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Review #1, by lauraf68The Story of Heidi Elemente: Chapter 2: The Golden Trio

2nd January 2015:
Rosabelle, you have written a beginning to what could be a good story here. I'm still a bit bewildered as to where you are going with your idea, so I'm looking forward to your next chapter. What age are they? How did they find her? Why is her dad a death eater? Will you get to those details? See, lots of questions.
Happy Writing! Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks Lauraf68! And yes you will start to learn more about Heidi as the story contines.. :) The next chapter will go up soon!

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Review #2, by lauraf68She First Considered a Puppy: It's Fine

2nd January 2015:
Good bit of back story. Looking forward to see how Tom handles shopping with an older lady. I doubt he has much experience with that.
Happy Writing,

Author's Response: I suppose that would be interesting, but the next chapter won't quite be focusing on that. I sort of want to move along a little further in the time line. There will be a lot to cover, from childhood to adulthood. With so much to touch on, a lot of time skips have to be made.

However, I do have an idea of how it went in essence. Tom wasn't all too happy, mainly about being dragged around town with a woman he despised and a pair of sore feet. He mainly spent his time glaring at her in silence. Even when Mrs. Carter asked things like "do you like this?" or "Would you wear this?", he followed with the line, "It's *fine*, without so much as making eye contact with her. When she let him pick out a toy, he just grabbed the first thing he saw in the store, just to get out of there as soon as possible.

Mrs. Carter was unsure of his attitude, but simply chalked it up to being unused to being away from his first home (the orphange), and figured that he would lighten up eventually. However, as we'll see in the next chapter, she will eventually lay down the consequences for him.

In any case, I'll be submitting the next chapter for validation soon. Thanks for tuning in!

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Review #3, by lauraf68The Ward of Albus Dumbledore: Trust and Truths

31st December 2014:
I just found your story and I am VERY intrigued! I'm not sure I would choose to write Dumbledore as gruff as you do, but I'm not the writer of this story am I? Maybe he's nervous? Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing what you have coming up. Happy writing!

Author's Response: Did not intend Dumbledore to be gruff, but that's the story you see. It's AU anyways! :)

Next Chapter will be coming soon! :)

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Review #4, by lauraf68She First Considered a Puppy: Tom is a Very Odd Boy

30th December 2014:
Very interested in where you will take this story. I see an undertone of possible changes to Tom s personality due to knowing someone cares for him. Read the answer you gave within other review and I too believe a lot can change with a nurturing background.
Happy Writing. ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thank you so much. And believe me, many other changes will occure due to this change in Tom's personality. He'll still be an ambitious Slytherin type, but not in the evil way that most people think when they hear the name "Slytherin". Not to mention that the lives of several of the characters we all know and love will be affected by the changes as well.

In fact, if you stick with my story long enough, you'll find that the world in general turns out to be much more different than the world normally associated with Harry Potter. But I won't delve too deep into it now, lest I accidently release a spoiler.

For now, I'll just say that I have several things lined up for little Tom, and there is pleanty more to come!

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Review #5, by lauraf68Harry Potter and the Dragonheart: A Night at Privet Drive

22nd December 2014:
Oh my! Looking forward to knowing what has happened to Harry. Very well written. Keep up the good work.
Happy Writing.

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Review #6, by lauraf68Future Possibilites: Resolution and Retribution

16th December 2014:
I am hoping that you are planning to continue this story. Very well written (although there are a couple very minor spelling mistakes noticed). Looks like you started this in 2009 but recently reposted. Does that mean we are to see more?

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Review #7, by lauraf68Forward And Upward: A New Master

21st August 2013:
Very nice chapter 1. I liked the interactions between Harry & Dumbledore, especially the part regarding Severus and Fawkes. However, I'm concerned about Harry being able to work full time teaching AND finishing his 7th year.

I look forward how you bring Harry back to his friends, his surrogate family (Weasley's), and Ginny. Happy Writing!

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Review #8, by lauraf68Returning Home: Unexpected Kindness

19th July 2013:
Very good chapter. Remus thought things through well. Was honest about his intentions and may have truly gained a friend. Now I look forward to what Privet Dr has to offer & how Remus will or will not react. :-)
Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thank you for your support! The next chapter has gone in the queue so it should be up soon. I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #9, by lauraf68Two Steps Forward: Comes the Future

15th July 2013:
Oh!!! {Sniff, sniff}. What a wonderful chapter. I love that Severus has finally followed his heart. And I'm so glad that he and Harry have started to sweep away the past.

I am concerned with Severus' statement that he and Harry wouldn't be friends. Not that I think they need to go paling around or anything, but it seems like they could have a 'working' friendship? Alas, that is probably another time and story? :-)

I've enjoyed your story so much I hope there is just a bit more? -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Sadly, this story is at an end. But I am writing more, the school year is yet to start. There is more Snape and Alara to come!

Thanks for the kind words, they mean the world to me.

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Review #10, by lauraf68Two Steps Forward: Of Shakespeare and Werewolves

12th July 2013:
Dear Wildmoon,

I've caught up on the last two chapters and they are great!! I love how Alara is slowly pulling Severus out of himself. She really understands him now and knows not to react at his irascibility, which I think in turn is making Severus understand he can trust her.

I especially loved the part where Severus dropped his mind walls and 'read' Shakespeare to her-aww, my heart did a pitter-patter. :-)

Of course the ending of this chapter was wonderful and Alara was finally able to reel Severus into her arms. (He really is like a deep sea fish, have to give them a lot of line space and slowly reel them in.)

Happy Writing!! I'll be waiting and excited for the next chapter!! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks! Only one more chapter to go in this story (It's very short compared to the first one, sorry about that).

If Snape's world hasn't turned on it's heels yet, it surely is about to!

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Review #11, by lauraf68Passports Required: Passports Required

12th July 2013:
LUV IT!! -- "Fed the Powers that Be a load of crap?" "I'll tell you all about your desperate drug addiction later." -- was my favorite!!


Author's Response: Hehehehehe. Thanks! It was a blast to write, except for the time limit, LOL. So glad I could make you smile, though!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #12, by lauraf68Returning Home: An opportunity for Remus

10th July 2013:
Very nice chapter. I've always liked Remus and wondered how he stayed away all those 10+ years. Looking forward to reading your version of how he didn't. :-)
Happy Writing! Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked the chapter. I'm hoping to get the second chapter up within the next week :)

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Review #13, by lauraf68Harry Potter and the Heart of the Hero: Chapter 18 - Shaman's Way

30th June 2013:
Dear Jeo,

It was so nice to hear about Draco. I'm so glad he has changed and coming to grips with his situation. I cried for him too, that he wouldn't be able to show Narcissa how her changed.

Oh Severus--I just do not understand your Severus yet. Is he only playing his part, or has decided to turn bad? Hmmm?.

Great read once agin. Onto the next chapter --Lauraf68

Author's Response: Draco is coming around. It will be more chapters than usual before we get back to him this time, but I left him in a positive place at the end of his last chapter, and that will continue in his next as his changes in character have some time to truly take hold.

And again about Severus... I'm not telling.

Looking forward to your reactions to the next couple of chapters, lots of things happening! As always, I appreciate your comments, thank you so very much!

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Review #14, by lauraf68Harry Potter and the Heart of the Hero: The Party

29th June 2013:
I'm sorry I haven't kept up with your story, somehow I had 'lost' it. Now that it is found I see that I have many chapters to catch up on. Which is VERY exciting.

Although well written the Voldemort part TOTALLY creeped me out!! I'm curious if your Snape will still be on the side of light and in the end still helping Harry?

The Blood Stone seems like a very creative protection, I wonder why it couldn't have protected James and Lily? I think it is great how all the Weasley's could strengthen the wards and even Hermione could add to it.

I loved all the reminiscing and stories told to Harry. Especially Remus, Moody, and of course Mrs. Weasley. Oh my, how touching (I cried for her having to give Harry to Hagrid). It does explain Ginny and Harry chemistry however. Now I just hope everyone who is leaving the manner stays safe!!

Great chapter as always, I will have to more catching up later. Going to a summer BBQ now. Happy Writing!!

Author's Response: I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Glad to see you back! You do have some catching up to do, but I have every confidence you will get there quite rapidly.

I am actually pleased that the Voldy scene creeped you out a bit. It was meant too. He is after all a creepy guy.

As far as Snape goes... Well, I am not telling yet. You will just have to wait and see like everyone else.

The Blood stone is a specific protection for the Manor and to some extent all family members, but it only helps in as far as the protections that are cast upon it. James and Lily never lived in the Manor, as the result of the decisions made by Deyton and Philomena. It was a difficult and terrible decision to make but it had to be so in order to allow Harry's life to be what it had to be according to Philomena's visions. We will be getting further into Potter history in coming chapters. As well as into the extent of "relations" between to our present characters.

I had lots of fun writing all the tales of first meetings for Harry's party, and I very gratified that they have been so well recieved. As far as the saftey of t hose who departed at the end of the chapter... Well, you will soon find out just what happened.

Thank you so much, as always for all you comments! I hope you had a good BBQ, and stuffed yourself appropriately?

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Review #15, by lauraf68United : Nothing

24th June 2013:
Wow, Hogworts gone?? Doesn't seem possible. I'm a bit confused as to how the founders are to find their heirs and rebuild, plus how they will also help Harry survive Salazar. I'm very Interested in reading about your explanations. Very creative, definitely different ideas. Keep up the good work. Happy Writing! -Laura

Author's Response: Hey, yes hogwarts gone! I struggled to write that. I have my way of getting them to help harry, it will come out in the next few chapters. I'm thrilled you like my story. Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by lauraf68In a Family Way: Epilogue

23rd June 2013:
Finally I've had a chance to catch up on HPFF reading and what do I find? You've finished re-posting this awesome story.
Poor Ginny, all that false labor and then ends up having Ron & Hermione deliver James.
I especially enjoyed the epilogue. I too have a father in law who is more of a father to me than my dad could be so I could relate to the emotional aspect of it all.
Thank you for an excellent reading experience. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: I appreciate you sticking with it until the end. Nothing too different in the reposting, just a few edits here and there. I'm glad you enjoyed the epilogue. I love showing how uniquely special the Weasley family is, not just among wizards, but among humans. Arthur and Molly took Harry as their own from the beginning, no questions asked, regardless of their financial situation. They'd have had him live at the Burrow if Dumbledore had allowed it. The details of JKR's work, and the threads she weaves that also allow us to pick them up and weave a bit more on our own, are pure genius. Thank you for going on Harry's little journey with me. I am so glad you liked it.~GW

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Review #17, by lauraf68A Very Weasley Camping Trip: Sparks will Fly

21st June 2013:
Very nice! Love that George is healing and enjoying spending time with his family. -Lauraf68

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Review #18, by lauraf68Two Steps Forward: One Step Forward

21st June 2013:
Oh---my---goodness!! Just caught up on your second story. It is amazing!!! I love it, especially this chapter. I'm also hoping Severus' 'nightmare' was really a glimpse of the future and the Hag was giving Sev a wake up call to start living his life! My goodness he's only about 38 yrs old and now has a chance to finally have a life. I hope he listens to his heart (Lily) and does.
Keep up the wonderful work!! Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the hag! Though this may be a loose thread I don't tie up in the story, I just sort of realized this waking up this morning.

Glad you're enjoying it, the part in the graveyard was a real struggle, particularly using the word "apparition" because it means such different things between the wizarding world characters and the Muggle reader. That's not too confusing is it?

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Review #19, by lauraf68Strung Together: The First Day

7th June 2013:
Very nice story you have started here. I'm very interested. I hope Harry comes around and allows them to help.
Looking forward to more, Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

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Review #20, by lauraf68UnVeiled: The Camping Trip

4th June 2013:
Keep up the good work!! I read because its a good story so as long as you write then I will read!!

Oh my, what a cliffie!! Can't wait to see who is responsible and how Draco & Lucius react knowing its Death Eaters.

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Review #21, by lauraf68In a Family Way: The Name Game

3rd June 2013:
The last two chapters were amazing! So glad Ron took charge in the chapter and not only cleared the air with Malfoy, but saved Harry from himself and most of all Ginny and the baby.

This chapter was very cute with the baby showing its displeasure. My favorite part was Ginny & Kreatcher's scene and how she decided on the baby's name. I know Harry agrees since you follow canon, but I look forward to reading of his reaction.


Author's Response: I love that you pick up on the scenes that matter the most to me.
Ron and Ginny's relationship may suffer from their tempers, but you know that bond is too strong for a few fights to shake. Ron is nothing if not loyal to those he loves, and he's always been good in a crisis.
I tested my girls' names the same way. My mother always said you could always tell how much trouble you were in by how many of your names were used. Real trouble calls for all three, and it needs to roll off the tongue easily when yelled in a fit of anger. :)
I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. The last few chapters are being set to post soon!

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Review #22, by lauraf68A Very Weasley Camping Trip: The Strength in Bonds

3rd June 2013:
VERY NICE CHAPTER!!! I should have waited to comment on last chapter after I read this one---oh well, too late now. I think I understand Mrs Weasley's concerns. Good luck Hermione -- I hope Harry doesn't die of embarrassment. :-)

Keep up the good work, Happy Writing!! -Lauraf68

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Review #23, by lauraf68A Very Weasley Camping Trip: Soccer and Snogging

3rd June 2013:
Cute chapter. Liked the bit with the soccer practice and games.
Bit confused why Molly was concerned that Harry & Ginny hadn't 'slept together' yet. In my opinion, I see Molly as being one who hoped they would wait until married (ie the boys/girls seperate tents).
Keep up the good work. Happy Writing. -Lauraf68

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Review #24, by lauraf68Whatever It Takes: Whatever It Takes

28th May 2013:
Very nice! As usual, I only wish it was longer. :-)

I found a small typo issue, there is a duplicate sentence in the Rita paragraph. (Wand raised and red hair flying, Ginny was the picture of wrath.)

Thanks for the quick read, very enjoyable. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks for catching my typos! Sometimes cut and paste is not my friend. I'm kind of the queen of one shots. It's when I have to develop the story into a longer tale that I struggle. I'm considering working on Enough on the side, and reposting when it is complete. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thank you so much for reviewing!~GW

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Review #25, by lauraf68In a Family Way: Welcome Home

23rd May 2013:
Oh my! I missed your last update so I had 2 chapters to read, I was so excited! The previous chapter was HILARIOUS!! Percy and Bill had Harry's mind spinning, so glad that Arthur was there to help bring his anxiety down. Then what Audrey and Fleur were saying had me nodding my head in agreement while saying "Don't get Ginny too worried" (like my I-Pad had anything to do about it).

This chapter was just wonderful too. I like how Harry just jumped in after Ginny burned dinner, smart guy!! But then the whole new house idea had me so happy for Ginny. Just think, all new and she didn't have to stress or wear herself out.
Then came the room Neville decorated and the portraits. My goodness, you had me laughing through my tears (gotta love that Sirius Black and never mind that Lily can put him in his place).

Wonderful job!! Found one tiny typo: "Their feel touched solid ground,". I'm sure you meant "Their feet".
Take Care. Thanks for a great read, looking forward to more. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out the typo! Going to fix it now!
I really loved writing this last chapter. I loved giving Harry his own little moment, and letting Neville have a part in it. The portrait idea came to me when I read the end of Deathly Hallows and Harry discussed his choices with Prof. Dumbledore. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, so I'm excited that others are enjoying it, too! Thank you so much for reviewing! ~GW

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