Below is a listing of the e-mail addresses you may use to contact our staff members directly. Before e-mailing a staff member, please consider whether your question might be best answered in our Trouble Ticket system or if it may be directed to our forums.

UPDATED: November 2014

For General Issues, including problems with the site or membership, please use the address below:


For Validation Issues, including queue wait times, rejections and/or missing stories or general queries, please submit a Trouble Ticket. If your question cannot be answered through the Trouble Tickets or if you need to contact a particular validator, you may use the following address:


Akussa – Validator 
BLONDEbehaviour - Validator
Selene – Validator 
slytherinchica08 – Validator 
TheHeirofSlytherin (SamMalfoy) – Validator 
toomanycurls – Validator 
unwrittencurse – Validator 

For Archive or Forum account issues such as suspended/banned accounts, plagiarism claims, trusted author status, or lost passwords, please contact:

Alopex – Forum Admin

Gryffin_Duck – Archive Admin

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by our archive admins, any issues concerning the running of the site or for site issues not covered above, questions relating to the staff, interviews with the site staff and/or educational purposes please contact:

WeasleyTwinMom - Site Manager