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Latest News: 2017.01.22 - 06:47PM - Dobby Voting is Now Open!

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Dobby Voting is Now Open!

Voting for the 2017 Dobby Awards is now open! As with nominations, voting will take place via Google Forms. Voting is open now until January 30th. The form can be found at this link: You may only vote once per category. You do not have to vote in all the categories. Vote in as few or as many as you wish. Please make sure you have made all your decisions before submitting the form, as you may only submit it once. Please read the rules at the top of the form before filling it out. After the first voting round, there will be a second, tie-breaker round for any categories where there was no clear winner (i.e., categories where there was a tie or the winner is only separated from runners-up by 1 vote or so). If you have any questions, please email us at Happy voting!

Gryffin_Duck on 2017.01.22 - 06:47PM

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