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Review #1, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Until Further Notice

24th October 2016:
Sweet mother of Moses I almost died- I'm not gonna lie to you I straight up almost died. Can't believe the headmaster is being such a straight up tool bag about the whole thing, I mean I get that she blew up a bathroom and so yes there has to be some consequences but SHE was the one attacked here and yes they can't heaps determine that if everyone involved is telling a different version of events but it's still frustrating as hell. More so because you know he is doing it because he thinks she is some spoiled rich kid but punishing her more harshly just because who her parents are is just as bad as letting her get off because of who her parents are! Ridiculous man ...
Anyway, just wanted to pass on some love for your story and hope your editing/writing is going well!

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Review #2, by ruby_slippersUnder the Radar: Before

16th August 2016:
I LOVE THIS STORY!! So much! I love that the main characters are hufflepuff and how different that makes it to your other stories. Love love love it - so much love!
Hope your editing is going well!

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Review #3, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Something to Write About

21st July 2016:
Oh my gosh! This was great! LOVED IT!! Can't wait to see their revenge plan - I'm sure it'll be hilarious and blissfully entertaining!
Exciting your first round of editing is done! When things seem to big remember to look at everything you have already accomplished and be encouraged by that!
You're amazing!

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Review #4, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: The Truth

30th May 2016:
Wow a first draft! That is so exciting congratulations!
Just want to reiterate my love for this story and I just started reading the Teddy one and I love love love it too! You're amazing hun; I always find your characters so engaging and funny and relatable. Love it, love you and wishing you all the best!

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Review #5, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Happy New Year, Georgiana

29th March 2016:
Happy New Year Gee indeed! Woo, girl do you deliver! Seriously! More like Happy faux New Year readers! Don't mind me while I pass out in total bliss now.

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Review #6, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Rotisserie Chicken

1st March 2016:
Ahaha! Yes I have successfully disolved into a puddle of grins and giggles haha. I just so love these guys. I love love loved the dance marathon - it was just perfect! However, I think the moment that stole it all for me was Gee letting the chicken bone slide across the table and on to the floor and just being completely unfased, or was it Albus not wanting to shake her greasy hand? Or the way he smells of boy (very aptly put by the way!)? or when he saves her from falling or puts his hand on her leg? Or even Jane's coment while soothing Gee... So many great moments!! Love it!
Not gonna lie have already re-read this chapter ... twice haha! x
P.s. thanks for the shout out XD

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Review #7, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Yule Dance Marathon

4th February 2016:
Oh my goodness woman! Love this it reminds me so much of Gilmore Girls hahaha! If there is a little show down by the sandwiches or someone breaking a shoe or a victory lap to the Rocky theme song I will probably dissolve into a puddle of grins and giggles haha!
I say this every time but I am in love with your characters and style of writing - I have read so many of your fics and keep thinking that they can't get better but you always ALWAYS deliver! Love it and can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #8, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Like Mother, Like Daughter

30th December 2015:
Hahaha drunk potter is very amusing - even if he does make little sense. Love this story and this chapter cannot wait to see what happens next. Happy New Year!

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Review #9, by ruby_slippersTrying not to love you: Chapter twenty-six - An Apology

3rd November 2015:
AGH! Oh my goodness please please please PLEASE be close to getting them together I'm not sure how much longer I can take this for haha! Oh man I am so excited! Poor Joshua he was such a sweetie but I'm glad she is being honest with him :)

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Review #10, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Stressed Out

28th October 2015:
Oh my gosh! Argh I just flippin LOVE them!! I so can't wait to see how you get these to crazy kids to the finish line and all that is going to happen to get them there haha! I love your stories but I'm not gonna lie this is quickly becoming one of my favourites! Love love love!

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Review #11, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Chemistry

13th September 2015:
Oh man these Gee and Albus!

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Review #12, by ruby_slippersHormones: A Better Brother than Roxanne

11th September 2015:
Poor James, he's a good sort he'll figure it out.

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Review #13, by ruby_slippersHormones: Opening Day

2nd June 2015:
Oh Freddie! I love that he fainted! I can't believe Ryan is already in labour! So exciting!!

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Review #14, by ruby_slippersHormones: Chicken and Waffles

29th March 2015:
All kinds of cute! Looking forward to the baby being born!

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Review #15, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Downward Spiral

23rd February 2015:
Haha screw you Matteo! Kid was a twot anyway! Bring on Albus! Love that she dominated that. So not impressed with Aurelia. There is a code. A sister code and the wench didn't just cross it she danced all over it then pitched a tent so far on the other side she can't even see the line anymore. The line is like a sprc on the horizon, not even a spec it is so dar behind it has faded into the stuff of myth and legends.
too much?
p.s. "douche canoe" is possibly the greatest insult ever

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Review #16, by ruby_slippersHormones: Delusions of Grandeur

11th February 2015:
If Fred goes back to Annie then that is not okay Freddie. Not okay. Ryan stop being stubborn, you no you fancy him ;)

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Review #17, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Everything but Fly

15th January 2015:
I just love your stories! So excited to see where this one is going to go. I love that you don't ever play on stereotypes and that you develop your characters and plots. Yay for Halloween this promises to be great!!

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Review #18, by ruby_slippersThe Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Perks of Being a Blood-Traitor

13th November 2014:
Sweet mother of mercy I had forgotten how addictive this story was! Finally she has run! I can't believe it! Can't wait to see what happens now and how everyone will react.
I know he's a death eater but i feel bad for Bas, it looks like he's really freaking out on the inside too.

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Review #19, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Dance Class

10th November 2014:
Well that was freaking adorable - look out Twatteo

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Review #20, by ruby_slippersHormones: The Court Case

3rd November 2014:
Oh my flipping goodness i just freakin love this story!! Haha suck it Zonko!!

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Review #21, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Fragile

28th October 2014:
Just wanted to send a note saying I probably love this as much as all your other stories I have read and can't wait to see where you take it.
Happy writing friend!

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Review #22, by ruby_slippersThe Keeper's Daughter: Lunch Date

14th July 2014:
Ok just discovered that this existed and I'm so flippin excited! Bloody love your stories and so far this is no exception! So stoked your doing something about Jane and Oliver's kids (1. coz it means they have managed to stay together haha and 2. coz your stories are flipping hilarious and i love them).

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Review #23, by ruby_slippersHormones: Not Alone

14th July 2014:
FINALLY! Parise freaking had it coming! Can't wait to see how Ollie is going to deal with this, she's been heaps annoying recently so I kinda want to have a "suck it!" moment for her to hahaha.
Not gonna lie the whole time I have kind of been feeling sorry for Rox and Scorpious thinking that Fred had been over reacting ... then scorp opened his mouth and it was like "oh wow ... ... ..." definitely a bit of a t**t but a harmless likeable t**t. Unlike Parise and Zonko, who are t**ts that deserve a swift kick to the head.
Love this story and can't wait to read more! (sorry about the *'s i was censored)

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Review #24, by ruby_slippersOver The Edge: Chapter 21, Epilogue: Rose Weasley

1st July 2014:
Oh my goodness! WOMAN! All the feels. Seriously I need a moment.
Wow. So for a moment there I actually thought Rose was dead. Proper dead. 6 feet under dead. I wasn't dealing too well with that. Seriously, I was actually sitting in the tea room at work reading this on my phone begining to tear up and being like "pull your s***t together girl!" haha.
If she had died after all the crap the two of them went through ... Straight up would not have been able to handle that hahaha.
So bottom line I completely loved this story. Loved your depictions and recreations of Krum, Rose and all the classic characters and how you spun it all together. Never would I thought a Viktor/Rose pairing would have worked but oh my did it. Totally shipping this now!
This is one of my favourite fan fictions ever. Can't wait to read even more of your stories.

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Review #25, by ruby_slippersTrying not to love you: Chapter twenty-five News

18th June 2014:
Oh my freaking goodness this is KILLING ME! Bloddy hell people! Shes too self defecating and he's too bloody gutless - but then again so is she. AGHHH so frustrating! And poor Josh ... he needs to cut and run coz there is no way this ends well for him and the longer you're in it the more it hurts. Poor chap.
And her dad ... that sucks. Sucks so bad. James is gonna kill himself when he sees the paper and realizes thats why she came back and he let her go through the night on her own. Poor gwen.
I so love this haha! Drama drama drama ;)

Author's Response: Ahaha, gutless is the perfect word, especially for James. I sometimes wonder why he was sorted to Gryffindor because he's one big, scaredy-cat d:

Yup, he will not feel good about that!

Thank you so much ^^

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