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Review #26, by Danae The Astronomy Tower

26th June 2014:
I love this story hope to read more soon!! :)

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Review #27, by Mrs.Snape A Secret Kept

18th June 2014:
I love it!!!I am so excited for the next chapter!

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Review #28, by Ms Longbottom Allegiance Changed

11th June 2014:
Yay! I don't know when this was updated, but I have have never been more happy! It's been so long, I was starting to think you weren't coming back. On to the review.

This was very good, I love all the Hermione/Draco. I sure hope we get alot of that in chapters to come.

I can't wait till the next upload, please make it as soon as you can!

~Ms Longbottom~

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Review #29, by Sarah Lies

7th January 2014:
This was another great chapter!!! I am so glad you are still working on your story. It seems like many people have given up and I am left hanging. Your story is really good. See you next chapter!!!

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Review #30, by songbird0345 Lies

14th December 2013:
I actually love the way you write.. However, your chapters could be longer! There isn't much detail in your chapters and I feel like each one could be longer.. Hell I read all 31 chapters in 4-5 hours tonight. Apart from that, its a good story line so far. I cant wait to see what you come up with next!!

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Review #31, by Stunned Lies

25th November 2013:
I love this story and the way you write too, this chapter portrayed the emotions between Draco and Hermione and between Hermione and Ron/Harry so well.
Just wanted to say that this story is brilliant, it's a totally different idea especially because Snape is Hermione's Dad but you write it very believably whilst still making it unique!
Really looking forward to the next chapter! :)
Stunned x

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Review #32, by AppreciativeReader A Special Birthday Present

26th October 2013:
Much awaited update at last.
Its nice to read about Snape and his protective nature.

Will wait eagerly for next updates.

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Review #33, by Ms Longbottom His Dark Mark

20th October 2013:
Yay! A new chapter! So glad for the update, this was wonderful. Can't wait for the next one, this was great!
~Ms Longbottom~

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Review #34, by jessie.s.k His Dark Mark

11th October 2013:
yes! thank you for posting this chapter. I love it! This is such a good story

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! The next few chapters should be up pretty soon. I had a bit of a moving while working full time problem last month, but now I'm back to it.

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Review #35, by sarah The Burrow

31st August 2013:
love this story! update soon

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Review #36, by jessie.s.k The Burrow

30th August 2013:
Amazing Amazing Amazing!this is a truly amazing story.

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Review #37, by SlightObsession The Burrow

30th August 2013:
Ooh, I can't wait to find out what happens about this incident. Very clever!
SO xx

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Review #38, by Gabrielle The Man

29th August 2013:
Kinda confusing but I like it

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Review #39, by TheRamblingBunny A Crappy Summer Break

16th August 2013:
Love your story! Please update soon! I can't wait to read your next chapter!

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Review #40, by Courtney Jane A Crappy Summer Break

15th August 2013:
This was a really good story you should make more like this one

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Review #41, by Ms Longbottom A Crappy Summer Break

14th August 2013:
Omg I swear I am tearing up right now. This story is AMAZING! You MUST UPDATE AGAIN SOON! PLEASE!
Ms Longbottom

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Review #42, by MadiMalfoy End of Fifth Year

10th August 2013:
Yay another chapter! I liked the fact that you didn't just recount the whole battle in the Department of Mysteries, because sometimes re-doing big events like those just get done worse. Definitely one of my favorite chapters so far, just because of the fact that Draco and Hermione had a lot more interaction and cute moments and the kisses and everything! Great job with this chapter :) x

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Review #43, by loveharrypotter End of Fifth Year

9th August 2013:
what a beautiful story!! I could read it over and over and over again! x

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Review #44, by SlightObsession End of Fifth Year

7th August 2013:
Nooo! No no!! Don't do this! I know what you're going to do! You can't do that to us! Eurgh.
This was such a good chapter. I loved where Draco took Hermione, it was so sweet of him. And I like how Snape is getting more fatherly as the chapters go on. It's nice to see a different side if Snape, instead of the normal persona we usually see of him :3
SO xx

Author's Response: I am following the general plot of the books, so there are a few rather terrible things coming up, yes. but I promise you sixth year will be more emotional and romancy than fifth year.

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Review #45, by erh End of Fifth Year

7th August 2013:
Wow! This is really good! I hope you write more

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Review #46, by AppreciativeReader End of Fifth Year

6th August 2013:
Worth reading the story from start to the current chapter again.
Very well written and organized story.

I can read it again and again and never get tired of it.

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Review #47, by VampireDirectioner Occlumency

25th July 2013:
I love this! Please update soon

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Review #48, by MadiMalfoy Occlumency

23rd July 2013:
Hey there! Sorry I missed last chapter, I was on vacation without internet! It was a very good chapter though, I might add! I almost thought after Fred and George's teasing, Draco WAS going to kiss Hermione! Way to not be cliche with it though!

With this chapter, the only thing I found was the spell Hermione/Snape use. Occlumens is what the mind being attacked is called, the spell/person attacking is actually "Legilimens". That's all I found though so don't worry! Even though it was a short chapter, it was a good one! :) I'm excited for the next. xx

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Review #49, by McKenzie Occlumency

19th July 2013:
It was really good!! Also it was kind
short. What I'm thinking is that its was
a filler chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. It pretty much was, I just felt that the last chapters were so long, and probably the next one too, I needed a small one.

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Review #50, by Athene Goodstrength The Man

18th July 2013:
Hello! What an interesting beginning to your story. I like the idea that Hermione's actually a halfblood. And the line about her stepfather smiling every time she calls him 'dad' was really sweet. It's very sweet and very Hermione that she, aged 11-12 would have a subscription to a science magazine.

I did notice that this chapter suddenly loses its dialogue, and for a moment I thought you'd published part of a chapter outline! It's when she sees 'the man' again. This is a really interesting scene, and would be really good if maybe you extended it and described how she felt and what she thought. Also, it might be an interesting thing to see them explain to Hermione, who has a scientific mind, that science exists.

Otherwise, this is definitely an intriguing and original start to your story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. Right now I'm just worrying about finishing the story, but maybe on the second draft, I'll work on it.

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