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Review #26, by Ky Watching Hermione Read

8th February 2014:
First i would like to say that this was a lovely chapter! For some reason i really was hoping that hermione read the two pages that she skipped... Would that have changed the story at all? But i believe the author of the book is either Voldemort or Draco's grandad... Im more so leaning towards Voldemort though.

Author's Response: Ky,

Oh, thank you for the wonderful compliment!

And those two pages that she skipped... you will see why in the next chapter just how much it could've changed the story. It was imperative that she skipped it. I promise.

Your guesses are both excellent! And actually, the book is quite a bit older than them both. Think of some of the oldest characters in JKR's books and perhaps the biggest hint was in this chapter that mentioned a tragedy before their wedding.

All will be revealed in the next chapter. :)
Thank you dearly for guessing. I cannot wait to tell everyone! Gah! I'm so excited!

Thanks so much for leaving a review. It is wonderful to hear from you!

Dark Whisper

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Review #27, by Katie Cheyenne Watching Hermione Read

4th February 2014:
I'm sad. Your story is incredible. Phenomenal even. I've hardly put my phone down since I found this story. But I started too soon. Now, all I can think about is what happens next. I read a LOT, and usually, I can guess how a story is going to play out (with pretty good accuracy, too). Yours, however, caught me by surprise though. I didn't expect any of this. Your writing is still a little bit rough around the edges, (sometimes you use he incorrect tense of a word or misspell something, and sometimes the dialogue is a bit formal for some of the characters and settings) but the story itself is still amazing. I have absolutely no doubt anywhere in my mind that you will get even better the more you write. I hope to learn your name so that when you get your stories published I can find them and buy them. Please, do the world a favor, keep writing, and never stop.

Author's Response: Katie Cheyenne,

Wow, thank you so much for your wonderful compliments. I'm not sure how you found this story, but I'm so glad that you did... and that you kept reading to get to this chapter. :) Thank you so much!

Well, I'm happy to have surprised you. :) I do wish you would've pointed out some examples of the tense and spelling errors though. Some might be because of the age of the Delilah book. I am attempting a very formal old-style English and giving a voice to the Prince because of the era in which he lives. So... that may be what you are seeing. I don't know.

When this story is finished, I would like to focus more on original fiction and maybe be published some day. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement. :)

My writer's heart thanks you sincerely,
Dark Whisper

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Review #28, by Lostmyheart Hermione Sends a Message

3rd February 2014:
You never fail to impress me with your writingskills!
You have an amazing talent, can't believe how creative you are, with all that is happening and the plot in general.

I applaud you!

I absolutely loved that part with Hermione reading the book, I almost felt my arm ich! Haha. Now I feel crazy.

It wasn't a very pleasent day for the two friends, Blaise and Draco but I feel it was important for the story and for their friendship. I love how you made Blaise see the sentence with Draco's heart aching, absolutely beautiful.

Loved this chapter!

- Avi

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Review #29, by mexicancheekhugs Watching Hermione Read

3rd February 2014:
I'm always soo excited when u update. Thank u for addressing the harry/hermoine thing. I love Draco and hermoine but harry/hermoine was something that kind of always made sense. Not that I want them together. My heart breaks for both Draco and hermoine... I can't wait to see their reunion. Once again thanks for the wonderful chapter!!! Update soon :)

Author's Response: mexicancheekhugs,

Awe, thank you so much. I wish I was faster at updating, but life gets in the way far too often.

Ah, yes... Harry and Hermione have always made sense to me as well, more so than Ron and Hermione. But alas, they will never be as high as Dramione. I just can't help myself. I will always love this ship.

Oh, I do have my plans for their long-awaited reunion. You will not want to miss it!

I have been working on the next chapter, but it is not ready yet. There is A LOT to cover in it.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

More soon,
Dark Whisper

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Review #30, by Stellaluna Watching Hermione Read

1st February 2014:
Merp about the whole harry and hermione situation but I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Stellaluna,
Hehe. Your review made me smile. Those are my sentiments exactly when it comes to Harry and Hermione. But alas, how could he NOT have deeper feelings for her? It's just not realistic that these two were 'just friends' when they were alone for so long. My head canon says differently and I thought I'd share. LOL!

Thanks so much for commenting. More is coming...
Dark Whisper

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Review #31, by Lostmyheart The Animagus in the Library

31st January 2014:
Well, this was very different. A whole month with no contact, I'd gone insane if that was me.
I liked how you made Draco wonder if she took it too well. It showed that caring side of him and his need for it to be reciprocated.

I was surprised to see that you made his animagus a leopard. It was so not what I expected. But if he was what I exprected, it wouldn't have been as cool as yours! *coughs* snake *coughs*

If he was a lion, it would have been a dead give away. Hence that Hermione is a Gryffindor and he secretly loves her.
Now I'm just imagine things, haha.

I was a little confused with the last part. Maybe because I'm tired.
But was Blaise thinking of offering Astoria to Draco? Or is he trying to contact Hermione, so she can love Draco a little to make him less sad and stressed? Maybe it's a whole other thing haha.

I'll find out later, when I get the time to read more of your lovely story!

- Avi

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Review #32, by Lostmyheart The Undeniable Craving in the Room of Hidden Things

31st January 2014:
Ugh. Another great chapter!

It really was a bittersweet goodbye, kind of weird to hear Draco say that he loved her. I'm not so sure if I liked that part.

I was a little worried when he took off his shirt, wouldn't she have noticed his dark mark on his arm?

I loved this chapter and I want to read the 18th chapter before I go to bed :)

So I'll be off now. See you in a bit.

- Avi

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Review #33, by Lostmyheart If My Eyes are Sad

31st January 2014:
I was right, it was 'forbidden'.

The scene with where he demands her to say the awful word 'mudblood' was intense, it was breathtaking to read. How she cried, saying the word she hates the most.

And who would have known how peotic he was? (or you? hehe) I loved the poem he made for her, or the lines he wrote on the paper. It was beautiful and it really broke my heart.

And that you finally let them kiss again, and after the riddles and poems, it couldn't be more perfect!

I wonder why she ran after him. You keep ending the chapters in such interesting ways, it's kind of annoying - because now I HAVE to read the next chapter right away, haha :D

Anyway, big thumbs up for the brilliant chapter.
I'm sure I'll praise your work throughout the story, hope you won't mind :)

- Avi

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Review #34, by Lostmyheart The Art in Dark Arts

31st January 2014:
Hi again!

You're probably getting tired of hearing this, but you keep amazing me!
I absolutely loved this chapter, it was fun, eventful and a little different from other chapters.

I liked the 'Dark Valentine' - people dubbed them without knowing they actually love each other. Kind of sad actually, they'll probably never be a couple and after all Draco's been doing, who would blame Hermione?
I would find it difficult if my love had almost killed two students, on purpose or not.

I like that he still wants to prevent his dream from coming true. If he still was his cruel self, I wonder if he would've cared if Lavender Brown died because of his actions (indirectly).

I'm not so sure if I like that he said Ron's name though, it felt out of place - sort of.
First name basis, he probably did it for Lavender to understand or because he gave him a secret gift and now feels it unnecessary to call him Weasley.

Let me guess!
The word is 'forbidden' ?
I'll have to read the next chapter to see if my guess was right. Brilliant way to end this chapter, making the reader think and guess the last word too.

I (still) love your story.
Can't wait to read the rest :)

- Avi

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Review #35, by Lostmyheart Wolves, Rabbits, and Snowy Constellations

31st January 2014:
Hi again!

Here I am, a few chapters ahead - sorry I didn't review the chapters, I just had to go to the next chapter quickly!

But I have to say, I absolutely loved the New Years Eve chapters, I liked how you display Dracos friendship with Crabbe and Goyle. I have never read a story where he actually has a friendship with them - as they're usually written as quite dumb and non-stop eating boys who just obey him. So to read that he has a connection with Crabbe (I think?) is quite new to me and I like it.

I gasped(!) at the last part of a chapter, where he slept with Pansy! You are evil, haha :D omg. I went a little teenage crazy there, then I had to remind myself - it's just a story. But it's so captivating, I can't help myself.
How you wrote the scene with where he comes back so happy, and sees Blaise on the couch with Astoria and how he envies him. Then when he sees Pansy in his bedroom, he realizes why Blaise is out there. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I don't like it though. I felt like he cheated on Hermione.
And you displayed his confusion afterwards so great too! How he then came to the conclusion that NO, he didn't cheat on her. The reasons sto why he came up to that conclusion was very understandable.

I must be off to the next chapter!
See you in a bit :)

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Review #36, by Draco Amor Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
Such a deep, meaningful chapter that brought me to tears ;_; I loved everything about it *sigh* I'm in a depressing mood now xD
Supermegafoxyawesome story and author,

Author's Response: Draco Amor,

Awe, tears? *sends tissues* That is so sweet and tells me that you have a huge, wonderful heart and that is an awesome thing, deary.

Sorry it depressed you, though... Hope you feel much better now. :)

Ah, the Prince... excellent guess and I can totally see how that could be a possibility. However, this book is much older than he is and perhaps the biggest hint was that tragedy is going to strike on the eve of their wedding. ;(

Anyway, thanks so much for your awesome excitement for the next chapter! Much of it is written, but I need more and it is not ready.

But I shall continue...
Thanks so much for your awesome guess! I cannot wait to reveal the answer in the next chapter! And thanks, especially for the your excitement that means the world to me.

Excited too... :D
Dark Whisper

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Review #37, by Quinn Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
You write so beautifully, it makes me teary. *wipes away an escaped tear*
I can't say I ship Harry/Hermione because I have read none. It made me a bit nervous on how close Harry was about to show his true feeling towards Hermione, but I don't blame him. They are alone, and well, it is only natural to see your best friend more than a friend.
Hmm, as for the mystery author of such book, my guess is that this man must come from the Black family (the book is called Delilah's Black Book of Poems). Though, I am not so sure. This book came from Draco...perhaps from his mother's side of the family?
Only five more chapters to go? No this won't do! I love this story, why must it have to end?
Oh dragon's dung...anyway, cheers!

Author's Response: Quinn,
Awe... it makes you teary? *sends tissue*
Yes, I intended for this story to be emotional and heartfelt. So, it is quite a compliment that you give in saying how you felt. You must have a huge heart. :)

I don't ship Harry/Hermione either, but I can totally see it happening. I think it makes sense... two best friends, willing to die for each other find themselves alone for weeks. And really, I think of other hints dropped along the way in the movies. :)

And for this particular story, I think it fits with what they are going through... loneliness can wear people down and have them 'settling' for someone they wouldn't normally. ;(

And, oh thank you for your guess. That is very logical, indeed. But this next chapter will reveal all and Hermione will figure it out as well. I cannot wait!

And yep, 5 chapters... that's the plan (unless a chapter goes too long, which is very possible). Thank you for saying that! It truly warms my heart.

Thank you so much for reviewing and sticking with my story for so long! More is coming...

Dark Whisper

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Review #38, by foxaylove Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
Oh my poor Dramione. :(

They're connection is untouchable. Harry, you'll never connect with her on that level, but I guess he can't help himself. As we get closer to the end, the more nervous I get. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: foxaylove,

Awe, yes... poor Dramione. Boo hoo. Poor Draco in seeing what he thinks was the inevitable.

Yes, I think you are right about Hermione and Draco's deep connection. But Harry doesn't know who she thinks about when she closes her eyes. ;( Of course, he can't help himself and thinks of the possibilities of more than friendship when they are alone.

And yes, we are inches closer and closer to the end. It will skip ahead to the end of the war and will be done.

What will happen when Hermione sees Draco? Time will tell in this tragic, sad story.

Thanks so much for your lovely review! :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #39, by qsklue Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
Good story. Can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: qsklue,

Ah, thank you so very much for your compliment. It is truly appreciated. :)

There are only 5 chapters remaining. It has been a long hike up a mountain, but all will tie back to the beginning and have a point. I promise.

Thanks for giving my story a chance and reading so much!

Dark Whisper

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Review #40, by Celestialbattlefield Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
Mm. Ok lets think
Is it abraxas malfoy??
He ticks all the boxes

Author's Response: Celestialbattlefield,

Ah, thank you so much for guessing! :D

That is a wonderful person to suspect! But no, actually, the book is much older than Abraxas. Excellent guess though!

Think of some of the oldest characters from the books... and the biggest hint was in this chapter regarding a tragedy before their wedding. ;(

Anyway... the answer will be coming in the next posting! I cannot wait!

Thanks so much for giving it a go. It was wonderful hearing from you.

Dark Whisper

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Review #41, by Dramione_18 Watching Hermione Read

30th January 2014:
You could write a book, get it out to the public and be a world wide known author. You are such a great writer.

Also I am pretty sure I already know this answer but I have to still ask. When you say "The End" Do you mean the end for good? Or do you more is to come, but in another story?

Cant wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Dramione 18,

Wow, that is an amazing compliment. What can I say? *blushes* Thank you.

When I say, "The End" I do mean this story. And when it is finally finished, I am taking a break to seek out what God wants me to write. I am very serious about this and will be praying. Whatever it is, that's the story I want to write. That might mean I'm finished with HPFF, but maybe not. We shall see. :)

This novel, kind of like my stories "A Man Barely Breathing" and "Blue Pumpkin" has an underlying theme that will be all-important in the end and tie everything all together.

When I leave HPFF, I do want to leave all stories finished, so I might go back to "Disappear with Me" and finish it. And there are other partial stories I have for HPFF as well, but I don't know what will happen with them. I'll be praying for an answer, honestly... as writing takes A LOT of TIME.

Thanks so much for your review, which lends so much encouragement to me and I appreciate it so very much.

My heart thanks you...
Dark Whisper

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Review #42, by weasleyfan A Death Eater at Westminster Abbey

28th January 2014:
I absolutely love this story, it has me in tears every five minutes or so. I cannot wait to read about the upcoming drama seeing as you have kept mostly to the original timeline from the books. I think you have done a wonderful job with both Draco and Hermione's characters andf look forward to more wonderful chapter. :-)

Author's Response: weasleyfan,

Awe, thank you for so many compliments. And awe... every five minutes or so? Oh, my stars, that means you have a wonderful, lovely, huge heart and that's a beautiful thing. *sends tissues to help*

I do love a sad love story and most of mine are of this sort, with a bit of hope placed here and there.

Thanks so very much for your review. I shall continue writing, but this will eventually skip way ahead to the end of the war. There is not much left, really.

Many thanks and more soon...
Dark Whisper

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Review #43, by Lostmyheart Hermione's Window Seat

28th January 2014:
So refreshing to read what Hermione has been up to.
Not that the chapters with Draco was dreading, but since we caught that glimpse of Hermione and the Weasley's, it made want to know why she was thinking so much of Draco.
I really liked how you described her feelings of the muggle world, how she doesn't feel like it's home anymore and yet in the wizarding world she's a 'mudblood'.
I can so relate to that, as I have very different parents and look more like the other. So where we live, I stand out and where my father is from, I'm still not like them.

You've portrayed her confusion of it all very well.

I absolutely loved that part with her, getting ready for the party and practising her smile!
I laughed out loud, good thing I'm alone.

Smile. Frown. Smile. Frown.


The way you write Ron in this story, makes me want to punch him.
He seems very selfish and very irritating, especially when he still wants to know where her date is even though they're broken up.
I'm just confused with his caring for her, as a friend. He broke up with her in such an un-caring way and yet he still wants her to be happy and find someone who truly loves her.
Maybe he's just a confused guy :)

And as you so interestingly write, that the next chapter is something we deifintely shouldn't miss, I am off to read it :)

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Review #44, by Lostmyheart Draco's Teenage Mouth and a Mother's Revenge

28th January 2014:
Okay, now I feel like I am bombing you with reviews.
Sorry 'bout that! Hehe.

This chapter shorter than the rest, or maybe I read it faster, I'm not sure. But it felt like an important chapter, as Draco finally found out about his lost memory and the reason for his scars.

I'm not saying that what she did was right, but I understand why Narcissa obliviated him.
It would have scarred him for the rest of his life, if he continued to hate his father and to make the life in their mansion a living hell.

I understand he wants the memories back but that wouldn't be such a good idea considering his obvious distrust in his father. The memories would just shatter his life even more.

I don't make much sense. But I love your story!

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Review #45, by Lostmyheart Draco Awakes

28th January 2014:
Thi was very thoughtful of Draco, to send gifts to them. I wonder if they'll find out it was from him?

He seems very mature considering his age (I guess they're in their seventh year?) and very mature in his nature. But I guess with an abusive childhood like his, and pureblood family status to uphold, anyone would become mature in a very young age. And seeing a beloved dog get killed right in front of you, too.

I really do hope he'll truly forgive his father for what he did, so he can live "Happily ever after" - nah, I just wrote the last part because it popped up in my head. But it was something in that direction I was going to refer to, if you know what I mean.

I loved the last part of this chapter, with his hallucination of Hermione lying next to him and it didn't scare him (as he knew it wasn't real.)

Can't wait to read on.

- A

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Review #46, by Lostmyheart A Future Christmas Tragedy

28th January 2014:
I ALMOST cried. You seriously surprised me with Hermione trying to protect the little black puppy.
I nearly screamed to prevent her from jumping in to save it.

If his grandfather hadn't taken him on this trip to three parts of his life - the past, the present and the future, would his life really end up like that?
If so, it's truly sad and I can finally understand why you put that warning in the summary!

I don't know what to say, this chapter kind of blew my mind.

But I can't help but wonder how his grandfather feels about Dracos affections towards Hermione, a muggleborn, a mudblood in their eyes. Since he hasn't voiced any of his feelings about it and only focusing on the forgiving part and that Draco still can change his life, I assume he's looking past the bloodstatus and only cares for his grandsons life.

Again, a truly amazing chapter.

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Review #47, by Lostmyheart Present Day Burrow and a Future with Astoria

28th January 2014:
This chapter was just as amazing as the first, if not better.

I was surprised to see that Hermione understood his misfortune - cruel father, being one child and lonely.

I've always thought it was a sensitive topic - with being a one child and all. I can't imagine how lonely it must be. So it was a very good common ground you created, where their mutual understanding could meet. If he ever voiced his knowledge of what he saw that Christmas Eve. That's for me to find out in the following chapters :)

I liked that he still loved Blaise and still thought of him as his brother, despite the affair he had with his wife. It really displays his need for family and that went higher than the need to save his marriage or to punish them both for what they did. Again, you show a soft, human side of Draco - I loved it.

I really enjoyed reading this chapter, so I will definitely head off to the third.

See you in a bit.

Author's Response: Lostmyheart,
Oh, thank you so much for your compliments. :)

To me, Hermione is really smart and is able to look deeper than the surface when it comes to Draco. With both of them being the "only child," I think they could make a connection and find common ground.

In this story, I really tried to create good "reasons" for their relationship to be realistic and possible. So, thank you for mentioning this possibility of mutual understanding. Of course, it is in future chapters. :D

And oh, yes, his dear friend and brother, Blaise... you will see him confide in this friend throughout this ordeal. And I'm so glad that you mention his need for family.

Throughout this story, you will definitely see a human side of Draco as he becomes increasingly torn.

I love your in-depth thoughts and how you seem to read "deeply" into the story and comment on the details and feelings (if that makes sense). You don't know how much I appreciate that.

Thank you for your lovely words,
Dark Whisper

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Review #48, by Lostmyheart Abraxas Malfoy and a Christmas Past

28th January 2014:
Hi Dark Whisper!

I was just going through my former reviews and I saw that I gave your story 'The Unveiling' the shortest review - I don't remember writing such a short review, and as it is one of my favorite stories, I was a little embarrassed.

I see that you're a Dramione fan as well!
I absolutely love the pair, writing and reading it.

In my search for many stories with the pair, I've seen this story pop up many, many times. But honestly, I always skipped it because you wrote a warning in the summary, saying that it was very emotionally sad.
I always thought to myself 'Gosh, I don't think I can handle that today'.

But TODAY, I am sick. I don't feel well and I've been lying under my duvet - so it's the perfect story to read!

I must say, this first chapter was absolutely amazing to read. Every line, every word - I was simply amazed and extremely intrigued with where you're going with this story.

And to mix it with the classic christmas carol by Charles? Brilliant. (Note: I wrote his surname but I was told to remove it... :/)

Draco Malfoy is written so perfectly, how he felt intrigued by Hermione Granger just because she was forbidden. That's a very good explanation to his fascination of her. I liked that he felt good about giving that boy payback for what he did to Hermione. Even if he was a fellow Slytherin.
He has a good heart after all, not much but a little (since he still mocks her and others.)

I think I'll skip reviewing the part with the dog... I love animals, I love them so much that I can't really handle them being hurt.
But I like how you make it the reason to why there aren't gifts under the tree anymore.

I think I'll read on.

Love your story so far :)

- A

Author's Response: Wow, Lostmyheart,

I'm not sure how I am ever going to thank you for reviewing my novel so much. It is so unexpected and I apologize for not responding timely. I hope that I can give some proper attention to your generous comments.

It is wonderful to see that you liked "The Unveiling" so much as to seek out my novel. :) And ah, yes, I am a Dramione fan to the core.

Because of your words about my warning that this story is sad, I actually took that as some advice and changed my story summary. Thanks for mentioning it. I don't want anyone to be afraid of it. :)

As you might guess, most of my writings are in the realm of sad with a bit of hope injected here and there.

I thank you for giving my story a chance while you were ill. Reading sounds like a great plan when not feeling well.

I'm so glad that you liked this all-important first chapter with the Christmas Carol spin and that you liked bored Draco with his secret fascination. :)

And... a fun payback on a fellow Slytherin, for sure.XD Thanks for mentioning this little bit of fun.

And poor little black dog, Stella... and poor little Draco's heartbreak at losing her! ;(

Thank you sincerely for your wonderful 1st Chapter review!

Dark Whisper

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Review #49, by Dramione_18 A Death Eater at Westminster Abbey

20th January 2014:
Beautiful :) Can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon. :)

Author's Response: Dramione 18,

Awe, thank you for your compliment and for your excitement for this story. I am working on the next chapter. It is almost ready.

Look for it next weekend perhaps. *Hopes for time to write and the words to flow*


Thank you sincerely,
Dark Whisper

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Review #50, by Shai The Child with 100 Gifts

18th January 2014:
Hi again!

Sorry for writing a "non-review"-review, I just can't figure out how to communicate here - it's really starting to bother me!

Anyway, I've actually started to write a fanfiction of my own and I would love your opinion of it! (You know, since you're my role model and an AMAZING writer ;) ) I'm not sure I got it right though :/ And english is my second language and all...

By the way, how do one communicate with others on this site? I'd really like to write with you!

Author's Response: Shai,

Hello. Congratulations on starting a fanfiction story. Writing can be rewarding and grueling. And, hey... I'm a role model for someone? Awe, that's so nice. :)

I am flattered that you would want to write with me. I have been asked to co-write in the past, but I need to decline. I honestly don't have the time to (I barely have time for my own stories). But thank you for asking about it.

For communication with authors, the HPFF Forums is where you would want to be. If an author is on the forum, you can leave little instant messages or leave questions about their writing on their MTA (Meet the Author) page.

Also, if you want help with checking for things like English and grammar, spellings, and sentence structure and flow, there is a section on the Forum to get help from BETA's. These people love to help out authors with this.

Good Luck on your own writing journey. You can let me know when you have something posted by sending me a message on the forum. I am DarkWhisper over there (no space between name).

Best Wishes,
Dark Whisper

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