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Review #26, by BookDinosaur Strangers and Fireworks

8th July 2013:
Hello Gabbie! -BookDinosaur- finally here with your requested review. I'm so sorry for the length of time it took me to get to you, but I was travelling. :-/

Anyway. I loved this first chapter, it served really well as an introduction. I haven't read many next-gen stories that have Roxanne as a main charater, so this was really interesting to me, and I think you've done a great job giving her a voice and personality of her own, and this is only the first chapter, so well done to you there and I can't wait to see where you go with her. ;D

I absolutely loved reading about Roxy's relationship with her dad, they were just so sweet together and I loved reading their interactions, it was so sweet and lovely and had me full of feels. :)

I liked the way you've portrayed the Weasley family, they're just a big bunch of nutters here, and I adore your take on the family. :) I also loved that you threw in the Quidditch team, because it's completely realistic to assume they wouldn't just disappear from Harry's life, so I loved reading about them again. Lee and George still spending time together was a nice touch as well, I appreciated that. :)

And the end! Now I just want to read on to find all about this mysterious Mr. Benjamin Malfoy. All in all, a wonderful first chapter that I really enjoyed reading. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm really sorry that its taken me so long to actually respond to your lovely review. Real life is really messy right now and I haven't had alot of time lately to do much so my apologies.
I think that its a shame that we don't see much of Roxanne in the fanfic world, there's all sorts of things you can do with her character and its been a fun challenge. I tried to make her different from some of my other female leads because she's technically still just a girl and its fun getting into her mind.
Everyone loves that bit with Roxanne and her dad and I can't blame them! Its one of my the sweetest moments and I honestly love George to death so I like making him a very loving father. And Roxanne's so spoiled that it just makes for really tender moments!
The Weasley family was really hard to get right, I hadn't been able to balance them properly at first. Eventually I took a bit of a weird turn with them but its worked out better than I thought! :D
I never assumed that the old Quidditch gang had split up after the War, I sort of don't understand why they would. But its always great seeing Lee again, right? He and George are best friends so they're together alot, much to everyone's horror. Hahahah.
Oh, you'll get more of Benjamin Malfoy, if you can handle it. Heheheheh. I'll have to re-request again sometime! But feel free to read the story on your own, I really don't mind, I'd like to know what you think. :D
Much love,

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Review #27, by Casper The Painful Truth

17th June 2013:
Hi! So glad you updated!
This was a great chapter :) I like reading the flashbacks- it really gives a different insight into Ben and Roxanne's relationship and the effect it had on their family and friends. We also get to see a less guarded side of Ben!

Aw poor Adam, seems like a nice guy but Roxanne just isn't interested! I love the way you write the relationship between the adults, Angelina and George are such great characters- I like their train of thought and the way they treat Malfoy and his family- very cool :)

I can't believe you left it on a cliffhanger! haha! Tension is definitely mounting and I can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so happy that people keep coming back to this story, it really makes me feel good about my writing. Also, my apologies for taking so long with the update, I was really busy and had been havign a bad writers block. Hahaha.
I will keep including the flashback, perhaps not every single chapter but you'll be seeing them again. I think I really love them because you can see how different both Ben and Roxanne were when they were little and what happened as they grew up.
Ben I think was more innocent as a child so he wouldn't be as guarded adn he really does like having Roxanne as a friend. :)
Yeah, its really going to get awkward for Roxanne and Adam. I think there might be a slight chance that she could like him but I'll play around with that later. ;)
Hahah, I like writing Angelina and George! I've written them before in my other stories, "This is Angelina" and "Memories" and my one-shot "Again", they're just so loveable.
I think they've been through so much that they can't really hold too many grudges against Ben and the Malfoy family. I mean, its been twenty years!
Yes, I left you guys on a cliffie yet again! I really can't help myself...I have an idea for the next chapter, hope you'll come back to check it out! :D
Much love,

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Review #28, by Roxanne Antoine The Painful Truth

16th June 2013:
AMAZING I cried tears of joy when i realized you'd posted another chapter.
Kindest Regards,
Roxanne Antoine x

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there! Oh, my goodness I'm so happy that you've been waiting this long for another chapter and thanks so much for coming back! I'm sorry that it took so long! D':
Hopefully I'll be updating for this rather quickly so no worries and hopefully no more tears! Hahahaha.
Much love,

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Review #29, by CassiePotter The Painful Truth

15th June 2013:
Hi Gabbie!
This chapter was fantastic! I loved gettin back to Roxie and Ben! I always really like reading the flashbacks that you write, because it's really fun and interesting to see what the two of them were like as kids. It really highlights how much they've changed, and how much happier they were when they could just play together without anyone making a huge deal out of things. Except for Perce... But he's always making a huge deal out of anything involving Ben, isn't he? Haha.
I really felt bad for Roxie throughout everything that happened on the platform. On one hand, you can see how much her brother wants to protect her, and how much her parents love her, but on the other, everyone's trying to pull her from Ben and push her towards Adam. That has to be so awkward for her! Also, I thought you wrote Roxanne's emotions really well as they changed throughout the conversation that was going on, and you really showed how she reacted to everything that was being said.
This chapter really made me love Angie as a mother, though! She's definitely there for her kids, particularly Roxie during this chapter, and wants to do what's best for them, but won't push them into anything they're uncomfortable with. She was really sweet and comforting to Roxanne, and I really loved it!
AND THE END OF THIS CHAPTER. It was so good! It's starting to have a darker tone, though, and it makes me a little anxious, but also really excited for future chapters! I have a feeling Roxie's plan to avoid Ben is not going to work out for her.
Hopefully you can update this soon, so we can find out more about the event going on at Hogwarts, and Roxie and Ben's relationship, and hopefully what happened in Italy, too! I can't wait for Audrey and Percy, either! I'm not sure what I'm updating next, but I'll let you know! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Cassie! D': Its so good seeing you again and thanks so much for being the first person to hop onto this chapter, I was sort of worried about it for a minute. It had been so long and I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in coming back to it but here you are!
Anyway, the flashbacks are always really fun for me to write and also a little sad. They show just how sweet and hopeful Ben and Roxanne both were when they were children and the differences between them in the future makes you wonder what was lost as they grew up.
Things were far more innocent between them as children but there were still little hints that it wouldn't be easy for them. Every little flashback sort of always plays or hints at something that will happen in the main story so pay attention to those!
But anyway, Perce can make a big deal out of everything Ben does can't he? I think on some end it might be a tad bit of jealousy because Roxie's not spending as much time with him as she used to. But he's very overprotective of her and later on, it just gets so much worse...
Anyhoo! Its really hard on Roxanne having everyone pushing her towards Adam when she obviously isn't interested and I tried to get her emotions just right.
There were alot of versions of this chapter and I think this one really showed her range better than some of the others.
I hadn't really played too much on Angie being a mother in this story since Roxie is an obvious daddy's girl. But I thought it was time to show that she was a good mother and the type that would be supportive no matter what happened. And you know that Angie is actually pretty perceptive so she most likely knows whats bothering Roxanne but is just waiting on her to say. She won't push the issue unless she has to, she really loves her kids.
Ah, the ending! I was iffy on it, I wasn't sure if this was the direction I needed to go but it worked out better than I thought! Her avoidance of Ben isn't going to go in the way she thought...things are going to heat up between them before the end of this story.
In more ways than one. Hehehehehehe.
You find out about the event happening at Hogwarts and Ben's relationship with Roxie changes a little too. Mwhwahahahhaha.
Let's see...I'm going for Audrey and Percy next and then after that its A Force of Wills finally and then Albus! D':
So much work to do...
Anyway, I'm going to hop on over to The Fourth Daughter right now!
Much love,

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Review #30, by GirlOnTheSidelines Will and Won't

6th May 2013:

I can never decide if I hate Ben or if I am really just in love with him. Honestly, the things you do to me.

So this was another fantastic chapter. This is such a unique story and so complicated. I wish Ben would just stop being so hard to understand, in most stories you have some sense of what the other person is thinking but with Ben, I just don't have a clue. I can never tell if he actually likes Roxanne or not. And then he spews out things like he did at the end about always giving into her and I'm just like... huh? I do not understand what is going through your mind Benjamin Fredrick Malfoy? Also, on that note, does his middle name have anything to do with Fred Weasley, or is that just my wishful thinking?

Firstly, how old is Roxanne exactly? Is she going into her Fifth or Sixth Year at Hogwarts? And also, is it really bad that a part of me really, really wants her to be pregnant? I don't know why, I think she's too young (although that didn't stop me from making Vivian pregnant) but she is also not emotionally mature in the slightest sometimes but a part of me just really wants her to have that connection with Ben that actually cannot be broken. I know, it's weird and probably doesn't go into this story at all, but a part of me just really wishes she was. Maybe its just that I love babies.

On that maturity note though, I was quite impressed with how she behaved in this chapter, I think that while she has a lot of maturing still to do, she is definitely more mature that she was at the start of this story which in some ways is nice to see but also a little sad. It was interesting watching her hold her ground against Ben in a way that she hadn't previously been able to do.

Okay, so there was something I always get a little confused about: the Malfoy family. So, is the Draco in this story the same as the one in Force of Wills? And in this one he is married to Pansy Parkinson and has Scorpius and Emily with her but also adopted Ben who is older than them? Right? I'm still curious to know who Ben's parents actually are? If I remember correctly )I read a couple of chapters of your story with Albus, Rose and Scorpius) do Pansy and Draco later get divorced (if they are even the same couple as they are in this story)? Sorry I'm so confused.

Anyway, amazing chapter as always and I look forward to more. Even though I sometimes just want to shake Ben and tell him to just speak whatever is on his mind and stop being such a confusing jerk!

GirlOnTheSidelines xxx

P.S. I'm really sorry, I just realised I left a review from my friend's account, IrishMyth, who was still logged on. Sorry that one on The Bad Taste was from me!

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there you! Its so great getting this really massive review and I've missed you bunches and all that junk. Anyway, on to this!
Okay, so I'm not quite sure if I hate or love Ben myself most of the time but he is a hard guy to get straight isn't he? You're never quite sure what he wants and that's done on purpose, he's a more difficult character for me and I'm having my fill. ;)
I think that with his feelings for Roxanne, you should really re-read "Restraint" to get a good clue on it. He has feelings for her but right now, they're really complicated due to various reasons that I haven't written yet and that you'll just have to guess at. ;)
I suppose I should make his feelings more obvious sometimes but then...where's the fun in that?! >:D
The thing with his middle name being Frederick is none of your business either. ;)
Okay, my love, Roxanne is fifteen, she's going into her Fifth year at Hogwarts. She is also, sadly, a Prefect so there you go. HAHAHAH.
I had actually thought of making Roxanne get pregnant from Benjamin but with the way I needed this story to go I didn't go through with it. And also, I just can't see Roxie having a baby, she's not nearly emotionally ready and it would only cause more uneccessary drama between her and Ben. And well, there are alot of those stories around and I love yours so much and I can't compete with that.T-T
I think Roxanne handled herself really well in this chatper with Ben. I mean, she had to or else fall prey to his various tricks and his fantastic bum and well, you know what I mean. I think that she'll switch between being really mature and being really childish, which makes her more difficult but fun to write. I mean, honestly, she is only fifteen, she's not like Astoria who HAS to be grown up for the sake of her life and she isn't street smart like my gal Audrey. Roxanne is just a girl and I need to keep that in mind. :D
And to be honest, who says Roxanne is going to be able to hold her ground against Ben later? Oh, the thinggs he'll do.
OKAY. As for your question about the Malfoy's, I get alot of questions about them for some reason, I think I was too vague in my chapters previously.
Yes, the Draco in this story IS the same Draco from A Force of Wills but since that story happens in the past technically you don't find out WHY he's so different in this story until I finish A Force of Wills. *Inhale*
This story takes place one year before my story with Albus and the rest so yes, he is still married to Pansy. Ben is waaay older than Scorpy and Emily and he is adopted and I won't go into who his real parents are until...well, when I get to it! >:D
Trust me, the things Ben thinks about are not for the faint of heart. You may regret wanting to know what? I might make another short story with him just for you...
You'll be sorry.
Thanks for the review!
Much love,

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Review #31, by Roxanne Antoine Will and Won't

11th April 2013:
. SO happy with this chappie :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Haahaha, I think alot of people liked this chapter and thanks for leaving me a quick little review! Hopefully you'll come back to this once I start writing again! ;)
Much love,

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Review #32, by Courtney Dark Tug and Pull

7th March 2013:
You really do like your cliffhangers, don't you?? I am already super intrigued to find out what happens next! Roxanne and Benjamin's relationship is kind of...bizarre. It's like they've got this strange attraction to each other, even though they are very different people and they keep coming together in weird and unexpected ways! It's great! Especially when Benjamin starts to pull away...but then seemingly comes springing back. It's clear he has feelings for Roxanne, he just doesn't know what to do about them. And I guess Roxanne feels the same, too.

I LOVE George and Angelina. God, they are so embarrassing, but in the best way possible. I think you have written their relationship really, really well. It seems very believable and I laughed out loud at almost every single one of their comments in this chapter. And it's kinda cute how Ben has a crush on Angie.

Hmm, I found Draco and George's relationship in this chapter very interesting. It was very cordial which was odd to see, especially as they didn't get along at all at school. And I have to say, I am so happy we got to see a little glimpse of Draco in this chapter, as he is always an interesting character to read about.

I'm not quite sure why, but I really liked reading the little section at the end, about night in Diagon Alley. That first sentence, about how it was loud and noisy, really gave me vivid memories of some of my own experiences and I could almost picture Diagon Alley in my mind, which was awesome! And the detail about Fred's bedroom and the energy that lingered there was super sad and touching - a very nice detail, I thought.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hello!

I think I have a really, really bad habit of leaving cliff hangers and its pretty awful of me but I can't help myself. >:D
Roxanne and Ben's relationship is really weird, isn't it? Its a strange sort of thing, as if they really can't fight it and want one another despite whatever happens between them. It would be more romantic if Benjamin were actually the sort of guy to apologize, swoon at her feet and worship the ground she walked on.
But then again, this is Benjamin Malfoy and he is a monster. I take full blame. :D
There will be more weird moments between the couple, I promise you. Benjamin will say something about always coming back to Roxanne in the next chapter, it honestly really bothers him as much as it does Roxanne when she gives in to her own desire.
*Snickers at saying desire*
Bwhahaha, everyone says that they love George and Angie. I mean, how can you not? They're pretty hilarious! I am so used to writing them by this point that writing them is alot easier to me than some of the other characters. All of their jokes were supposed to make you laugh and I'm glad that you enjoyed reading them! I laughed while typing them out because, honestly, who doesn't love a dirty joke? Ben's always had a crush on Angie, probably a bit more than he's liked Roxanne. Hahaha.
I think so much has happened to Draco and George in between their school years that letting all the past animosity go has given them sort of a friendship. Not quite buddies but they're not enemies either. I can't say the same for Draco and the Trio, however. :D
Draco is an interesting character and he isn't the bad guy in this story either. Honestly, he's the sort of person that you feel sorry for later down the line...
I always think that Diagon Alley is a really bustling place even at night. The noise and commotion reminds me of home or places like Chicago where cars are always going down the road or people moving around.
There are some other weird details about Fred's room. I wonder if anyone caught on to the fact that Roxanne was in his room and not her brother? Strange, don't you think? ;)
Thanks for coming back! I might not have time to re-request but stop by whenever you like for the last chapter. It'll be my last one before I leave for basic. D':
Much love,

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Review #33, by patronus_charm Will and Won't

6th March 2013:
Hey Gabbie! I’m here with your review! Haha its fine that you didn’t request any earlier, as you’re here now! I’m sorry that my hate for Benjamin is so apparent; perhaps he’ll grow on me in this chapter?

I was just like go Roxanne, at the beginning of this chapter. She was finally showing some girl power, and trying to stand up against Ben, and I felt so proud for her, as it was really lovely moment to see, as you could tell how much she’s matured, and grown as a person.

I loved her thoughts when she was getting ready to meet him though, as they made me laugh so much. The way she described what her family members would be up to, and I think even though she just mentioned that whatever George and Angelina would be up to would give her nightmares, I think it would give me nightmares too, as I now have weird images in my head! And lol, wearing a hideous bra so he wouldn’t want to kiss her, genius!

I really liked the flashback, as it was really sweet and lovely, and Mrs Malfoy just seemed so nice, and just lovely. It was strange to see her be so nice to Roxanne, but it was a pleasant surprise, as I would like to think that after the war they would past their past differences behind them. Then the mention about Draco buying too much from the shop made me laugh as well, as I can just picture him walking out with mountains of things.

I liked all the canon characters you included in this, as I noticed the mentions towards Mrs Mclaggen, Teddy and Victoire, and that made me smile! So Ben’s always been a ladies man then? He started young then! Draco always seemed like a bit of player in my mind too, so I guess it would only be natural to follow in his footsteps!

That dream! Poor Angelina, it made me nearly cry too! Though Percy being George’s second lover, surprised but hey I can see they would be like that!

Quick question, is this story interlinked with A Force of Wills? If so, is the Emily mentioned, Emily Greengrass?

I liked the heart to heart they had, as it showed a more open and more emotional Ben and that was nice to see, as I was a little worried he was becoming heartless! I did feel a little sad that they did leave home, but hey Malfoys are so pale, they do need a little sun from time to time!

Then Ben thought she was pregnant! Lol! Haha that made me laugh so much! Even though they just had a sort of argument, it made me happy to see that it left on a humorous note. Well for me, I’m not too sure about Roxanne!

I loved the last sentence more girl powerness! This chapter made me laugh so much, and I really love this new Roxanne, it’s such a nice thing to see!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hello!

I really did forget to put this in your review thread because I was so busy lately but like you said, here I am! Hahaha.
And I suppose Benjamin will have to grow on alot of people, he's not really the easiest person to like.
But oh, how I adore him! :D
I think Roxanne was really just trying to be as strong as possible in this chapter and after what happened, she has grown. She still has some growing to do but I'm glad that you picked up on her changing a little, she doesn't want Ben to bully her anymore.
But he still does. Hahhaa.
Bwhaha, anything that George and Angie are doing in their bedroom would frighten anyone and I feel sorry for anyone who's walked in on them. Poor, Roxanne and Perce...
And yes, that ugly bra was going to be her shield against Ben! But he did say that no matter what she wore he'd still think about her naked so that might not have worked? Haha.
I wasn't so sure on this flashback at first but I'm glad that you liked it. I wanted to write Mrs. Malfoy in a way where she was kind and gentle, and she's the sort of woman that really enjoys children so she wouldn't have been rude to Roxanne.
I think Draco mostly buys things from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for himself, I haven't written him as particularly happy. Hahhaa. And its fun picturing him in his office just playing around instead of working!
I couldn't think of the proper old lady in this story but I settled on Mrs. McLaggen for whatever reason, just because I remembered McLaggen from the books.
I didn't really like him...
Anyhoo, Teddy and Victoire are mentioned more than once but they don't really play a major role in this story.
Ben is a reluctant ladie's man! I think it was something he grew into but he probably did notice his dad being really sweet on the ladies. Hehehehe. They start young, don't they?
You know, I thought that with Angelina and Georget hat it would be good to show them in a different light. They're not always so happy, they're very damaged and so Angie's nightmare just made me so sad. What she was talking about with George smiling and on the ground comes from another story.
My warning to you is to not read that if you're afraid of angst (That's "This is Angelina").
But yes, Percy would pretty much be George's second wife. They're really close. Although Percy wouldn't really want anyone aside from Audrey but hey, they must sneak around. ;)
In answer to your quick question: Sort of. All of my stories interlink on some degree and what happens in A Force of Wills can sort of be seen in this story. But no, the Emily mentioned in this story is Benjamin's sister, Emily Malfoy. But it makes you wonder, why is she named after Emily Greengrass?
I think Ben is the sort of person that's afraid to show too much emotion, which would explain why he would come off as cold. But writing him more vulnerable is a challenge, he never does as I want him to and gives me a hard time.
Bwhahaha, Draco is pale but I can't really picture Ben that way. For some reason, I think he'd be a tad more tanned, like Charlie Weasley since he probably likes being outside.
Ben did think she was pregnant! It was funny to write Roxanne's reaction to it too! I wasn't going for it to be funny at all but it turned out to be and I was like, sorry Roxie! HAHAHA.
Roxanne is going to change. She's going to turn into a big girl soon! Glad that you enjoyed this! I might not be able to update in a while, since I'm leaving soon but this was so nice! Thanks!
Much love,

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Review #34, by Courtney Dark After the Storm

4th March 2013:
Ooooh, you're evil! Leaving us with a cliffhanger like that - I thought that was really well done, by the way and a great way to end the chapter.

So, there was a lot I liked about this chapter, so this is going to be a struggle for me, pointing out my favourite bits and pieces...hmmm...

I think my favourite part of the flashback was Roxanne and George's conversation about Fred/Perce. Roxanne's comment: '“But Benjamin's not his dad,” Roxanne said defiantly and for a moment she was quiet as her father waited for her to reply. She knew that she was touching on a shaky subject but she asked, “that's right about Perce isn't it? He's not Uncle Fred but people act like he is sometimes" was really interesting and explained the reason why Roxanne calls Fred Perce. So I think that was a great detail to include!

I lurve Roxanne's relationship with Molly. She seems like a great cousin, and I love how some characteristics of Percy seem to be coming out in her-I especially liked their conversation about prefects and the introduction of Adam (loved the piercings and dyed hair) and his girlfriend. I hope he will continue appearing in more chapters...there could be some possible tension with Benjamin there, methinks.

I like that Perce and Roxanne were getting along-ish again in this chapter, rather than outright fighting. Their conversation seemed very realistic and sibling-ish which reminded me of me and my sister, which was great. Overall, this was yet another great chapter.


Author's Response: Hello!

Bwahhahahahah! I know, I'm evil. I leave alot of cliffhangers on all of my stories, I really can't help it, its such a bad habit. HAHAH. Oh, to have seen your face...
I'm glad that you really liked this chapter, it took me a long time to get right. But I think it needed the time jump and also, it was great going back into flashbacks and Roxanne's family, who I love. ;D
I had to have that conversation with Roxanne and George sooner or later. It actually comes up more than once in this story, later on and I thought it'd be a good introduction to what might happen later. There was always a reason for why Roxanne called her brother by his middle name and I'm glad that you were able to pick up on that and enjoy it! Alot of other weird things are going on in their house too but I'll get to that eventually. Eventually...
Bwha, I LOVE Roxanne and Molly too! I think they balance one another really well and there is some Percy in her, she's a very well-mannered girl. Then again, Percy isn't so much like that anymore...but that's another story. ;)
Bwhahaa, the Prefect conversation made me laugh because well, Roxanne doesn't want to be a Bloody Big Head. HAHAHA.
So you like the introduction of Adam, eh? I'll have him poking up more than once in this story and yes, there's going to be some tension between him and Ben.
And well, Ben is going to be hated by everyone even more so than usual. :p
I'm really glad that you enjoyed Perce and Roxanne's relationship. They don't fight all the time but they do clash and get on each other's nerves. :D
I took things from arguing with my own brother into that part. Oh, how he annoys me...
Anyway, thanks for coming back! I shall re-request!
Much love,

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Review #35, by DancingMooncalf What the Heart Wants

4th March 2013:
Ow Roxie, she's so young and naďve and full of trust... I don't know but I bet this won't end to well for her.

You sure know how to keep up the suspence. It's driving me crazy... I almost can't stop reading.
You got to teach me how to do that, it's amazing!

x Maya

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back, Maya! :) I'm really glad that you're still reading. But yes, Roxanne is very full of trust and she's very naiive but then again, she's spoiled and only fifteen. She's got some growing up to do and I won't tell you what happens, you may or may not want to smack Ben. :D
Oh, thanks so much! I like playing with suspense and making you all want to read more, thanks so much! :D
Bwhahaha, you can ask me things on my MTA if you want, I guess I could give some advice? Hahahha, I don't know. I'm no expert! D':
Thanks again,
Much love,

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Review #36, by DancingMooncalf Stealth and Lies

4th March 2013:
Hey again,
I was curous about the other stories you had written and this story has really gotten my attention and I'm really very curious how it goes on.
You are very good in building up tension, I can't tell you enough. I almost feel in tingling in the air while I'm reading.

Roxanne seems to be a bit naive, but maybe she ust wants to trust her old friend. I makes me want to reach out and protect her, really. I don't want her to get hurt you know.

I think you are an excellent writer!

Author's Response: Hello!

Why, hello there! This is such a nice surprise, I didn't think that I would be seeing you again so soon but thanks for reading this other angsty story for me. :)
I'm glad that it was able to catch your attention, I wasn't really sure if people would notice it but this makes me feel better. :D
Ooh, the tingling may just be your nerves about to be stretched and shattered! I love building up suspense and making you all squirm because its fun and I'm evil. >:D
Roxanne is very naiive, I'd wanted to make that a point in the first few chapters of this but really, she's only fifteen. And yes, she just wants to reconnect with her old friend but I can't say if she gets hurt or not, I don't want to ruin anything for you! ;)
Pshaw, thank you!
My Audrey/Percy has another chapter, have fun reading that whenever you can.
Much love,

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Review #37, by Courtney Dark Torn Apart

1st March 2013:
Greetings (That's me trying out one of my new favourite ways of saying hello, FYI. Yes? No?) Okay, sorry. Onto the chapter...

First I want to say that so far the flow of this whole story is excellent. Your plot is flowing smoothly and at an even, steady pace. You are not rushing things but each chapter is not ridiculously slow and boring either-so congrats for that!

I really liked some of the newer characters that were introduced/reappeared in this chapter, especially Molly. In a lot of fanfiction stories she is stuffy and boring, but she actually seems really awesome in this. I have to admit, I laughed a quite a bit when you described the way she was dancing in her underwear and singing that extremely, erm...interesting song. That was definitely a nice, humorous touch to the chapter.

The flashback in this chapter was really sweet, and I think it really suited the mood of the story. It was nice to see a vulnerable side of Benjamin-to show that he did have real, human emotions, and reasons for doing the things that he does. I actually felt a little sorry for him-Perce was pretty horrible, and the idea of he and Teddy shooting hexes and jinxes at him increased my sympathy even more-although I still want a reason for why he acted so horribly to Roxanne!

I love your Audrey and Percy! They are a hilariously hilarious and slightly quirky couple which I love. I particularly liked the line: '"He took a day off today and I told him to go buy me some more panties at this Muggle place I like in London." And Roxanne and Perce's reactions were great.

Overall, I thought this was a great chapter. I was a little worried I was going to get bored, after reading 9000 words, but I certainly didn't, and you should definitely be commended for that. Nice job.


Author's Response: Greetings to you as well! :D

Its really nice seeing you back of course and I really enjoyed reading this review, it made me very happy to see you back again. :3
Oh, goodness, thank you for saying that the flow of this was all right. I had to slow myself down alot for this to get certain scenes and bits in place but I think I flubbed on the current chapter. I dunno? Hahhaa. I try not to rush myself with any of my stories, because it usually turns out pretty darn awful.
I think alot of people might have been really surprised by Molly in this chapter. I mean, I never wanted her to be stuffy and boring just because Percy/Audrey were portrayed that way. Come on, people, have some fun! ;)
I like imagining this particular Weasley home to be a bit more lively, and Percy in this story and in my others isn't really much of a stiff.
And yes, uhm, that was an interesting song Molly was dancing to, wasn't it? :p
I made up those horrid lyrics myself...
I'm glad that you laughed though, that was my intention! Just a dash of humor in an angst story really relaxes me and hopefully you all!
Gives you a break from the tears...
Anyhoo, I actually liked this flashback the most so far. It did show alot of emotion from Benjamin and made you really see him as just another little boy. Also, I never want to paint any of the Weasley grandchildren as being perfect, I wanted all of them to be flawed.
Teddy and Perce picking on Ben was just the perfect thing I could have used for that moment. :p
Ben may or may not talk about why he acted the way he did with Roxanne. Later on...
People really like Audrey and Percy! Hahaha. It stuns me, it really, really does. I mean, I guess that they really are pretty hilarious together, even though Percy didn't make an appearance like I'd originally wanted. :(
They're actually pretty quirky, like you said and a tad odd. If you wanted, you could check out "This is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste" and "That Night" on my author's page, if you wanted to know more about them.
I warn you though, its very...uhm, mature.
That quote from Audrey you like had me dying when I wrote it! :D
Thank you SO much, I don't know why this chapter was so long. I honestly don't. Thank god you didn't get bored...
Much love and thanks again,

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Review #38, by CassiePotter Will and Won't

28th February 2013:
Hi Gabbie!
Oh, I absolutely ADORED this chapter! It was fantastic! There were just SO. MANY. FEELS. You really captured the whole emotional spectrum in just this chapter, and did it so well! The emotions from Roxie were so strong and powerful, and I loved that even though they changed a lot throughout the chapter, they flowed really well and felt very natural. You just write her so well! I feel like I know her and we're really good friends already just from reading this! :)
I LOVED the flashback! You do such a wonderful job of weaving them throughout the story, so we get bits and pieces of how Roxanne and Benjamin's relationship got to where it is now. I can just picture the two of them together as kids! And Pansy is Ben's mother? SO DOES THAT MEAN BLASTORIA HAPPENS??? I hope so! But back to this story, the part where Roxie gave Ben her wilting daisies was so cute! She's such a sweet little girl, but has that feisty side that I love!
AND THE END OF THIS CHAPTER. GABBIE IT WAS PHENOMENAL. I can't even... GAH. Ben just gives me chills! The way he messes with Roxie's emotions while still being confused about how he feels is perfect! But he still seems a little dangerous, even if he has moments of being sweet to Roxanne! I can't wait to see how this develops! And the very end... Poor Roxie. You're definitely not done with Benjamin Malfoy!
This chapter was just so incredible! I loved is! ASOS is up, and TFD is next, with Holding On after that. I think. We'll see. Haha. See you on the forums! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Cassie, its always so lovely to see you back! :3 I truly look forward to your reviews you know. When I was writing this chapter, I wasn't sure what I was doing to be honest but I'm glad that I was able to get the feels just right. Roxanne's emotions tumble and flop alot so capturing them all is really fun, while difficult at times. I mean, honestly, she and George are just alike...D':
Ooooh, I am SO happy that you love Roxanne so much and that she feels so real to you! I honestly can't even begin to go on about how good that just made me feel! Like, gah! *Blushes*
I try to weave the flashbacks in with the story as much as possible, to not only show how different Roxie and Ben are in the present but to hint at later things to come in the story. Mwhahahaha.
Well, technically, Ben is adopted but yes, Pansy is his mum and did you notice how spoiled HE was in that flashback?! Hahhaha.
And he talks about Roxanne.
Bwhaha, Blastoria? I shall not tell! >:D
I actually have the image of Roxanne giving Ben her wilting daisies in my mind and it just makes me feel all fuzzy. :) And she's a fiesty, sweet little girl and I'm absolutely in love with her, she's really fun to write. :D
Ooh, Ben! He's so.I don't even know how to describe him. He's just too much! I got the shivers writing his lines because well, he's so mean and crude and...delicious. ;)
So you picked up on how confused he was about her, did you?! Good job! :D That's just what I was going for too. He can manipulate all he likes but he can't deny how he feels forever you know.
Not if I have anything to do with it.
Mwhahahahhhahaha. >:D
Yes, poor Roxie but she won't stay down for long, she'll pull through. But, will she give in to Ben in the end?!! That's the mystery for you all, right? :D
I know I would, just cause I'm weak for a man with long hair. Hehehehe. ;)
Ooh, ASOS! My darling Louis, I'll be there as soon as possible! I promise! :D *Smothers him in kisses*
Can't wait for your next update! I'm going to really work on getting A Force of Blaise up there for you. :)
See you on the forums!
Thanks again!
Much love,

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Review #39, by Courtney Dark Then and Now

27th February 2013:
Hello again. I am SO SO SO SO sorry that this review took so long! Real life has been a right pain in the ass at the moment. Sometimes I wish I could just skip school and read and write fan fiction all day. Anyway. Onto this AMAZING chapter.

This was, no doubt, my favourite chapter so far. The flashback was perfect, the present moment was also perfect. I loved it! Benjamin and Roxanne were absolutely perfect in the flashback and I think my favourite line had to be: “He’s a bloke! I don’t hug other blokes—and especially ones that aren’t good-looking enough!” That was such a Malfoy thing to say-such a Benjamin thing to say, too. I also love how spoilt and how much of a daddy's girl you made Roxanne out to be when she was younger, and how Ben noticed it. And I LOVE George and Angelina's relationship-I think I've already said that, but it's so true! I loved this little section: ' “I thought you could handle this on your own, Georgia but apparently not.”

“So I owe you a Galleon?” was her father’s reluctant reply.

“And you’re doing the dishes and painting my toes for a month.” Perfection!

I loved and hated the present day section at the same time. The writing was impeccable (he he that word is so weird!) and I love the new dynamics it brought to their relationship and the plot but HOW COULD BEN DO THAT TO ROXIE?? You have no idea how bad I feel for her right now! I just wanted give Ben a good punch in the face for her...but this section also brought up a lot of new questions, mainly: why was Ben acting that way?

Hmmm.I guess I'll just have to find out!


Author's Response: Hello!

Hey there, no bigge on being late with this review, I know that real life can get in the way like its no one's business. Trust me. T-T
Thank you so much for liking this chapter, it wasn't easy to write and I tried my hardest to get it the way I wanted to. I really enjoy writing Ben and Roxanne's relationship in the flashbacks, they're very important to the story actually. I sort of feel bad when I can tell people arent' reading them through all the way...:p
Bwhah, Benjamin has a smart mouth but it was something he would say, wasn't it? Hahah.
Oh, yes, Roxanne is really spoiled! I wanted to show that as much as possible and its actually something that hasn't changed much from when she grows up. Sadly. Hahahha.
Ben comments all the time about how spoiled she is but you know, you take what you can get. Hahahhaa.
Why thank you, I'm a HUGE Georgelina shipper, as you may know! :) They're very fun to write, and very funny too but I've grown so comfortable with them since I've writte them in other fanfics before so their banters comes across really well.
I love those quotes you picked out too, they're my favorites as well. :)
Bwhahah, I think everyone sort of loved/hated the present day chapter. Oh, thank you so much! I tried so hard to make this sound good, I really did.
How could Ben, eh? I think I'll play around with all that later on. Just keep reading! :)
Oh, Roxie punched him for you, no worries there! ;)
Ben is confusing but hopefully, you'll keep reading! :D
Thank you so much darling!
Much love,

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Review #40, by aquabluez17 Will and Won't

26th February 2013:
Ooo!! Benji was jealouss!!

I was a little upset that Roxy did go to see him but I guess it made sense since they were friends before.

One thing I would like to mention is that the George and Angie scene, although cute, didn't seem relevant to the whole chapter. It felt like it was stuck in there for the sake of it since it wasn't even mentioned.

maybe when Benji is talking bout his parents and how they dont' get along we could see Roxy remembering how her parents were always there for each other just like a few minutes ago?

Okay so Benji thought she was pregnant?! clearly he's just trying to find reasons to talk to her. How could she possibly know that soon if she was pregnant?? Silly Benji. Needs to work on lying man.

HE ADMITTED HE LIKED HER! Or well, you know, in Benji talk said he wants to sleep with her. Same thingg :P I wonder how this is going to turn out.

Great update Gabbi! Can't wait to read moree!

Author's Response: Hello!

Wow, thanks for being the first person to literally attack this for me. That means alot! :3
Like, really. Hahaha.
So, on to the review! Ben was indeeed jealous but he didn't exactly like that he was, did he? Hahaha. He's so strange that way.
I wanted Roxanne in this chapter to face off with Benjamin, both to show that she was trying to be more "mature" and to get away from what was happening in her house.
The thing with Angie and George wasn't meant to be cute at all, it was more like a sense of realism to this. With the pair of them, people always say how funny they are but underneath it all, they're very damaged. I wanted to show a different side of them and to Roxanne, she feels like she can't help them.
I mention the pair of them having issues in other chapters though. Right? :p
That scene though put into perspective how different her home life is from Ben's, which was also something I'd wanted to play with.
Bwhaha, Ben thought she was pregnant but you're right, he was just looking for an excuse to talk to her and figure some things out for himself. Hahhaaha. He's silly.
And weird.
And my secret dream lover...
Nah, he's a nightmare.
Anyhoo, he SORT of said that he liked Roxanne but not really! Hahaha. That's the thing with Ben, you're never sure what he's going to say or what he really means. He's quite awful for that. :D
I shall update eventually...I have a stripper love story to get through, a violent, violent, crazy love story to get through and THEN my other NG! Whoo!
T-T Whoo.
Thanks for reading!
Much love,

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Review #41, by aquabluez17 Tug and Pull

24th February 2013:
Whoaa!! Loved this! Adam being such a great jealous toy :P poor thing has no idea whats really going on :P

OH GOD! George and Angie are sooo embarrassing!! AHH! It was soo funny though ahah. Poor Draco was like ah god save me!

Sister?? Benji has a sister?? I mean i know about Scorpy but Sissy? Noppee.

I really want to know the relationship between the three kids. I wanna know if Benji is a good older brother =)

So someone looked completely jealous! And now hes at her window! Wow :P

Well lets see what happens next! Hope you update soon!

And noww I hav reviewed every chp :P

Author's Response: HELLO!

Hahah, Adam is being used as a ploy to get Ben jealous, though not by Roxanne herself. She actually doesn't care about him that way and doesn't appreciate that everyone else is sort of pressuring her into him. :p
George and Angie are HILARIOUS. And they're the worst parents to have your friends around, I would just DIE. HAHAHA.
Draco is far too polite to actually say he's uncomfortable you could tell, couldn't you?
Ben DOES have a sister. He mentions it in the flashbacks more than once but I think that was an error on my part. I didn't really make much emphasis on that...
But, erm, he's an INTERESTING big brother, let's just say that. HAHAHA. Actually in my other fanfic (Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince), you meet him there. You'll uhm, have to judge how good of a brother he is by that. HAHAHA.
Ben was jealous but he'll never admit it. And yes, he's a creeper and is at her window! ;)
Actually, this should be updated tomorrow at the latest so look out for that!
Please come back when it does and thanks so much for your reviews, they've made my day.
Much love,

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Review #42, by aquabluez17 After the Storm

24th February 2013:
Molly is such a great cousin! Her love for Teddy... thts so sad

How old are Teddy, Victorie, Molly and James again? Respective to Roxy?

Adam!! Well I can surely see something about this in the future!! :P At least a way to make Benji jealous for sure

Oh god he walked in!! Oh this is going to be a blast. HOpefully Freddie won't find out about Benji just yet. tht would end very badly!

Author's Response: HELLO!

Hahah. Molly is a really great cousin! And that thing with her and Teddy is pretty sad but I don't go into more detail about it until later I'm afraid.
Okay, here you are my dear: Perce (Fred the Second) is seventeen, Teddy is nineteen, Victoire is currently sixteen in this story and James is only eleven. Molly and Victoire are the same age, Dom-Dom and Lucy are thirteen, Louis Weasley is a year younger than Roxanne so he's fourteen. Albus is ten and Lily is nine so that's everyone...right? Phew, I hope that's everyone...
HAHAHA. Yeah, Ben just walked in! It would be too funny if Perce found out what happened but he doesn't. Not yet anyway.
Much love,

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Review #43, by aquabluez17 Torn Apart

24th February 2013:
aww poor Roxy. She's trying her hardest to keep it together.

I wonder if Freddie guessed where she was but just didn't question her.

The memory blast was interesting to read. I wonder how they stayed friends after that :P and it showed how close Freddie and Roxy really are.

Molly!! Im glad you kinda hav her as a main character here since she's usually side lined for Rose or Lily. I hope she can help Roxy get through this!

Author's Response: Hello!

Roxanne has no choice but to keep things together as much as seh can. It would hurt her so much if her family found out about what happened and her brother did sort of guess what happened.
He's very observant. ;)
You actually get more flashbacks that talk about what happened after that one. The way they stayed friends is actually pretty sweet in my mind. And of course Perce and Roxanne are close! :D
There aren't enough Molly fics around for some reason and I love her for this story, she and Roxanne are best friends. :D
Much love,

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Review #44, by aquabluez17 Then and Now

24th February 2013:
okay Benji is the worst! tht was terrible! poor Roxy!! I hope she is mad at him for this and tries to stay away. I mean srsly?? that was just a cheap shot.

Horrible Benji! I wonder why he feels the need to push everyone away. And I can't really tell if he even likes Roxy or just uses her. I mean I'm pretty sure he lusts after her but an actual like, I can't tell.

Maybe I'll find out soon =)

Author's Response: Hello!

This is the chapter I know that alot of you stopped loving me. Hahha. It was pretty awful that he did that to her, wasn't it? Roxanne might not see him for a while but their interactions will be...uhm, intense.
Ben might go into detail on why he needs to push everyone away but good for pointing that out! ;) You can't really tell if he loves, hates or wants Roxanne and I love making you all confused and such.
Much love,

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Review #45, by aquabluez17 What the Heart Wants

24th February 2013:
and yet again w the kisses! wow Benji!!! DO YOU LIKE HER OR NOT?!?!?! god tell me what you want Benji!

Lol I loved the part about George and Angie haha :P thts just so like George. Poor kids though! I would like die of embarrassment!

Roxy is such a die hard lover while Benji is just a pessimistic! I really wonder how this story will end. With them together or leaving each forever... ahh!

we'll see then I guess

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh, yes, the kisses. You're never sure what Ben wants are you? I enjoyed making you all wonder though. I mean, honestly, Ben, make up your mind!
George and Angie are actually pretty fun to write for. They're just the sort of parents that would embarrass and love you so much that you can never stay mad at them long.
This story isn't close to being finished, its not even halfway through but Roxie is more romantic towards Ben than he is towards her. Or is he? Mwhahahha.
Well...they don't have a hard time getting together, let me tell you!
Much love,

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Review #46, by aquabluez17 Benjamin Fredrick Malfoy

24th February 2013:
oh my!! he kissed her!! WHOAA.

well we got to see Draco in this (love my Draco) and learned a bit more about Benji! He's still such a creeper haha :p

poor Roxy though she really does like him. I think the thrill of this fic is really that you can't exactly pinpoint what Roxy x Benji relationship is like. You can't really label it and that is the best part for me =)

Great update~!

Author's Response: Hello again!

People always comment on that kiss. I mean, it was a bit of a shock! And so fun to write.
Draco does show up in this story more than a few times and I'm glad that you enjoyed learning a bit more about Ben. :D
Poor Roxie indeed. She really does have some feelings for Ben adn the fact that you really can't tell whats going on between them is what draws you back to this. ;)
Thanks for the review!
Much love,

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Review #47, by aquabluez17 Stealth and Lies

24th February 2013:
Wow Benji just gets creepier. Was he a little jealous with Roxy having boyfriends? I think so :P Good for him lol. He needs to get his life in check.

I wonder why exactly Roxy is going w him if hes so creepy and has not been around for so long. He was also really rude to her before leaving. I wonder why he was like that... why did he yell at her be4 leaving?

Dommie still being cute while Benji hating on the Weasley family :P

Great update!

Author's Response: Hello!

Hahaha, Ben is really creepy isn't he? Honestly, you wouldn't want him coming up on you in the dark, right? I mean, on some level i think I would because lets face it, he's hot but on the other hand, he's creepy and sort of weird.
I think he was a little jealous that Roxie had boyfriends while he was away. I don't think he'll ever admit to it though, he considers himself above that sort of thing.
Roxanne at the moment is very confused on her feelings for Ben. She keeps thinking he's the same person that he was when he's changed quite a bit and I don't think she can tell the difference. Why Ben was really rude to her before he left will be answered actually...I just have to write it. :D
Dom-Dom! Adorable, yes? And Ben? Well, he'll forever hate the Weasley family for his own reasons. >:D
Much love,

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Review #48, by aquabluez17 Yes and No

24th February 2013:
Okay this is where Benji is introduced and my eternal love begins :P

He is such a creeper though. Poor Roxy has no idea what hit her.

Dommie was soo cute! Didn't imagine her to be stuttering. Thought that the Veela would crush that out maybe.. haha :P

I really loved the flashback you gave so we could get a feel for Ben without really knowing what kind of a person he is right now.

Great work!

Author's Response: Hello!

Bwhahaha, why do you all love Ben so much and what a cute nickname too! Benji, it makes him seem almost human! HAHAHA. So cute...
I'm going to use that at some point.
Yeah, he is really creepy though and Roxie really had no idea what to expect! Dom has some real fans doesn't she? I keep getting told how adorable she is and I'm glad that people like her character, I enjoy writing her.
Bwhaa, I don't think the Veela blood would have made her pretty or all that special, really, Fleur herself wasn't even half and plus, no one wants to read about a perfectly beautiful Weasley girl without flaws. At least, I don't. ;)
The flashbacks will continue but you all should pay attention to them because they sort of hint at things to come in the actual story. OR just hint that Ben really isn't as nice as he was then. :D
Thanks again!
Much love,

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Review #49, by aquabluez17 Strangers and Fireworks

24th February 2013:
Heyy! I just realized this is one of my favorite stories and I have never reviewed it! How rude :P SO here I go to rectify my mistake!

Okay I really love Roxy. I liked the introduction you gave us about the whole Weasley family and how we really got to know Roxy as a character.

I was a bit surprised with the ages of the kids since Roxy is actually younger than pretty much everyone but it was a nice change.

Roxy's nickname for Fred is also surprising mostly since there already is a Percy in the family who's nickname would probably be Perce as well :P

However, I still really loved this!

Author's Response: Hello!

How dare you not leave me a review for this! Shame on you! Hahhaa. Nah, its okay, quite a few people favorite my stories and never leave me reviews for them. I don't get mad. I just rock in a corner for a while and eat candy, hahahhaaha. :D
I'm glad that you love Roxie! I really do, I tried to make her very likeable and I'm glad that you were able to get into her character. And honestly, it was nice writing the entire Weasley clan, I always have SO much fun doing it.
I am not really sure how old Roxie would be, since I never read anything with the kid's ages at all. But having her older fits my purposes better! :D
I actually got told the thing about her brother's nickname before. But I sort of made sure to say "Uncle Perce/Percy" if I was talking about their uncle.
I think?
Anyway, thanks for reading!
Much love,

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Review #50, by Courtney Dark What the Heart Wants

23rd February 2013:
Wow, this was an extremely intense and intriguing chapter-and it was certainly very well written. I loved it!

I actually love Benjamin and Roxanne's relationship, mainly because it has so many levels-so many ups and downs and so many mysteries. I think you wrote this kisses at the start really well. You somehow managed to, through Roxanne's very confused thoughts, make them dark and dangerous, just like Roxanne described. I also liked the bits of Roxanne's personality you were able to bring through in that scene-that she is clearly strong-willed and strong-minded and doesn't like to be pushed around.

I really loved the family background you gave us to both Roxanne and Benjamin in this chapter. I enjoyed reading the back story about Angelina not joining the Holyhead Harpies because she married George and also what she did when he was annoying her-that was a very nice little touch. And the fact that Benjamin uses a silencing charm on his bedroom so he doesn't have to hear his parents somehow makes him a little more human, which I think is essential in developing a great character.

Oooh, now I'm intrigued about what this surprise when Roxanne gets back to Hogwarts is! Is it going to play a main part in the story, I wonder? Are there students from the school in Italy coming to Hogwarts for some reason? I guess I'll just have to wait and find out!

Very nice cliffie at the end-a lot of things that could happen next are flying through my head right now. I am looking forward to seeing where Ben and Roxanne's relationship goes next.


Author's Response: HellO!

Welcome back and thanks for reading this so soon! :) I thought that you would really like this chapter and I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much. :3
I think that's why I like writing Roxanne and Ben's relationship, you're never sure what you're going to get with the two of them. There's so many different things that I could say and have them do! Ah, that little thing with the kisses just made me blush so much, I'm not sure how I got through it! D':
I'm so not mature, obviously. HAHAHA.
But yes, Roxanne is a pretty strong willed girl and I think it came across really well. She needed it to deal with Ben in this chapter you know! ;)
Kissing Benjamin Malfoy is risky business. But oh, so much fun, right? Hehehe.
Yep, I did give more details on both of their lives at home! I had to, actually, as the scene wouldn't have worked without it. The thing with Angelina not joining the Holyheads in favor of marrying my dear Georgie is from "This is Angelina", another fanfic of mine.
This story is sort of like a spin off I guess but anyway I love writing George and Angie so I had to include that little bit with them. :D
Their relationship is alot different from Ben and Roxie's. :D
Oh, yes, the Malfoy home is not pleasant, which is why Ben has the silencing charm up. He's having a tough time! And I think Benjamin is human most of the time, I try to make him more human but he's this big engima and gives me a tough time. :p
Heheeh, I can't tell you what happens at Hogwarts! It'll spoil everything! ;) You'll just have to keep reading!
Oh, so many things happen in the next chapter, be wary of it though. You might not love me anymore after you read it! HAHAHA.
Thanks for reading!
Much love,

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