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Review #26, by mconti25 The End of Delilah's Black Book of Poems

26th May 2014:
I haven't read this chapter yet. but I AM SO EXCITED to have a new chapter! You are 1 of my fav. authors!
Ok going to go read now. :)

Author's Response: mconti25,

LOL! Wow, thank you for your excitement! It's wonderful! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for the awesome comment! :)

Also, you are my 700th Review! And this story has now surpassed 100,000 reads! Ah! I can hardly believe those numbers! Thank you so much for helping me reach these milestones. Yeah!

My writer's heart thanks you!
Dark Whisper

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Review #27, by iamyourlucifer The End of Delilah's Black Book of Poems

26th May 2014:
It never occurred to me that this was going to be The Tale of Three Brothers. Wow. I wish this could've been a side story in the actual books and movie. Then my D/H heart would just sing with joy, as long as it's a happy ending.

Author's Response: Ah, I surprised you? Well, I didn't give too many hints along the way, that's for sure. I always wondered about Cadmus and his fiance and they became the inspiration for this D/H story. Thank you so much for your compliments! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :)

We'll see what happens... ;)
Thanks so much for commenting!

Dark Whisper

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Review #28, by KF Watching Hermione Read

21st April 2014:
Oh I definitely know that it's Abraxas. You made it painstakingly obvious lol. I find that parallel between them romantic to prove that true love really does live on and it doesn't end, even in death. Anyway I really do hope that you don't end this story in tragedy. I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I suspect that there will be another ultimate force driving them a part but I'm hoping that there will be peace after the storm and you end this story on a high note, finally tying all of the parallels and mysteries together.

What I like about this is that you've been very careful about foreshadowing the nature of their relationship and where you wanted it to head. Draco was able to solve Hermione's canvas easily because he was always aware of her intentions and she was ready to be with him. However I feel as if it may have been intentional that you didn't allow for Hermione to solve Draco's because of the conflict that you're demonstrating in these most recent chapters - Hermione still isn't confident about HIS intentions and he still keeps much about himself carefully hidden. She knows that he loves her but there are still parts of him that are largely unexposed. I believe that it was intentional that you left him as an enigma for her to solve as an ultimate metaphor for this story. I'm thinking of re reading those chapters actually. Then I also know that it's a little unbearable because I'm craving for them to be together.

I really enjoy the Book of Poems, just wanted to mention. I feel as if they're alluding to the tensions and the pressures of their relationship together and I feel as if their dynamic wouldn't hold as much weight if it weren't for that plot device. Some weight would be there but I feel as if that book creates encouragement and gives room to allow some introspection on both of their parts. It also allows for them to remain in touch with each other during that introspection to remind each other of why they remain bound for so long. I enjoy it. I also believe that it was a very artistic addition that fit in nicely with the sense of culture and intellectualism and fantasy that you've tied into this story so well. The Gala, for example, was an ingenious addition.

The only aspect that I'm a little at odds with is your choice in making him an animagus. I see how it contributes to his narrative and the overall color of the story but I also feel as if it comes off as unnecessary because there's no context to it. It's meant to serve as such a large metaphor but I feel like the metaphor is lost because there's not much use for it with where you've written his animagus form to turn up. I think that it adds more of an allure and mystery to him but it falls short because it's left me thinking that you may have wanted to do something with it but you haven't given it up enough opportunities to let it serve its purpose. I think that if you had spent more time developing that aspect about him, the metaphor that it is meant to demonstrate would be much stronger.

What I'm noticing that I'm enjoying are your detours into revealing hidden pockets of love in the characters surrounding this story - namely Ron and Tom, and of course Minerva. I didn't even think that it was Minerva but perhaps I should have read that chapter over. Your choice in deciding to make Voldemort a little broken because of his lost love was unexpected. I enjoyed it and I swayed on thinking that he may have some form of sympathy for Draco. But I also acknowledge that he's too far gone for stretch his sympathy for him as well. Let alone him feeling anything for a muggle born witch who's best friends with the boy he wants to kill so desperately.

This is the first time that I've read any fluff between Harry and Hermione and I'm indifferent to it for the most part. From an objective stand point I can see what she could offer both boys equally. They both come from the same stock in a way and I see why Hermione would consider an interest in Harry at all. The only problem is at the moment anything between them would make me feel as if he would be her Astoria; thrown together because of sympathy in the midst of a difficult sensation and rendering them both vulnerable to each other. I like it conceptually but it would feel like a direct reflection of what happened during a version of Draco's future without Hermione. Harry, like Astoria, would sense that her heart always longed for another and it would create an ridge between them and he'd never fully have her. The ship in this story has its advantages but I like to think that Draco has made her heart completely reserved, even in moments of weakness.

I like where this story is going. Love, actually. I'm wondering if you're going to write the segment where the trio is dragged to Malfoy Manner? I definitely think that with 5 chapters left you could fit it into a longer chapter so you have time to include it all. I also dread it at the same time because I'm afraid that it's going to cause such conflict that it'll take Hermione even longer to learn that he's only a death eater because he was FORCED to be one. He has no choice. I also think that the scene will create a lot of very juicy tension and it'll be a part of a chapter that'll leave us breathless as readers - craving Hermione and Draco to rush into each other's arms yet cringe at the fact that they'll both be experiencing forms of torture. I think that Bellatrix carving, "Mudblood" into her skin with that adding as such a powerful part of this story, at Malfoy manor no less, will throw more complexity into the story. Is complexity the right word? Maybe not. I mean to say that it'll make it more intense because it would literally represent so much.

I would like to think that, for the purpose of this story, Draco's decision in not revealing Harry's identity would be to protect Hermione and I think she'd recognize that. I think that it'd give the relationship more grounding as well.

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Review #29, by KF A Lonely Friend

21st April 2014:
I apologize for not reviewing the last 5 - 6 chapters. I've just been so addicted to reading these that I've been overwhelmed with feeling from them that I couldn't put into words how much I appreciate these chapters. The writing is so strong and intense and it's very gripping.

I are you so imaginative? Perhaps you're a natural romantic at heart but it's very evident that you have a talent for weaving together narratives and nuances that show that your element is human vulnerability. You thrive in it.

I can't wait to see what you'll write in later chapters. Continuing on..

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Review #30, by KF Wolves, Rabbits, and Snowy Constellations

20th April 2014:
This chapter was BRILLIANT! I don't even know where to start. I feel like I should hit so many points to speak about but it was so romantic and written with so much feeling and intensity. All of it is simply wonderful. I enjoyed all of it very much! I can't wait to see what Draco's canvas is going to look like. I was intrigued by how you displayed Hermione's. I wasn't expecting that at all! But then again I may have but its so interesting to see a hypothesis manifest right before your eyes.

You're such a talented writer. I tip my hat to you :) Onto 15. Almost can't take it.

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Review #31, by KF Magical Art and Black Canvas Vaults

20th April 2014:
OH! Yes. My best friend is actually an online counselor that helps teenagers (particularly teenage girls) with their insecurities and teaches them how to face them and themselves properly. What you've written Draco to do for Lavender to help her develop her self concept and positive feelings towards herself is completely genius. That's what you're supposed to do with someone like that. You give them opportunities. You show them how they can build their love and appreciation for themselves in a positive environment. This was incredibly well done.

Also! Yes! The crypticness! I love how you're totally alluding that their relationship is like a puzzle that only they can decipher. I can't do it. So many beautiful metaphors in this. Can't wait to see what both of their puzzles turn out to be. Oh my god.

Onto 14. Should be working right now but I can't. It's like an addiction.

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Review #32, by KF Running from the Kitchen

20th April 2014:
It's almost as if I'm watching a film at this point. I love how easily their chemistry flows. THIS is what I'm talking about. It's all cerebral - wit, pride, maintaining the upper hand, and a sense of control over the situation. Him being her intellectual and scholastic match was a very lovely decision to make - considering one of her pitfalls is that she loves to be the best at everything she tries. I wonder if this will make them grow playfully competitive?

Can't wait to see how that turns out. The darker aspect of the attraction is beautiful as well. I'm just wondering what else is going to bind them together other than understanding loneliness. There needs to be more weight there, imo, to help me see what else is going to anchor their relationship (even though its platonic at the moment). It's still in it's early stages though so I'm anxious to see how well you flesh them out in later chapters.

More 10s for you darling. Onto Lucky/Unlucky maybe? - 13!

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Review #33, by KF Surrounded by Magical Graffiti - Part 2

20th April 2014:
And this is the scene where the eels throw Ariel and Eric off of the boat - so close! Yet so far! Lol. I was surprised that he had been so open with her in this chapter and how willing she was to be vulnerable with him, as in letting him isolate her so easily. I think that there's been a steady build up to this so I think that it's good. It was almost on verge of being a bit too fast but I like that the story was designed to hold all of it back. She needs more time to get to know him and examine her own feelings.

I thought that the cave was a really inventive idea. I would have never expected it. I saw the title of these chapters and I was just thinking, "What the _ is this?" - out of curiosity of course! I like that you're implementing a fairy tale aspect into this as well. It gives the story its own signature and it makes it more romantic and complex. I really like this idea :)

Moving onto 12. Dying to see how they are around the house elves. Absolutely DYING.

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Review #34, by KF Surrounded by Magical Graffiti - Part 1.

20th April 2014:
The entire time I've just been thinking, "Just kiss already, just kiss already."


Now you see her, sitting there a cross the way, she don't got a lot to say but there's something about her...

It could not be helped. Moving onto Part II before I burst from the anticipation.

..Possibly she wants you to
there is only one way to ask her...

This song is officially stuck in my head because of how much their relationship is progressing. A seed indeed, Abraxas. A seed indeed.

It's sprouted.

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Review #35, by KF Alone with Granger

20th April 2014:
Ooh yes. You finally spoke about the compartmentalization / conditioning that I've been raving about in past reviews. I knew that it came from somewhere. However it just makes me wonder if Draco naturally likes control or if he seeks it simply because of how he was raised? I don't know. I think that it's a neat little mixture of both. He strikes me as an introvert who's naturally more reserved and his emotions are kept in check. I can totally see Hermione with an arrogant intellectual that shares her short comings and is her match in every way intellectually.

Oh I'm just winding myself up because of this chapter. I enjoyed the chemistry here! I hate the bad boy cliche'd Draco in other fics, but I have a fondness for his smugness. It's as though you've taken the basic formula for these two characters and you've developed it and mastered it completely.

All of this intensity just means the *ahem* should be good. Can't wait.

Onto chapter 10! Onward march!

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Review #36, by KF A Slytherin New Year's Eve Party

20th April 2014:
Oh thank GOD. I had been seeing so many disgusting fics using poly juice potion as some kind of kink to get characters together. It's rape so I find it disgusting. I'm so happy that you clarified in multiple instances that black mail and manipulation, especially through sex, is NOT cute, let alone sexy. It's deplorable behavior. I felt this really fun sense of justice when you wrote Draco telling that girl that that's exactly what it was. Totally rooted for you there ;)

Anyway this chapter was great. I'm not familiar with Blaise as a character (only from HP) so this take on him as a bacheloring party animal is a really fun portrayal. I was imagining the Slytherin NYE party in my mind the entire time and I was wondering if they'd have muggle music? Haha. Purebloods can't mate with em' but they'll certainly enjoy their taste in parties! Haha.

It's also so interesting how you have Draco being strictly monogamous because of Hermione. I'm just dying to see how possessive they'll become of each other in later chapters. Pansy will probably go completely insane. Can't wait.

Dying. Onto chapter 9 now! :D

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Review #37, by KF Draco's Women

20th April 2014:
Oh I've been working for hours and have had this chapter open because I've been dying to read this beautiful little thing! First of all I really respect your choice in making Draco a gentleman opposed to a "bad boy" cliche. Getting so sick of those. In the midst of reading my Dramiones I got to thinking, "He was raised to be a part of the elite. He strikes me as being very cerebral and prideful," opposed to some untamed sex fiend that so many prefer to see him as. I really like how you're tracing his narrative of not feeling properly loved into how he treats his women. Oh I've caught you there. Very clever ;)

This is actually the opposite of a "Nice Guy." For women, a variation of this is being seen as a permanent screw toy opposed to a person so I'm enjoying your choice in making him take on that role - for people to see him for just his looks or status and objectifying him. I'm really enjoying that you're outlining that objectification, whether it be towards men or women, is a bad thing because it dehumanizes the person in the process. There's a lot of female narrative on that point of view but it's rare to see that from a male's point of view. I appreciate that.

This was quite the juicy read too! He's so damaged but I like that he's not just using women for validation or to fill some hole from his past. Instead you've written him to completely compartmentalize it out of respect and a sense of dignity. You're fleshing him out so well.

Can't wait to see what happens in chapter 8. Here I go! *Dives*

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Review #38, by KF Hermione's Window Seat

19th April 2014:
Once again, my over identification with these characters spills into these chapters!

What I love is that you've highlighted is Hermione's natural independence. Not a bad thing at all but to needier partners that require one sidedness in a relationship, this can be a problem. It sort of reminds me of me side eyeing Ron's tactics to be "nicer" to Hermione during the first half of DH. He needed to rely on an instructional, "pick up artist" style manual in order to give her basic attention and affection even though he's allegedly starved of it in a relationship setting. I love Ron but I enjoy that you've explored the side of their relationship that shows that there would be obvious conflict over his lack of tact in the emotional arena combined with his neediness to gloss over his insecurities.

Hermione's insult at him that you've written is actually quite accurate as far as I'm concerned - him getting back with Lavender after feeling 'rejected' by Hermione is a total sign that at that stage in his life he just needed someone to pay attention to him to curb his jealousy and envy of other people. I don't think him being the 6th child in the Weasley family to an over expectant mother helped any (performance anxiety and all) but I feel as if many of his problems were self inflicted. Sometimes I sympathize but other times I feel as if he needs at least half a decade to himself to grow as a character.

What's going to be interesting is how Draco's and Hermione's mutual compartmentalization mixes together. They both compartmentalize and push their emotions down in fear of being openly vulnerable in case they want to strike down someone that's hurt them.

Oh I can't wait. I shouldn't read all of this in one day but I want to and I hate myself for it. Moving onto chapter 7!

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Review #39, by KF Draco's Teenage Mouth and a Mother's Revenge

19th April 2014:
I love the amount of complexity you've stuffed into this story so far. Honestly this is the reason why I try to find longer stories on this website (especially ones with longer chapters like yours) because it feels as though I'm thrusted into a completely different world.

I wanted to review this after I finished your most recent chapter but I couldn't hold it in. Couldn't do it.

The fact that you're weaving a history of Draco developing complex ptsd is very very well thought of. I also like how complex his relationship is with his parents. It isn't entirely black and white because it's a direct reflection on his own actions and feelings about himself. It's quite beautiful really.

What I find interesting though is that you haven't gone down the road (so far, you may in later chapters I have yet to read) to expand on his torn feelings about being forced to serve Voldemort. However I'm guessing here..that you have in chapters to come but this may be an example of Draco maintaining control by compartmentalizing his emotions because he's been conditioned to and because it gives him a personal feeling of security.

Oh if only I could find more stories that pay this much attention to detail with Draco. If only.

Moving onto chapter 6!

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Review #40, by paigiegirl Watching Hermione Read

6th April 2014:
i love yor story please up date soon i reallly cant wait to find out what happens and my geuss is that it is dumbledor who the auther of the delilah's book is again love your story its my fav story soo far

Author's Response: paigiegirl,

Well, hello there. I am finally trying to get into writing again. I'm so sorry that it has been so long, but know that I am trying to complete the final edits for this next chapter.

And Dumbledore, hmmm. That is a good guess, but no, the book is much older than the headmaster. ;)

Thanks so much for guessing. It is a wonderful treat for me to read the many guesses. :)

And wow, thank you so much for ranking my story so highly! It puts a huge smile on my face and makes my day.

Thank you so very much for commenting and guessing. :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #41, by Lostmyheart Trust Me for an Hour

20th March 2014:

I finally got the time to read on! It's been too long and I've wanting to read it for weeks now, but since I was so busy with everything I couldn't.

This was a very, VERY, long time and it took me forever to read it. But it was so beautiful and moving, that I didn't mind at all.
I absolutely loved it when Draco said "Trust me for an hour?" PERFECT.
And this line: "In a split second, he felt terrible offering her not only a hand, but the lie that went with it."
I'm not sure why, but I liked it so much that I needed to tell you about it!

I loved how you made them so trusting of each other. How he was so respectful of her and that she was a little unsure of what to do.

The ending of the chapter was sweet, I liked it.

- Lostmyheart

Author's Response: Lostmyheart,

Wow, hello, again! Trust me, I know ALL about being busy. Thank you so much for returning and remembering my story.

This is one of my favorite chapters, actually and I'm happy that you read it. :)

Yes, trust him for an hour? Could you do it? So tempting!

And thank you so much for mentioning that line. I wanted this chapter to be romantic, a little humorous, but without hiding the realities of what is going on.

He was offering a lie, wasn't he? Completely hiding the truth from her, but with no choice.

I tend to think that when a man truly cares about a woman, he should be extremely careful with respecting her. It is the mark of a true gentleman... even in difficult situations such as this.

I'm so glad that you liked this little experience between them. It is something that neither of them would soon forget.

Thank you sincerely and from my heart that you read so much and that you reviewed so much. You have been inspiring and patient with me and I appreciate it so very much.

My heart thanks you for your many lovely reviews.

Dark Whisper

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Review #42, by Ally Watching Hermione Read

11th March 2014:
My guess is the author of the book is is Cadmus Peverell. He possessed the Resurrection Stone, and used it to bring back his fianc who died before they could marry. Wonderful story! You have an old, beautiful soul!

Author's Response: Ally,
Oh, my heavenly stars in the night sky... I must tell you that you are absolutely 100% correct and the first and only one to guess it properly. You have no idea how elated I am that someone out there caught all the rights hints and figured it out along the way.

Oh, how could the Cadmus Peverell story by JKR have no back-story? What happened that she suddenly passed away? What would cause him to create (ask/receive) a stone that brought loved ones back from the dead? What kind of love would it take to want to be with the dead so much as to commit suicide to be with her? My imagination says that she must've been his only light in life and his heart was utterly devastated at not only her death, but perhaps also in the manner in which she died. For my story, I thought it would fit well that he knew how to bend her "soul's light" in life through old elfish magic and therefore, when needed, he figured out how to do it in death. JKR does not mention how she died, just that it was "untimely." So, I took the liberty to create the most tragic of all, but I can't give that away just yet. ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you... for solving this mystery on your own; a guide that tells me that I made it a mystery, but not one so impossible to solve, while still leaving plenty of readers surprised. It is a compliment, I think. :D

And I thank you so much for guessing and for your lovely comments about my old soul. Hahahah! You put an enormous smile on my face and literally made my week! Truth is, I am old... and certainly have a heart for the tragic romance. :)

Their tragic love story will unfold in this next chapter... Poor, poor Cadmus and his fiancé... his beloved Delilah. :(

My author's heart thanks you, Ally! Whoo hoo!

Shhh... don't tell anyone. ;)

Dark Whisper

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Review #43, by Amber611 Watching Hermione Read

7th March 2014:
Amazing fic & job so far! I Love it! Definitely can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Amber611,
Ah, thank you so very much. It is wonderful of you to comment. Thanks so much for taking a chance on my story and reading so much. It is quite long now. Thanks also for your excitement to read more. It is much needed encouragement. Thank you sincerely!
Dark Whisper

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Review #44, by SM Watching Hermione Read

24th February 2014:
beautiful chapter!

I think its Draco's grandfather...abraxas malfoy

please please update sonnn !

Author's Response: SM,

Oh, thank you so very much! Your guess is a great one! There is so much we do not know about Abraxas! :)

But actually, it is much older than that... think really old canon. The biggest hint was probably in this chapter when I mentioned a tragedy "before their wedding.' ;( So think of a man and his beloved fiance. So sad. ;(

I'm working on it! Sorry it is taking so long. But thank you dearly for your excitement. :)

Dark Whisper

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Review #45, by megthechef43 Watching Hermione Read

19th February 2014:

I'm going to guess Salazar Slytherin.

I like the beginning of the chapter and that you let us have Harry's thoughts on Hermione and how his feelings were growing for her but that didn't mean that he didn't love Ginny. It is also and interesting point of view that I have never explored that Harry might feeling pressured into a relationship with Ginny because of her feelings and Ron. I don't want Hermione's hope in Draco to be dying. My heart is breaking because they are both losing hope in their love for each other and I want them to be together. I want them to have the joyful reunion that the Prince had with his Delilah.

You are not boring me with the Delilah story. The title of your story is Delilah's Black Book of Poems, so Delilah's story should be a good part of your story. I really want to know what is going to happen between the Prince and Delilah. I don't want it to be a tragedy because the story is so closely tied to Draco and Hermione's situation. Hermione is in great danger and sending her light to her love and Draco is stuck in the house of Evil, forbidden to love Hermione and worried about her every minute of every day. Gosh, i so want that happy reunion! :)

I think Harry and Hermione having a small "mistake" fling during their time alone. I think Harry and Hermione always were that almost couple that should have been if Ron, the war, and Ginny hadn't been in the way. I wish Draco didn't have to see that though because he is already having a hard time not slipping completely into the darkness. I want Draco to be good.

Lol, are you sick of hearing about what I want yet??

I can't wait to read more, this is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING chapter and story. Great job!

Until next time...


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Review #46, by megthechef43 A Death Eater at Westminster Abbey

19th February 2014:

Wow, this story gets better and better with each chapter. The depth of emotions is so amazing.

I'm glad the Prince got to see Delilah again and sneek a small kiss from her. I can totally see the connect between Draco and the Prince when the Prince mentions the world had formed him but Delilah changes him. I think Draco could say the same thing exactly to Hermione. I hope they didn't get caught again. I can't wait to read more on what HErmione is going through.

I think the transition between the last chapter and now being Christmas was seamless. It mirrors the fact that much has happened since the last chapter and yet everything has stayed the same as Draco is suck in the Manor and Hermione is on her adventure.

I bet Draco was completely thrown off by Lord Voldemort's "generosity" and giving Draco a gift for Christmas. I think it is completely within reason that Lord Voldemort trusts no one and I like that you have added that element to your story that even though he is favoring Draco that he doesn't trust him. I wonder what Lord Voldemort thought when Draco mentioned that he wanted to see these things before he dies.

The Abbey scene was beautiful and i love how it tied in with the beginning of the story and Charles *ickens. I hope Scabior doesn't report back to Lord Voldemort that Draco is dangerous. I love the scene from the snatchers point of view and see the remorseful death eater. It wsa a beautiful scene to read. I think the journey was meaningful to Draco because he feels that it will bring him closer to Hermione in some way but I like that the actions Draco took were not missed by his escorts and that it even had one of the Snatchers rethinking his job title. I think you provided an interesting view on the snatchers through Scabior and his thought on his job.

Lord Voldemort is one sick and twisted person. I'm not sure why he would think Draco would take part in the humiliation of Luna. I like that Draco was mad that he had to use force to subdue Luna. I think it only adds to the pain draco feels for his actions. It was a sweet moment when he was having issues with what Hermione might think of him and how he treated Luna. He is always thinking of her.

Another amazing chapter!

Until next time.


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Review #47, by megthechef43 The Child with 100 Gifts

19th February 2014:

Wow. I'm really glad that Draco didn't find Hermione's parents. I don't know if she could have ever forgiven him for torturing her parents. But, with that said this is a great chapter as is. I love that Draco found that Hermione followed his advice and protected her parents. I wanted to yell "No, she left it there becuase it is too fragile and means too much to her to take it along." Atleast that is what I like to think in my head. HaHa. I wonder how many times Hermione played that tune over and over again.

Draco has such insight to Hermione and her decision to let them go because she loved them too much to bear anything else happening to them. I'm glad his first instinct was to comfort her after going through something to hard as she did. I think your transition between true Draco and the Death Eater in command was wonderfully done. He is so hateful in front of the other Death Eaters. In my mind it is so true to form of a Malfoy which to me is never show weakness. Great Job.

No, I can't believe the Prince is going to let Delilah go. Hopefully there is more to come for Prince/Delilah and I hope it doesn't end in his gift being destroyed. That would be sad.

I'm glad to being seeing more of Hermione's side in the story and what she is going through without Draco. I am glad she is going to manage to keep a piece of Draco with her as she is on the run with Harry and Ron. My favorite quote is "It made her feel as though he would be willing to cross the lines of friendship into something deeper, should she ever feel the same. Like a silent, but sincere invitation; unspoken and withheld for the rift it would cause between them all."

I felt this many times in the books, if given the right time and place that Harry and Hermione could have been more than friends but the closer "the rift it would cause between them all." sums up the reason that Harry and Hermione could never be. I know you mentioned that Hermione tests the waters with Harry momentarily and I think this scene with Ginny is a perfect set up for what is to come with Harry and Hermione. Great Job.

OMGosh. I really like your scene with Lord Voldemort and Draco. I think it is only natural that Draco would have to talk to Lord Voldemort as he climbs the ranks in the Death Eaters and that to some point that Draco would push the limits of the master and servent relationship he is in with Lord Voldemort. The conversation was well thought out and I like that Lord Voldemort is not with total feeling. I've always been a fan of Tom/Minerva. I can see that Lord Voldemort would seek the company of educated and pureblood individuals instead of the mindless servants he employs. The closing line was ominous and I hope doesn't lead Draco into too much trouble but then were would the story go if it had no conflict.

Great Chapter. I'll be reading on...

Until next time...


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Review #48, by megthechef43 A Squib Girl Named Delilah

19th February 2014:

I am sad I have been away so long because this is an amazing chapter. I loved the whole thing from Hermione and her story to the explaination for Draco's thoughts and beliefs. It was interesting to read Draco's point of view on faith.

I felt so bad for Draco when you mentioned the whiskey being a horrible gift for Draco if his father knew him at all. I don't think his father wants to know him, his father wants him to be a drone. That is sad that he is a borderline alcoholic already.

I really like the scene you described about the shattering hourglass and the meaning it held for Draco.

I'm glad that you are still showing Hermione's contection to Draco and that her feelings are still strong despite everything that has happened between them. It is great that she preserved the the flower to look at it each day and that she is reading the book each night to feel closer to him .

I like your intermingling of stories with the Prince/Delilah and Draco/Hermione. The young and forbidden love is so tragic and while I', not sure what will happen with Delilah and her prince I hope Draco and Hermione can find their "Happily Ever After" and his dream doesn't come true.

I hope that Draco's downward slide into the darkness isn't permenant. I like that he isn't all good but his isn't evil either. The point of view that shows us how tempting the Dark Arts and power can be. I love that Hermione is his one saving grace to his downward thoughts. I hope he doesn't always think of love as a Terminal Illness. I like that her light from reading the book her gave her is pulling him through his dark time. I think his conservsation with his mother was a good element to the story. I wonder if his mother ever puts two and two together. The like he thinks he is going crazy because of the green book.

I was wondering if the book ever becomes dangerous becuase of it's legend? I don't want anything bad to happen but I know the book had to be listed as dangerous for a reason.

Another amazing chapter! 10/10

Until next time...


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Review #49, by Celestialbattlefield Watching Hermione Read

17th February 2014:
I was reading this again and then thought mayb the apparitiin,draco seeing,is actually tge horcrux being destroyed.
Im not,sure it was intended but parr of me wishes it is all a big misunderstamding

Author's Response: Celestialbattlefield,

It is wonderful to read that someone has been thinking about my story and re-reading parts. It is a true thrill and I thank you so much! It is not the horcruxes causing him to see her. It is truly the magic in the book. The author's friend, the old elf is the one who taught him how to do this magic... hidden spells within the text.

The author will be revealed in the next chapter and I'm so excited. Unfortunately it is not ready yet...

Thanks so much for telling me your thoughts. It is wonderful to hear.

Dark Whisper

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Review #50, by TreacleTart Watching Hermione Read

15th February 2014:
I'm going to guess that the author is Slytherin. That seems fitting. The head of a Pureblood house falling in love with a squib. Mirrors the Draco/Hermione situation perfectly.

Author's Response: Treacle Tart,

Oooh, that is a really good guess. Salazar Slytherin and a squib would definitely be different and interesting. But nope. :)

The biggest hint was in the last chapter about tragedy happing before their wedding. So sad.

Anyway, thanks so much for the guess! It was a really good one.

Dark Whisper

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