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Review #26, by santosh Epilogue

24th August 2013:
I like it! It is good please write more stories of day to day lives of the weaselys harry Ron and Hermione plus the rest of th d.a. and Hogwarts and the wizarding world!

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Review #27, by Mackh Epilogue

10th August 2013:
Although I think the lengthy political debates took up too much of this story, I can see why you chose to include them.
This is very well written and having Harry treated for PTSD is something that should be done by other writers as well.
I will be watching for your next story.
Well done!

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Review #28, by Larry Hotter Heroes

25th July 2013:
Good chapter.

I dislike that many writers tend to make Harry and Hermiones relationship more than it is.
Harry doesn't have the over-protective brotherly feeling towards Hermione.
He looks at her as a sister, but not so literal.
It means no interest otherwise, while many people exaggerate and thinks he cares for her like Ron does for Gin.

My only annoyance with this chapter.

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Review #29, by Larry Hotter We're Alive!

25th July 2013:
Great start!
A nice recap without being boring. I like your writing style and look forward to read your story.

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Review #30, by Ron Lover. <3 Epilogue

6th June 2013:
this story was so awesome. I thought that it wouldn't be because it seemed so serious. but it hooked me and when i finished it, all i could say was.. wow. good job! pls continue writing more stories. you're so brilliant! the characters were not out of their character (which is the usual tendency in post-deathly hallows fics), and everything was so believable. I hope you make more fics! ^_^

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Review #31, by katjsh Epilogue

12th March 2013:
I loved these characters so much that I am constantly searching fanfiction so that I can be in this world just a little longer. I usually stick with the next generation because I hate when the characters become so different from the ones we loved. You did a wonderful job maintaining their essance. I would enjoy reading anything you add. Check out hp and the summer after the war and hp and the winters after the war also beautifully written stories. Thank you for sharing...

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Review #32, by katjsh Let's Do a Deal

12th March 2013:
Loving this! Amazing I hope u continue to write other stories

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Review #33, by Malfoy_lover Vote of No Confidence

28th January 2013:
this story was great you captured everything htey way our queen would have most after war story concontrate on what harry would have done but you didnt you gave the view of everyone and that is important i gave your story to a few of my potter loving friends and told them how great you are. i hope that in the future you write more because your writing style is lovley and easy to follow

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Review #34, by Kc Epilogue

27th January 2013:
Excellent, I loved it!

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Review #35, by River Vote of No Confidence

22nd January 2013:
I truly enjoyed your story and thank you for a Ron that was not a two left footed geek with bad table manners. Ron was always more then that and you brought that out. I loved the way you weaved the tale of two powerful forces and that it was not all about Harry, he is an important part but not the only one. I also am glad not to see superman Harry those stories kind of leave me cold. I think you captured our hero's very nice and I look forward to more. Authors choice I am a fan.

Thanks again for a great read,


Author's Response: Thanks for your review and especially your comments about Ron. I find it difficult to read stuff about post war Ron where he is still portrayed as having the emotional maturity of a 14 year old. It as if the extra four years and particularly his experiences during the war would not have changed him profundly - just as they would have Hermione.

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Review #36, by zipzin Epilogue

19th January 2013:
Sweet ending loved how you had it out of a textbook or something like that. I would love to read more, on anything really. Maybe some Harry/Ginny stuff but whatever you write I'll be sure to read and I'll look forward to whenever you decide to post it. This is a great story and I loved the way that you approached it all. Great writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for review and your support throughout this story.

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Review #37, by Lyddie Epilogue

18th January 2013:
THANK GOD you are going to write more stories!! But Neville didn't have a distinguished Wizengamot career? That's surprising. I would've thought he'd do both Hogwarts and Wizengamot. Can't he do that? Or can't he. After that rousing speech I wouldn't think they would let him go so easily. He must have had some strong feelings about this. Hmm.

I would be interested in:
-How George gets on with WWW
-Hermione's political career
-More about our friends in the Aurors
-More magical creatures
-fun adventures !
-Neville and the ladies (I don't think he marries Luna or any canon characters...although I leave that to you)

If you can continue weaving in more historical and cultural background details that would be great.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Author's Response: In this story, Neville is in the Wizengamot as British Youth representative. I can't see him being enthusiastic about getting back into the Wizengamot once his term expires. Neville is doing it out of a sense of duty, just like his stint in the aurors which he also will not pursue over the long term. His heart is in herbology and Hogwarts.

According to the canon Neville eventually marries Hanna Abbot and there are a few hints as to that eventual outcome in this story. Still, I think he and Luna deserve a fling. Neville is certainly the type of person who both gets and appreciates Luna.

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Review #38, by Lyddie Vote of No Confidence

18th January 2013:
WOW. Just WOW! This chapter was incredible!!! The suspense!!! The sophistication!!! The history!!! The details! It was an emotional roller coaster!!! Neville's speech was AMAZING!!! You're amazing!!! Seriously, are you sure you're not JK Rowling?? ;) I ate this up. It was like the experience of reading a Potter book. I don't even know where to start, so I'll just list some of the highlights for me:

-Nice detail with Grantham's kids playing outside. He really is a good guy, isn't he?
-Your character names are fantastic. Gemalla Wenglespoon, Rufus Lazarre, Paula Pestle... These are the details that make your fic so authentic!
-The story about Ogden the Odious and the Battle of Hogsmeade Hill! So surprising and quirky. I love it so much. We're learning more about the history of the Potter world! It's amazing!
-I like how you explain how truly rare the Order of Merlins are, especially the First Class. That sets it up nicely for the emotional reveal at the end, which you handle masterfully. Even though I knew the trio would be getting First Class, I still felt surprisingly choked up about it. Especially the description on Ginny's award; I thought it was so sweet how you worded it: "for the protection of the student body of Hogwarts undertaken at great risk and heavy personal cost." It made me think of what a strong, kind and brave person she is. And I love that Molly is a Knight of the Order of St George! She's so badass ;) Kudos on the concept of the Knight of the Order of St George if you made that up, by the way--it's really cool! I am assuming you did invent it, but it's so Potter-worthy I wouldn't be surprised if Rowling had written about this somewhere!
-The shocking twist in Grantham's speech!! I wasn't ready for this story to end, so I envisioned him winning and then being some kind of villain...which would have been kind of predictable, really. I LOVE how it ended instead! Thank you for being so surprising--which, again, is very JK Rowling!!
-I really do love Neville's speech. He utterly destroys Wenglespoon. You do a great job of showing what a confident and eloquent man he has become. I can just imagine how distinguished the rest of his term on the Wizengamot will be. (Also, with his Knight of the Order of St George, I can imagine how popular he will be with the ladies!)
-I almost forgot to applaud you on the detail about the tradition of not interrupting a maiden speech!! Great detail!! You really made the Wizengamot come to life, in general. It was very vividly imagined.
-George's joke about being too respectable was funny and touching
-The dynamic between Bill and Percy! "Party treasurer," "Mr Secretary." So sweet and genuine and believable!! and it's these small details that make your fic SO amazing. Seriously. how do you do it? It's amazing. It's like reading Harry Potter. And I've read them all, multiple times. I am really impressed.

I'm so sad this story is over, although I suppose this was a nice place to end it. I'm curious how Grantham handles his career in the aftermath of the speech. He was a really interesting character.

Your story is awesome. i hope you write more soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for this detailed review. I am glad you like the little touches; they make it fun to write too.

I spend a bit of time trying to get good names for people. I think it can very much affect the way people respond to them.

I did invent the order of St George but there are parallels in the British honours system. The tradition of not interrupting a member giving a maiden speech is, I believe, common in parliaments based on the Westminster system. It is certainly observed here in Australia.

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Review #39, by FriendofMolly Epilogue

17th January 2013:
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You gave us what will be in the future, because of what happened Post Riddle. The journey would be exciting to read. We are, at least safe in the knowledge that the Magical World will thrive and evolve! I found it wonderfully ironic that Hermione's daughter is the one to update The History of Magic. Afterall it was "Hogwarts a History" was Hermione's go to book throughout her school years. I'm sad that this has ended. I hope to see your name on a new story very very soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for your support and reviews throughout this story.

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Review #40, by talltwin18 Vote of No Confidence

6th January 2013:
gotta say I love the last line :)

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Review #41, by FriendofMolly Vote of No Confidence

31st December 2012:
I will start with a correction. This is a mistake a lot of authors make, you wrote "When your Minister of Magic", it should read, "When you're Minister of Magic". Your means a personal possession, in as your house. You're means you are something as in "When you're Minister of Magic". As for the rest it was a fitting, yet sad end for your story. Sad because it is at at the end, fitting because having Kingsley as Minister is the only way the Wizarding World will go forth and become a stronger, peaceful world. Bravo! I do hope this is only the beginning of your Odyssey.
PS I'll be on the lookout.

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Review #42, by FriendofMolly Command Decision

31st December 2012:
Brilliant all the way through. I do wonder how the Magicals convinced the Muggle population that the situation was handled by their police? I can also see that unwittingly Ron is being drawn to the Aurors. Maybe not what Hermione wants, but necessary nonetheless. I must go to the next.

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Review #43, by zipzin Vote of No Confidence

31st December 2012:
I want there to be more! This was such an excellent story but you really only brushed the surface of the genre (that would be filling in the epilouge). So do you have any plans for a sequel? Or maybe a one-shot or two during big parts of their lives? Please think about it because your story can go very far. Thanks for writing it.

Author's Response: There is actually a small epilogue to come. it should be out within 24 hours.

I have attached an author's note to that noting my plans.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #44, by spellwatcher Command Decision

29th December 2012:
loved it keep writing

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Review #45, by Lyddie Command Decision

20th December 2012:
Wow!! Great chapter. I like Ron's little speech about deception, surprise, intelligence and skill. I like how several DA members are in the Aurors. It's cool. Like a school reunion. Your dialogue is really good. I am a little skeptical that experienced Aurors wouldn't think of something as simple as Polyjuice potion, and experienced Death Eaters wouldn't be expecting something like that. But I suppose it's possible the way you explain it. I didn't get bored during the "battle" scene, which is impressive because I usually hate Death Eater fights in fanfics. they're usually so incredibly boring and predictable. But I am really enjoying your story! Thanks for writing it. Looking forward to the next chapters :)

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Review #46, by Miranda Jones We're Alive!

18th December 2012:
This is truly a good start to what looks like will be a great story. If I might make a suggestion, this chapter needs more emotion, instead of just dialogue and description. However, I enjoyed it all the same. On to the next chapter!

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Review #47, by Lyddie Standard Procedure

18th December 2012:
Incredible. I'm hooked. Your story keeps getting better and better! Harry was very brave in this chapter...but then again, he's always brave. ;) It pleases me when you mention something that seems like a throwaway detail, but it ends up being important in later chapters. So I hope the dragoons come back! And I hope to learn more about the established procedures and history of the Aurors.

Author's Response:

Sometimes a dragoon is just a dragoon and a throwaway line is just a throwaway line...but then you never know!

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Review #48, by Lyddie Were in the Aurors Now

18th December 2012:
That was great! The chess scene was sweet and I was pleasantly surprised by Ron's interest in Napoleon at the end. That's some interesting character development. Well done . My only teensy tiny criticism is that you have Hermione interrupt Ron's reading. I bet she would be so happy to find him reading for pleasure that she would leave him to it. in fact, I can totally see Hermione sitting on the chair across from him, reading together before bed! It also would have been nice to hear more specifically what Ron was reading. I hope he takes up an interest in muggle history and culture.

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Review #49, by Lyddie Let's Do a Deal

17th December 2012:
I. Love. This. Chapter. !!! Awesome switch in point of view to Grantham. I don't usually like shifts to minor character point of view, but I admire the dramatic irony here... I enjoy the detail about the PLEJ members smiling before Lazarre speaks. And the surprise at the end!

Author's Response:

Hi Lyddie,

Thanks for all these great reviews. It is fascinating to read your reactions as you read through the story. Thank you for taking the time.


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Review #50, by Lyddie It's My Party

17th December 2012:
I like Oliver. I didn't at first because I thought he might end up being a stereotypical "evil" supervillain, and that would be boring and against the spirit of post-Voldemort Potter land, which is supposed to be happy and peaceful. But I like where you are going with it! Good job ;)

Author's Response:
Thanks Lyddie,

I don't get a lot of positive feedback about Oliver. I'm glad you can see what I am trying to do.


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