style of this was something i was a bit unsure of, so i'm glad you like it! thank you for this lovely review! ♥

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Review #20, by prettywishesfleshwounds.: we found each other hungry.

31st December 2013:
I love reading things for the every word counts challenge because absolutely every word does matter and trying to tell a story in so few words is so impossible but yet you've managed it so well. I loved the way that you handled the pairing, very interesting to read, and your writing style is flawless!

Author's Response: reading things for the every word counts challenge is so interesting; i love seeing what people can do with 500 words! thank you so much for this amazing review, i'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #21, by prettywishesMum's the Word: Romania

30th December 2013:
This was such a gem! I loved how Charlie didn't see though his plan enough to realize that he was probably going to get caught running away by choosing to travel by flying carpet, he just cared about getting there.Very fun to see a bit of a 'run away' story, I feel like it was something the Weasley boys would have done quite a few times. My favorite quote was"his mum would have killed him if hed have died running away from home." Very honest! Nicely done.

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Review #22, by prettywishesPuncture: The Voices

23rd December 2013:
This was very interesting, and not what I was expecting at all. I really enjoyed it though. It was so sad to watch her go mad, and even worse to watch as Theo tried to deal with it, because that's such a hard thing for anyone to deal with, especially someone so young. I never really think much about some of the cannon characters home lives, but this really made me think about how so many of those characters could have home lives you don't really expect. Really well done, I'm glad I stumbled upon it!

Author's Response: Hello there!

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I suppose it must've been hard reading and watching Theo see her go through it. It wasn't too hard for me to write, but I do try to not read this piece just in case since people have been telling me it is quite painful ;)

Thanks so much again! I really hope you have a great Christmas! Happy holidays!!

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Review #23, by prettywishesSlytherin Career Day: A Long Day in the Dungeons

23rd December 2013:
This was hilarious, and left me with a beautiful image of Draco Malfoy the hair styler. The only thing better than that was the way that Crabbe and Goyle didn't seem to have any ability to think on their own, not that I really thought that they did, but you really cemented that fact. Snape was hilarious! It was really great.

Author's Response: Hi, there! You are spoiling me so much, you know that?

Don't feel like you have to stop, though. ;)

I enjoyed writing this one-shot immensely. It was great fun to let my imagination run wild with Draco and his housemates, playing up the worst qualities -- canon or head-canon -- of each.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely reviews! It really means a lot!

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Review #24, by prettywishesAnd Then There Were Three: A New Beginning and a Promise

23rd December 2013:
This was so sweet! I thought that it was fun to do the first part from the point of view of those who were waiting for the baby to be born! Ron and Hermione are so clueless though! It was actually sort of funny! And then the chaos of the baby being brought out, and the hustle and bustle because they're famous, especially the chocolate frog card! That was a cute detail to include. And then the moment with James and Harry was the most adorable thing I have ever read! He was so cute the way that he was telling him how everything was worth it in the end to get where they were, and the fact that Ginny overheard some of it was sweet. Such a cute little family! You have a really great ability to capture a moment with one-shots! I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I was in sort of a soppy mood when I wrote this. When you beta read for a story where Harry and Ginny happen to be in Splitsville at the moment, it's cathartic to write them at one of the happiest moments of their life together.

Ron and Hermione were a fun contrast to the place that Ginny and Harry are at in their lives. It also gave Arthur and Molly a chance to be wise and witty.

I admit, I got a little misty-eyed myself when I was writing Harry's dialog with baby James. The poor guy went through so many awful things in his life, yet he ended up happy. He seems like the sort who definitely would have thought it was all worth it in the end.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #25, by prettywishesThe Puzzle: Fun for the Whole Family

23rd December 2013:
This was both adorable and horrifying at the exact same time, and I wasn't quite sure that was possible. I absolutely love the way that you have the whole Potter/Weasley family, and this is probably the best older Harry that I've read in a long time. I'm glad that you included Dudley in this, so many people seem to forget to include him in Harry's life once he's grown up! His kids were cute as well, it was fun to see how they reacted to all of the magical elements. Harry was absolutely hilarious when it came to the puzzle, and I think it's so funny how it was enchanted and all the little puzzle people reacted. And Ginny! It was so funny how she said that it was so hot, and I can picture the reactions on the boys faces! This is really a one of a kind type of piece, and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

"Adorable and horrifying" I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Definitely the adorable part, and I could see where all of the mishaps that plague Lily's birthday party and Harry's behavior near the end of it could come across as frightening.

I don't like to limit myself too much when it comes to characters. It's always best to have the best character available for a particular line or situation. And Dudley obviously plays a very key role.

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for taking a moment to share your thoughts with me!

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