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Review #26, by Penelope Inkwell Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

22nd July 2015:
Oooh. I like this! First off, I'm really feeling the post-grad, pre-proper-adult despair. I may not be 26 yet, but I can relate. Second, you do a good job with description--I feel like I can really picture the pub and the people in it. Edie and her friends are amusing and realistic. But I certainly don't envy them their headache in the morning.

A very good first chapter.


Author's Response: OOOoooOoOoh! A new reader! Welcome! ♥

I'm so glad to hear that you can relate to Edie. That's why I started writing this fic in the first place, honestly. I was struggling with post-grad lack of purpose and straddling the line between real world adult and college student. It was something I hadn't seen explored on HPFF (not to say that it hasn't been; I honestly just didn't stumble across it) and I wanted to give readers a sense that it's okay to be floundering. It's unfortunate but it happens. And ideally it ends at some point?? Haven't landed the Dream Job yet myself, but maybe I'm still stuck in Edie's shoes?

Anyway, thank you very much for the review! I hope you enjoy the story :)

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Review #27, by nott theodore Just Edie

16th July 2015:
Ah, just one more chapter left to go and I'm all caught up now, which is more reviewing in one day than I've probably done in the last few months so I should say thank you to you for that!

There's a lot of suspense in this chapter, mostly because I want to know what's going to happen with Oliver and Edie but I suppose I can wait for that for a bit now and be content with this chapter. It wasn't quite as heart-breaking as I was fearing it would be and there's hope still, so I'm happy!

I think you handled the skip forward in time of several months really smoothly. It didn't feel jarring at all and that often seems to happen, but I loved the way that you moved forward and put Edie in an event where we got to see the majority of the cast here too, and find out what they've all been doing in the time that's passed since the last chapter.

It's great to see that Edie's got a proper job (mostly) now, and she's freelancing and working for different papers on articles that don't really compromise her ethics in the same way. Although I kind of think she could be a little more stringent on some of the ethics, like the making up quotes things, but in the grand scheme of things, after everything else she's done, I'm going to let it slide.

Ah, so Dean and Edie gave it a go for a couple of awkward weeks! The thought did cross my mind after the last chapter, to be honest - whether Dean would get a chance now. In a way, I'm glad that it didn't work out and that they've tried it because I think Dean will be able to move on with things more easily too, and he clearly seems to have found someone else, at least for now, so that's good! And Edie's family are being Edie's family and Seamus is having fun and it's so nice to see them all doing well :)

Hahaha, I loved the part with Justin and Lisa - the way that they've always been this perfect couple and two people who know what they're doing in life, especially compared to Edie, and now they have a baby and very little sleep and are suffering the trials of early parenthood. I also liked the way that Edie thought about it, not wanting to get that involved - she's not anywhere near that yet and I definitely get that weird feeling when your friends and people your age start having children and you don't really know how to react around them :P It was kind of nice to see Lisa and Justin not being quite so perfect though - parenting puts people on a much leveller playing field :P

And Oliver. I'm so intrigued that he paid that money to the FGC and I really can't work out if he did that in some way because of Edie or just because he supported the cause in some way. (It's so cool that she's working there too, now). His letter was quite stand-offish though so I really don't know what to expect and even though I have hope for the epilogue, I am still rather apprehensive, after what you've put us through in recent chapters.

It was great to see Rose in this chapter too, and she seems like such a good fit to be going out with Conor and to have taken the job that was offered with Edie. I knew that she would, as she said, land on her feet, so it's nice to see that she did and that she and Edie are still maintaining a kind-of friendship!

(Also the heat - I totally feel that right now. English and living in Spain over the summer and it's about 20 degrees hotter on a daily basis than the hottest it gets back home over summer... I sympathise entirely with those grumpy people in the line :P)

I couldn't help but laugh at Edie's journey back to Hogsmeade (I love the fact that Oliver's now a flying teacher there, by the way!) was so disastrous - it's just her luck, really. But I really loved the sense of nostalgia and of going back to something that she's once known so well - only she finds out that she's a tourist there now and doesn't belong there. She's had to move on and her place isn't at Hogwarts now; it's always weird when we hit that realisation, that we don't belong in certain places or with certain people because of the way things have changed. I'm hoping that's not foreshadowing what's going to happen between Oliver and Edie, though, and that you're not going to say that they've moved too far on and can't go back now because they no longer belong together.


This is also completely random but I love the fact that Edie's Patronus was a hedgehog. It just seems such a 'Puff-y animal (in the best way possible!) and suits her so well.

I'm really looking forward to the next (and final!) chapter of this story and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for Oliver and Edie now! I took a sneak peek at some of the other reviews and saw that you were hoping to finish this by the end of the month, so I'll make sure I keep checking back!

Sian :)

Author's Response: *arrives 3 months late with a Starbucks*

I am not worthy.

Ahhh I am so glad to hear that the catch-up scene went smoothly. I can't remember what my original idea was but it just felt like SUCH an information-dump. Especially after so many people (very wisely and helpfully) commented that the first chapter of this fic is just WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION AT ONCE. Like I don't even know how to begin editing that and honestly the first four-five chapters probably need to be rewritten entirely, but there's no time. Anyway, a group scene seemed the best way to introduce everyone six months down the road from when we last saw them, so I'm glad it worked out well.

loling at "in the grand scheme of things she's done" letting Edie's fake quotations slide. I have achieved my ideal OC if everyone is like "Well this isn't the WORST you've done, so..." Seriously, this makes me so *u*

Dean and Edie trying out a relationship was something I struggled with from the beginning. It was just a train wreck waiting to happen, and I was really against it for a long time. In the end I decided to include it in the plot because, while I could see that it was a terrible decision, obviously Edie couldn't. Plus trying to put myself in the place of *finally* being with Oliver after everything, and then her (accidental) reckless behavior just totally ruining that. So continuing the reckless behavior, this time intentional, seemed the next logical step. I would love to write some little asides of how Edie and Dean's little tryst went horribly, but that's for a rainy day.

Hah! Yeah, I got a lot of satisfaction out of Lisa and Justin's difficulties with parenting. Especially Justin's, because he's just such a twit (but I love him.) That's actually another thing I would like to write an aside about--Justin dealing with the latter stages of Lisa's pregnancy, and owling Oliver to meet for a beer, and Oliver being surprised but having just broken up with Edie and dealing with the press about Ada and his parents, being happy to meet up. The two of them sitting in this totally dingy pub in the middle of nowhere--like, HOURS from London, Justin needed a break so bad--and just talking about how stressful everything's been in both of their lives.

Welp I guess I just wrote it, but you get it :)

I actually wrote about the heat because of the "heat wave" that was happening there over the past summer. (It was also hot here, but whatever.) Good for you for braving the 20 degree difference like a champ! That sounds pretty rough... But thanks for the story inspo, weather!

I'm glad you like Oliver as the flying instructor! Initially I'd planned on him taking over for Deverill, and Katie just being the sweetest and stepping down so that he could take the position. But after everything that happened with Ada, and the strain that it undoubtedly put on their relationship, I think he would want to make an effort to be closer with her (physically and relationship-wise.) Plus how adorable would Oliver be, trying to be patient with a bunch of 11 year-olds who just, like, CANNOT get the hang of flying. He'd be quietly muttering " that's... that's not right but--but good try!" And all the while he's internally screaming "IT'S JUST A BLOODY BROOM, FIGURE IT OUT!"

Hedgehog patronus 4 lyfe!!!

♥ ♥ I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO RESPOND ♥ ♥ Real life has been hectic, in a very awesome way, but I've been neglecting HPFF in ways I've never wanted to. Seriously, thank you so much for these thoughtful reviews. I can't thank you enough, really!

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Review #28, by nott theodore Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

16th July 2015:
But, but...

I don't actually know where to start with this chapter. There's so much happening and I'm still processing it all and I kind of feel like my fingers are being pulled in five directions at once because I want to talk about it all.


There we go, I said it. I think you're having a little bit too much fun torturing your readers with the things that are happening in this story right now and if there's only two chapters left, I've not got much hope for Oliver and Edie reconciling properly :( But I'm still going to trust you, just a little bit :P

Ah, I was so proud of Edie here. So proud! You had me worried again but Edie is growing and maturing and learning a lot of important lessons and she turned down the job offer, yay! I'm so glad that she did that because I'd have been so frustrated with her if she'd have fallen into the same trap yet again, and it really doesn't feel like this sort of journalism is meant for her because she's not going to get through it without hurting people, and I honestly don't think that's the sort of person that she really wants to be.

It was awesome to see you bringing storylines from the beginning of the story back in here, and seeing Edie go to the rally to free Grimma Longfinger - and Dean appeared! It was only a brief and very awkward appearance, but he was there and that's the worst meeting over with so I'm hoping that in the future they can move past it, a little bit at least, even if things won't be the same between them again. And haha, Seamus hiding because he doesn't want to be on a different side :P

That phone call. Seriously, what are you trying to do to us? I was panicking so much and I felt almost as bad as Edie did, I swear.

I loved seeing Lisa again ♥ That girl is amazing and I was glad that she told the truth and said she'd been annoyed with Edie for what she did to Rose, because, let's face it, what both she AND Oliver did (and him especially, since he was fake-dating Rose) was wrong and mean and Edie deserves someone who'll tell her that when she can't see it herself.

Oh, the scene with Oliver. So many feels right there. I was so sad to see him injured the way that he was and the fact that he may never play Quidditch again is really worrying. I can completely understand why he doesn't want to see Edie there, especially when he's worried about Ada and not being able to protect his little sister, and facing the fact he may have just lost the rest of his career, but it still broke my heart a little bit. I wanted something to go right between them and I'm getting nervous for the end of this story, now.

Ah, Edie's realisation at the end of the chapter was sad too - that she was the villain in her own story. I don't think that's exactly true but I can't deny that she isn't the best sort of person. She makes a lot of mistakes and has a lot of flaws and is only just beginning to make sense of a lot of things, but at the same time I think that makes her even more likeable and makes me root for her more, now that she's finally realising and working things out. She's much more realistic and believable this way. Yes, she's an adult, but being an adult is hard and the expectation that everyone's going to have it together just a few years after leaving school is so unrealistic and silly and Edie really shows that there are people who struggle and for those people that do, they aren't on their own. Now that she's finally realising she can't avoid things in her own life, I think she's going to make a lot of progress. I just don't want it to be her on her own, even if it's better for her to concentrate on herself right now :(

I'm going to head on and read the final chapter you've got posted and then anxiously wait for the epilogue and hope you don't break my heart entirely with this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, I know, I'm not being very nice to anyone, am I?? I suppose this is the more dramatic end of the way everything goes wrong for Edie all the time. Sure she loses her job and her flat and all, but I can't just stop THERE, I have to make her COMPLETELY MISERABLE. >:3

Yeah, Lisa was definitely the voice of reason that Edie needed to hear! I have personally never understood why friends sugarcoat things to one another; especially your very best friend in the world. They're the one person you feel like you can listen to and trust--they should totally call you out when you're being a jerk, and accidentally-ish cheating with somebody. I think honestly that's a reason why Edie and Lisa have drifted apart; because Edie knows that Lisa is honest, and will tell her when she's being a dummy, and Edie has been a pretty big dummy since she's graduated Hogwarts.

Ohhh the injury! I wanted to talk about this. I've been listening to a lot of talk radio (lolz) about the atrocities of US football, and how we as a culture put so much value in a game wherein 1/3 of the players suffer from brain damage and even death. There are a lot of interesting issues there (especially race-related issues) but I kind of wish I'd explored it even more in this fic. But, y'know, when I started this thing THREE YEARS AGO I wasn't really aware of this problem. Still, portraying Oliver as a kind of puppet at the beck and call of the Wizarding sports entertainment industry, and balancing that with his love for the game and whether or not he's really in Quidditch for himself, would have been cool...

Alas. Maybe if I re-write this another 3 years down the road.

I wrote that line, "I'm the villain of my own story," when I very first started planning out this fic. I like getting to finally write those scenes out because it's like passing a major milestone! So you're right--Edie isn't really the worst person to blame (I still stand by my argument that her outing Oliver for Ada was an accident, however tragic the results) but I'm sure she feels more than rotten enough. I just wanted everything to really catch up with her somehow, since she's been so quick to blame everyone else for her mistakes. And oh, it has.

Thank you again, so much, for these very thoughtful reviews! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to respond--I honestly think they were so well-written that I was intimidated to start! (That and, well, life happening.) Sincerely, thank you thank you thank you ♥

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Review #29, by nott theodore Happy New Year?

16th July 2015:

Please, do you think you could just, for one second, stop torturing your readers? Because we're still here and sticking with you and all of these emotions and feels are too much right now. I can't deal with much more getting in the way of Edie and Oliver - I'm going to have to trust to the fact that this is fluff and pray it's going to have a happy ending!

Ah, the saving grace of this chapter - Seamus! I loved seeing him back and them getting back on track with their friendship, and his exuberant happiness was just the right way to start this chapter. It's been far too long since we really got to see him and Edie just spending some time together and hanging out and catching up and stuff.

It's kind of sad that Edie's not able to hang around with Dean as much anymore, but having experienced the awkwardness of that sort of situation myself, I can definitely understand why neither of them are getting in touch and don't really want to talk about it, since it would make them far too uncomfortable. Best just to avoid it and pretend it didn't happen (well, probably not, but when you find a better way, let me know :P)

And Seamus in an Auror, yay! I loved the fact that it had taken him quite a while to get there (compared to other stories, which have people as fully-trained Aurors at the age of 19) and his celebrations.

I was just like :O when Oliver denied that Edie was his girlfriend. I really couldn't work out what had gone wrong at first, and I should have figured it out way sooner because you've been laying the potential for that one out for a long time but it never even crossed my mind! I can't believe they did that, and what is Oliver doing and no.

(I don't have many coherent thoughts on this part, clearly. I'm sorry about that.)

I can't believe Ward printed the article anyway - I thought he was a relatively nice guy, for the people who worked there! And they were just setting her up all along and got the story out of her and knew they could post it. And even though she wrote it for herself to kind of affirm her decision it's all gone wrong and now I'm sad and can't write a review properly.

The one thing I'm glad about here is that it wasn't Rose. After everything, I felt like we were going to get a different side to Rose here and I'm glad we did because she's surprised Edie in the person that she is. The two of them sort-of bonding on New Year's Eve over their broken hearts ♥

Wait, what is Oliver doing in the bar? And with another girl? If he's actually kissing her (and I'm still holding out hope that he doesn't, because Edie doesn't actually see it) then I'm going to be so annoyed at him for stooping so low, even if I can understand it when he thinks Edie's betrayed him.

Ah, it's just so complicated and messed up and if there's only three chapters left I have no idea how you're going to tie all of this up and make it happy. But please, for my sake, give them a little bit of happiness?

Sian :)

Author's Response: Eek I saw the last sentence of your previous review, that was something like, "Everything seems to be going well!" And I just felt bad, haha. No. Things cannot go well. I just can't let them.

SEAMUS! I've already mentioned this, but I was having serious writers' block, like started the chapter out in so many different ways with different scenes and stuff, and nothing felt right until I just had a good old fashioned Edie/Seamus hang time. Plus it was a nice balance to all the ANGST lately.

This probably sounds weird, but I'm...glad...? that so many readers have experienced the awkward friendship and unrequited love situation. Obviously it's no picnic. But I know it's such a trope that I was very worried about including it, but one of my absolute very best friends and I have kind of drifted apart because of the same reason. (He's getting married in September, which is great, and she's lovely, and it's kind of patched itself over, but it won't go back to the way it was.) It's nice to know that it happens in real life enough that maybe Dean and Edie doesn't seem far-fetched.

Basically I like to know that my readers are going through ANGST.

(Not really, I hope you are very well! Thank you for reading!)

I feel like Oliver saying "She's not my girlfriend" would have just been such a slap in the face. Like, he didn't speak to her for days, and oblivious Edie was just like "Oh he's probably busy with Quidditch! Tra la la la things are going so well, aren't they?" I just couldn't let them have a private conversation about it. I had to embarrass her. You may have noticed that humiliating Edie is my favorite thing in the world. And this time, the press was around for it! At least, thanks to Seamus, they think her name is Mimi Baskerville...

WARD, YOU SNAKE IN THE GRASS. I honestly hadn't planned on it being him that did it until very close to actually writing the scene. I didn't want it to be Rose; it felt too Woman vs. Woman which, um, no. Theo already had his moment to be a jerk, and Blakeslee wouldn't even stoop so low, so the option was very clear to me (unless I wanted to bring old Mildred back.) Plus he seemed so dumb that it would have been such a shock, I hoped!

Rose standing up for Edie, and walking out on her job, was probably my favorite thing that's happened in a while. Edie is decent(-ish) at standing up for herself, but she lacks tact when she's upset. Obviously showing up to work, waving a wand around, sobbing and threatening coworkers is not tactful. But there was a certain coolness to Rose's "I'LL take her outside," followed by a silent, "you idiot," that was just like *punches the air* YEAH ROSE. Tell 'em.

I think I'm gonna change the name of this chapter to Bitter Hearts Club. ;) Rose/Edie forever.

I might as well just say, because it isn't important to the plot, but no--he didn't kiss another girl. Sad-brain-Edie imagined it. I picture the girl to be a friend of his teammate, and she kind of latched on to Oliver (possibly because news already got out of his CeLeBrItY bReAkUp) and he's just politely humoring her and letting her walk around with him. He probably just wants to be home in a pit of ANGRY OLIVER ANGST, but I'd imagine Ada is off sipping cocoa at a friend's house, with tons of other girls, and Oliver knows better than to be alone. So he didn't kiss her--but in Edie's opinion he might as well have.

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Review #30, by nott theodore A King on Her Throne

16th July 2015:
Ah, this was such a great chapter! ♥ I really enjoyed reading it and I'm so glad that things are out in the open now and we've had (most of? all?) the big reveals in this story, because I feel like the characters can really move forward from here.

The Christmas scene was sweet (although kind of weird to be reading it in the middle of July in bright sunshine and 35+C) and it was sweet that both of their gifts to each other were so thoughtful!

YES EDIE. I was so happy with her in this chapter that a big part of me actually wanted to shout that at the screen, since she is finally growing up and maturing and thinking about her decisions in a different way. I just felt so proud of her and even after some of the really mean and bad things she's done in this story, it feels like she is finally growing up and learning her lessons. There was so much revealed in this chapter that I think she's going to have a lot of things to think about in the future, especially reevaluating her relationships with certain people!

I don't think that Edie would ever have been able to avoid this choice, between Oliver and the job, from the point that she saw past him and realised he was a person as well and not just a Quidditch star who was arrogant and rude and had a lot of money. All the same, I was worried about what she was going to do. Like I said in my last review, I don't think that she should necessarily be leaving Witch Weekly for Oliver, but in the end he wasn't the reason. The reason was because she didn't want to be the sort of person who betrayed the trust of someone she was close to, and she could have found a job better suited to her.

I did understand Blakeslee's points, in a way, though. It was kind of malicious of her to call Edie in just to make her tell her what she already knew, and to have the satisfaction of making her resign, but I do see where she's coming from in the fact that men wouldn't be treated so harshly for writing the same sorts of articles that Edie has been doing. I won't go off on a rant about that, but I will say that I loved your chapter title for this and it fit perfectly!

And wow, that reveal. Now I'm even gladder that Edie didn't write the article about Oliver and spill everything, and I totally understand where he's coming from in wanting to protect Ada from everything he can and wanting to tell her himself when he's ready to. That's a massive thing to have hidden from people and even if he didn't donate to the children's ward, he was trying to make sure he made up for what he'd done and took care of his sister, which is also really important. It's sweet that she means so much to him and though it's sad he's had to learn about all this the hard way, I am proud of him for it. And the fact that he's willing to share it all with Edie really says a lot.

The ending had me worried for a moment, I'm not going to lie :P I was worried that Edie had changed her mind but it seemed to fit so well, because her writing that article was cathartic and she'd really affirmed her decision with it. I'm excited to see where they're going to go from here!

Sian :)

Author's Response: *Stretches*

*Cracks knuckles*

Alright, moving on to your next perfect wonderful review, and hoping that my response does it justice.

Oh god, I am honestly such a slow writer (IT HAS OFFICIALLY TAKEN ME THREE YEARS TO FINISH THIS STORY AND IT IS STILL NOT DONE) that when I had originally planned out/written this chapter, it was during Christmastime. So creating the plot was very easy, but by the time I got around to writing it, yes it was very difficult! I was so sick of holiday nonsense by then, haha!

Yes, yes, exactly. The Big Moment when Edie reveals that she is going to quit, and not write the final article, isn't the moment when she realizes she's in love with Oliver. In fact, she specifically says something like "We aren't running off to the altar by any means. I wouldn't even consider him my boyfriend." That was always something that I thought was SO WEIRD about these kinds of stories and movies--I'm sorry that I keep referencing 27 Dresses but it's the one I keep thinking of. Characters who go from hating each other, to falling in "love," but the whole time they've spent approximately 2 days together, and then one of them QUITS THEIR CAREER FOR THIS BASICALLY-STRANGER PERSON LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS. I always thought that was hard to believe, not to mention CRAZY. Like, why would you do that??? How long did you go to school to land this job? And you're throwing it away for someone whose middle name you don't even know?? Do you KNOW how bad the economy is??!!?


Anyway, the point was not Edie giving up her job because she realized that she loved Oliver. The point was that she realized journalism--at least the type of journalism careers available to her--weren't helping her become a better person. The next few chapters go into that deeper, and I won't say too much here, but it's certainly not about choosing love over a job. It's about realizing your job is creating a toxic environment.

Ugh, I wish I had ages and ages and ages to just add on to this story. (Originally I thought this would be a rambling 40-chapter behemoth--that's why the plot is so up-and-down, roller coaster like.) I would LOVE to explore Oliver and Ada, especially super awkward Hogwarts-era Oliver having to deal with a tiny baby sister and then when he first came onto the Quidditch scene. Can you imagine? Being around all of that SPORTS DRINK SPEED SWEAT QUIDDITCH MANLY DUDES AND WOMEN TEAMMATES WHO ARE PROBABLY HARASSED IN MANY WAYS LET'S GO DRINK BEER AFTER PRACTICE and then going home to, like, playing dolls with his sister?


Maybe there's a one-shot there somewhere. I just can't leave it alone.

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Review #31, by nott theodore The Unfortunate Truth

16th July 2015:
Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I feel like I shouldn't have said anything in my last review now because I knew that things couldn't go as smoothly as I hoped they would for Oliver and Edie and now I've been proved right.

Okay, so it's been a while since I read this story and I probably should have read back over the few chapters that came before the last one, but I completely forgot that Oliver was still with Rose and now I feel so awful for her! Because even if she and Oliver were only fake-dating - which they clearly weren't, in her mind - it's still cheating on someone, or being willing to cheat on someone, and I find that hard to agree with. Don't get me wrong, I really want Edie and Oliver to be together - or at least, try to be together - but I kind of felt like they could have waited. And told Rose way earlier than they did instead of going out of the restaurant together when Oliver and Rose were officially on a date. That was low and mean, and even though at the start of this story I never thought I'd have felt sorry for Rose, I did find myself feeling sorry for her here.

Seeing how unhappy and low she is at the start of the chapter made me feel bad, but I kind of felt like both Edie and Oliver were finding excuses for him not having told her yet because it was easier for him not to have told her. And then, if that's not enough, it gets turned around even more so Rose is going to lose her job for fake-dating someone that Edie is actually dating. Ah, this is all so complicated and messed up and I'm really intrigued to see how this all turns out.

I'm so glad that Edie can't just have everything on a plate though - everything is going to go right for her all at once, and that's really realistic to be honest, especially in the situation that she's been in. So now she has to make the choice between her job and Oliver - and, given what happened later in this chapter, that choice might be made for her or have to come even sooner than she thought.

I don't think that Edie should give up her job for Oliver. But at the same time, I don't think that Edie should be doing that job in the first place, particularly when she doesn't see any point in the magazine and its contents and openly mocks it. I kind of think she's confusing the idea of having a job in the same industry (vaguely) as being on her way to making it as a journalist, and while I know what it's like to be desperate for a job and want to be able to pay your way, there's a point that she's going to have to make a decision.

And ooh, it was Theo! I definitely didn't see that one coming - I thought it might have been someone close to Oliver or Edie who'd set it up, to be honest, but with everything else that's happened since I'd kind of forgotten about it and that I was meant to be trying to find out who it was :P But it was Theo! And even though it's horrible, I kind of have to agree with him - Edie has done horrible things for money (and not for money too) and she isn't exactly any better than he is. I kind of think she needs to rethink her friendships, though - Lisa is the only one who she's got a really stable relationship with (I hope!). I'm really looking forward to the next chapter (definitely need to keep these reviews shorter so I can read quicker - sorry for rambling!)

Sian :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, PLEASE forgive this pathetically late reply! I've been without internet for almost a month (GAH!) and it has seriously taken a toll on my HPFF-ing. But now I am here, and ready to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, so much! ♥

Rose! While I am 1000% here for fanfiction tropes (who am I kidding, this fic is full of them) I didn't want one of them to be the idea of the Love Interest (Oliver) dating the Clearly Wrong For Them Person (Rose), while poor Edie suffers away whining "If he could only see!" I think Edie was too full of herself/too busy being grumpy with the way Oliver treated her (or the way she *thought* he treated her) to even consider "Why didn't he pick me?" We see it a bit with this chapter, where she worries that Oliver is going to pity now-heartbroken Rose, and not want to end things. But I think that's Edie's vanity talking again, more than anything. Rose ended up not being great for Oliver; obviously he's interested in someone else. But she wasn't a terrible, cheating, disrespectful girlfriend who is solely there to move the plot along and to put the MC in a flattering light.

What I'm trying to say is that I feel bad for Rose too!

Yes, they totally could have waited. And also--THANK YOU for saying "they." I know Edie has sucked through a lot of this fic (most times purposefully... I think I'm a bit of a jerk sometimes too because I was like "orly was that a mean thing she did i didn't even notice") but I think a lot of readers have failed to recognize that Oliver is no knight in shining armor either. The whole story with Ada has made him seem very saint-like, but let's not forget his terrible secret of almost losing her due to his dependency on alcohol, and the way he wasn't a good guardian. Not to mention the fact that he was pursuing Edie the entire time he was with Rose!

Obvi I love Oliver Wood, but thank you for recognizing that he is not the only flawed one! (Edie, you can come down from the tree you're hiding in now.)

YOU GET ALL THE BROWNIE POINTS. The predicament Edie is in with her job and Oliver isn't as simple as wanting both, but having to give one up for the other. (Again, a little boring, eh?) (Again, there are similar themes here obviously, back to what I was saying about this fic being full of those tropes.) A big part of this story is her realizing that the Dream Job she's been chasing may not be what she'd imagined. I wanted to talk about adapting to the life you've been handed, and that not ending up being a ballerina like you wanted to be when you were little isn't a terrible thing. Life is very, very messy. You just have to *puts on shades* keep calm and carry on.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry I'm trash I'm sorry that was terrible

Thank you so much for your reviews!!! On to the next ♥♥

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Review #32, by nott theodore And What a Mess It's Been

16th July 2015:
Hi! Ah, I'm so far behind with reading and reviewing fic at all and I'm slowly trying to catch up here but I hadn't realised you'd got so many chapters ahead of me, so I'm trying to stop by - these reviews will probably be a bit shorter than my usual ones so that I can actually catch up, though!

Ah, Edie and Oliver ♥ I really have missed reading about the two of them and so much happened in this chapter that it was really great to read and I'm just smiling so happily right now. Seeing the amount of chapters that are left, I can't help but be a little suspicious that they're going to come up against another stumbling block or something's going to go wrong, but with this chapter I'm trying to silence that voice and just enjoy all the fluff!

Haha, one thing I loved about this chapter was the way that it was just so typically Edie - like there are so many things happening that would only happen to her, but even so, she's dealing with them in a different way now to how she would have done at the beginning of the story, and it's awesome to see her make that much progress and mature and grow!

Ada is awesome - I love how blunt she is and the way that she's just not fooled by anything, and even a little protective of Oliver, to be honest. She's just so cute and her behaviour definitely seems to fit with the sort of relationship she and Oliver have, as the only family each of them has in the world.

I was really glad to see Oliver taking care of Edie though, and making sure she sobered up and not taking advantage. Not that it would have been taking advantage, exactly, but I think for the two of them to progress it was just different that they were both able to think about things properly and talk things through.

AHA! He knew about the articles! I thought he would have read them, to be honest - I mean, if someone had written articles like that about me, I don't think I'd have been able to stop myself from reading them, and it's kind of cute that he lied about it because he felt that he and Edie could have something more. And I'm so glad that it wasn't blown into a really big thing that got in the way again, and they were able to actually talk instead of just shouting at each other.

Even though you apparently didn't intend to write the rest of the scenes in this chapter, you did a great job of writing them. I couldn't help giggling at Oliver finding the magazine, though, especially since Edie has an actual reason for it being there but, of course, it doesn't seem like it :P And I loved the detail about the airbrushing charms, too!

Haha, only at Edie's house would all the family just saunter into her room and be completely calm and collected about the situation, even her stepdad :P I'm not surprised that Oliver was so pale and nervous about it because any guy would be, confronted by a whole family of people the next morning, but it was sweet to see him invited to breakfast with them!

I'm looking forward to the next chapters - I just hope my sense of foreboding is wrong and nothing is going to go wrong for the two of them!

Sian :)

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH YOU ARE THE GREATEST, and I am such a jerk for taking this long to respond!! Seriously I checked HPFF at work on my break, and my jaw dropped because I had ~so many long, exciting, wonderful reviews~ to read!

As you know by now, you are correct in thinking they will come up against another stumbling block, haha. I just can't let them have it easy. Also I imagined this story to be much longer before I started writing it (like a ridiculous rambling 40+ chapters) because I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any committed readers, and then when people started paying attention to it I was like "WELP guess I have to make this at least somewhat concise." So I'm shoving in all the drama in a shorter span of time... Hence the constant rollercoaster between Edie and Oliver!

Yes, I'm glad that Edie becoming more of an adult is coming across clearly. I think if I ever do some SERIOUS EDITS to this story, it'll take place over a longer period of time. Not sure how that would work with the articles (maybe tone it down to one, longer, article researched over a six-month period, and Oliver ends up reading her notes or drafts? Instead of reading the first two? I have no idea.) Anyway, she's changed a lot--especially for a story that takes place over a matter of a few months!

Ada! I *really* didn't want Ada to be an "adorable little child" who would fawn over Edie and be the thing that brings her and Oliver together. It just didn't sit right. I really wanted her to straight up hate Edie, actually, with the way that Edie's luck is. But exploring their relationship and resolution of Ada's dislike would have added another element to this already very long and jam-packed story.

I originally had Edie thanking Oliver for not "taking advantage" of her, because I wanted to throw a lil more commentary in there, as it fell like it's been lacking lately. But I felt it would have appeared that Edie almost expected him to take advantage of her; and I didn't want readers to be like "Wow Oliver is such a good guy for not taking advantage of a drunk girl, what a gentleman." Like, you shouldn't thank someone for being a decent human being and not doing that. So. But yes! It did happen that way, just hopefully less in-your-face ;)

YES I know, I would be the worst celebrity ever, because I would Google myself and read everything anyone said about me and just fall into a pit of despair. Oliver is good at distancing himself from being a "star athlete," as we've seen, but he of course wants to know what Edie had to say about him. He put it off for long enough, and then after she made him lose the match, he had to ask himself a lot of questions about why this person was *still* on his mind so much that she partially caused him to miss a block--and Quidditch is really important to him (Idk if you've heard. Ha.) Anyway, he realized he needed to have a clear concept of what was going on with the articles, and what her agenda really was, and that's when he read them, and was like 'Welp you suck Edie, never talking to you again." And obviously that didn't work out, but yes.

Ahaha the airbrushing was partially a reaction to using Jamie Dornan as Oliver's FC. He's absolutely gorgeous but I don't picture Oliver to look *exactly* like him, especially not when he's all made-up and in Model Mode. I think I mention Oliver having a crooked nose after breaking it one too many times, and that he doesn't have Jamie Dornan's "golden torso" or whatever people are saying. I dunno. It wasn't entirely important to the story, but I've been feeling "eh" about using Pretty People as my FCs because I don't imagine Oliver to be as stunning as Jamie Dornan. Or Edie to be as gorgeous as Karen Gillan.

Thank you so so much, again, Sian! I've reread these reviews of yours so many times and can't wait to respond to them ♥

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Review #33, by MalfoyMannor Just Edie

25th June 2015:
I can't believe that the end is the next chapter :(

I just started reading all of it today and I've grown attached to Edie and Oliver together even though they weren't really together for a long period of time.

Edie went through the denial of not liking Oliver and when she finally fixed it,they were only together for so little time :(

I'm just going to either be extremely heart broken next chapter or really happy :)
I kinda don't and do want the next chapter cause then I know.

to conclude the ramblings of myself I just wanted to say that I love this story, I love the imperfect love story it is, who really wants a perfect one :p
that Edie could be a relateable character if she wasnt't a witch :)

till next time (hopefully they get back together💕)



Author's Response: First of all, WHEN did we start getting to use emoji hearts on HPFF? ~~*~mystery and intrigue~*~~

I can't believe you beasted this whole story in a day! Every time somebody says that, I think A) Wow, flattering, thank you so much and B) Wow, you are really dedicated.

And you're right--Edie and Oliver really weren't together for long! I wish that I could have thought of a way to make this story cover a longer period of time (but I couldn't, with the three articles in three publications, unless I change Witch Weekly to a quarterly magazine, in which case who would want to read the same story four times over a year) But I'm glad that their connection seems authentic, however brief!

I just wrote the very last scene of this story, but still need to write the action leading up to it. I can say that, yes, you will indeed feel one of those two emotions you mentioned afterwards.

Yeah, who wants a perfect one? (You just actually paraphrased something from the next chapter, funnily enough!)

Thank you so much for all of your reviews! You're greatly appreciated. I hope to have this story finished by the end of July. Fingers crossed life calms down a bit between now and then!

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Review #34, by MalfoyMannor Happy New Year?

25th June 2015:
Congrats to Seamus :)

but why did you have to do that?you could have just given us pure fluff, but instead you have you've broken Ediver up :(

I hopefully read soon that you have patched things u between the two :) (trying to be optimistic here :)

it'a just both of them are just so made for each other especially with their tempers, sarcasm/humor they both have, and just the way they both are. what I just wrote is cliche but I love Ediver so why not.

but I also love drama to spice everything up cause where's the story if everyone lives happily ever after and gets what ever they want :)

I love the irony of it all though cause out of all the outcome to come out of this you made Edie & Rose frenemies. both of the gals both had their heart broken my dear old Oliver Wood

Author's Response: Yay Auror Seamus! I wrote this story before the news came out--or at least before I was aware--that in canon, all students who stayed to fight at the battle of Hogwarts were able to begin Auror training. But that's such a great little HP factoid. I just love it. And it works with this fic! I'd imagine that Seamus would have had difficulty with certain aspects of training, namely written tests. And spells--not blowing things up, at least.

Haha, yes, I *could* have given you pure fluff... It just didn't suit me though. And I will never tire of hearing people say that they ship Ediver, so don't worry about cliches ;)

YES. In the original plot outline, I had Edie spending New Year's with Lisa and catching up and all. But the whole point of her friendship with Lisa is that they were great pals when they were 12, and they have changed and grown in different directions while still trying to be a part of each others' lives. Lisa and Edie will always be best friends, but in many ways Edie and Rose have more things in common. Also this entire scene made me want to write an Edie/Rose crackship one-shot. I can't promise that this won't happen. They just need a ship name... Edie Lennox and Rose Zeller... Tough one.

Also I'll probably be changing the name of this chapter to Bitter Hearts' Club ;)

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Review #35, by MalfoyMannor And What a Mess It's Been

25th June 2015:
loved how everyone just came into Edie's room :P

Author's Response: I basically just said this verbetim but I just can't let them have a nice moment. It has to be horribly painful. :D

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Review #36, by MalfoyMannor The Opposite of Dreadful

25th June 2015:
best line ever :P :

"I think my ovaries are about to explode, so I quickly stand."

Author's Response: Hah! You know me--I can't write sexual tension comfortably so I make it nice and awkward with mention of exploding reproductive organs.

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Review #37, by MalfoyMannor Lessons in Chemistry

24th June 2015:
I hate ROSE !

it was Edie!! not Rose!!

I love this though :)

Author's Response: Hello, it is YOU, from Tumblr! ♥ ♥ ♥

I always get so nervous when somebody starts this fic from the beginning, because it was written two years ago and some of it makes me cringe... I'm very glad/relieved that you like it! Hehe.

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Review #38, by Raylis Nothin' but a Number

15th June 2015:
Surprisingly, the chapter name did NOT prepare me for the age reveal. I mean, what else could that phrase mean? but I just had no idea, lol! It's kinda hilarious though! Reminds me of when I was 19 and liked korean boys before I found out I actually only like women...but anyway...

Author's Response: Hehe, I was worried that the chapter title would give it all away! Also, for what it's worth, I plan on updating this story with the roles reversed; Jae is totally freaked out by the age difference and Edie is the one who's like "So... can I call you?" (Erm, owl you??) Just because, y'know. More embarrassing horribly uncomfortable moments for Edie make me happier.

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #39, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Just Edie

11th June 2015:
I read your response to my previous review and I suppose I should be angry with Oliver. But Iím not and itís not because heís cute but at least he grew up, worked hard and tried to redeem himself. Yes, cheating on Rose wasnít a shining moment and shouldnít be forgotten. Plus, he is a bit moody for my liking sometimes. He can clearly hold a grudge.

Ugh! Now youíve confused me. I donít know what to think/feel.

Some credit should be given to Edie, at least sheís trying to work through her issues and be a better person but sheís not there yet.

Looks like Iíll be making up quotations for the story again. No harm

Yes, harm! Weíve talked about this Edie. Integrity. The truth.

Dean and Edie had a thing? I really would have liked to see that crash and burn. Uh, I kind of wish it would have worked out though. I was always cheering for poor Dean. He seems happyish though. Obviously they canít be friends or good friends like they used to. Thatís why you never date your friends or the ones you put in the friend zone. Been there, done that. YIKES, was it bad.

Oliver was the reason she has a job? Well, what canít Oliver Wood do. I wonder if it was intentional or not. I feel like he would forgive Edie but I just donít know how this is going to end because it still seems heís a little standoffish. Maybe they arenít supposed to be with each other or maybe they need more time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder or something of the sort.

I think he misses her but the trust is broken between them. Maybe heís with someone else. Maybe he just wants to focus on his new career. Maybe nothing will happen between them and thatíll be that. Weíll be left with just Edie, going on along her way.

Or they will try to mend things. Sheíll tell him the true story but I think he will still be annoyed with the truth so maybe it doesnít happen right away.

Oh god, this is reminding me of that horrible Jennifer Aniston movie, The Break-Up. Itís a constant Ďwill they, wonít they,í and in the end they donít. Iím not saying that would be horrible but the suspense is killing me.

Author's Response: Hmm, fair enough--I can't force you to like my characters! I wanted them to be realistic more than likable, and of course *I* will always love them because they're mine (Okay obviously I did not create 98% of the cast of this fic, JKR did, but you know what I mean!) but I can't expect everyone else to :)

I thought about exploring the Dean and Edie thing. Maybe in one of my big edits to this story, there will be a chapter in-between this one and the previous one. But I wanted a quick 6-month jump without adding too terribly much onto the length, so this is what I came up with... I actually have considered writing some one-shot companion pieces exploring Dean and Edie, etc.

I was kinda rooting for Dean, too! Every time he got hurt in this fic I felt like kicking myself in the shin. He's really one of the kindest, loveliest characters that JKR came up with. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that he and Edie should be together. They really truly would not work out, I don't think... :c

(Ooof, I hope this doesn't remind you too much of a "terrible" movie!)

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Review #40, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

10th June 2015:
Iím back! I took a small break, not meaning to though, thanks to real life. Iíve been itching to read what happens next since this story is coming to a close.

But in an interview, youíre supposed to look twenty times more confident than you actually are, and I only smile brightly.

Iíve yet to master this. I suppose this is why I get rejected left and right and no one responds to my follow-up e-mails. Iím going to be a forever intern or work in retail for the rest of my life.

Sorry, Iím feeling some type of way. Ranty, thatís the way.

I blink back tears and rise to shake his hand, ďThank you so much,Ē I say. ďBut I have to decline your offer.Ē

YES! STICK TO YOUR GUNS, EDIE! MORALS. MORALS. MORALS. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE WANT YOU TO WRITE TRASHY PIECES AND BRING OTHERS DOWNÖReporters are supposed to write the ugly truth but they donít have to do it in such a way thatís vindictive or deliberately harming.

Suddenly, I realize it: I am the villain of my own story.

Well Iím glad youíre finally facing reality Edie. For the love ofÖshe completely deserves it. Iím not sorry. She never uses her brain. Case in point: missing that important owl (though she would have taken the job before if it was thrust upon her), writing the article when hello, magic exists and just being a plain dunderhead when it came to Oliver from the beginning. Sheís her own downfall. She is essentially a villain.

But I think there will be some redempetion for her in the end. Even if Ada was to read the story and find everything out I think she likes Edie. I think sheíd be okay with Edie and Oliver. Oliver has a lot of pride and anger. He had a lot to lose and he did lose some of it essentially but heís proven that he has come out stronger each and every time. Maybe Edie isnít for him but I do think she challenges him. She makes him relax a little more than he probably should.

Edie just needs to be an adult. She IS an adult but Ďadultingí isnít easy.

Heck, I know that to be too true.

Author's Response: Hello there! Glad to see you back around these parts, even if you are in a ranty way ;)

Yeah! Turning down the job at the Oracle was something I had been really excited to write. It's the point where she really truly turns over a new leaf and realizes that she isn't willing to do whatever it takes to get somewhere; she lacks a certain kind of conniving ambition. Deep down in there (very deep) there are some moral, somewhere.

Hahaha, wow, somebody doesn't like Edie very much! I totally agree with you that Edie is a very irresponsible person--especially her drinking habit, not paying rent on time and not checking her post. (I personally moved to a new apartment over two months ago and still have not set up a forwarding address, so I can relate.) But I am gonna defend her here, in a friendly debate, about what happened with the last article. I personally tend to be more forgiving of people as well, but I don't think that it's her fault that a story she NEVER intended anyone to see, ever, was published, because somebody went behind her back. It's like if you or I wrote a journal entry on our computer about a big dark secret we learned about somebody, and somebody came along and snooped around even though you tried to destroy the evidence, and then posted it online. Personally I don't see that as the writer's fault!

(Sidebar: the magic plot hole is so hard to avoid! Even in canon--couldn't they have just given Sirius Black veritaserum when he was on trial and not imprisoned him for a crime he didn't commit? Also the MARAUDERS MAP, like why didn't Fred and George think it was weird that Voldemort was walking around on top of professor Quirrel's head, or that Peter Pettigrew was sleeping in a bed with Ron, etc. etc. etc.)

But I do appreciate that you're fed up with her at this point. I would never consider this to be an insult. In fact, quite the opposite, because you aren't exactly complaining about my writing quality, huehuehue.

(Also, devil's advocate: why is nobody mad at Oliver for neglecting his toddler sister to go drinking, or physically forcing himself on Edie in the pub when he pretended to be Viktor Krum, or cheating on Rose? Probably because he is very cute, but still.)

Anyway, no hard feelings! Thank you so much for the review, I've been hoping you'd stop by again ♥ I just love opening up my writing for debate because I am an ~arrogant twit~ like that :)

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Review #41, by CatyCat Just Edie

4th June 2015:
I MUST KNOW HOW IT ENDS! My heart hurts for Edie, she and Oliver are literally perfect together. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE THEM A HAPPY ENDING!
Fabulous story though, I just read the whole thing in a day, great writing!
Xoxo Twitch

Author's Response: Ughhh I have the very ending ultimate last scene all perfectly aligned in my head. I just can't get to that point! Think I'm gonna try writing it first and see what happens. That usually helps. Thank you so much for taking the time to review! Feel free to check out the KC&CO blog while you're waiting for my slow-coming updates (link in my forums profile and on my author page!) ♥

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Review #42, by MidnightBlue_x Just Edie

1st June 2015:
I get so excited every time I see this is updated and then I get sad again because it's just you adding chapter images. I really hope we get that last chapter soonóI need to know what happens!

x Ely

Author's Response: Ha, yeah, I'll bet that's a bummer. In the meantime, feel free to leave some feedback with your thoughts on plot, character development, sentence structure or anything that could use a little fine-tuning! That update is coming, promise. ♥

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Review #43, by greenbirds Happy New Year?

31st May 2015:
ďLovely girl. Deported, Iím afraid."
i'm not exaggerating, i spat out my green tea at that. hilarious, and also, green tea is gross, i don't know why i'm still upholding my new year's resolution to replace coffee with it.
i've been following this story for ages, and i'm so embarrassed and ashamed it's taken me this long to review. there's truly no excuse, but as i'm re-reading it like it's a proper, paperback novel with a quote of recommendation from the times on the blurb i've decided that i simple HAVE to review, and to make up for a year of reading and not reviewing, i'm going to make sure it's extra extra long. you'll properly stop reading halfway through the waffle and jabber.
okaaay so no.1- edie. i know this is a romance flick but it's so edie's story. she is the greatest OC on this site, hands down. i am SO obsessed with her, especially when she used to be portrayed by kate nash who i ♥ (but karen gilliam's still fab fab fab). edie is the site's bridget jones, a perfect city girl fusion of taylor swift feminism, independence, intellect, morals and that whole "anything you can i do i can do wearing broken heels" mentality i so LOVE in her and is just so representative of the modern day woman. you don't try to make her out to be some perfect, high-flying sex and the city extra; she's her own person, perfectly 3d with flaws and qualities but also so, so relatable. edie is me, edie is my best friend, edie is amazing and empowered and omg, you could so have easily made an OC more along the typical mary-sues found in fanfiction because let's be real they're easy to write and easy to slip into plots but you HAVEN'T AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT. I ♥ EDIE.
moreover, i love love love seamus and dean and lisa and most of all i love ROSE! because again, you could have easily gone down the route of the two girls continuously fighting over oliver- you could have blamed it on rose over the corporation, but you didn't and them spending new year's eve together is so girl power, so bad blood music video so GREAT!! YESSS!! EX-GIRLFRIENDS COMING TOGETHER OVER A DRINK TO COMFORT ONE ANOTHER!!! THAT IS WHAT IM /TALKING/ ABOUT!!
okay sorry. i've calmed down a bit now.
seamus is hysterical. i love the way you've written him and i'm super critical over how people portray j.k rowling's characters in fanfiction but you've done it perfectly, brilliantly, YES ♥ idk what else to say but YES YES YES. i'm really upset that dean and edie have drifted apart over dean being- how was it phrased by seamus? "besotted?"- with edie, but i have confidence that they'll patch it up. maybe dean will find a new girl and they'll cry together and kiss and make up. to be honest, i'm more concerned over dean and edie making up than oliver which i can't really explain? idk.
so yeah- oliver. i can't describe how much i love oliver & edie and the way you've written the relationship between press and celebrity, work and personal life is admirable to put it /mildly/. argh! i am so upset at how they broke up because i honestly have NO idea how edie'll get him back! because this fic is so real, i truly have no idea if they'll even ever get back together, you know? like with some stories its like 'oh wow i wonder how they'll get back together after THAT' but with this i'm not even so sure if the upcoming chapters will even be an oliver/oc! like dude!
there's so much more to write and say, and i'm sure i'll get to it in upcoming reviews over the next few chapters.
you are so so talented, SO TALENTED. have you ever considered writing professionally? i've already compared this to bridget jones- and by default, you to helen fielding- and i honestly truly totally absolutely stand by that! you have so much potential outside hpff, and i would LOVE to read what you have to say outside the harry potter universe.

Author's Response: Yaaay I am a fan of Edie too! Hehe. It's nice that so many readers can relate to her. I wanted to create a realistic character, not only for the sake of her not being a Mary-Sue or what have you, but so that readers could relate to her and feel like they weren't alone in their awkward, impulsive, unsuccessful, broke, lost selves. Oh gosh, Karen Gillan. In my mind, Edie looks like if Kate Nash, Karen Gillan and Anna Friel all had a baby.

Edie is me, Edie is my best friend, Edie is amazing and empowered. OH MY GOSH STOP IT you're so sweet. That's such a great pull-quote, too, as you were mentioning a rave review from the "Times." If I ever become delusional enough to design a book cover, this is going on there ;)

I'm glad that peoples' opinions of Rose are changing, too! One problem that I had with writing this is that it all supposedly took place over 3-4 months--because of the way the interviews/WW issues were set up. Everyone has aged years and years, in such a short amount of time, and Rose is no exception. One thing to remember is that she's younger than Edie. She doesn't have a clear idea of who she is, and she's deeply insecure, hence her obsession with appearance and the limelight and putting others down. Edie may be wildly wrong in many of her actions and beliefs, but she's stubbornly herself. She has a pretty clear idea of who she is, even though she is deeply flawed. Rose doesn't. But quitting her job and sticking up for Edie in front of her boss was a HUGE development in her personality, and I am totally team Rose all the way! I've always loved to hate her but now I just love to love her.

(Sidenote, I am impressed with all of your Taylor Swift references! Hehehe ♥)

Ohhh gosh, writing all of the canon characters' personalities was really hard--I keep thinking "Oliver isn't like this in the books," and then I'm like, "Yeah, but the last we saw of him in the books, he was 17--13 years before this story takes place." So of *course* he's changed. He's still obsessive with things, and persistent--I mean can you think of any other reason why he didn't just give up on Edie after she was such a jerk for so long? Anyway, Seamus was another I was concerned with, because in several of the books he's so stubbornly, well, a jerk to Harry, and he's so happy-go-lucky here. I dunno, writing him this way just felt right. And did I mention extremely fun and satisfying?

Moving on to Ediver...

Their relationship is so easy for me to write, and I think that's a really good thing. I've written stories before and struggled to create dialogue, or really just any scene that didn't directly move the plot along, between two characters. But they just mesh and flow very well, to the point that all of my chapters that feature their interactions end up having to be split into two, because I just writewritewritewrite and suddenly there's just SO much fluff.

Thank you so so much for your feedback. I have indeed considered writing professionally; since I was a tot, actually, I wanted to be a writer. I majored in it in college (which is why I currently work in food services... ha.) I would love to turn KC&CO into original fiction, but I'm terrified of being recognized as a fic writer even though I've been doing it for 12+ years (I know, pretty dumb, eh?) Anyway, I would love to publish someday, and I'm trying to be more serious about it just in the last few weeks. As much as I have ideas for a KC&CO sequel in mind, it may be wisest to focus on some OF for a bit.

Then again, I really just want to write fanfic all day so we'll see.

Thank you so incredibly much for this review! I would love to hear your thoughts on the next two chapters (particularly the next one; it's lacking in the feedback department) but I'm just grateful that you've stuck around with this story.

Thank you again!

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Review #44, by Chicken addiction Just Edie

29th May 2015:

Author's Response: Strugglin'! But soon, my friend, soon.

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Review #45, by marauderfan Just Edie

27th May 2015:
Wow, so much has changed! Aah, I love that she's working for the FGC and doing freelance writing, I am so glad that things worked out so well and that she's doing the work she loves. I like that it's set up so that things may eventually return to somewhat-normal with Dean and Edie because I love their friendship :) but it's not an easy road and thats shown really well.

I also love that Rose and Edie are legit friends now. Rose was always an interesting character and had a lot in common with Edie in some ways, despite their differences, and its nice to see that they were able to become friends.

The part where she goes back to Hogwarts was so metaphorical of her journey over the whole story so far.So deep. I loved it. And omg I am on the edge of my seat waiting to know what will happen with Edie and Oliver. Anything could happen and I can't believe there is only one chapter left! I am so excited to know what happens but also not excited because then it will be over. It's a real dilemma. Aah! Anyway, this was a great chapter!! I love all the different themes and how well rounded this story is - it's so much more than a love story, its about finding who you are and growing up and there are so many things that go into that so I like how there were so many subplots, it made for a very rich story.

Excellent work!

Author's Response: Yes, things have finally worked out for Edie--at least in the employment department. I suppose she could have a big-shot journalism career writing about everything that interests her, but that didn't feel too realistic to me!

Dean and Edie will probably never go back to being completely normal, but they're at least talking now. Natalie is going to put a strain on things. Dean finding a new (and more compatible) love interest is really important and formative for their relationship. Edie will realize that Dean was only doing certain things for her (landing her an internship, for one) and being there for her all the time because he had feelings for her. I tried to allude to those weird, semi-jealous feelings that occur when someone who liked you unrequitedly finds a new love interest. Edie certainly doesn't have feelings for Dean, but he's being swept away much in the way that Lisa was by Justin. It sheds some light on how Dean's actions as her supposed best friend were really founded on sexual or romantic intentions, and not just friendship, which makes you feel super weird.

Yes, Rose and Edie are friends! It was important to me that this wasn't a Girl vs Girl fic--especially Girl vs Girl fighting over Boy. In a lot of ways Edie and Rose had more in common than Edie and Lisa. The former are both single (or before Conor at least), in to the nightlife scene, and writers. Lisa and Edie are meant to represent the friend you make when you're eleven, and who you grow in a different direction from. Even though Lisa and Edie will be best friends until the end of forever and always, they don't have a lot in common (unlike Rose and Edie!)

Hmmm, maybe this should become a Rose/Edie fic...

I'm so glad that this comes across as more than a love story. The second half of the fic, when Edie starts to have those ~*~fEeLiNgS~*~ for Oliver, definitely becomes more about their relationship. But it's definitely not The Most Important Thing in the story--nor is it in life!

Wow, all of my responses are kinda preachy, eh?

Thank you! ♥

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Review #46, by marauderfan Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

27th May 2015:
This was a great chapter and I love that Edie is really finding her passion in life even if it isn't clearly apparent to her yet - she's realised now that journalism isn't for her (and her declining that job was really unexpected but perfect and I'm glad she did), and she seems most invested in social activism and that's where she feels most connected and that she can make a difference. I could see her working for a Wizarding nonprofit org to create change, given her attention to the Female Goblin Coalition and how much the outcome of the rally means to her, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her eventually end up with a job concerning that sort of thing. Of course, as I myself know too well, sometimes the most interersting and meaningful work means you don't make much money, but it's worth it to do what you love!

I have so many feelings about Edie and Oliver and I can't decide whether they're going to make it in the end, as there's so few chapters left. Things are pretty messed up now and it's so complicated, but it seems to be just bad circumstance and it does feel realistic.

Edie continues to have the most hilarious comments about her unlucky life and unemployment. I laughed out loud both times it was mentioned that some sort of wayward food had materialised in her hair. :p

Off to read the next chapter now!!

Author's Response: Hey you!

I'm glad that Edie not being "What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up" sits well with most readers. *Quickly uses this as an excuse to talk about self* I studied Art History in school and have been trying so hard to get a job in an art museum ever since, but the more that I learn about general philosophies and practices in the Art World, the less I want to become part of it. (This is just me here.) Edie's undergoing the same thing. After the way that Theo and Mr. Ward treated her, Edie started to have second thoughts. Now, learning that the publication she thought was so above it all really *isn't* any better, she's realized that she had grandiose ideas about people and journalism that aren't necessarily true (at least in this story.)

Yes! You're just hitting the nail on the head, with the problem in Ediver's relationship being timing and circumstance. It's been a difficult dance because I didn't want it to seem like they randomly hated each other and then it turned into love. Stories about people at odds who fall for one another are so interesting, but I was hoping to approach it from a different angle.

Oh gosh, I know that after I went through a breakup I did *not* look cute. Same hoodie for days, bloodshot eyes and swollen face from crying--like people in my classes were staring at me. It was bad, but not so bad as having cheese in your hair ;)

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Review #47, by heartjily4ever Just Edie

20th May 2015:
this chapter is full of so many omigoshes for me. Dean and Edie dated? She's blonde? -or was blonde- and rose and connor fleming? Too much to throw at a girl in such a short space of time.

Ginger is back hurrah. I'm far too excited by this dog if I'm honest.

But most importantly communication between the two. Oliver and Edie spoke (even if by letter form) - oh and by the way you are once again very much amusing with your fantastic descriptions of the sweaty grumpy queuing man. Also hedgehog patronus is amazing (and adorable) and there is nothing wrong with them, if a little on the short and feeble side.

Cliffhanger kills me, i need to know what happens when she turns. i don't think i can wait till the nect chapter.I'm really hoping it means something good for them - god knows they need it.

I don't want there to only be one chapter, - your too amazing and so is this story for this. It's actually pretty sad but as much as I don't want the last chapter as I don't want it to end, I can't wait for an idea of the two of them actually meeting once more.

great chapter as usual

Author's Response: Agghh I know I tried so hard not to information-dump here. I know I totally did anyway. Some rigorous editing a few months down the road should fix that up. I wanted it to be kinda similar to the first chapter, serving to "introduce" characters in a crowded room. But I wanted it to be clear the difference that almost a year makes (I think a year??? the chronology of this fic is so messed up.)

I once chopped off all my hair into a pixie cut post breakup, and it ended up looking kinda awesome and I kept it for like 4+ years, but Edie's breakup hair didn't go so well. And she went blonde, ahaha.

Ginger = Dog-Dragon! Is Edie now totally a Mary-Sue because she has a magical companion creature? Hehehe.

I feel like a hedgehog is a pretty good Patronus for Edie because she's all defensive and prickly on the outside and actually pretty sensitive and weak on the inside. (Please do not think that I'm saying she has a "tough badass exterior but on the inside she's really a sweet caring girl.") She just thinks she's tougher than she is, and can only dish it out but not take it back... A hedgehog seemed like a decent animal metaphor. Plus they're pretty awkward little creatures.

I know exactly what you mean! I really really want to end this with one more chapter, but I have so many tiny little scenes fleshed out, with no idea of how to transition them, that I don't??? know??? if I can fit it all?? In just one chapter???

THIS STORY NEEDS TO END but I also need to clarify why What Happens is going to happen. Ugh.

Anyway, hopefully I'll update soon, haha. Thank you so much for your reviews! They were fun to read ♥

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Review #48, by heartjily4ever Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

20th May 2015:
First things first (and this is before I've actually read the chapter ) the chapter image is gorgeous and if you made it you are a genius .

Your hilarious, if slightly accurate of the way gossip works in small villages/towns is fabulous. I sympathize with Edie having to struggle with the lil village and her news, although the fact that Jae got out as well makes it even better. You just write this story so well i have so much admiration for you seriously.

I'm so glad she has the interview, at least something good is happening in her life. The idea of the office is pretty neat - i love the idea of a hidden space underneath a book shop, would be the greatest. Actually reminds me of the recent film "Kingsmen: Secret Service" with it being underground under the suits shop. But you know books, newspapers, nice hinting :).

massive plot twist though, refusing the position. at first I was shocked but I kind of understand, moral compass and all.

oh please they are so completely still in love and should be hugging and kissing and all, i don't care what the story says I can't handle the stress of this relationship. I understand why he's so mad and boy you write angsty complicated couples well and I admire everything you write for them in terms of plot but in terms of my emotions, I'm not happy. I really hope things work out for them. I also hope that Edie maybe starts to forgive herself ( as well as Oliver forgiving her) because some of her lines make me feel so sad.

Positively fabulous chapter again, the contrast of humour and darkness is amazing, and it was so much longer which was great because it just meant more of the fab story. Plus Dean was back, which i was rooting for. Only question is, what's happened to her dog? I feel like we haven't seen it in ages, and maybe I've just had a blank and forgotten something important but I feel the dog should most definitely re-appear.

Author's Response: Hi again!

I did not make the chapter image--Mintleaf at The Dark Arts did. You should go check out their gallery, it's really something! I think I'm going to pester them to do the remaining chapter images as well... ;)

Small-town gossip is one of my favorite things to write, as I grew up (mostly) in a town of 900 people. Even more, the mean age was something like 60 because it was a bunch of old northern retirees who relocated down South... Anyway, they had nothing better to do than gossip and try to get each other in trouble for noise violations, building code violations, etc. So that's probably why it was so easy for me to write about Heathfield!

I have not seen Kingsmen yet! We're waiting for it to come to the $2 theatre down the street because I am a cheapskate. Huehuehue. That's funny that it's similar to the Oracle Underground!

I think this plot twist is a little *too* massive. I meant for the buildup to be a bit more smooth; instead it's like "Oh she's going to say ye--WHAT?" which I actually didn't want that time. I dunno, we'll see. I also like making you guys yell in frustration so maybe I'll keep it! ;D

"I can't handle the stress of this relationship." Hahahaha, one of the better review quotes... I just really wanted to get across that Oliver can only be so forgiving. In a lot of ways he's really let Edie off the hook. I mean he intended to never speak to her again after reading the first two articles, and then when they were around one another it was just so painfully obvious that they get on amazingly, so he kinda got swept back up or what have you. But hurting Ada--and revealing that he almost lost custody of her before *Oliver* could even tell her--was just too far. He has a lot of guilt about the way he first behaved as her legal guardian, so it's a very tender subject indeed, and Edie stole his chance to try and make things right.

It is indeed complicated. I definitely didn't want this to be a "Oh my God I HATE Oliver Sodding Wood" story--she never hated him. He never (truly) hated her. The circumstances they met under were really unfortunate, and had they met as two strangers on the street, things would have probably worked out swimmingly for them. Their struggle isn't in their personalities, or their character makeup: it's in the universe's poor timing. But now things are kind of broken beyond repair.

Ginger! I know she's kinda taken a backseat. There is such a huge ensemble cast in this fic and it's hard to make sure everyone--especially a little pup--gets their time. Me adding extra characters all willy-nilly is another reason this fic could've stood to be another ten chapters longer, just so that everyone became as fleshed out as I would've liked! Haha.

I hope this response wasn't too daunting to read. Congrats if you made it this far! ♥

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Review #49, by heartjily4ever Happy New Year?

20th May 2015:
Seamus is back!! I always love it when he appears. And he's an Auror now! yay. shame about Dean and all - i really want him and Edie to at least talk, especially if they were such good friends. i also just need more Edie/Seamus/Dean to find super cute as a friendship.

Na but seriously I started writing this when I started reading and now I'm just annoyed. The article is back, again. I knew it wouldn't all be okay after she burnt it but so soon? seriously? And Mr ward is so horrible, especially when it's completely clear how torn up she is. So much pain between Edie and Oliver, I can't imagine how much hatred he must be feeling to be honest. Yet another case of Edie doing something that comes back to bit her in the bum - only this time I just feel immense pity because she'd really not wanted this. and I'm crying because their relationship is over and i can't handle that because they were the cutest.

I also can't believe he would kiss someone else so soon, seems a bit odd considering how strong their relationship was but at least she kind of has Rose. I love that they sort of made up, even if it was because of completely annoying circumstances. Can't wait to read this next chapter, I love this story so much.

Author's Response: Look at all of these lovely reviews! What a nice thing to wake up to. Thank you very much.

So I was struggling with how to start this chapter, and then I remembered "When in doubt, write about Seamus" and it just took off from there. He's a huge outlet for humor in this fic and so any time I need to make things a tad less dramatic, I just toss him in the scene ;)

It would be ideal if Dean and Edie could just talk. In my experience it was way more passive aggressive; I started dating somebody and then my "best friend" and I didn't speak for months. We've still never talked about it, but the road has smoothed over. I think if we'd talked about it, it would have ruined everything (just with our personality types.) Edie is very much the type to sweep things under the rug. Unfortunately Dean is no exception!

Hahaha, sorry you're so annoyed! It did happen rather quickly, but this story needs to end at least a *little* succinctly, and if I'd had the eighteen million chapters of Ediver fluff that I could very easily write, the whole story would have suffered in quality.

Ohhh I'm glad you said something--Oliver didn't actually kiss anybody (or did he?) At least, Edie didn't see him kiss anybody. The midnight kiss between him and the dark-haired witch was a mental image that she kind of, erm, daydreamed? She's at her wit's end at this point. Thanks for mentioning that, I'll poke around and see if I can make that clearer!

Thank you! ♥

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Review #50, by madness Just Edie

20th May 2015:
Well that was an exciting chapter! Loving it, as always.

Author's Response: Thank you! Struggling with the next chapter (in an I-Don't-Want-this-to-End way) ♥

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