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Review #26, by HannahJune23 The Mother In-Law

15th February 2014:
FINALLY AN UPDATE! I have been waiting for awhile for it and I was not disappointed! Can't wait for more.

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Review #27, by kemartin91 The Mother In-Law

13th February 2014:
I love this story and can't wait for the rest.

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Review #28, by Quinn The Mother In-Law

12th February 2014:
ARGH! So many feels! Welcome back and thank you so much for the update! I utterly love this story and I am so happy to see it is still a work-in-process.
*still squealing of happiness* Goodness so much has happened back at Malfoy Manor within this hiatus of Hermione and Draco's.
Keep on writing! It's an impressive piece of literature!

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Review #29, by Amulu_potter The Mother In-Law

12th February 2014:

Yaaay u updated!!! :) :) i kept checking for ur update everyday i mean literally! And when i had no internet connection u had updated 2 days ago :(

But now tht i hve read it its awesome! worth the wait hoping you will be updating soon and hope you hve settled in your new place

i am following this story till the very end!!



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Review #30, by princessm The Mother In-Law

12th February 2014:
I'm absolutely loving this story! Can't wait to read more of it!

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Review #31, by Jeanie The Mother In-Law

11th February 2014:
I think your writing improves with every chapter that is added. I am thoroughly enjoying this story, and I cannot wait to hear more from you.

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Review #32, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
FINALLY! great update. I really enjoyed it.

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Review #33, by AussieLottie The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
You updated!!! YAY! I love this story so much... You need to finish it. And update again... Don't leave us hanging for that long again! It was cruel. :P

I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw you had updated... But it was a great chapter! :D
Why did you say it had mild violence though?


Author's Response: Thanks. I'll try to update sooner next time. HPFF wouldn't validate my chapter unless I added 'mild violence' to the warning for my story. I'm not sure either?So I just did as I was told so I could get my chapter up for everyone to see.

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Review #34, by bookworm530 The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
Woohoo! It's a good day when there is an update for this fic! Thank you for not abandoning it and for updating with a super long chapter :) I hope Hermione opens up to Draco again soon...can't wait for more!

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Review #35, by a fan The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
yes...I just was glad to see you didn't abandon this story.nice job by the way.
good luck with the next chapter...iam glad you mad mione still mad at draco

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Review #36, by Girl in the rain The Mother In-Law

9th February 2014:
OMG! Yes, finally an update! Thank you, thank you thank you :D
I have read this story like ten times and now I get to read another AMAZING chapter :)

So thank you and I will definetly keep reading this in the future, so keep writing. :)

PS: Personally I like Lucius/Narcissa but Dramione is still my all time favorite so it doesn't matter so much that those two are divorced.

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Review #37, by annaconda88 To Love or Not To Love?

7th February 2014:
Absolutely FANTASTIC story! Love your writing style, your humour! Ans the plot is just awesome :D

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Review #38, by missronweasley22 Sleepness Nights

3rd February 2014:
PLEEEAASSEE update soon, I'm a huge fan and I've been dying to read the next chapter! You're definitely one of the best and most original storytellers on this site, thus why I keep coming back to this story time and time again. Keep up the great work, you've got a real talent!

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Review #39, by Quinn Sleepness Nights

23rd January 2014:
I'm happy to hear that chapter 21 will be up soon. Love your creative writing! I am following this story to the end, no matter how long it will take.

Sending you loads of luck, chocolate frogs, and a charm against writer's block via electronic-computer owl.

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Review #40, by Viggar The Parenting Project

15th January 2014:
Omg I just love this story allready xD
So funny! Great plot! And very well written too! Great job!

*moving on to next chapter*

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Review #41, by 3sth3r Sleepness Nights

15th January 2014:
please update soon...I really like this story.

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Review #42, by StoryLover Sleepness Nights

6th January 2014:
Hi so i found this story a while ago and i really love it and i reread it all the time. Sadly every time I find that you havn't updated it yet. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still waiting for this story to be finished.

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Review #43, by a fan Sleepness Nights

30th December 2013:
I am so glad you are not leaving this story...
I had to find it to see if you are doing ok

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Review #44, by Emma Sleepness Nights

30th December 2013:
Please finish the story i love it .I can't wait until the next. Please update!

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Review #45, by Friega Kahlo Sleepness Nights

27th December 2013:
Hi, i think you describe Crissy perfectly well, my last review was on the first chapters, but not that the story has progressed i think you're portraying a 13 month old very well. I can't wait for the next update

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Review #46, by Friega Kahlo The Parenting Project

26th December 2013:
Love your story so far. But as a mom and a Harry Potter fan, i have to give you the heads up that at 13 months they are already cruising and eating finger foods, and drinking less formula.

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Review #47, by mistletoe XD Sleepness Nights

18th December 2013:
Pls update! Ur story is amazing! I hav been waiting for so long for an update!

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Review #48, by Jamie Sleepness Nights

2nd December 2013:
PLEASE, for the love of God UPDATE!!!

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Review #49, by Mione_Malfoy Sleepness Nights

25th November 2013:
Where's the next chapter I've been here since 1st chapter I miss this story

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Review #50, by london_lover Sleepness Nights

22nd November 2013:
Please, please update when you can! I realize that it's been a while, so I hope that this story isn't abandoned! In short: please update! :)

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