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Review #26, by illaiyna Apology Not Accepted

9th February 2014:
oh my god i just read this in the last few hours and I can't wait for the next chapter i just have not been able to stop reading xD
Edie is so realistic and in the Puddlemere match when she shouted out i think I was turning bright red myself xD i really love her character and also Dean and Seamus who were so underrated in the books, same with Oliver actually. This whole time period is fairly underrated as well haha
either way, absolutely amazing story and I cannot wait for the next chapter and more on Edie and Oliver's relationship xD

Author's Response: Hi there, speed-reader :)

Thanks you for taking the time to leave a review. Glad you can find yourself relating to Edie, even if it's for the embarrassing parts. I agree with Dean, Seamus and Oliver being very underrated characters.

Working on the next chapter as we speak!

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Review #27, by Jen Apology Not Accepted

2nd February 2014:
Glad to see you're back! I've been checking periodically for an update and I was really glad to find one when I looked today :) thanks for not abandoning the story, it's one of my favorites on this website.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you for checking back! It means a lot. I've just churned out half of the next chapter in one coffee-induced bout of creativity. It'll be up sometime this month!

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Review #28, by LucyInTheSky Apology Not Accepted

2nd February 2014:
Hey:). I just wanted stay that this story is brilliant! The way you write your characters and add little details and plots and twists is absolutely amazing. I really think your writing is even better than in a lot of published work. I can't wait for the next update, when will it be?

Author's Response: Oh my oh my, blushing. Thank you so very much. I need to get my life together and work on some more writing. Publishing a novel has been a dream of mine since forever. As for KC&CO, updates have been slow-coming, as you have probably noticed. But I've just opened up the ol' Word document in hopes to work on the next chapter.

Thanks so very much! What a motivating review ♥

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Review #29, by Wendy<3 Apology Not Accepted

2nd February 2014:
I really love this story

Author's Response: Hey, thanks Wendy! ♥

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Review #30, by ladymarauder85 The Job Thousands would Kill For

27th January 2014:
Have you been an intern at a magazine? You're completely spot on. Been there, several times and several cups of tea later.

I adore Edie already! She's quick and has a real voice, which is something I'm jealous of - I can never quite manage a character who doesn't sound exactly like everyone else.

I love that Dean and Seamus are in this, it's not often I read stories that they appear in, so it's a nice change and time as well.

I can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Not at a magazine, but at an art museum... which is where I've drawn the majority of Edie's experiences from. I'm sure there are a lot of similarities between being a poor unpaid intern at either of the two places!

That's very kind, thank you. It's good to know that she seems real to you :)

Dean and Seamus forEVAR. They don't get enough attention in canon. Especially Dean, with such an interesting backstory.

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Review #31, by MarieBlack Apology Not Accepted

9th January 2014:

Sorry for the melodramtics but I literally stumbled upon this today and have glued myself to reading it into the wee hours of the night. Your writing is just superb and I'm so connected with Edie and her personality. Your character development is on point and I love how you portray Oliver as well. He was always the one character I was so curious about Post-HP, because he is hardly mentioned after he graduates. And they don't just go off and fall in love, it's real and problematic, and lovely. Keep writing and updating, PLEASE. I genuinely want to keep reading this and see how it all ends. Btw, Dean's crush on Edie is so well put in in a non-obvious way. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sorry if this is particularly crazy, I may be sleep deprived.

Author's Response: Oh no! Please be okay! I can't even believe that you've read this whole thing in one go--that is incredibly flattering. Thank you so much ♥

Oliver really is interesting in the books, huh? So serious and calculating, but completely impulsive and inconsiderate too--the way he talked about trying to get Harry back on the team after he'd really hurt himself. I agree, he never got enough time in the spotlight.

Haha, problematic is a good word for their "relationship." I can't wait for a few chapters down the road when everything comes undone--or comes together, depending on how you look at it. I'm really trying to make it as realistic as possible. No kiss-in-the-rain and sweeping dramatic gestures and all that.

Ah, Dean! Yes, he and Seamus need some more time. They will be very present at Lisa's wedding, don't worry. I do miss them, though...

Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #32, by Courtney Dark Apology Not Accepted

8th January 2014:
Hey there! I am so happy this chapter is finally up! You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to it, because this story is definitely one of my favourites, primarily because Edie is just such an amazing character.

Oh god, that would have to suck, moving back home after 11 years at the age of 26. I know that if I was Edie and my brothers were taking the mickey out of me, I would get very, very angry. So I'm surprised Edie kept such a cool head! And I loved how her mother still treated her like a child or a very immature teenager, what with making her a sandwich and all.

Haha, I loved the 'Use Your Charms' shop scene. Very amusing. But the moment Edie mentioned the cost of all the stuff she brought, I had a feeling something was going to go wrong.

And I turned out to be right! Poor Edie, yet again. It seems like she can never do anything right! I loved Lisa's comment: ďIsnít that what you wore to Terry Bootís sixteenth birthday party?Ē because to me it kinda summed up Edie and Lisa's completely different lifestyles. I don't think Edie quite knows how to be an adult yet, while Lisa is definitely moving on with her life.

Ugh, Rose! I just really can't stand her! And we got to see some Oliver in this chapter, even if it was just a little bit! Woo!

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Hello, you!

Yeah, I guess Edie should be applauded for only getting into a small scuffle with her brothers--and not doing some kind of mean, vengeful charm as we saw with Rose. Once again Hypatia is becoming more and more similar to my own sheltering, babying mother, haha. I'm glad Andrew got some "screen time," finally. I was hesitant to include him in the smorgasbord of characters since he's so minor, but I'm quite fond of him!

YES MINOR CHARACTERS. Had to throw in Terry Boot, there. It's interesting to think about the average lives all the other students may have been leading--parties, fights, etc.--while the Trio were trying to stop Voldemort. Squeezing into a tiny dress and sneaking Firewhiskey into the Ravenclaw common room was one of those things!

You're very right. Edie is trying her hardest (sometimes) to be an adult (at least as the story moves on) but she's just struggling a little (and moving back home certainly won't help.) Meanwhile, Lisa and her friends have totally moved on with their lives.

Thanks again so much. It means a lot that you've stuck with this story for so long ♥

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Review #33, by marauderfan Apology Not Accepted

8th January 2014:
Poor Edie - that girl gets no rest does she. I would imagine that the aftermath of that Quidditch game would be quite embarrassing/ irritating/ probably scary.

Having to move back home to your parents' place is never fun - and oh I can really sympathise with her on that one haha. Her brothers, obviously (and predictably) are not helping matters. At least she can hold it over their heads in a few years if they ever have to move back home later on as well. As siblings do :p

Laughed at the scene with her in "Use your Charm" haha, the awkward 17 year old. As fabulous as it must have been to look around for everything and carry it around the shop, it must have been even more excellent ringing it all up hahaha :p

At least Lisa's hen night didn't go as badly as it could have gone. I was predicting much worse. I mean, no one got into a screaming match. I loved this part though: I do my best to appear enamoured by the babies, even though they look like little aliens with a penchant for drooling. -- That is exactly how I feel about babies too. Eek. :p

Meep, awkward scene with Edie and Oliver! Cue guilt. Anyway, yeah I wonder how much longer he and Rose are going to last. PRobably not much longer. But then Rose will be even more annoying, I bet. Oh goodness - probably best that Jae wasn't available, saves Edie some future embarrassment.

Great chapter, looking forward to more soon!

Author's Response: Hello!

Moving back in with parents is definitely my worst fear--although in many cases it's understandable. I know quite a few people who have had to swallow their pride. Like Edie sputtered, "The economy!" And actually, her brothers are all over 17, so they should be out on their own... But all the Lennoxes have flown back to the nest. I think they feel justified because they're younger, but really they're no better! Maybe I should make their return a bit clearer in the writing. :)

Ugh. Babies. That's all I'll say on that.

The next chapter will have plenty of Oliver-related guilt. In fact he's in almost the entire chapter... I'd say it's about time the main character made another appearance, eh? ;)

Thanks so much for your review. I really do appreciate that you took the time to read my little story. ♥

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Review #34, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Match

3rd January 2014:
First off - YAY! Another chapter! :D

Just when it seems things are going to turn around and head in the right direction for Edie - THIS! Oh my goodness!! I know poor Edie has got to be mortified, and Oliver's not taking it well, either. :/ It's kind of Edie's fault, but it's kind of not... I mean, really, Oliver shouldn't have been so easily distracted! :P And the fact that Katie said this has happened before should at least make Edie feel a *little* better... right?? :P Poor Edie... she couldn't help it!!

I was so excited at the beginning of this chapter to see Edie in her new job, and, as usual, you had me laughing from the get-go with Seamus and Dean's hilarious letter! And this chapter also reminded me of just how much I love Edie as a character... she's so realistic and believable! I think one of my favorite parts was when she kept telling herself that Oliver looking at her was 'all in her head', and then she talked about already having named the kids she was going to have with the guy from the Weird Sisters! :P Hilarious and so realistic!

I was glad to see that Edie has started considering the effects her articles might have on Oliver and other people, but honestly, I don't think that writing them makes her a bad person. I do think she should come clean to Oliver... but I guess we'll just have to see how that plays out, won't we? :P

I really, REALLY hope that this whole match mishap doesn't mean Edie's going to lose her job... things were just starting to look good for her!

Another fantastic chapter, and I really can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: HELLOOO!!

Yeah, it's interesting to think about who is really to blame here. Edie's big mouth and giant lungs and incapability to filter her thoughts is certainly at fault... Then again, what's a professional athlete doing turning his head at a pivotal moment like that? Especially somebody like "Attempted-to-Drown-Himself-in-the-Showers-After-Gryffindor-Lost" Oliver. Hmm...

Ah, yes, the bit about Myron Wagtail is something that I drew from my own life. I was convinced that the lead singer of a local band was smitten with me...I was really just standing in front of his super-pretty girlfriend, though. Hehe.

Oooh, yes, the old moral dilemma of whether or not Edie is awful for writing the articles. And yes, as for coming clean, we will just have to see!

Thank you so much for the review! The next chapter is going into the queue in just a moment ♥

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Review #35, by Lexi The Match

22nd December 2013:
Are you everrr going to update?
I have fallen utterly in love with your story!
But I am dissapointed every time I go to look for an update and nothing is there!
Please please update!

Author's Response: Hello! Most of the next chapter is written. I've been meaning to work on it some more, but with the year's end things have been really crazy for me. Thanks so much for checking back! I hope to have Chapter 21 up by January. :)

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Review #36, by heartjily4ever The Match

14th November 2013:
Okay, wow. What a brilliant chapter. Sometimes I think that when people try and do Quidditch matches they go a bit to over board with exactly who did what, or get halfway through and sort of give up, but you did it so well. I loved the start, with the little letter from Seamus and Dean. Kestral underwear is an excellent tribute. I'm sad she didn't talk with her mum though, I was looking forward to seeing how that conversation would turn out. Edie's quite cute when she has her Press badge on, all shiny and innocent. And I always love a bit of just Edie and Oliver time. But flying to the pitch on a players broom is definitely a new way of getting places. The bit with Rose was really funny. I'm still kind of confused about why Rose isn't still slightly angry. But maybe she's being the better person for once. Or maybe not. I'm looking forward to finding out. I really liked the way you portrayed Katie as well. It seems a bit like the way she is in the books, and I think that previously having her with Oliver was a good match. Is it just me, or does is sound like Katie still has feelings for Oliver during her conversation with Edie.

But the end of that. I was just silently cringing as I read, worried for what would happen. It was like an embarrassing movie waiting to happen, and while I felt so bad for Edie, I loved it. I would hate to be in that situation - it kind of looks like she meant to do it, to make him distracted. But I can't wait to see what happens next. I wonder what it means for her "relationship" with Oliver though. By the way will Jae be coming back? I liked him.

But you are an amazing writer, and I am looking forward to the next chapter of this.


Author's Response: Hey there! So sorry for taking so long to respond. You know, hectic life and all that, blah blah blah. I really appreciate the review though and am sorry for my lateness!

I'm so pleased that the Quidditch scene read well. It's actually my nature to do what you mentioned (write down every player's name, and a physical attribute, haha), especially because Edie's such a fan and would recognize them. But I wanted it to read smoothly, and the chapter was already getting so lengthy that I just wanted it to be more concise.

Yes, finally a bit of Edie and Oliver time. There's not been too terribly much of that, has there? Considering...

Rose's attitude towards Edie is a bit unnsettling, huh? Maybe she's playing nice in order to keep her job, but Edie's certainly sleeping with one eye open, if you catch my drift.

Hahaha, oh my, I hope Edie didn't do that on purpose! That would be her ultimate immature act, wouldn't it? Writing the articles the way she has been is a pretty mean thing to do in the first place... I think she genuinely got so wrapped up in Quidditch--and forgot that she "has some pipes on her," a la Seamus--and just ruined everything.

Thank you again, so so very much. I am sitting down with some vanilla-cinnamon coffee and giving the next chapter the attention that it deserves. Right now!

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Review #37, by AluraWells19 The Match

13th November 2013:
I was so excited to see the update! Edie is such a natural and engaging character that I immensely enjoy her journey. The update wait didn't seem long at all so no worries there, but of course I've been sans Internet for awhile since I moved. Favorite quote: Strangulation it is then, a bit less theatrical then the death that I would peg as her choice.
I believe at least some variation of that sentence has escaped me at some point.
Lots of love and admiration,

Author's Response: Hello! I was excited to see the update too, haha. It'd been too long. And it seems that it's been too long again... Ahhh!

And thanks--I feel like that sentence greatly captured Rose and Edie's relationship. ♥

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Review #38, by Isabella The Match

8th November 2013:
Read all the chapters, except this one, in one night and was up until two despite having to be up for a 9am lecture. Love love love this so much, I think Edie's character is excellent, and is developing so well. Her flaws are all so real, rather than just sort of endearing flaws that I find a lot in original characters on hpff, if that makes any sense at all. Would love to see more interaction between her and Katie, I think that would be interesting, and if Edie's brothers found out about her sleeping with Jae it would be hysterical , especially Liam's reaction seeing as they're the same age and probably went to hogwarts together. I think your portrayal of Oliver is great too, and I'm looking forward to what direction you take him in, and I'm dying to read the aftermath of the match and what he's going to say to Edie for basically costing him the game.
Thank you so much for this, haven't enjoyed a Oliver/OC fic in ages!

Author's Response: Oh my god! You read this in one night?! Bah-LUSHinggg! What a compliment, thank you so much. (Hope you survived the lecture on little sleep!)

I really like Katie...and I always feel stupid saying that because, duh, of course I like her, it's the characterization I created. But regardless I do like her very much and yes, she will be sticking around!

Haaa, I actually hadn't even thought about how Liam and Jae are the same age! I definitely will have to explore that... ;)

Oliver/OC fics are highly underrepresented! We should start a campaign. ♥

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Review #39, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

21st October 2013:
Oh, I loved the ending!

Edie is so perfect! She's one of my Preferred People on this site :). I love how she's so intense cheering for the Kestrels, including the drinking post-quidditch. Wonderful first section! I loved the boys, they're so different yet both wonderful in their own right. They seem to be so nutty when they go out like this! I bet they love the fun until the next morning!

Like I mentioned, the ending is perfect- I see Edie regretting this night big time! I've gotten to the most recent section you posted, so re-viewing this section is fun! Edie is more irresponsible before she gets her job, I think shes more content in the recent posts, though. She's so incredibly fun to view!

Wonderful section of your story!
Hope it continues soon.

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you like Edie! Your opinion may change the longer you read the story, but for now I will accept that compliment ;) You're right, though, that she's at least somewhat attempting to be a little more professional in later chapters.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #40, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne The Match

21st October 2013:
Oh, I loved the ending!

Edie is so perfect! She's one of my Preferred People on this site :). I love how she's so intense cheering for the Kestrels, even while swooning over Oliver :D

Ms. Bell is wonderful too! She's so much like Oliver! I love how different she is from Edie, yet how closely their interests line up. I like the things she tells Edie of Oliver.

Like I mentioned, the ending is so perfect! I picture the events in my mind: hundreds of riotous Puddlemere supporters hunting Edie. It's so funny!

Wonderful section of your story!
Hope it continues soon.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you very much. I really like Katie as well... I think I would want to hang out with her. And yeah, she and Edie do have some similarities, don't they? Especially the bit about not being able to keep their opinions to themselves ;)

Thanks again! ♥

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Review #41, by bester_jester The Match

17th October 2013:
Ooooh the end made me cringe! Such a great chapter, you're so talented.

I wonder what Rose's game is? Surely she isn't going to be that nice to Edie after losing her job.

Thanks for the update :)

Author's Response: Yesss! I love when Edie causes a good cringe ;) And yeah, Rose is behaving pretty strangely, isn't she? Or maybe she's honestly just that two-dimensional? Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #42, by OhSoSqueamish711 The Match

12th October 2013:
That was amazing and it definitely had me hanging on to the edge of my seat, er, computer. lol. I loved it and it was totally worth the wait.

Author's Response: Yay! I am glad you found it to be suspenseful. Thanks so much ♥

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Review #43, by Courtney Dark The Match

11th October 2013:
Oh, I am so, so glad to get back to this amazing story!

I don't know how you manage to write such hilarious chapters every single time - but you do. It just seems to come naturally to you, and everything that Edie says is just so genuine - while being extremely amusing and bad-luckish.

One of the things I love about this story is the variety of completely different characters and the different relationships Edie has with them. Even the mention of the note Seamus and Dean wrote her and then the line 'Iím assuming theyíd had a few' made me laugh - you have perfect comic timing!

Another couple of lines that stuck out to me were: 'Iím even starting to enjoy Roseís company.

Obviously this is very strong champagne.' I actually burst out laughing.

God, I loved all Edie's exclamations about wanting the Kestrels to win. And then it's just her luck, actually making Puddlemere lose.

This was an awesome chapter, and I can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Hi! And I am so, so glad to be able to hear from you lovely readers again.

I guess Edie being honest and genuine--to a fault--is part of my own personality? As in, I'm really bad at making myself seem aloof or disinterested. For that reason I have a really hard time basically just being cool. Haha. I think she suffers from the same thing!

Edie and Rose have a few things in common, enough to get on. They're both writers and are judgmental--and then I think that's where it stops. So yes, it must have been very strong champagne!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have some free time before work today and am going to spend it on chapter 21.

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Review #44, by AlexFan The Match

11th October 2013:

I was a little confused at the beginning because I wasn't sure whether Edie got sucked into the book or whether it was a Portkey but that got clarified as I kept reading. I see how stupid of an assumption the getting sucked into the book part was.

I have a feeling that the Porkey thing might be important because it has been my experience that most authors don't specifically mention something unless they plan on bringing it back later on in the story.

I still not like Rose but I'm pretty sure that's because she's getting in the way of my Ediver ship as opposed to her character.

But darn though Edie, she must've realised that the Puddlemere fand wouldn't take too kindly to her cheering. I actually slapped my hand to my mouth when I got to the part where she was shown on the screen for everyone to see.

I hope she doesn't get followed to her home, that's going to be a disaster for her. I wonder how things are going to go from here, especially writer wise. Are people going to find out that she was the girl who was cheering for the opposing team and caused Puddlemere to lose.

But just wow, imagine being responisble for the reason that a team lost a game. That's got to be tough on anyone.

The part that I related to the most was the setting your hand on fire part while Edie was around Oliver. I think just about any girl that could do magic and was hdkng a wand would do something like that while around their crush.

Anyway, awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Heya!

Yeah, it's a Portkey for sure. Something Quidditch-related but inconspicuous seemed appropriate. Katie's letter in the previous chapter mentions a Portkey, but maybe I should mention it again just to clarify? And sorry to spoil it but no, there's nothing especially plot-related about it... unless something pops up in my head ;3

Ah, so you're still on board the Ediver ship, eh? Good to know there are still a few of you guys out there! Hehe.

And yeah, Edie sure did get caught up in the match there. Forgot where she was--NOT down below with Seamus and Dean, where it's okay to shout all you want. Whoops! As for how she handles being (mostly) responsible for Puddlemere's loss, we'll see in the next chapter.

Haha, that's a good point about setting your hand on fire. It'd be really hard to mask a crush while holding a wand, wouldn't it?

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #45, by Siriusly89 The Match

8th October 2013:

Oh how Iíve missed you and Edie and all the gang and their little hijinx and Iím so excited for this chapter and I wish I could give you a tight hug and pinch your cheeks but I canít so just consider yourself hugged and pinched, okay?

Right. Now thatís over with, on we go.

A Puddlemere blue dress? Now really, what are we going to do with her? The whole green underwear thing doesnít really make up for it. I can just imagine Seamus demanding to see them to prove she isnít lying so as to stop him throwing a hissy fit. Because you know he will when he seeís her decked out in the enemies colours *queue gasps of outrage* I agree, Iím pretty sure the two of them were pretty sloshed while writing that.

A glittery press badge, oh Edie, I love it. Iíd more than likely do the same thing in that situation, you know, being so excited that you finally have a real, legitimate job that doesnít involve working in dingy bars (Iím looking at you ĎThe Poisoned Apple) must be pretty darn exciting for her. I used a whole bunch of different pronouns in that sentence, but you get what I mean right? They are pronouns? I think? Sorry, my brain has decided not to cooperate with me.

Just a random voice appearing out of nowhere while sheís stranded in the middle of the countryside, and Edieís as cool as a cucumber, I wouldíve panicked a million times over by that stage! And when the little voice (who I now know is Oliver) is all like ďLook up!Ē and I kid you not, I had visions of Katie (who I thought was the voice at first) and all the other reporters just sitting in a tree staring down at her (donít ask why theyíre in a tree, they are) and it was just a fantastic image. But the broom makes more sense, I must agree.

The whole flying thing is pretty darn awkward. Oliver, eh hello? You canít just saunter in casual as you like and be all mysterious and flirty and gah. No, I wonít allow it. Iíd forgotten how deep my hatred ran concerning Oliver-stinking-Wood, but it is back, it all came back to me.

Rose. I was wondering when she would show up. Sheís a smart little cookie, being all nicey nice to Edie, training in her intern and whatnot, but I donít trust her, I just know sheís bloody up to something. I can bet you anything before the end of this, Edie will get fired and it will all be Roseís fault, because Rose is evil and I hate her even more than I hate Oliver. They deserve each other in my opinion, bloody well deserve each other.

Itís ironic. Only word for it. Katieís sitting there, spouting about how Oliverís all hard done by to the journalist that actually wrote the piece. I get why she doesnít like Rose though, considering everythingís in under her name. I bet you, Iíll bet anything that eventually Oliver will get round to reading the article, break up with Rose, go to Edie for comfort who will be delighted (because even a bat could see she likes him) but then her moral compass will take over and sheíll have to reveal everything and heíll hate her.

And then Edie and Dean will run off into the sunset because they are obviously meant to be. Ahem, sorry. Dedie is back as well, did I mention that?

I love the part about Edie at a concert standing in front of Myron Wagtails wife, but no. No cutesy Edie/Oliver connection moments. I wonít allow it, I wonít.

Ah, Edie forgets herself and starts shouting for Kenmare Kestrels! YAY! I so wanted this to happen, ah, Iím just so happy right now, smiling away to myself like a little Cheshire cat. Donegalís a bit of an odd name for the seeker though, but I suppose it would be more common up the country rather than from where Iím from, so yep!

She just had to choose that moment to start acting like a crazy person doesnít she. She is so getting fired after this, you know, for getting drunk and being unprofessional at a match. Not to mention sheís going to be Public Enemy No. 1 for Puddlemere fans. I donít get how she made them lose though, unless she was shouting bloody blue murder, thereís no way Oliver could have heard her, right? Iím just a bit confused thatís all!

And, to conclude, you are back with a bang. A fantastic chapter, as always, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as always!

Please donít stay away as long next time, yeah? :)

Author's Response: Hello hello hellooo! It's been so long! I hope you are well, lovely ♥

Pahaha. I can just imagine how it would go over if Seamus asked to see Edie's underwear. Oh man. Add this to the list of one-shots I need to write to keep myself motivated ;D

Hahaha. You're right, a random voice is pretty weird and out of the blue! I guess after you've gone to school in a castle where the doors need to be tickled to open, and staircases move, and portraits talk, you get used to odd voices? Or maybe I'm making excuses. Very possible. Very, very possible.

Hmm, so how exactly do you feel about Rose, or Oliver while we're at it? I'm not quite sure :P No, I'm glad you feel strongly about these characters, of course!

Yes! You did indeed call it once again, with the plot. Haha. Initially I wrote it so that Oliver turned to stare at her and was hit with a Bludger, but I throught this was a much better way to say OH EDIE, GURL, YOU REALLY MESSED UP NOW. And yeah, it's pretty unlikely that her voice rang across the pitch! I just think of the (very, very few) sporting events I've been to, for example a basketball game, when somebody goes to shoot and there's that collective breath being held by everyone and then that one person (who arguably has the loudest voice in the history of the world) shouts something and everyone can hear. Plus, it has been mentioned that Edie does have "some pipes on her," as Seamus likes to say. Maybe I should mention that again in this scene? Hmm...!

Thank you so, so, SO much, this was such a long and lovely review to read! I promise not to stay away so long this time! ♥

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Review #46, by kaneswaran The Match

8th October 2013:
I absolutely love this story! Unlike a lot of others that you see on here, there's actually substance to the sort of love-triangle-thing that you have going on. You've built a reason for they're flip-flopping on each other--I mean, it makes sense and it's believable.

You're writing is flawless, by the way. You're talented!!

I can't wait for the next chapter (and for Oliver and Edie to finally get together skjdhfs).

Author's Response: Mahhh thank you so much!! Flawless? I am buhhh-LUSHING. Thank you so much for all of your kind words! I am ready for some resolution too, haha. I condensed my (way-too-specific) story outline into chapters, and it looks like there are only 5 more to go. Soon, friends, soon! ♥

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Review #47, by ... The Match

8th October 2013:
Yaay! You updated!
Loved it, as usual. When's the next one coming?

Author's Response: Thanks! Working on the next chapter as we speak. Hopefully it won't be so slow-going this time ;3

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Review #48, by loony_lovegood101 The Match

8th October 2013:
i feel incredibly bad for oliver.
the quidditch scene was really good, and i can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: I'm glad! I wanted readers to finally start to feel bad for him--although perhaps many of you have all along--and to put him in a different light. Thanks so much ♥

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Review #49, by TheWizardingPorcupine The Match

7th October 2013:

I love this story! It's so. Realistic in a way. Not one of your average stories where the main character has a charmed life. Lets face it: Edie messes up and does things that she will regret. Hello, just because she's a wizard doesn't mean she's not human! It just gets annoying that in most fan fictions the hero/heroine only has to worry about their love life and grades.

This story is really good! Please keep writing and update soon!

Author's Response: I think she'll be okay... I hope... I dunno, she *is*, erm, herself. ;3

I really really wanted this story to feel realistic and relatable. I know I've harped on that a million times, but it's true and everytime somebody mentions that they feel that way, I get all warm and fuzzy. So thank you! I love that phrase, "Just because she's a wizard doesn't mean she's not human!"

Thank you very much! ♥

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Review #50, by marauderfan The Match

7th October 2013:
Hey there! You had no need to worry about me not coming back to read the latest update - I love this story! And omg this chapter was hilarious.

Edie really messed up this time :p But somehow, I'm not at all surprised by her outburst! Classic Edie.

I really liked the way you wrote Katie Bell - she seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders. Something tells me she's not too happy with Edie but won't hold it against her too much. At least, not outwardly :p Anyway, I like Katie! I think she and Edie could be good friends. Which will be nice because I don't think Rose is going to be as nice next time Edie sees her.

I loved this part: This is just like the Weird Sisters concert, when I thought that Myron Wagtail was eyeing me for three entire songs (I even began planning the names of our children) when in reality I was standing directly in front of his wife.

By the way, you wrote the Quidditch really well! I know you said it doesn't come naturally to you but it read very naturally, as if you'd had no problems writing it. So, nicely done. :)

Great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Awww, yay. It's so nice to hear that I hve returning, loyal readers. Geez. I can't even explain. Thank you ♥

Yes, she sure did mess up this time. And I'm glad--up until now it was "all Oliver's fault," right? It's going to be interesting to see how she deals with this one. It's not all over for Puddlemere, because Quidditch tournaments are based on a points-system. So they still may pull ahead. But I'm sure he loathes the way his first match after two years went.

I LOVE KATIE. At first I portrayed her as a bubblier character--I'm not sure why. But I doubt that Oliver could have spent roughly ten years pining after somebody, and dating them off-and-on, if she was chirpy and bright.

Oh, yeah. The Weird Sisters thing happened to me once. It was a small-time local band that I saw, but I thought the lead singer winked at me at one point. But I was just standing in front of his girlfriend... Merp.

Thank you so much for your comment about the Quidditch! It really was a struggle to write (hence me procrastinating over the past few months instead of actually updating.)


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